“4 Square Credit Card 2018”

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I’m experiencing the same problem!! I can’t get ahold of anyone!! I’ve called over and over and hit every button I could and now I’m so frustrated and wondering if it’s a mistake to deal with a company that has NO customer service.  I have sent 3 emails to the square help and nothing….   My test Bank swipe hit my account but nothing since then.  I see my sales history and it’s there, just not in my bank account where it’s suppose to be!  Especially after a 2 weeks.  What number did you call when you talked to Debbie??  I even called the Apple store where I bought the Square reader and “they” do not even have a contact number!!???  WTH if they are selling their merchandise wouldn’t you think they would have a contact number for issues???
Actually….Tom……Square IS NOT within the scope of the law. Just because “They” make up their own rules with a USER AGREEMENT, doesn’t make it legal. I cited, in my “Demand Letter”…..several laws and statutes they violated in Ma. as regards to “Fair Trade and Business Practices”. California laws DO NOT APPLY here, as my transactions were solely done in Ma. Besides the fact that they hold Ma. state sales tax on these goods. This can be “construed” as “hurting The Commonwealth” as stated in one law. Only “they” may not think so. This companies “reign of terror” may be coming to an end shortly. There are TOO many people that have been ripped off. I know the government is slow in working……but they cannot dismiss what is happening with this Co. forever!
WOW at the comments. I thought the Square was a solution to the; annual fees, monthly fees, annual compliance forms and delay in deposits. Our single sales range from $65 to $2000. We settled a batch last Wednesday and it was just deposited today(six days, weekend and holiday), however it should have been there in two.
With that many skus it’s good you did your homework, and thanks for the tips on the peripherals, other readers will find that valuable. Square is great for certain inventory needs, but with barcode scanners and advanced inventory needs, ShopKeep & Lightspeed are definite winners, especially for the price. Let me know which loyalty program you go with, I’d be interested to hear which one came out on top in your testing. Thanks for sharing! Cheers, Krista
Communication is really poor. Phone number does not work and all answers they give you if any are canned from their website. So don’t waste your time. If you can swipe a card go for it otherwise don’t.
Square will send an email to the address associated with your account. Click the verification link in this email to confirm your debit card within 24 hours of receiving it. If you can’t find the email, check your spam or resend the email from Deposit Settings.
Want to be hassled by the homeless? They’re demanding, they’re rude, they’re even rapey! All the harassment one can handle in a convenient place. I’m in pioneer square for work every weekend, and just walking by, I feel as though I’ll be mugged for being white. Other than that, the staff is great, they keep a clean store, and I feel welcomed. Getting through those outside steers me clear most nights.
“Because Square Feedback is so streamlined, we’re processing feedback with each transaction rather than waiting for clientele to post a public review, “ said Peter Koshland, owner of Koshland Pharm: Custom Compounding Pharmacy in San Francisco.
Square is not as straightforward as your local bank with their expensive merchant services, but if you learn their peculiar protocols you’ll save a bunch of your money without any issues. Just make sure you email them in time to request projected increases in weekly transactions.
Roll over stars, then click to rate. Tap stars to rate 1 star: Bad – unacceptable experience, unreasonable and rude conduct. 2 stars: Poor – an inadequate experience with a lot of friction. 3 stars: Average – acceptable experience but with some friction. 4 stars: Great – decent treatment and very little friction. 5 stars: Excellent – no reservations, I would recommend this company to anyone.
UNBELIEVABLE!!! This is happening to me too. We have over 40,000 that is on hold cause we need to verified documents from our bank statements accounts, contracts from our clients and other documents. I now have to call my costumers to cancel all transaction made from us. All bills have to be on hold, can’t pay my employees for the jobs we just finish, my bank is running negative wtf! I am pissed! I will have to now fly down to San Francisco and kick some asses the old school way. CONSUMERS BEWARE! RED FLAG, RED FLAG, RED FLAG!
However, I’m outraged at the fact that I’m being penalized for a shoddy product. I have to say clearly now that I only discovered this last night, and wrote to them this morning – so I haven’t gotten an answer yet. Also, I’m on Central time and they are Pacific, so they still have a chance to work it out with me. So while I wait, I get online and look for reviews/complaints and find this – and now I’m sufficiently freaked out. I’m terrified that I won’t get my money, or that I will have to explain some awful thing to my brand new clients – which could easily make them change their minds and cancel their contracts.
I have been using Square for about 3 years, no problems. I run a tax and accounting office along with a café and general office services. My transactions run at various costs, from $1 to $800 or more at times, it varies. They just questioned one of my client’s transactions, asked me for details, my business information along with a current invoice. I sent them everything and they still cancelled me without warning. I opened up a square account for my café with total separate transactions and 5 days from my office, they cancelled my café account without warning! I’m so irritated with them, and I just bought the Square Stand in which I love! I wish we could do class action lawsuit against them.
This is the worst company do not use this if you want to keep your hard. Earned money they owe me 9600 dollars will not reply to emails no number to call someone email me a good number to talk to a person [email protected] I never seen anything like this before, square will have to change many things, specially customer service system and responds system to different claims or we will take them to court. I as a business owner of 3 different companies use them as my merchant services because of the convenience I saw in it but I now regret because funds are holding, funds are been withdrawn from bank account with out any explanation, takes weeks to get any response. We all ready looking into their Privacy Policy and Commercial Entity Agreement very carefully studying every detail. Hopefully judgement system will help protect small business owners from discrimination.
the worst customer service ever there is no way to speak to a human as they dont publish their phone number .our funds are hold for 3 months and we are trying to change the banking information for over a month now . We did it only as the only option available after 20 days it is still showing the old account that . we sent several emails no answer there are several other companies cheaper and more customer friendly as Square does not care about their customer . we all the profit they making on small business owner they can afford to have someone answer the phone . i DO NOT recommend this company to any business owner
This last point is the most important and most confusing element of ensuring account stability, because most business owners – especially new ones – don’t understand what business attributes impact their risk profiles.
Square is not only a payment processor, it’s also a major player in the point-of-sale (POS) space as well as a fast-growing software company. Square differs from Independent Sales Organizations (ISOs) like a Helcim and a Cayan in that Square doesn’t issue merchants a merchant account but instead aggregates its merchants under its account. Rather than charging cost-plus or interchange-plus pricing, it uses a flat fee structure (charging a 2.75-percent transaction fee for in-person swipes, taps, or dips). This way, every merchant pays the same regardless of size, though custom pricing is available by request for vendors that pull in more than $250,000 per year.
Square also offers a flat rate pricing model of $275 / month, but several limitations should be noted with this offer. For one, the limit is 250K/year. Any volume over that limit is charged at 2.75%. There is a transaction size limit of $400. Transactions over this amount are also billed at an extra 2.75%. Also, keyed (card not present) transactions do not qualify under this plan. If a merchant keys in even as little as 10% of transaction volume they will pay a hefty 3.50% plus $0.15 surcharge in addition to the $275 for all keyed volume.
If there are any thoughts of moving forward with using Square, I would recommend reconsideration. My personal experience left me disgruntled and in an age where customer service is so important, very unimpressed with Square’s attempts to satisfy their accounts.
Problem is Roger they are all the same and I mean all. I have had 3 different services in 15 years and they all go bad at some point, some after years of decent service. Up till now I haven’t had a problem with square. I had a customer make a mistaked charge back, with in hours he reversed the chargeback and had his credit card service contact square thet still took out the money Square said it would take 10 days for the funds to be deposited back into my account. OK fine but after 15 days I asked when I should expect the funds, I was told in 3-5 days more. That was almost a month ago. I received the :Good News: email stating that all was good but no money still and no answer, They stopped answering my emails. So now what do I do ?
Is there a credit card processing company you could recommend that would have no interchange fees, low or no monthly fees and reasonable transactions fees for manually entered transactions? I have no use for all of the perks the square system offers on the ipad. I just need to process my credit card payments at a fair rate.
This company is a joke. They do not have any staff to handle verbal communication. They have stolen money from me. They have received money from my customer’s credit services and have refised to dispurse the funds. The individuals that correspond via email do not know how to spell nor do they use proper grammar.
It seems their software developers have no idea how to write stable software or thoroughly test their changes. Secondly, the only way to get your transaction data is to manually download a CSV (comma separated values) file. These files are not formatted correctly, in that text is not quoted and dollar figures have a text “$” symbol included, which will break many import programs due to data type issues.
Overall Square is way better than PayPal. PayPal is a thief. They can hold your money indefinitely and there is nothing you can do about it. They still have $1000.00 of my money, and no one is claiming any responsibility.
I recently had a transaction with square and amount was $75.00.guess what I was waiting 5 days to for them to deposit amount to my bank account.it didn’t happend,finally I e-mail them and I got respond e-mail next day,they told me their customer services will respond me in 24 hours,after a day I didnt got a respond.then I send second e-mail,just got respond;they canceled my account due to high security risk,what the h*** is this.when I sign up I was approved!!!where is my deposit deseppear?guys stay away from square,as other said they don’t even have a real customer service phone number to talk!!!

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