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Apple iPad & iPad 2 & iPad 3& iPad 4& iPad Mini. It can be mounted onto any desk, bed, chair and more. Flexible, Adjustable Tablet PC Stand Holder. Angle is adjustable to comfort you to have the best …
Secured holder for the iPad 1. (Please check your iPad model. This unit only works for the iPad 1). Home button is Covered. ** Are you placing a card reader on your iPad? Please let us know this and what make and model of card reader at time of ordering.
First, the back shell is transparent, so that you can enjoy the view of your iPad all the time. Secondly, a part of the front cover is folded behind the back. It creates an interesting duo-tone being a result of choosing the color of the iPad itself and the front cover of the case.
Oh, ho, ho – Pasonomi, you sly devils. Now owners of the 12-inch iPad Pro can briefly fool people into thinking they have (another) iMac. This stand design is clearly inspired by Apple’s popular all-in-one computer.
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Anyway, this very sensible looking aluminum stand comes in either silver or black. It isn’t all in one solid piece that’s been bent into shape – oh no, it has clever hinge bits, which is why it costs a buck or two more than some of the other stands which one person hilariously described as “Made by Orcs”.
Because Apple products benefit from a large number of users, many accessories for these devices are available, from protective cases, gaming peripherals and up to very stylish bed stands. Here are a few choices or great iPad bed stands that you can use to free up your hands and make more use of your iPad.
If this is the case then Renegade concepts iPad pillow stand can help you achieve this. It is the ultimate stand that you can get in the market today for use even with an E-reader, Google devices, Android tablets, magazines, book or perhaps any other print publications that you have.
In the early days of the iPad, many people relied on stand-alone cameras without Wi-Fi for most of their photography. While many of those folks have since switched to smartphones for a majority of their photo shooting, some people still need a way to get images and video from a camera to an iPad over a physical connection. Apple’s own options are the only real way to go here: The company hasn’t permitted other vendors to make MFi-licensed alternatives, and the uncertified third-party options all receive poor reviews. (The following adapters work only with iPads, unfortunately.)
Tstand is a versatile, multi-use tablet stand. But more than anything, since the launch of our Kickstarter campaign, we’ve heard again and again that Tstand is a great iPad holder for bed. Whether you are lying in bed, reading an eBook on the couch, or lounging in a recliner chair, Tstand will elevate your tablet to a comfortable, ergonomic position. This means less time spent adjusting your body and more time enjoying the contents of your iPad’s display.
One of the best models to think about is the keyboard from KuGi. The keyboard is detachable, and the case has the traditional stand folio design. Thanks to that you can use the stand feature to put the iPad at the right angle.
That “durable custom-woven fabric” also makes the Smart Keyboard and its keys water-, crumb-, and gunk-resistant, which I’ve found to be especially useful. You can safely use the Smart Keyboard on the kitchen counter, at a coffee shop, or anywhere else you might accidentally spill liquids or drop crumbs on it. Overall, the Smart Keyboard seems much more durable than the other models I’ve tested.
Not sure exactly what you need or where you’ll be using your tablet? Height adjustable fixtures have a large range that can adapt to different scenarios and settings. Many enclosure mounts feature square card reader brackets that are ideal for using at retail stores for POS systems. This keeps the card reader and place and makes it easy for employees to swipe credit cards. The last standout feature is cable management. Hide all those pesky cords by running them through the center of the locking stand for a safe display.
For iPad desk stand, I would recommend the YaFex Adjustable Tablet Mount Stand, dependable and hold stably. This stand 360 degree rotation tablet holder is ideal for all Apple iPad,iPhone. Link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06XK6FRLZ/
Another great case from Logitech is the Logi Create protective folio case for the iPad Pro. Similar to the keyboard variant, this Create case offers all-around protection against bumps and scratches using svelte woven fabric styling and a sculpted shell that secured the iPad within a custom fitted casing. The Create folio case features an AnyAngle stand that uses a micro-hinge system to smoothly glide forwards and backwards to firmly position the iPad Pro at any viewing angle within a 60-degree radius much like a laptop hinge. The magnetized cover will put you iPad Pro to sleep when closed, and will wake it up when flipped open. The Logi Create case is available in black, blue, red and purple for $80.
Though you can get cheaper Lightning cables, we limited our search to those with an MFi certification. That means the manufacturer is licensed by Apple and uses official connectors that are guaranteed to work. Even with this restriction, dozens of highly rated competitors are out there. We chose the Anker for a few reasons. The first is its aforementioned electrical capability. The second is its respectable length: The cable itself, measured from the inside of the USB plug to the inside of the Lightning-connector plug, is 34½ inches long. It’s about 4½ inches shorter than Apple’s 1-meter cable, but the two are close enough that you won’t notice a difference in most scenarios. Third, the Anker cord is also nice and malleable, so it’s less likely to suffer damage over time from being coiled up or moved around.
If you’re not a smartphone-photography fanatic but you want a tripod toy to play with on occasion, the universal smartphone mount and flexible tripod leg combo from ChargerCity is a fine option. It isn’t as stable or supportive with Plus-size iPhones, and it may tip over at extreme angles, but at half the price of the Joby legs and Square Jellyfish mount together, it’s fine for experimenting.
My only two gripes are the price ($150) and the inadjustability of the platform. What I mean is that if the platform becomes loose over time (i.e. constantly switching from portrait to landscape mode), there seems to be no way to tighten it because the platform is fastened with a proprietary pin, not a screw and nut. Hopefully this does not become an issue in the future but I won’t know that for sure since I haven’t had the stand for very long. I’m still giving this stand its due however as it addesses my needs for both a desk and bed reader, and does both quite competently well.
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Having a thick pillow on your lap could get toasty pretty quickly. Having to take periodic breaks from the heat defeats the purpose of having an iPad lap stand in the first place. It might be nice and cozy in the winter, but no one wants a pillow on their lap during a summer heat wave.
So here is our solution: a DIY adjustable-angle iPad stand for your lap. Inexpensive, cozy, and light. Designed for both portrait and landscape use, and ready to fold up for transport and storage. With a stand, you can use your ‘Pad with zero, one, or two hands, and sit how you darn well please.
Jgoo Vintage Book Series iPad Pro 10.5 Stand Case. For all the fans of tech accessories that bring together the best of the analog and digital world – this slim case for the iPad Pro 10.5 looks like a vintage book. The bookish pattern is made both on the outside of the cover, but also on the inside.
Four thick protective vinyl cushions safeguard your tablet against scratch. It has the dual split cable management system that helps you to organize cables neatly. The stand has four rubber feet that keep it steady.
Sticking with the Lord of the Rings theme, this stand from Anker may not look like Orc handiwork, but it isn’t elf-made either. No, this is clearly the work of the dwarfen folk who give a bit more attention to function and don’t mince around in tiaras.
This tablet floor stand is ideal for any shop or tradeshow. The white kiosk holds a variety of iPads and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1” & Tab 4 10.1″. Adjust the enclosure of the floor stand for landscape or portrait orientation. A hands free display is user friendly for shoppers or tradeshow guests that may be carrying other items. To charge the iPad in the floor stand simply feed the cable through the kiosk tube and out the base. The enclosure holds the iPad with foam supports for device placement and security. Adjust the hands free display to convert to a tabletop presentation by screwing the small curved pole to the base and removing the straight one.
The HiRise, as its name implies, raises your phone—about 2 inches off the base—and angles it back slightly, allowing you to view the phone’s screen easily while it’s docked, and even to use the iPhone for FaceTime calls. Nothing sits behind your phone while it’s perched in the HiRise, so you can easily wrap your hand around the phone and use your thumb to interact with its screen. And because the HiRise doesn’t use a traditional cradle designed specifically for one phone model, you won’t have to buy a new HiRise if you upgrade to a new phone.
The Manatee is one of the coolest iPad bed stands you could ever find. At this point being only a start up, they are in need of money to fully develop their design, but when the development stage is complete, it will be one of the best on the market. It features a great design and top of the line build materials. Also, it can accommodate all versions of iPad regardless of what type of external cover they have. The Manatee gives you a steady platform that can be adjusted to any angle.

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