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Tomtoc iPad Pro 12.9 Multi-storage Sleeve. If you are looking for a sleeve that could carry not only your new iPad but also essential accessories, you should take a look at the new sleeve from Tomtoc.
If you’re noticing even a twinge of back or neck pain after spending time on your tablet, you may want to consider the Lap Desk Designer before it gets any worse. This pillow allows for myriad positions, so you’ll no longer need to crane your neck looking down.
Purchasing a tablet holder to elevate the device can significant reduce any forward and flexing positioning when using a tablet. It is advised that you keep the tablet as close to your eye level as possible as much of the strain related to mobile gadgets stems from holding the head down for viewing. Investing in a tablet stand allows placement of the tablet on a flat surface and this is potentially the best means of avoiding “tech neck”.
The bottom line is that the listed iPad pillow stands mentioned above will definitely give you long-lasting services. Ultimately, don’t be limited to your thoughts this is because many pillow iPad stands can be used for more than one purpose.
Ipevo PadPillow Stand has an innovative design that makes it possible to use with virtually all other smart devices. It holds your iPad or any other device you are using at the natural reading angle from anywhere you want to use it from. It can also hold a tablet or your iPad in both horizontal and vertical positions.
This mount includes Arkon’s Slim-Grip Universal Tablet Holder and Heavy-Duty Multi-Angle Aluminum Mounting Pedestal with 8” Adjustable Arm and 4-Hole AMPS Drill Base. The Slim-Grip tablet holder features a spring-loaded design that makes it easy to insert or remove the tablet by pushing down on the lower legs of the holder with one hand.
Two different widths of the wooden device support tray insert are optionally available (@ $8.00), and easily switched, allowing accommodation of almost any tablet or e-reader device in landscape or portrait orientation. The standard (narrower) device tray insert works works with devices up to 1/2-inch thick, which accounts for roughly 90% of the market, and very nicely accommodates my iPad 2. The optional wider insert handles devices up to 1-inch thick, such as laptop/tablet convertible hybrid machines in detached tablet mode or a thinner device in a thickish case. The standard insert handles the iPad 2 in the cases I customarily use with it.
One of the best models to think about is the keyboard case from KuGi. The keyboard is detachable, and the case has the traditional stand folio design. Thanks to that you can use the stand feature to put the iPad at the right angle.
Perhaps the most popular Mac stands are “active” stands for MacBooks — ones that are designed to make Apple’s laptops feel more like desktop machines. The #1 best-selling laptop stand at Amazon is Rain Design’s mStand ($45), a sturdy single-piece aluminum design with rubber padding to protect both the MacBook and the desk underneath. With a nearly 6″ lift off the table’s surface, mStand enables you to raise and angle the MacBook’s screen to your chosen height, which helps both with visibility and FaceTime calls — no longer will your chin be the focus of video chats. Cables can be managed with a hole in the stand’s back, too.
It’s as scratch resistant as anything else we tested, it’s crystal clear, and fingerprints wipe right off. We saw no issues with clarity or brightness, and we quickly got used to the protector being on the phone. The touchscreen’s responsiveness wasn’t affected in any way, as it still recognized even the slightest brush of a finger, and we had no issues using the phone’s pressure-sensitive 3D Touch feature. We found installation to be easy enough, and we appreciate all the cleaning tools included in the box (the amFilm screen protector came with two sets of wet and dry wipes for cleaning the screen, a small dust-free cloth, six dust-removal stickers that you can also use to apply the protector using the “hinge method,” and a sturdy cardboard bubble remover). And even if you get a speck of dust under the glass on your first attempt, it’s not that big of a deal, because you get two amFilm protectors in each package. -NG
BluCase Retro Dots iPad Sleeve. If you are looking for a cute sleeve instead of a case, you should visit Etsy for the adorable items like the one shown above. This sleeve is made from white linen and is padded with 5 mm lightweight foam for extra protection from bumps, dirt, and grime.
The biggest highlight of these stands is the solid build-up and rich workmanship. Made of top notch aluminum material, they are designed to last long. Besides, they tilt your iPad perfectly so that you are able to watch media in the preferred angle.
Perhaps the best part of the DraftTable is its feeling of belonging on your desk. It fits in with almost any desk arrangement and offers your iPad a permanent home when working in a more traditional space. With the DraftTable, I not only have a place for my iPad when using it as a second monitor or drawing on it with Astropad — it’s also become a perfect place to charge it when I’m not out and about. 
I use the iPad as a second monitor so often thanks to the DraftTable: In fifteen seconds, I can position my tablet on the stand, plug in the Lightning-to-USB-C cable that connects it to my Mac, and launch Duet.
It’s of course designed to form-fit the iPad Pro like a tight glove and is fully compatible with the Smart Cover and Smart Keyboard, so if you ever decide to purchase one of these in the future or receive either one as a gift, you can always continue to use the Silicone Case with either one of these accessories as an add-on. Apple’s Silicone Case for the iPad Pro is only available in white and dark gray.
With Bluetooth pairing, syncing the two is quick and easy, while the built-in battery offers months of use on a single charge. And of course, the aluminum enclosure protects your iPad Pro from bumps and scratches, like any good case should.
While iPad use in growing in the commercial industry, many people also use them residentially to watch movies, browse the internet and play games. Many of these desk mounts feature an “easy-in, easy-out” design that allows users to take the tablet on the go and leave the case at home. Place a desktop tablet mount right next to your bed to watch Netflix while winding down, or to read the news when waking up in the morning. With adjustable clamps, many of these iPad table stands have universal compatibility. This allows you to take advantage of the full versatility of any tablet or iPad. An countertop holder or table mount can limit the full range of use you can get from your digital device.
I’ve tested well over 100 keyboard cases over the past few years, and the best one for people committed to iPad productivity is Belkin’s Qode Ultimate Pro Keyboard Case for iPad Air 2. It isn’t cheap, but it is the most versatile and complete keyboard case available. For starters, it has a good keyboard with all the keys in the right places, which can’t be said for most models. The keys are backlit, which is useful in a dimly lit lecture hall, and the keyboard pairs with two devices, so you can use it with your smartphone, too.
No love for loud portable speakers anymore! The “rugged” bluetooth speaker section was great while it lasted, because awkward as the phrasing was, it focused on louder speakers. The Roll is way too quiet for me, whereas the Megaboom is just right volume-wise, and I know I’m not alone in this. Some of us want loud and portable!

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