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Agreed they did the same thing to me. I CANNOT BELIEVE they would turn off your account and then BLOCK you from even calling them on the phone right after. I had been a customer for over 5 years and bang, they cut my account off with almost $1000 that I couldn’t collect. Its been a nightmare!
Held my money with no warning! No number to call for answers. Was threatened by employees be awe of not making payroll and had to call police. Put me completely out of business and am now almost homeless. Ruined my business and my life!
The problem; there is no contact person to discuss the situation, their listed phone number has someone answering in a well versed dialogue. Their reply is, no supervisor or manager is available you must contact us through e-mail. Okay then why don’t you answer the e-mail, I don’t know that is handled in another department is the reply. To date they our funds held hostage and despite the fact that our e-account says the funds our available no one at Square.com will reply via e-mail or phone. My last conversation with their customer help line ended with them saying that we had to contact them via e-mail to get a response, this is futile.
We’re not given an exact reason a card is declined. If your customer has confirmed their card is valid and the transaction still declines, they should contact their card-issuing bank for more information.
Too bad, this company sounds just like a clearing house. Processing payments takes time and they really do take their time. And yes they do get interest on the holding money in accounts besides the interest charges they get up front. That’s why it takes at least thirty days for them to transfer funds to their clients accounts. Also on suspicious charges they will hold them for a period of time, but at some point they must be released or process them. Most card processing company’s-example AmEx will contact the card holder of the charge to be sure it is a valid purchase. It’s a way of protecting the company from fraud loss. But to hold funds with no contact to the card holder or their client’s the merchant I believe has some really big drawn backs. I would strongly suggest that merchants use a different source or company for processing purchase payment transactions.
I’ve had the same issue with square this week! Then they tell me the small transactions will still go through, without me sending in all of the paperwork…but my money is still pending and I have no way to refund and reprocess!!!!!!
Unfortunately, unless you’re actually making use of Square’s inventory tools, there’s not a convenient way to pull a report about what you’ve sold, specifically. If you would like to give your artists information about the products that sold in a neat report, there are two ways I am aware of that you could do that:
Total fraud! DO NOT USE THEM! We had been using them but anytime we get payments over $1000, they froze they account . The final straw was they told us they had to do a total customer verification and asked us for all types of personal information. We sent them everything they needed, then they deactivated the account with over $9000 in pending transactions. Then to make it worst you cannot contact anyone there without a pin code to get through, no customer service line at all. Meanwhile or money is stuck in limbo. And there charges are outrages!
I think Square will disappear as a company (not by being bought out, but by being outdone by other more customer friendly companies) in due time. For now the pomposity and elitism seem to have won, but you know what, they have also got a rabid badmouther working against them now. This is a message to the year old paper billionaires who, upon receiving 100 million in VC funding, start to imagine themselves to be sitting next to Gods. I wish they would understand that their riches and success depend on this one small thing in the entire process, called THE CUSTOMER.
If you use PayPal and need the money in your business bank account, you’ll have to transfer the money, which could take a few days. But if you need immediate access and you have a PayPal merchant debit card, PayPal is likely the faster option.
Square does have this capability. (Read more here.) I haven’t heard from any merchants who have used this feature, so I’m not 100% sure how it works in terms of inventory management and general reporting for multiple locations. You will want to take a look at this to see if it suits your needs (depending on your business type). Otherwise, you may want to consider other iPad POS options.
It’s really good. Window cleaner in UK and customers don’t always have cash and aren’t always in so sending invoices saves me having to go back out every night to collect money. Payments process fast every time. I took a payment on the Friday before Christmas on a Monday and the payment was in my bank account on Boxing Day. I was very impressed by that. It allows a customer database with all contact details and can show how often they are using my services. I like the fact I can see if the invoice has been viewed or not before I send any reminders. The monthly and daily reports are really handy when it comes to planning for when I’m likely to be busier the following month, like the fact I can customise receipts and invoices and several customers like the fact I can save card details for automatic payments. The only addition I would like is that when you add a customer to a cash sale the email address is automatically put in so a receipt can be sent. It is a tiny inconvenience to have to copy and paste every time, especially for my business which relies on a lot of doorstep transactions with repeat customers. Other than that no complaints. Have never had any trouble getting through to customer service and the worst thing that happened was I once had to wait 2 days for a payment to clear instead of 1. I would recommend this for any micro business/sole trader as it makes life so much easier.

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