DO NOT use square. They are a horrible company and customer service sucks. They withdrew money from my account for a dispute without even listening to my side of the story. Who does that when you are their customer. Awful!!!!
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If you are considering a service like Square because of the free card reader, consider that they can afford to give everyone free card readers because they charge transaction fees. MX Merchant includes a free cloud-based App for the iPhone or iPad that is freely available in the Apple App Store, and allows you to run transactions at our Interchange rates. Encrypted card readers are available too for a reasonable price, so if your volume warrants, processing with your own MX merchant account is a good business decision.
So the customer gets the product/service and their money back in some cases on top of that, while you’re left holding the bag and being out product/service AND the money for that product/service. Now imagine having that happen with say, 2-3 customers per year (for some businesses the number is even higher).
Square allows people to use their own cards to deposit money in to their own accounts. Basically a cash advance off the credit card without paying the higher cash advance fees. Supposedly against the terms and conditions. They also allow the card of anyone else to be used in this way. My card was used somehow on a square reader account for 1000 and no vendor info was ever provided. It was linked to my own phone number. I do not own a reader so not sure how the scam works but they better figure it out. Since its my own phone number my credit card account wont’ consider it fraud but they will try to charge cash advance fees! Stay away from Square readers. The information is not safe.
For your new business, if you think you’ll start out averaging less than $5k/month, I’d recommend Square. They offer a 30-day free trial and no early termination fee, and you can always switch to a merchant account once your business takes off.
In my opinion, while having a phone support line would very handy at times I’m sure but personally I’ve always received a quick and helpful reply over twitter (the fastest way) or via email. I have been using Square since it first came out and have not had any issues that have needed a call in to fix! I believe that they are avoiding the cost of having a call center to help keep the costs down and to keep what they charge us down. I would assume that if they had a call center they would have to raise the percentage and honestly having dealt with the outsourced merchant services call centers I think I would rather just communicate with US based Full English speaking support staff via e-mail rather than bang my head against the wall while on the phone with a person that I can barely understand who reads a script to me and can’t help me anyway.
Just like with all things in life there are pro’s and con’s—it’s up the business owner to choose which device suits their business model best. If you are looking for more customer support and access to more flexible payment rates and fees than Clover Go may be the best option for you. If you are a low volume business where rates and fees don’t affect your bottom line than Square can be a perfectly appropriate selection to meet your payment processing needs.
My take is that Apple stuff and apps for Apple are fine for consumers but aren’t up to real-world use. So if you want to play “shop” in your bedroom this is fine; otherwise look for a grown-up POS and related hardware.
Late last week, I received another chargeback. It wasn’t for a recent transaction, but for another order that took place back in November and was, no doubt, part of the same problem as the three others. When I came into work on Monday, one of the first things I did was to fill out their chargeback response form again. Less than two hours later, I received the following e-mail:
For manually entered transactions, Square requires 100% accuracy. The information entered must match the payment card exactly. If your customer has recently moved, the billing ZIP code entered may be outdated. If you’re manually entering a third-party gift card, the customer may need to contact the card issuer to register the card with a billing address, which is required to manually enter any card.
I have commented before on Square and not been completely dissatisfied but certainly when it comes to customer support it definitely suxxxxxxx . Switching to payanywhere. Created an account, have talked to a real person on customer support and sent an email with a couple questions. Very quick and informative response. Was unable to use Square’s Register because it is not supported with Android. Payanywhere does seem to have an inventory/pos in it’s app so looking forward to using it. or not???
I used my Square chip reader one day and the next weekend I tried to use it, it wouldn’t read a single card. I had to enter each card number by hand. More money for Square and less for me. I want a new chip reader but don’t know how to get in touch with anyone to get it replaced! I need this to work for my business.
I initially emailed the people at to explain the situation to them, in detail, as I was aware that there is a hold on payouts over $1, 000. My inquiry was responded to quickly and enthusiastically to increase my payout as long as I swiped the card with my Square reader.
Our Experience:We didn’t need to make a phone call, as Square is upfront with all their pricing on their website. Interestingly, Square doesn’t buy into the Interchange Plus or the Tiered Pricing. Their headline reads, “Clear pricing, no surprises.” Hopefully, they’re correct, but we’ll see when we get to the Fine Print later…
I use the square reader all the time for making eating and drinking out easier among friends. Everyone has plastic these days and it is much easier to get paid back or allocate funds to one check. My friends pay me what they owe, I give the restaurant or bar my card. Done. It is also helpful if you are selling something on craigslist or on the spot. The fees are often negated by things like cashback in a restaurant scenario.
4. I was at an uber cool art party in New York City once, and had to pay $4 for a 12 oz. can of Pabst Blue Ribbon beer. No one flinched at the high price because they could just throw it on their card, thanks to Square.