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I know what you all are talking about and feel fort all of you. I have been trying for the last week and a half to get square to get my bank account straightened out so the funds thy have pending can bee deposited into my account and they keep telling me to repeat the process and link my bank account(which has been done numerous times). I have sent them e-mail after e-mail account about the funds they are pretty much holding hostage. I have broken down and listed each transaction by date, time and amount of each transaction which was swiped and they still refuse to do anything about it. Their favorite saying is “:It can take anywhere from 3-5 Business days to verify your account.” When asked if they had a phone number they replied they are not set up to take phone calls. Today I found out they lied, they DO HAVE A NUMBER.
Thank you for writing in. Please know that when you received a chargeback on 9/2/12, we attempted to hold funds associated with that chargeback. These debit attempts failed 3 times, which is a violation of our Merchant User Agreement Section 28: https://squareup.com/legal/merchant-ua.
For years, PayPal didn’t have a phone number for people to contact them at, and eventually their hand was forced as well, because in this day and age, especially when people need answers immediately, sometimes an e-mail or “support ticket” just won’t do — just imagine if your bank did business that way, and told you that each month they won’t charge you a fee for using ATMS outside their network since they don’t have a phone number. Saving on the occasional fee wouldn’t replace being able to call them to get your balance, or even talk to them when you have a problem with your account right?? Imagine if you had to e-mail them to do something like a wire-transfer. That would be totally unacceptable right? The same is true in this case.
My experience is similarly bad. they deactivated me after my first transaction of $2,500 without any explanation and blocked my calls and I can’t reach anyone. I agree this has to stop. did you look into what we can do as violated consumers??
I can not believe that this company continues to operate and drive consumers out of business with their UNETHICAL business practices. Square froze over $70,000 of transactions on our account for no reason. There we no chargebacks on these funds. They demanded reems of paperwork, copies of bank statements, etc. BUT STILL HELD FUNDS FOR OVER 1 YEAR!!!!!!!!!!! Now they are selling out in an IPO…feel sorry for the investors who get handed this mess to clean up.
These people are unscrupulous. Try running two transactions for 60k for equipment and then being deactivated. All the same as other posts no one to call and once they deactivate they refuse to even allow you to speak to them. I work for a small business and i’ll figure it out by having my customers decline charges and pay me in another manner but what a cluster f*** ! I don’t know how they have gotten away with this for so long. we are talking a lot of money holding onto peoples money..the interest must be staggering if you hold several million for 30 days. If you read any positive reviews it is because they wrote it. Bunch of as we used to say scum bags. The owner who probably has a pious attitude at the country club is a dirt bag POS. We will be sueing
The fee’s were not spelled out when I signed up to get a card reader. I had to do research to find that manual card number input charges 3.5% + .15. Also I did not know that they hold funds that are over a certain amount. I got an e-mail that a lesser amount would be issued and could not at first figure what that lower amount was. Checking your web site answered it. Not pleased with Square’s practices and no live support. Not a way to operate a company. I always had good relations with all my customers doing service work. May look into another company to do credit cards.
Sorry to hear about your experience. I’ve heard from family members who work in the credit card industry that they have problems with Square, too. The credit card fraud over Christmas really hit a lot of people hard. At once point, every single card I had was shut off while waiting to be replaced after a fraudulent transaction. It’s enough to make a person operate cash-only!
“I’m a huge Payment Depot fan. I think their transparency is outstanding. The only vendors this company would not be great for are those with small transactions, like a coffee shop or breakfast cafe. I have large transactions, and my credit card charges went from 3.5 percent to 1.6 percent by switching to Payment Depot. With my past processor, each month I was paying them almost 2 percent of my profits.”
As far as deposited funds, like clock-work I receive my money without issue. For the 16 yrs that i’ve been accepting CCs, i know that the sales from the weekend are in my account on Tuesday morning (most times, even with a Monday holiday).
SAN FRANCISCO – October 3, 2012 – Square, the company making commerce easy for everyone, today launched Square directory, the first web-based search engine that enables buyers to discover new places to shop, search menus by item, and find nearby loyalty deals and specials. Over 200,000 businesses have already listed themselves in the Square directory, making it easier than ever for sellers to showcase their offerings and for buyers to find new businesses in their area where they can pay with Square Wallet.
Online, keyed-in, invoices, or mail-order transactions (also known as CNP or card-not-present transactions) have higher processing fees than in-person (POS) transactions because they’re more susceptible to fraud. They can also fall into the “mid-qualified surcharge” bucket, which bumps up the interchange fee for those transactions.
Fortunately, I found this out early on. I tried to enter my routing number for my Chase account, and their webform wouldn’t accept it. Then tried to call them – no phone number posted. Tried to email them or click on some sort of help link, and just get a bunch of faqs.
I have been experiencing many customer service related issues or lack thereof customer service. I have been caught in their $2002.00 rolling every 30 day trap and they are litereally holding thousands of dollars in THEIR account. Another major issue for me has been their follow up on funds being available. On many occasions, 10+, they indicate the funds will be available on a certain date, again due to the rolling $2002. policy and the funds do not show up. Of course as a client, there is NO access to customer service, they say its better that way!
Will not use this product ever again service is the worst I have ever seen. I got the same email like everyone else about my account being deactivated and they will be holding my $2400 for 90 days and they will not contact you or reverse the decision. It sounds like they will be holding all of the money for the next 90 days and collecting interest off of it. Plus I cant go back to my customers and tell them I need to rerun their card again. The whole thing smells fish to me.
The point of each of these readers is to allow smaller merchants to accept Apple Pay at their locations. That said, both can accept Apple Pay and other NFC contactless payments. The PayAnywhere reader plugs into the headphone jack of a phone or tablet, while the Square device is a small stand-alone table-top unit that connects to a phone or tablet wirelessly.
Square is a fraudulent company. everyone should stay away from them. They have debited my client’s account on December 11, I still haven’t received the funds. It is impossible to reach anyone from this company.
I haven’t worked with anyone to set up this particular type of system, but it’s certainly doable. It will require some customization on your end though. If I were you I’d look at a company that closely resembles what you’re thinking of doing and use that as a starting template. You should seek qualified legal advice regarding how to set this up. Please note that this is not intended to be legal advice.
It seems from the comments that Squares business plan is to distribute card readers that don’t work or rarely work, prompting the user to enter manually so they can put a hold on your money while they collect interest and invest it in other ventures.
If you’d prefer to receive funds more quickly, you should consider refunding the payments back to the original cards and seeking alternate forms of payment. (Please note that we will refund all the fees, too.)
Unfortunately, unless you’re actually making use of Square’s inventory tools, there’s not a convenient way to pull a report about what you’ve sold, specifically. If you would like to give your artists information about the products that sold in a neat report, there are two ways I am aware of that you could do that:
I was sent an email that my email address was sucessfully changed. I did not change my email address and now any attempt to access my account will not work because square does not accept my email address. I want to cancel the service and cannot even do that.Is there anyway to contact these people.
Not only are they holding $6,113.00 from me…..But State Sales Tax on LEGALLY sold goods in the Commonwealth of Ma. I think “their” legal team of “DEWEY, CHEATUM, and HOWE” , missed this little tidbit. My fiscal quarter ended 10/21/14. Sent my “Letter of Demand” in on 10/14/14. Was received by them on the 16th. We’ll see what they say. In the Commonwealth of Ma……If no response is received…….then “their” contract or “USER” agreement is, IN FACT…..null and void! Read the news people! The company is IN TROUBLE! With wide losses and a new round of $150 Million in funding from overseas investors. ALSO……this BIG pool of money being held from ALL of us being “duped” by Square, is supposedly held in an account. NOW……Is this LARGE pool of CASH, (OUR CASH), being used by SQUARE as leverage, to show a better cash position to investors than the company actually has??? My guess is it’s in the 10’s of millions…..judging by the complaints and amounts of money I think they are holding. Of course……That would be a SERIOUS violation of SEC rules. Anyone know what the daily interest rate is, on say…..$10 million dollars in cash!?? OH…..and by the way…….If the card transactions I made are considered “high risk” or fraudulent…..Then why did SQUARE extract their own fees….like IMMEDIATELY? Think about how Jack Dorsey portrays himself in interviews. This seemingly soft spoken…..meek…..6′ 4” gentle giant. Wolf in sheep’s clothing I say! We need to act fast here, as this has been going on for years. Only now, MORE AND MORE business owners are being taken by these devious tactics of this company! It seems to be a pattern. Most of what I see are the transactions between $1,000 and $10,000 are most at risk. I just cannot believe that “class action” hasn’t been filed yet? Think about the “trickle” effect of these funds being held for NO good reason…….Small businesses file bankruptcy…..THEIR employees are now out of work. Larger suppliers of these companies cannot get their funds…..so they take a loss. In my case…….which I was able to cover the funds being held, (but some businesses just cannot and NEVER recover), 4 other people would have lost their jobs! I provide a MUCH needed, and “highly specialized”, service to Western Massachusetts. If my business didn’t survive this “theft”, there would be literally hundreds of customers without use of their heating appliances this winter! Anyone who wants to go “CLASS ACTION”…. Contact me at TMS PELLET STOVE SERVICES….90 East Housatonic St. Dalton Ma. 01226 1-413-684-4590………..PS HEY SQUARE TEAM……..You can also call me, and actually see that “I” am a LEGALLY RECOGNIZED BUSINESS IN THE COMMONWEALTH OF MASSACHUSETTS. :-)>
I wish I had read other reviews, there are multiple customers whose accounts were deactivated without Square giving any valid reason, and the result of this is that they get to hold your money for 90 days or more. This is a scam, stay away from it!
I’m a fairly new user of square and the Marketplace. Offering this site actually helped get me off my butt and into throwing product out to see how it does without a lot of hassle and cost. For that I thank you!
Great analysis Everette. I love the idea of analyzing the growth of other companies as it’s a great way to draw inspiration and ideas. In marketing, we’ve always looked at the legends like Ogilvy for inspiration on how they communicated with audiences but the rules have changed. We’re now living in a world that requires a different kind of thinking and that’s exactly what you have here with the folks at Square.
“Because Square Feedback is so streamlined, we’re processing feedback with each transaction rather than waiting for clientele to post a public review, “ said Peter Koshland, owner of Koshland Pharm: Custom Compounding Pharmacy in San Francisco.
It’s not that I need Square to have a 1-800 toll free number. Almost all merchants have cell phones with free national calling included. I just need either someone to answer the phone. Also, a choice to order a replacement card reader device should be one of the recorded choices. I followed the directions online but it didn’t work.
After what I just went through in the last couple of days with Pay Pal I will forever discourage people to get PayPal and go with Square. I run my own PC repair/support business…I was approved, having already been with PayPal almost ten years I thought it the best way to go…well listen up…. My first three transactions were with typing in the credit card, since I usually work from home, and of course, their cc reader hadn’t arrived… What was that for???!! After your first $500 PayPal actually holds the amount for 30 days or more. I called the representative and I was like “well I’ve had PayPal for years so what’s the problem” they proceeded to tell me how it works until you develop better selling habits??” I run a computer help and repair, where I remote into my clients servers, or PCs and fix the problem, so accepting a credit card payment over the phone shouldn’t be a biggy?? Right?? Wrong! So basically I did two days or about $1,500 worth of of work, they gave me the first $500 and the other $1,000 is in there or in my pending balance for the next 30 days, just because I typed in the credit card. Mind you I sent them the receipts for the transactions. This is incredible, and a joke. I think it’s horrible, 30 days?? This day and age maybe 2 or 3 days for it to clear, I can even do seven for it to clear with the bank but really 30 days??? Square took me through a two day process and after sending them my ID and a copy of my receipts everything went smoothly. It goes into my bank account after a day or so, or I can choose to have it immediately sent to my account for a 1% fee. The choice is clear. Hope you don’t make the same mistake.
Each 100 hundred items u can drag and drop to rearrange. I believe you have to set up a new section per square. I sale in their market. The lack of a system search feature is a deterent to organic and purposeful traffic directed to my site of > 400 items.
Enclosures: Please See The Attachments For All Of The Communications That I Have Had With Square, Inc., American Express And Mr. Justin Rivas, The Contractor For Your Reference And Further Review. Thank You.
I have been using the square registery for ONLY 1-week and 2-transactions were NOT deposited. Know, there were only a total of 8 transaction. There is NO customer service to speak to, only email, which I haven’t received an answer from….I’m very fustruated. It would be highly recommended for a customer service phone line to be available. HELP !!!!
Square card is a scam…I have over 900.00 that they are holding for no reason at all. I was sent an email saying they are closing my account and the funds are being held for 180 days. six months…If you are looking to use square card, DO NOT DO IT. Find another company or another provider.
*Another Best thing to do, is ask your customers to send check or Money order, we might have to start doing this again, as these fraud companies ARE ALL SCAM ARTIST; they don’t want the small potatoes to even have a chance.

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