“Apple Square Reviews for Farmers Markets”

Hi, nice conversation and comments. I’ve amde a weebly site but don’t want to pay cc charges plus weebly fee for e-commerce so investigating square online. Shipping calculation at weebly also only available at highest monthly subscription. I was told must be shipping into advertised price tag (ouch for optics!). Was thinking about either the embed per item/product concept or just one button directing buyers to the entire square e-store of our products. But I can’t figure out how my customers get BACK to my site. Does the square store open up in a second window? Even so, what would really be nice is a button on the square site to send my customers back to the products page (or any other page). Can code be embedded in the square site (not that I know what that code would be. . . ). Thanks!
When I whip out my iphone with the little swipe reader, my customers are amazed at the new technology. When I ask them if they’d like a reciept mailed ot them, it is a new feature they’ve never encountered before.
That’s not to say there aren’t issues. Square cannot offer flawless account stability as a result of its aggregating. Please remember that Square is not for everyone, despite the company accepting virtually anyone who applies for an account. There’s a long list of prohibited businesses, including “high-risk” products and services. If you fall into this category, you are better off with a merchant account.
Local Reader is compatible with iPhones and iPads, Samsung Galaxy Phones, and the Kindle Fire tablets. There is, however, one glaring omission from the devices listed: Amazon’s ambitious new Fire Phone. (For what it’s worth, the company says compatibility with the Fire Phone is “coming soon.” But it still strikes me as odd that Amazon would launch a new product without interoperability from the get-go.)
We had a chargeback with Square. For the dispute process, we provided a signed agreement, invoice, sales receipt with a live signature, 3rd party verification that our agreement was actually signed, email cc… well…, we still lost THOUSANDS!
This site says Square’s rating is “B”. This is misleading. It should be “F”. Called four times to follow up on none payment. They were uncontactable. How can you run a business when a financial services company is holding on to your cash flow?. If you’re relying on funds being available Do NOT!. I repeat DO NOT use square! Otherwise you’re a Square Head….
The other problem I see people having problems with are due to large purchases. Perhaps then Square is not your option. As you know they haven’t been in business too long and need to also protect themselves. Lets face it, a large transaction manually keyed in can be a fraud problem. I, don’t do a large amount in each transaction, I own a variety store and usually the charges are lower compared to what I have read others are doing, who are having problems.
Capitalizing on its wealth of transaction data may be the best way for Square to surpass its $6 billion valuation. Critics have said that Square’s payments business is rife with problems; the margins are too thin, they say, or new customers are too expensive to acquire.
I have had nothing but problems Squareup. In the last 2 weeks I have tried to process over $18,000 through their service. I am closing my account and will be using a different service. I can not afford to wait 8 days for a deposit!
Cross-border card payments are unsupported. This means that card transactions attempted outside of the country where you activated your Square account can’t be processed with Square. However, you can accept cash transactions while traveling internationally.
My advice? Run as far as you can as fast as you can from Square. After being a user for a good period of time Square decides to cancel my account due to the fact that I accept too many pre-paid gift cards. This was the primary reason for opening the account.
I have been in business for 26+ years and have had merchant account services through my bank. I paid a very good rate but there was a monthly service fee for the account. I am an independent consultant and designer and many of my customers paid cash. I decided to try square because (though their fees are high) I figured the ease of use would at least compensate for the monthly fee I would be eliminating. I WAS WRONG!!! I can’t even begin to tell you what a nightmare they were. My bank actually warned me about Square! They said they have had many customers do exactly what I did and lived to regret it. Of course, I thought they just were trying to get me to stay with their merchant account.
They have a contract. With the credit card companies. To hold your money in case the customer defaults on the credit card. Then they refund the money back to credit card company ny . If your buisiness is big e ough then they give you the money and if they default they take it from your account. Win win for square inc. Not fair to those of us that work hard for our money.ey. All legal itsi in there long drawn out contract. Turned tnem in to. the state attorney generals office. Haven’t. heard back yet.
Please do your research before using this credit card processing company . They should not be used for large transactions . Their policy seems to be to tie up for money . When you have had it with them and simply want to refund the customer the money and collect from another source , their answer is we will try to refund the money . The money is taken from the card holder and not put into your account and they will “try to refund the money .” Please learn from others misfortunes and stay from from this company .
I really wish I could get someone on the phone with this company…… this was my first and last transaction with them. I just home it does not cost me $3,000 that it appears it will at this point to try them out.
The article is up to date. Square does sometimes set pricing for individual businesses differently; this is most common if you request a quote through Square or otherwise use “assistance” in getting set up. It sounds like you’re on special pricing with Square, which may not be available to most businesses using it. (In general, Square’s services are too expensive for businesses processing more than ~$3k/month or with average transactions higher than $10.)
You do know that it is the Bank that is taking the 2-3 days not PayPal. PayPal does not make interest on your money during that time when your bank is processing the funds, it is the bank’s hands. PayPal does not make any interest on your funds.
What would be your suggestion POS system advice for a full service restaurant with 5 or more POS stations necessary? I first looked into BREADCRUMB, but after the bad reviews moved on to SHOPKEEP, and then heard about clover (our San Antonio location banks with Boa our other 3 locations do not but are potentially going to be integrated asleep) Am I in the right direction or do you have any suggestions? Clover is not an issue, should we sheer away from its? What’s cost effective? We are currently using a type of ePad as a check presenter at our tables for an email club database….. and want to continue using something for our customers at each table to have in hand as well as POS systems for our servers to be using. I love all the features that come with these prior mentioned systems and would really like your opinion thank you for your time.

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