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The stand comes with a handwritten note from who made it (ours was made by Robin) once ordered from NortMadeGood’s Etsy store and is one curved piece of wood. You stick your iPad to the front witht eh supplied adhesive pad, and then stick it down to your desk or bedside table surface. 
The silicone pad offers the needed care to your iPad and also prevents slip. Four silicone pads at the bottom ensure the dock remains steady. The well-ordered charging slot and hole allow you to manage cable with ease.
TwelveSouth BookArc is one of the sleekest stands we encountered in the market. It can hold your iPad in tilted or straight-up positions. It is a very beautiful, elegant gauge of steel that holds your iPad pretty well.
For portable use, it’s tough to beat Kanex’s Foldable iDevice Although this stand weighs less than an ounce and folds flat, it offers three angles and a surprisingly sturdy design. At the most extreme lean (63 degrees from horizontal), if you tap near the top of a full-size iPad’s screen (in portrait orientation), you get some wobble, but considering the stand’s size compared with an iPad’s height, that’s impressively stable. The Foldable iDevice Stand accommodates all but the thickest iPad cases, and it also works great with an iPhone for hands-free video watching or FaceTime calls—or with a Kindle or other e-reader.
You should buy a case for your iPad Pro. Yep, we know how good-looking these premium and powerful tablets are, but things like gravity and a pool of water unfortunately won’t spare them from destruction.
The passive MacBook stand options continue with Rain Design’s mTower ($50), a futuristic cradle that manages to riff on Apple’s design themes without looking derivative. Made from a single piece of sandblasted aluminum, it can accommodate any MacBook model from the 11″ Air to the discontinued 17″ Pro thanks to rubber inserts hidden inside. It has the least conspicuous use of non-metal materials, if that matters to you.
The eCandy tablet is one of the more solid stands presenting with a one-piece design. It is quite compact; however, it is not travel-friendly as compared with the collapsible tablet stands. The model offers a cutout for cable management and uses a fixed angle so it cannot be adjusted, but it does have high stability with the rubber elements. It is ideal when reading an ebook or watching films and, while the tablet stand was created for tablets mainly, it is small enough for smartphones.
ParcSlope’s extremely sturdy wedge creates a stable workstation for hours of sketching on your 12.9-inch iPad Pro. Integrated cable management holds your Lightning cable when you need to recharge iPad, and a top silicone ridge is the perfect perch to store Apple Pencil when not in use. ParcSlope also tilts iPad Pro at the ideal angle for on-screen typing and viewing.
This stand isn’t cheap… but as a graphic professional I must say it’s worth every penny. It keeps your iPad solid and not moving at 4 possible angles. You need a desk so you can’t set this on your lap, but my workaround was to get one of those lap pillow desk things and put the stand on that.. I can now draw while I watch a movie on the couch. If you do art on an iPad you owe it to yourself to give this a try. Also I should mention that although the expedited shipping wasn’t cheap somehow this got from the USA to Canada in less than 24 hours. Really pleased with the purchase and the company behind this project (it’s also guaranteed for life, try getting that kind of warranty anywhere else).
This enclosure for Apple® tablets is also an adjustable tablet cradle. They feature a rotating bracket that rotates 360°, going from portrait to landscape orientation in a matter of seconds. Most of the units feature a small opening through which users can feed a charging cord. Users can rotate the desk stands without having to remove the charging cord as well! This is a truly convenient feature of each digital tabletop display. The iPad table mounts can also be angled, to prevent glare from hindering the view of the display screen, providing optimal viewing. Whether being used residentially or commercially, our offering of iPad desktop holders likely has exactly what you need.
What’s even better: The stand comes with a perfectly-sized arm rest and silicone Pencil stand, to keep your desk tidy and comfortable. It’s one of the best options I’ve ever used for professional drawing at a desk, and a few months in I’m still just as impressed as I was at the start.
Existing adjustable iPad stands are designed for smaller iPads, primarily for consumption. With iPad Pro – they are too flimsy, lack adjustment, and just don’t work well. We wanted something sturdy, widely adjustable, and comfortable all day. So we designed Draft Table the first stand for working on iPad Pro. It’s rock-solid – doesn’t move, shake or tip when you draw on it. Has wide angle adjustment. Supports your arm. Works great on both sizes of iPad pro. And keeps your pencil handy. And it folds flat for storage and travel. The top is made from thick laser cut steel with a matte black finish. The legs are glass fiber reinforced for strength. The textured silicone top gives it grip. And we designed hinge with hidden, internal springs to make angle changes easy and intuitive. It has very wide angle adjustment, sturdy in all positions, and the longest leg has an additional support that pleasantly clicks into place. It’s great on its own and its great paired with a Mac. DraftTable not only makes sketching all day really comfortable but makes it a part of your workflow paired to your computer with apps like AstroPad & Duet Display.
However, the Create is thick and heavy—an iPad Pro in the 9.7-inch Create weighs nearly 2 pounds—and unlike with the Smart Keyboard, removing the iPad Pro from the Create to use the tablet bare and getting the tablet back in the case when you’re done is a hassle. We think most people will prefer the convenience and versatility of the Smart Keyboard, but if you plan to keep your iPad in its keyboard case most of the time and don’t mind some extra bulk, the Create is a (relative) joy to type on. This is the one to get mainly if the typing experience is more important to you than the size, weight, and versatility of a case.
MoKo Slim-Fit iPad Air 2 Case Cover. Designed specifically for iPad Air 2, the case lets you access all the features and controls while it’s closed. The case is made of premium polyurethane leather, with a soft microfiber lining on the inside. Padded front and hard plastic back offer enhanced protection – at the front, back, and all corners.
Whenever I want to transform my 12.9-inch iPad Pro into a super handy desktop, I like to use a stand that not just holds the tablet securely but also provides optimal viewing angle. Personally, I prefer the ones that can be seamlessly adjusted for a more comfortable viewing. The other notable quality I make sure to see in a tablet stand is the solid build-up and portable design. Considering all these essential features, I have made a premier list of the best 12.9-inch iPad Pro stands that can immaculately serve all of your specific needs!
TechMatte brings to you the 12.9-inch iPad Pro stands built from premium quality of aluminum. These stands are sleek in design and stylish in look. Its dual tone colors perfectly complement your iPad Pro’s design.
An iPad coupled with a keyboard case is one step closer to a laptop, so why not just get a laptop? A laptop doesn’t give you a good tablet’s touchscreen functionality or the iPad’s huge ecosystem of apps and accessories; it isn’t as capable as a tablet or as a handheld computer; and you can’t leave your laptop’s keyboard and trackpad at home when you want to travel light.
Clamp is adjustable in width and height to better fit in different devices with firm grasp. Each foot and the center of clamp are covered with textured foam paddings to prevent slip and surface scratches.
Each of the PowerDrive 2’s two USB power ports can independently provide up to 2.4 amps of charging current (for a total of 4.8 amps). This means it will charge two iPads at speeds comparable to what you’d get from the fastest wall charger. Of course, it can also fast-charge any two tablets, smartphones, or any other combination of USB-powered devices. In our tests, the PowerDrive 2 stood up to every device we tried, including multiple iPhones, multiple iPads, a OnePlus One, and a Samsung Galaxy S5, charging each device at its respective top rate. And although the PowerDrive 2 is small, it isn’t so tiny that it’s difficult to remove from your car’s accessory outlet.
Though you can pack the DraftTable flat and carry it on the go with you, it’s not a stand you buy for its portability — at 2 pounds, it’s nearly as heavy as a MacBook Pro and not necessarily something you want to lug everywhere. That said, I do appreciate that you can move it easily if necessary or if you want to do some drafting work at your local coffee shop.
But before you rush out and buy one, it’s important to consider their drawbacks and temper your expectations, because adding a keyboard case to your iPad is all about compromises. You’ll get the superior productivity and typing experience of a physical keyboard, but you’ll also be adding bulk and weight. And many keyboard cases are designed to stay on your iPad, so you can’t easily leave the keyboard behind when you don’t need it—which eliminates one of the big advantages of a tablet over a laptop.

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