An organization I’m in established Square for our fundraiser last Oct. All went well. So I did one for another organization to use at a fundraiser. At first it looked like it would work, then I made a change to the information on the account, and it has been a nightmare since. Most all of their email communications appear to be computer generated and have never solved my problems. We are going in circles. I’ve asked that the problem be elevated to a real troubleshooting dept, and no response since then. There is money in the Square account that can’t get to the bank account. I’m so frustrated I found this site.
Bad experience with Square. Would say I will never use them again, but had a bad experience with Pay Pal some years back and haven’t used them in over eight years. As someone stated, your first transaction goes through fine. I am billing a customer each week and I did not find out my second transaction did not go through until I checked my account and the funds weren’t there. No communication to say as much. When you call the customer service number they require a code, which if you don’t have you can’t get through. They wanted all of this documentation. Fortunately, I had it because I am a business. But what if I didn’t have a business? Awful customer service. Square should be further regulated by the feds and should not be allowed to be in business when dealing with people’s money and you can’t get through to speak with someone.
Square Point of Sale is a mobile phone app available on Google Play and the App Store. The system is designed to run on a tablet or smartphone. Key capabilities include online payment processing, sales reports, inventory and digital receipts, as well as valuable analytics information.
A lot of people don’t like to read the fine print. And supposedly some did not by7the references made concerning square financial tool. All of these americanized companies must pass “check point charlie” especially financial institutions.
The stripe reader seems to get worn out fairly quickly. The charge to swipe the credit card is fair, but if you have to type the card in due to the worn out reader, or a worn our card the fee is higher. I tend to do more over the phone charges with one business, and the fee can get pretty high.
I operate a small catering company. I have been processing all of my credit card transactions through Sams Club Merchant Credit Card Processing/First Data. However, I am fed up with all of the interchange fees! Some months my interchange fees are 3x the amount of my regular processing fees. When I process clients credit cards; I never know what fees to expect the following month because they could be using a reward credit card, corporate card, government credit card, etc.
Jason, they charge a higher transaction rate for phone and 3rd party website orders which should cover any additional risk they might be worried about. If they were so worried about risk, then I think a better option would be to put a reserve or ask for more information instead of just using the banhammer. It’s a shame since Square does have better rates compared to what my old merchant account was getting. I could care less now. I hope they are happy with all the small mom & pop merchants they have. I’ve already gone to one of their competitors.
we now made 2 groups but need to know if we did this correctly to not run into the same mistake again this weekend. how will we know if we partitioned it correctly and moving forward what is the proper way to take payments so we know what purchase is for what>
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stay well away they freeze your money after asking silly questions for no reason what so ever only that they can after an account is opened ? surely they would ask details questions when you first join as soon as you start to ask payments they freeze you so they can use your money for months free of charge it like paypal do we use stripe now and no issues stay well away and never use squareup or paypal ever
I got a Square reader and used it with my phone one time to register folks for a meeting. It worked great. But the next time I tried, I couldn’t get it to work. The jack port was apparently loosened. I had NEVER used the jack port EVER, except that one time. I WAS happy with it, now I’m not.
I own a furniture store and Square deactivated my merchant account in October 2015 because a customer’s card failed to process a few times. They sent me an abrupt email saying that the decision to deactivate the account was final and that they are holding my funds (from the same customer that actually successfully processed the payment finally) for 90 days until releasing it to my bank account. In addition, I was left with no way to process credit card payments from my retail customers for a week until I got a replacement solution (Shopify). Today, I found that that not only are they still holding on to my money, they continued to charge for the Customer Engagement Pro tool on my DEACTIVATED account for the past two months. This was the last draw and I had to write this review to warn others of this inconsiderate company.I would be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy the great design of the product, but Square falls way short of actually understanding a customer’s true needs and they left me stranding at a crucial time of my business, with no real support available. I am staying far away from this company and will advise all of my business owning friends to be ware of them as well.
Square is the worst company on the planet!! They accept funds from customer credit cards, then say there is a limit, then take forever to refund. Then you call them, having to go to site first for a stupid code, then they lie and say they are calling back. Then they don’t call and you go to try to call and it says THIS CUSTOMER IS NOT ELIGIBLE TO CALL!! THE INVOICE PLATFORM IS A JOKE, THE WHOLE COMPANY SUCKS!!
Extremely frustrating experience with Square Inc. I’ve never had such a difficult time trying speak to a company rep or agent in my life. And for the type of service that Square provides for people and businesses, that is just inexcusable and ridiculous. None of my funds have been released, since my first customer charge 30 days ago! And currently those charges totals over $3k. And now, after countless back and forth useless & auto-generated emails, 1 actual phone conversation (with a useless agent at that), they decided to deactivate my account…..and hold my funds for possibly 90 days!?! Absolutely absurd!

I am not a merchant, but I received e-mails from Square Up saying that I’ve successfully signed up. Then I started “receiving” payments. They had my correct credit card number, my name and e-mail address. I reported this as fraud to my credit card, even though I was receiving money, as it was a mistake. I don’t know how it happened, but I would not trust this company with my business. I believe there is great potential for fraud. Trying to get them to answer the non-existent phone number or e-mail address is impossible. Seriously, bad company.
I think Square will disappear as a company (not by being bought out, but by being outdone by other more customer friendly companies) in due time. For now the pomposity and elitism seem to have won, but you know what, they have also got a rabid badmouther working against them now. This is a message to the 22 year old paper billionaires who, upon receiving 100 million in VC funding, start to imagine themselves to be sitting next to Gods. I wish they would understand that their riches and success depend on this one small thing in the entire process, called THE CUSTOMER.
If you do not want to wait 180 days to receive these funds, you may consider refunding the payments back to the original cards and seeking an alternate form of payment. Please note that we refund all the fees, too.
When you say “dead end,” are you unable to reach the page from one of the links? The Rating Criteria can be found here: CPO Rating Criteria, and the adjusting of the rating is explained in the Better Business Bureau section.
When I press Square hardware lead Jesse Dorogusker in mid-June about the Square credit card, he only says, “You’re on it. There’s a lot there.” Cryptically, he adds, “We’re always searching for something better. I definitely won’t deny it but I definitely won’t announce anything.” Is there a prototype Square credit card? “I’m not going to answer that,” he replies with a wide grin, a response similar to the one Dorsey delivers to me a hardy laugh. (“I can’t say everything that we’re building in the company!”)
A PayPal account isn’t a merchant account. They do offer a “merchant services” account for larger volume needs but it’s unclear if it’s considered a traditional merchant account that falls within the IRS reporting requirements. I recommend inquiring with PayPal if this is a concern.
Both systems give you the essential inventory management features, including the ability to upload products via spreadsheet (with their associated description, tax rates and barcode), track your inventory in real-time, and receive alerts when stock is running low.
It’s always something to this effect, and they always threaten to take money out of my bank account: “We have not received a response from you regarding the $1,973.27 payment dispute on a transaction that was processed on January 24, 2016 If you would like to challenge or accept this dispute, please respond to information Request Form within 24 hours from the date of this notification.” There’s more, but I’m sure you get the idea.
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Not sure why, but they have sold or just gave out my email address. This is my finnancial email, I don’t give it out to ANYONE, but since I signed with Square, I get almost 100 junk/spam/phishing emails A DAY! What a waste of my time.
QuickBooks GoPayments mobile app has good reviews in the app stores, and its seamless sales integration with QuickBooks makes it a natural choice if you use QuickBooks to manage your business. But GoPayments is missing a few key features, including:

Just to be clear an activated user does not infer a merchant account nor a user that is processing on Square. Thousands of potential users registered to receive the scanner and activated it which does not require future use.
Great business! Almost bankrupting mine by randomly deactivating my account and freezing over $ 25 thousand dollars in payments. “High-risk” activity, but thats all the information I get. Then when you are deactivated, they deactivate your account number so you can’t call them anymore!! I have to wait 2 months (already waiting for 2 weeks) to get well over $ 25K. Absolutely unacceptable
Square’s customer service is sub-standard. IF you get them to respond by phone, they use VOIP and the quality makes it very difficult to understand what they are saying. Everything had to be repeated. The customer service actually admitted to me that it was something that they are told all the time. She admitted it! The representative I spoke to was unable to grasp the nature of my concern, which should have been fundamental knowledge for her position. The call was dropped, twice, on their end and I was the one who had to call back and go through the whole “your call is important to us” spiel. How can companies fail to understand the basics of customer service and still believe they will stay in business? It’s baffling to me.
DO NOT SIGN UP. I own multiply vacation rental properties and as well as two other businesses. I signed up with square yesterday and processed 2 transactions, 1 for $500 and 1 for $7100. I have funds from another processor deposit on almost a daily basis into my checking account. I own 2,other business with money’s going to the same bank. Then I get an email that they deactivated my account and can not release my funds for 90 days or I could refund and get another form of payment but refund will not be processed for 60 days. I am sure the guest who I charged the $7100 For a three month rental would be fine with thus. This gentleman is doing special forces training in Fort Walton Beach, Fl. The card was a military credit card paying for his lodgings. I rent to these guys all the time. Square says decision they say is irreversible but try talking to a person. Do not sign with anyone you can not get a live person on the phone. That should have been my first clue.
They have done major damage to me and I’m now going through an investigation with the Attorney General and the local sheriffs department for fraud because my clients funds were involved. I’m looking at jail time over this and I’m a single mother of a 7 year old daughter. My life has been turned upside down because I’ve tried everything known to get Square to give my money back. It’s a no win situation for me unless I want to go into a class action, which I would but I’ve only had 3 people interested. This is the worse thing I have ever been through in my life. No one, AGs office, BBB or the police believe this is happening to us.
I have loved square for over 3 years now but a couple months ago there was a shipping problem, and yes, the package was late — my fault. Square took the money out of my account and said when I have confirmation of shipment delivered I would get the funds back. No problem right!? Two months later and 6 emails sent by me with auto-response only from square stating, “we are trying to get a hold of his bank, allow 5 weeks.” I gave them 7 1/2 weeks – I’m done! My bank gave me back my money because the package was delivered and I did have proof. Who knows if square was really working on it or not. If you are using Square be perfect at all times because Square will leave you for dead or broke if do arise.
Worst customer service of any company I have dealt with, big or small. They make it as difficult as possible to get through to a real person in hopes that you will just give up and stop trying to contact them. My account was mysteriously deactivated after a customer charge back. Funny thing is, it was decided in my favor in civil court.
BBB promotes truth in advertising by contacting advertisers whose claims conflict with the BBB Code of Advertising. These claims come to our attention from our internal review of advertising, consumer complaints and competitor challenges. BBB asks advertisers to substantiate their claims, change ads to make offers more clear to consumers, and remove misleading or deceptive statements.
Well, sort of. It looks like you are quoting it as Debit Interchange + Provider Markup, which is a simplified quote. Since the other fees are tiny and non-negotiable, I believe that it is fine to quote it this way.
Update: Square says “All communication from Square is safe and secure and we have a world class risk and fraud team that uses sophisticated risk visualization tools to stop and prevent bad actors. We always protect the safety of our customers and can reverse a payment if necessary.”
Good products.And the service is great! I received immediate online feedback sent via email. And the clerk was extremely personable. I would defiantly recommend this service to someone else.  see moreof Rose’s review
I then asked them back, what’s wrong with that person? She had my email address. I never once received any email from her and now, ONE month later, she wants a refund without contacting me? How normal is this?
Before kicking a legitimate business to the curb because you don’t like their business structure you might want to consider reprecussions involved in doing so. I am on a campain to take away considerable amounts of business and $ from your business. Thanks for screwing a legal, legitimate, profitable business in the name of corporate America.
My transfers got frozen and a prompt came up asking for more information which was filled out. All of my paperwork (DBA, business license, sales tax license, SOS filings) is up to date for my LLC and I do have business bank accounts. I submitted 3 months of bank account information showing an average balance of about 100k. The only debt I have for both my business and me would be $600 credit card debt. It just doesn’t make any sense. They just banned me a couple hours after I submitted the info requested.
Also were the funds swiped or keyed in? If they were keyed in yes they will hold those funds for 30 days – that is part of the contract that you agreed to. It would be considered a high risk transaction and they have the right to do that.

Important Question: What about open invoices? How do these platforms handle open invoices? For example, if a client pays 50% down at time of sale and the balance upon completion of project a week later, how would this be handled? I have a web development company, we make websites for clients and manage their newsletter campaigns. When one of our sales reps meets with a client, we would like to take a 50% deposit, then collect the balance once the work is done (about a week to 2 weeks later). I know there is no “partial payment” option on the PayPal platform, so… would you just make 2 invoices – one for the deposit, one for the balance? But then: that would never show your open invoices or accounts receivable. This must be an important issue facing many companies. I’m so surprised it’s been overlooked.
They took out their percent right away. I manually put credit card in but can’t understand why I would have to wait this long. They are slow and unresponsive to email support. When dealing with finances you should never have email support only.
It is standard practice to withhold the entire transaction(s), including sales tax collected, when funds are held in reserve. This is because the reserve is held in order to protect the processor from loss in case of future chargebacks. If a chargeback occurs, the tax will also have to be refunded. Therefore they hold the tax to ensure they do not have to refund it out of pocket should a chargeback occur. Again, I can’t attest to this from a lawyer’s point of view, but this is how it is done across the board, not just with Square.
Debit cards with PINs are lower risk than credit cards, so they typically have a lower interchange rate. And rewards cards (travel, triple points, etc.) and business cards typically have have higher interchange rates.
i hve used Square for several months and have had no problems. In Florida we have seasonal sales from November thru April. With the old companies we had to pay fees each month we were not doing business that amounted to about $70 per month for a wireless terminal. By the time we paid wireless access fees, batch fees, non-qualified card rates, high rates for American Express, etc; we were paying much more than the quoted rate of 1.69%. The 2.75% across the board rate for swiped transactions from Square computes as a better deal and since we sell at Craft Shows it is much more convienient than carrying a bulky wireless machine. Also, since the customer is right in front of us swiping a card is not a problem. We also get our money deposited so it is normally available the next buisiness day for transactions done before 3 pm est.
All of the  credit cards in your wallet have an interchange rate attached to them.  Square is paying that rate, but they are charging you 2.75% whether the actual interchange rate is higher or lower.  When I look in my own wallet I see 2 cards.  My Bank of America debit card has a rate of .05% and $0.22 and my Amazon Rewards card is 1.65% and $0.10.  If I purchase something with my Amazon card and the merchant is using Square, the merchant pays 2.75% and Square keeps the difference (just over 1%).  Reading through Square’s earnings report, they said that their average profit per transaction was 1.01%, so the example above sounds about average.
Square is definitely on the right track with providing an easy credit card processing solution with no long-term commitments and no monthly fees. The service is proving to have some major drawbacks for higher volume merchants, though, because of murky fund holding policies and poor customer support. It appears that Square is best suited for individuals who have an occasional need to accept a credit card payment, such as babysitters and flea market vendors. The service does not appear to be a good fit for merchants that either have a high volume of credit card sales or that sell high-ticket items.
I went to their website and is not even a phone number to call. I just want to find why should i switch to Square from my merchantaccount with intuit. Square will go down the drain like ETSY or other ‘ nothing special to offer’ companies. Square will not succeed as a company.
Yes their customer service sucks, scratch that, pretty much non existent. No live people, no phone number and the one that did work was shut down, no way to void a transaction, and no real way to deal with charge backs. Emailing seems futile and can be time consuming something I am sure none of your customers want especially mine.
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When considering complaint information, please take into account the company’s size and volume of transactions, and understand that the nature of complaints and a firm’s responses to them are often more important than the number of complaints.

Please…. this article ends by saying Square is best for babysitters or flea market vendors? I’ve owned a café for 2 years now and started with Square. It has been great and I haven’t had any issues really. And I have owned a place prior using a traditional merchant services provider….which I hated. This article read great but ended like its sponsored by the other guys….biased in some way.
By the way do not go to their office in San Fransisco You can not pass the security, all they tell you is, there are many people comes here for the same reason (asking about their money) and you can not speak to anyone, you have to leave now or we are going to call police for tresspassing !!! As you can see i tries everything.. Please let me know if there is any civil case open against them.. Good Luck and never USE Square or Chase..
Square is bad for even small businesses. I learned this week that a transaction that had been handled, just like all of my other transactions, had been voided. I guess there is a void transaction X in corner of the screen, that the customer can hit at the point of signing for their purchase, either on purpose or by accident, that voids the transaction. And since I did not know about it, I was not checking me email immediately after each transaction to make sure it went thru. I am not out a lot of money, but for a small business, every dollar counts. Who would create a mobile credit card processing system that allows customers to void the transaction (after it have been “approved” or “authorized”)??? I have to hand them my phone to sign for the purchase. They can void the transaction instead of sign for it? Hand me back my phone, smile and walk away. Are you kidding me?
*Please note that I am not affiliated with anyone or any company. I am just a regular independent professional with a common sense approach towards business. I will give suggestions only when asked. Again, scroll for my November 22nd post.
DO NOT USE SQUARE!!! Nothing but horrible experiences with this company. You will run into a problem with them and when you do, there is no avenue for support. What happened in my case is they out of no where froze my accounts and to reactivate asked for every piece of information you could imagine. This included: all of my corporate documents, bank statements, LinkedIn information, scans of every document you could imaging, more than the government asks for.They may have had a good reason for asking for all of this, but who knows, they never told me and there are no avenues to find out. I have had to deactivate my account and get my clients to contact their credit card companies to remove the charges held in my account.Nothing but horrible experiences with this company, I would recommend using any other company before giving them a try,
I used square to accept a payment back in June of last year. It was for a balance of $3000. After waiting several days to finally receive payment, the money did get deposited into my account. Approximately 3 months later I received an email informing me the money was being taken back out of my account. Apparently the customer was claiming fraud. Square requested any proof I may have had to defend my case. I emailed copies of receipts and signed thank you card from customer. I then received another email informing me, it might take up to 90 days to argue my claim. Now, in February of the next year square sends me a threat email, demanding payment immediately or face collection agencies! Customer service at its best! Loath not having a person to talk to about the matter.
According to the above article, Square’s Sales and Marketing tactics receive the highest marks. For example; I just today saw another Square advertisement on Facebook. Thats wonderful for the company, but think about this, McDonalds is also the best in Sales and Marketing, but how do you rate their product?
I’m not going to say Square is the most accommodating company as far as BBB complaints go, but there’s a definite improvement, and I have seen companies that are far more stubborn and much less apologetic. If your account hasn’t already been terminated, there’s definitely hope.
†Advertiser Disclosure: Many of the card offers that appear on this site are from companies from which CreditDonkey receives compensation. This compensation may impact how and where products appear on this site (including, for example, the order in which they appear). CreditDonkey does not include all companies or all offers that may be available in the marketplace.
As a customer of Analytical 360 in Seattle, Wa, whom you cut off because of their involvement in testing cannabis (legal in this state!) I will discontinue the use of my square card reader. I have also posted a notice online with the 20+ retail locations of Seattle area businesses I work with & so far I have changed the minds of close to 300 customers that currently use the square card reader and they will also discontinue the use of their card reader.
Amazing how they found “a pattern of transactions associated with high-risk activity” when we had just run our very first credit card charge, and the product had been delivered BEFORE the payment was charged.
most complaints I see here must be coming from people who’ve never had a normal merchant and the stupid ones who think they should make interest make me laugh!! For those who have/had normal accounts square is great!
I swiped a credit card for a $1,700.00 charge and square software said approved. I never got a receipt emailed to me so I contacted square. They claim the charge registered as a cash sale? They keep no records for any transaction (yea right) and their customer service Sucks and were rude to me. In an email no less.
By the way, thanks for your service. At first I was leery of your site; it appeared potentially slanted toward firms that may have been advertisers or sponsors. As I continue to follow the conversations, I can understand some of your rankings. I do question whether Square is actually holding funds from some accounts for 180 days, though. 

In an industry as complex as credit card processing — and with as much money riding on the decisions you make — getting your questions answered is key. We contacted each of our remaining contenders and scored them on their customer service, including a readable website with clear terms of service, FAQs and quality educational materials, and 24/7 support.
If you have been looking for a way to earn some extra money at the end of the month without doing much, you might have come across the world of online paid surveys. This is quite a useful method of earning a few dollars for those who spend all day at home.
Just please note that it is against our Terms of Service to process prepaid cards, gift cards or your own credit card using your own Square account. Additionally, you may not use Square as a money transfer system. For every payment processed through Square, you must provide a legitimate good or service.
Excellent review. We’re looking closely at square as our POS system for a bike rental business. We’re trying to figure out if a customer rents a bike with a required deposit of say 200 can we swipe the card without charging the customer at that time and then “refund” their deposit when they come back and charge them only for time used for the rental? Does square have a facility where there is a time out and time in? We know it’s not a reservation system but we can’t seem to get an answer to this question.
Finally, we learned that Square has beefed up its support staff. Although this staff may not have authority to handle disputes, you can remind them that Square’s agreement #50 is that Square is dedicated to resolving any disputes quickly, and if they cannot be resolved, that they “agree to an informal and inexpensive dispute resolution process requiring individual arbitration.” You might think about obtaining an attorney before you use this product.
Here’s the thing everybody. The article fails to recognize one very simple and standard thing: REAL merchant accounts (unlike PayPal) REQUIRE signature proof of delivery to dispute chargebacks. Delivery confirmation is NOT and will NEVER be accepted by a merchant bank. Merchant banks are NOT PayPal and should not be compared. PayPal is for the little guys, a merchant account is serious business. It is the merchant’s responsibility to prevent fraud and provide signature proof on chargebacks. So what do you do? Make signature requirement standard and allow customers to waive it during checkout by agreeing to terms. This works EVERY time. My business does $100K+ per MONTH and we get about 4 chargebacks per year which we always win. Listen, if you are getting defrauded that means your company is growing – which is a good thing. Wise up and change your practices, move on and make it a lesson learned. I have been in ecommerce 10 years and it is totally possible to do big money and have little to no chargebacks just learn to protect yourself, follow a strict procedure and don’t be GREEDY! Just because someone placed a $1000 order at your site doesn’t mean it is legit, especially if your typical order is $30! You need to learn about the AVS system and how to qualify orders and resolve issues before it EVER gets to the merchant bank.
If you are considering accepting credit and debit card payments your dilemma may be to pick between a merchant account or Square. Upon first glance, Square is the more simple of the two but comes with its own risks and costs. Merchant accounts are slightly more complicated but come with strong customer support and security. Traditional merchant service accounts provide more flexibility and customization to fit the individual needs of a business.
That’s not to say that Square’s system is perfect. The phone support system is still limited only to merchants who can obtain a customer code and then dial in. People whose accounts have been terminated cannot reach Square on the phone, as the company says they will only communicate via email once that happens. (From everything I’ve read, all indications are that you won’t hear much from Square at all once your account is terminated.)
Just so you know, Square has some stringent rules with regard to who they will do business with. They do not allow telemarketing, MLM’s and a number of other businesses that are hard to verify become merchants. That is why they limit the number of “card not present” tranactions with the new merchants as well. They simply can not verify each and every charge, so there is a blanket rule that all must follow. Once you establish yourself you can appeal to raise the limit of your card no present charges, but only after months of verified and secure charges. About your transactions, I have had my credit card skimmed at gas stations three times now, each time the thief charges $1.00 to test the credit card to see if it works. My personal credit card company (Citibank) said that the $1.00 charges have become suspect with all services, so each time I had a $1.00 charge on my credit card they CANCELLED it and gave me a new card! I think that without knowing it, you made yourself a suspect! You can probably appeal it with them by letting them know the $1.00 charges were made with your own credit card.
3. Spark Pay: This is Capital One’s mobile processing service. They have affordable options and support receipt printing. But you would have to buy the printer, and it could end up costing almost as much as the machine through Helcim. They have two monthly fee options, one of which is free.
SO! What you should do in their case is call your bank right away and explain your fears about their shady ways etc and what’s been going on and then request to close the accounts completely and re-open brand new ones.  It may cost you a small fee and it will definitely be a pain in the butt b/c you will have to give any other cedit or pay out accounts you have all your new info but at least you will be able to sleep soundly knowing that Square no longer has valid bank info on you.   —-This is what my bank had me do because of them.
I would highly suggest you use someone else. These guys will hold on to everything past $1000.00 for what could turn out to be months. They have had my 3,000 stuck for the last 45 days, and now they said they will take an additional 90 days to put the funds in my account.
Withheld funds and account cancellations occur: Square offers a streamlined application process. No human looks at the application initially. However, once you have the account, an underwriter will review your account. If they determine you are “high-risk,” they may hold onto your funds until they complete the review process. They may even cancel your account.
One time someone at Square accidentally answered the phone and had to deal with my complaint directly. Guess what they did…put me on hold for 15 minutes then came back to say that someone would call me back shortly. What is shortly to Square? It’s been weeks.

For the convinience store we went with shopkeep. after reading some of the reviews here i hope i didnt make mistake however the reporting is good and i can be logged into the dash board on my laptop and see real time reporting. Also barcode scanning is great, looking up items manually is best on squareup but i can scan 30 items in seconds on shopkeep which is what i wanted. Also, dont buy the recommended items they have with the exception of the printer, do buy a ethernet printer, star micronics or epson. For the cash drawers any will work as long as it has a rj12 port. Also, any bluetooth barcode scanner will work with squareup or shopkeep, no need to drop $200 on a socket mobile 7ci unless you really want one. I got mine for $69 and it works great.
Shortly after 9 a.m. on Tuesday, February 28, Umatilla County Sheriff’s Office received a call that a single engine Piper Arrow aircraft had gone down in the area of Government Mountain Road, about 13 miles east of the City of Milton-Freewater. 
In October of 2015, MasterCard and Visa both underwent a “liability shift.” According to that shift, if you’re a merchant and someone uses a chip card to make a fraudulent charge — but you didn’t use a chip reader — you’re on the hook for it. That shift also means if the fraud was caused by a simple swipe card, and you had a chip terminal, the bank would be on the hook for not issuing the right card.
Square is a joke! Opened an account and sent my very first invoice to my customer, which he promptly paid. Then I get an email from Square stating that my account shows a “pattern of high-risk transactions.” Really? After only ONE invoice!? So they deactivate my account and are currently holding my funds for 60 days. May they rot in Hell.
The truth about is that they are nothing more than a con job company. They are so eager to sign you up, they don’t do the traditional work as a normal credit card processing company does, until shortly after you start using the terminal and then you get hit with them stealing money.
On February 17, 2016 BBB was notified that consumers are receiving emails from Square Up notifying consumers of pending actions against their bank accounts. BBB reached out to Square and was notified that this is a Phishing Scam. The company request that consumers who receive this email report the incident to them via email: BBB suggest that consumers not reply to the message or give out personal or sensitive information. D Read More
Same problems I’ve had. No resolution, no way to contact the company and the “Online Help Center” is nothing more than a users manual. Don’t know how they can launch a half-baked product and get to a $1b threshold so quickly. My guess is they ‘re a shell company and will file CH11 when the heat is turned up, leaving us to stand in line with a paltry claim that will be settled for pennies on the dollar.
We have been fans of the giant turkey legs in the past, and stopped again this visit. Over the holiday weekend, the line exceeded 45 minutes before the fireworks. During the fireworks, we only had about a 10 person wait. These are a hot mess-…More
Square users beware! The Square contract allows Square to access your bank account even after you stop using Square because of the terrible service. I had to go to my bank and sign a document barring Square from accessing my bank account. Laurel Redd has long been a proponent of Square and I am happy that she has had good luck but there are far too many complaints about Square’s customer service (or lack there of) to dismiss. Square notified me that I would have to wait 90 days for funds and I was unable to reach anyone at Square for an explanation. Inexplicably, the funds were released prior to the 90 day limit but I never heard from Square even though I called 23 times, left a message each time and sent numerous of emails. Needless to say, I dropped Square like a bad habit and switched to GoPayment by Intuit, which is a real company with real customer service. Since then PayPal has also introduced a service similar to Square except that they actually have customer service, too. There is no reason to settle for a questionable service like Square when there are other reputable options with superior company values.
I highly recommend Square POS for any business struggling to manage the point of sale transaction. Especially new businesses, can get tied up and make mistakes when it comes down to taking money from guests, and this is often a real sticking point when things go awry. This is where Square excels most. Transactions are seamless and intuitive, and guests are happy.
The POS app is designed for a wide variety of businesses, and includes digital receipts, customer feedback via receipt, and other features. After signing in to your specific store (you can use the app with more than one store), it opens with a simple grid that shows your products and/or product categories on the left-hand side and the sales receipt on the right. When you choose a product, a pop-up window lets you select size, quantity, and other item choices, taxes, and discounts (which can be selected by customer group, such as Friends & Family or Employee). Customers can pay by using cash, gift cards, credit/debit cads, or other methods such as Android Pay or Apple Pay. If the customer wants to split the bill (for example, use a gift card and cash), then a button at the top right-hand side that’s labeled “Split” lets you do that. Customers can also add a tip if they choose. Loyalty schemes are integrated into the software as well and can be associated with credit cards or phone numbers.

I too have recevied the reader. I have only used it once (myself to test) and it worked perfectly. Your review helped because I am a small organization (football team) and my transactions are normally cash, but always in small denomination.
The combination NFC/EMV reader is approximately 2.5″ x 2.5″ square, and can be charged and then connected wirelessly, or plugged in to the Square Stand using a USB hub. The NFC/EMV combo reader also comes with a traditional magnetic stripe reader to allow you to accept older magnetic stripe credit cards.
I am not happy at all with square and would not recommend it to ANY business owner! I have been robbed of $6,000 on Friday and could not get anyone on the phone until Monday! I called the customer service number and we hung up on because I didn’t have my customer code!! Not for nothing but as a small business owner trying to compete with cooperation a I would like to be on an equal playing ground with customer service care!!! I wou never recommend this to anyone and suggest all small business owners to find another company for credit card transactions
Merchant accounts also offer an advantage in that most will let you bring any existing equipment you have with you, and they’ll reprogram it to work with their system. Much of Square’s equipment — the reader and the Square Stand in particular — work only with Square, so if you decide to switch, you’ll have to buy new equipment. If you have multiple registers or even multiple locations, the costs start adding up.
Not sure why, but they have sold or just gave out my email address. This is my finnancial email, I don’t give it out to ANYONE, but since I signed with Square, I get almost 100 junk/spam/phishing emails A DAY! What a waste of my time.
this app is just trash I open my new account I and use for first time I charge $1510.10 and they pull the money right away from my customer then I receive email they can’t deposit my money be cause some issues with my account I sent my business license and customer info and same thing I don’t receive my money yet they gonna return the money to my customer but I don’t know yet when is bullshit
Encryption would not have materially helped. The encryption keys would necessarily be stored in the Square reader and in the Square app—and extracting them from the latter would be very easy. So maybe Verifone would have had to take two or three hours instead of one. Encryption alone is never the answer to security issues.
They deactivated my account and kept the money from my client for themselves. They could at least cancel the transaction and refund my client. Or email me if there was a problem. But why bother?? Thieves!!!!!!
I’m experiencing the same problem!! I can’t get ahold of anyone!! I’ve called over and over and hit every button I could and now I’m so frustrated and wondering if it’s a mistake to deal with a company that has NO customer service.  I have sent 3 emails to the square help and nothing….   My test Bank swipe hit my account but nothing since then.  I see my sales history and it’s there, just not in my bank account where it’s suppose to be!  Especially after a 2 weeks.  What number did you call when you talked to Debbie??  I even called the Apple store where I bought the Square reader and “they” do not even have a contact number!!???  WTH if they are selling their merchandise wouldn’t you think they would have a contact number for issues???
Square is great in theory, and works well for the small business owner as long as you have no need to for customer support. If you are looking for a way to take credit card payments, be sure to look into all of your options. The customer support with Square is non-existent, and if there is any question over a transaction they will hold the money; not return it to your customer, not try to contact you, just hold it. You can work with your own bank to accept credit cards for lower fees, with more immediate turn-around and much better customer support.
At first using square was great. That was until there was a chargeback on my account. I spoke to the patient that questioned the charge and he immediately called his bank to cancel the dispute. I have sent several e-mails on the contact page with no response and finding a number to speak to someone is impossible. They have the worst customer service ever! I spoke again with patient and his bank told him that the funds were released a few days after he spoke with the first time and the dispute was canceled. Yet over a month later square still has not posted the funds back to my account nor responded to any e-mail. I even filled out two of their chargeback dispute forms and faxed it to them a week apart. It says you will receive a confirmation e-mail when it is received. That didn’t happen either. I have tried to get on the web site to cancel and remove my bank account info, and it wont allow me to. So once they have your account info there is no going back. They can take money out of your account at anytime they choose ( mine was three months later) for any reason and all you get is an e-mail saying they took it. I would be very surprised if I ever get it back.
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After the long waited 30 days passed, i still had not received my funds. After numerous emails, i was contacted by someone requesting a government issued ID and invoices for my sales. FINE, i was pissed off that they didn’t request this information earlier but WHATEVER.

I’m sorry I didn’t see this earlier. I am not a rep for Square, but I’m quite sure that having two readers won’t allow you two separate transactions if they are linked to the same account. Contact Square for help.
Adding to what Business Owner said: if you have a PayPal Debit card, you can get that money in CASH instantly once it’s in your account, no waiting. Not to mention you can turn around and use it at any other POS online or in person.
Square decided to deactivating our account for no reason…I got an email saying. “Our Account Services team reviewed your account and found a pattern of transactions associated with high-risk activity.” ?????
I helped him setup a merchant account so that he can accept payments online (initial deposits for reservations), and also accept payments at the point of contact with the customer (if they didn’t reserve online).
While the buyer of the truck was still in premises i called square to follow up and make sure no further steps needed to be taken in order for the money to be transferred into my account, which i was told i did not and by the next evening the money would be in my bank account. So away the buyer drover with the truck.
We used square register for a drive-through coffee stand. It is intuitive and quick. Two great features for a drive through. It’s record keeping and inventory abilities were lacking. Specifically, I wish there was a good way to utilize discounts or coupons but track them. They would easily apply but there wasn’t a way to report on how many or which were applied.
I signed up for Square in October of 2013. receiving the card reader, getting the app installed on my smartphone and tablet, I got my inventory set-up the way I wanted it and then got started accepting orders.
They are holding almost $15,000 since October 2015. I call them almost every day and they say they can not call the department in charge for this kind of situation. I am so frustrated and upset. I went back to Chase Merchant Services because they provide officers that can resolve any issues over the phone. Cheap costs! This is an unlawful appropriation of funds. I would totally sue them if I would gain me some profit from it.
Once again, I am dealing with Square holding money. I have quoted their own website back to them, and ONLY after writing about oh, I don’t know…. maybe 45-50 nasty emails to them today, I’m still getting the runaround.
For payments that haven’t been deposited (generally in the last few days), you may consider having your customer pay you by another method (cash, check, etc.) and refunding the payment(s) back to the original payment card(s). The full payment amount will be returned to your customer. Refunds can be issued within 120 days of the original payment date. To learn more about issuing refunds, please visit here.
So we recently started taking credit cards at the ranch. I’ve worked with Square in the past without issue, but after taking a $1,700 payment, Square decided that they all of a sudden needed some sensitive business documents from us before they would deposit OUR hard earned money. After they held our money hostage for a week, we finally broke down and gave them our documents. This is my response after they sent an email stating that our funds had been deposited and thanked us for our cooperation…. This is how the free market is supposed to work…

The MCC also influences how much a bank or institution charges in interchange fees. Business types that are considered “higher risk” (like financial services, travel, gambling, and hospitality) often have to pay higher interchange fees.
My daughter set up Square early in the year as an easy way to process pmts doing farmers markets and shows. The payments were small and were processed immediately. Our biggest season is during the holidays and we handle large volumes of money via credit cards through our customers out of state and therefore their cards are not present for processing. We didn’t run into problems until we started collecting invoices for over $2000 at a time and more than one in one week. Now they are holding over $17K and telling us we have to wait 30 days to get the money. We have suppliers who need to be paid now not 30 days from now and we don’t have the money to pay them because Square is holding it and won’t release. We gave them copies of invoices, bank statements and everything they needed to make sure we were a legitimate business and not just running cards manually to steal. Not being able to find a telephone number to call and speak with someone is totally frustrating and now after reading all the other complaints, I wish we had never signed up for Square. In order to keep the business afloat, I now have to figure out a way to find the $17K that Square is holding so I can pay my suppliers and stay in business til Square releases the money. Square really is a sham and thief. Now that I know where they are located out of, we will be contacting our States Atty General and the California Attorney General as well as anyone else I can get a hold of. You can’t trust anyone any more!!
Paypal Here also doesn’t work (as of 7/2/13) on the Samsung Galaxy S4. They haven’t added it to their unsupported devices list, but a couple of days ago their app started saying the hardware is incompatible.
Now let’s take a look at the key features and other factors, like cost and ease-of-use, that you should take into consideration when comparing Square vs ShopKeep to decide which solution is best for your business.
UNBELIEVABLE…! This company put me at high risk and deactivated my account after I had GOOD transactions with GOOD customers doing GOOD legitimate business. I travelled from Ca to AZ and took a card by key in over the phone for $1615.00 Yesterday I shipped the product at my local FedEx store to a Missionary Reverend in NJ. I have done transactions through Paypal with the reverend in the past and there were NO PROBLEMS. The Rev is now in Nigeria for 6 weeks on a Missions Trip and it is very difficult to contact him. The square company asked me for some “quick” verification which included my receipt, my articles of incorporation as well as my tax return…! All of these items are legitimate on my part and in order and I provided them within a few hours. after all….I wanted my $1615.00. This company deactivated my account with NO explanation other than “high risk” WTH…? !!!! High Risk….? I have been doing legitimate business for over 25 years and 8 years in this existing business. Now they either want me to refund the money to the Reverend who is in Nigeria for the next 6 weeks. Who has NO OTHER WAY TO PAY ME FOR A PRODUCT THAT HAS ALREADY BEEN SHIPPED. or they want me to WAIT 90 DAYS FOR THE RISK TO BE LIFTED SO I CAN COLLECT MY MONEY. This company has thrown a wrench into my existing business and THEY DO NOT LET YOU CONTACT THEM. THIS COMPANY IS A LOAD OF CRAP.
When I used Stripe, they reached out to me about copyright, a concern obviously brought up by their financial partners. I simply replied with the laws I operate legally under and the licensing that I have, and their financial partners immediately approved me. However, Stripe allowed a lot of fraud payments go through, even when I upped the security on my account. I didn’t get an disputes luckily, but it wasn’t worth the risk so I transferred over to Square.
square is bordering on criminal activities, they are not disclosing fund holding policy until their threshold is met and then the account holder has no recourse to square’s hold policy except to have them hold funds for 30 days.
The calculation in my example is: (Debit Interchange Fee + Fraud Prevention Fee + Ad Valorem Tax + Dues & Assessment Fee + Provider Markup). It should also be noted that the Dues & Assessments fees for Visa MasterCard are now 0.11%.
I had a very bad experience with Square. Someone hacked my account and took my $5,877.29 they also, made 7 deposits of 8.500 on a Sunday. I tried contacting Square but wasn’t able to. I went to their office in San Francisco, CA. I spoke to an Eric. Eric told me that they would over night me my fund by the next business day. It’s been about a month now I receive nothing yet, but lies and most lies. PLEASE DON”T DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY!!!
WOULD NOT RECOMMEND SQUARE SERVICES TO ANYONE. They are quick to inform you how easy it it to use until you do a transaction. Then they HOLD YOUR FUNDS up to half a year, are unreachable, take forever to reply, demand all information from you. And after you comply and provide all information that they requested. They simply CANCEL YOUR ACCOUNT WITHOUT EXPLANATION and simply say its due to risk. Im not the only one that had this happen too. MANY OF MY FAMILY AND FRIENDS HAD THE EXACT SAME ISSUE. SQUARE IS A PROFESSIONAL SCAMMER.
I opened a square account and made two transactions then for no reason they deactivated my account and say they want give me money for 90 days ( 8900.00). You can’t call them and they want answer e-mails. My attorney says fraud and they have actually stolen my money, my customer intended that money be paid to me and not for them to hold for 90 days. PLEASE stay away from this company.
I was so Angry and Pissed Off over this Type Of Abuse Coming From Square, Inc. that I tried to call their Customer Service Department back again and Dispute The Money and Have It Go Back To My American Express Credit Card and this is What Their Customer Service Screwed Up Department Told Me!
1. Eliminating the middle man. “Before, we had to go through a gateway person, a terminal person, and then a lender,” says Tony Adams, who owns Big Wheel Provisions, a catering company with food truck services located throughout Orlando, Fla. “With Square, you go from signing up to having an account in about 15 minutes, and it’s all very secure.”
To some extent reserves, frozen accounts, and terminations are just risks that come with the territory of accepting card payments. They can happen no matter what company you process with, whether you’re using a traditional merchant account or a third-party mobile processor like Square.
The main payment channel of both Square and PayPal Here is credit and signature debit (non-PIN) cards. Each company also offers a proprietary first name payment service that displays nearby customers on a vendors payment screen allowing vendors to charge customers by name or image.
i am a DJ and i have been using square for about year since my wife put me on to it. i have processed about 100 transactions between $5 and $1000 and have not had an issue. i use it for DJ service deposits/balances, equipment rental and merchandising.