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Eco Impact Analysis Tool   Monitor both paper and energy savings throughout the year. Users are able to use the new features to reduce the footprint of receipts printed by 25 to 50 percent making this printer the most economic receipt printer in the world. Table of Contents 1. Product Overview …………….1 1.1 Printer & […]

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If you have changed the password, open [Login] from the menu displayed on the left side of the setting screen, or the menu button displayed on the upper left, and login with: Login name: root / password: [Changed password or the default password (public)]. Available interface options include Serial, Parallel, USB, Ethernet, WebPRNT, and the […]

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Features: Made of high quality material, ensuring durability. This printer has a smaller mini body, easy for carry. It features reliable capability, more stable printing and portable advantages. Suita… Said Bluetooth in the description and it is not. Bought specificity for that feature. My business(restaurants) buys a lot of equipment like this and by the […]

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But if you are just starting out, your process payments infrequently, or you are still processing a low volume each month, Square could be an amazing tool. Even mid-sized to larger businesses can benefit from everything Square offers. If you plan to use Square for Retail, you should expect a drastically different experience in the […]

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At Star Micronics America, we have created solutions to mobilize cash by making cash management more accessible through a variety of communication options. With the ability to communicate via standard wired printer driven interface or Star’s DK-AirCash wireless option for Ethernet, Bluetooth 2.1 or MFi certified Bluetooth communication; Star’s SMD2 cash drawers offer a complete […]