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The a zipper closure inner compartment that holds the silicon microbead beanbag support material also can serve as a limited storage/carriage compartment for your charge cable, earbuds, or other small items, and Dockem even suggests that the iProp can pinch-hit as a travel pillow. For its primary intended use, the FORM-COMPLIANT silicon microbead support allows almost infinite angle configurations.
This tablet stand features a clamp so you can easily attach your tablet on any surface. You can use the removable clamp to attach your tablet onto anything thicker than an inch. This is a small versatile stand that is very easy to transport. The flexible arm is great because you can easily adjust the position of your tablet as you move around or switch between different activities. This is a very affordable stand that will come in handy whenever you want to watch movies or need to get some work done on your tablet.
Unlike our competitors the mount of this stand is designed specially with the iPad in mind it measures 9 3/4″ Height x 7 1/2″ Width and feature rotating locking tabs with rubber grips to ensure no mat…
OK, I know what you’re thinking, that’s not an iPad stand, it’s a charging station. I will admit I am reaching a bit here, but I hope you’ll consider that this MobileVision bamboo organizer also makes for a great iPad stand, if only on your desk. At least it supports your charging cables and multiple devices with ease.
FWIW, several Wirecutter staffers have been using the TechMatte mount with an iPhone 6/6s Plus in a case for many months. If it’s a thin case, you can place the included metal plate inside the back of the case. If it’s a thicker case, you can adhere the metal plate to the outside of the case. (I personally use the mount with a 6s Plus in Apple’s silicone case. I have the metal plate on the outside of the case, and over the past 6 months or so, the phone has never fallen off the mount.)
It looks the part too, with the slim aluminum build of the dock giving it a premium appearance that matches the design of your tablet. And, as a bonus, Apple Pencil will sit neatly on the front of the Base – we’re not sure if it was designed that way, but sometimes that’s the beauty of these things.
The iOrange-E Apple iPad Pro 9.7 Case with Bluetooth Keyboard costs only around $30 on Amazon, and I like that you can remove the keyboard from the folio-style case to place the iPad and keyboard at different heights. (In fact, you can’t keep the iPad in its stored position when typing—you must slide the keyboard toward your body to make room for the iPad-case section of the folio to sit on the base at an angle. This means the setup requires more lap space than other models.) However, while the keyboard case is fairly light, it’s still bulky, and though the keys are fine, iOrange-E has moved a number of standard keys into nonstandard locations, making the keyboard frustrating to type on.
Unlike the above stands, where you require even surface; this one can be used in almost any kind of surface. It can easily fit your iPad Pro, with just one condition; it should not be having any case on it. Now the impressive part is that the legs of this stand can be folded easily which makes it highly compact to carry or store. It is not cheap but worth it.
Tstand is a versatile, multi-use tablet stand. But more than anything, since the launch of our Kickstarter campaign, we’ve heard again and again that Tstand is a great iPad holder for bed. Whether you are lying in bed, reading an eBook on the couch, or lounging in a recliner chair, Tstand will elevate your tablet to a comfortable, ergonomic position. This means less time spent adjusting your body and more time enjoying the contents of your iPad’s display.
If you don’t plan to take the case off much, and you don’t mind bulk, the Logitech Create 12.9 is very good. We talk about it here: https://thewirecutter.com/reviews/best-ipad-pro-keyboard-cases/#the-competition
Plush corduroy fabric gives the LaziLife Bean Bag a luxurious feel, so you’ll feel comfortable as you browse the web or binge watch that series you’ve been meaning to catch up on. It comes with a loop on top that makes it easy to carry while traveling.
Although “iPod docks” (and, later, iPhone-compatible speakers) have been around for more than a decade, we think having to plug your phone or tablet into your speakers to listen to music is a pain, and it ties you to your stereo or speakers for as long as you’re listening. For iPhone- and iPad-based listening, we favor wireless speakers that let you move freely about the room—or even the house—without giving up the option to change the music or volume from wherever you happen to be.
The wooden stand has two different positions it can lock into and will easily accommodate any iPad in portrait or landscape orientation, so you can always be as comfortable as possible when you using it.
Zagg’s Rugged Messenger for 10.5-inch iPad Pro isn’t for everyone, but it’s a great choice if you need to keep your iPad Pro safe in rough environments (or even just in the hands of your kids). And the Rugged Messenger’s unique design may even win over a few people who don’t think they need that kind of protection. However, it’s bulky and heavy enough that most people are better off with the Smart Keyboard.
One characteristic distinguishing iProp from conventional beanbags, and from in this particular context the Lap Log — is weight. Those silicon microbeads are really light, and the entire unit (sans iPad) weighs less than half a pound. It’s so light in fact that I wondered if it would actually be able to support an iPad satisfactorily on any surface, but it proved fine in practice in either landscape or portrait orientation.
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