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That also means it is on the more expensive side if are thinking about buying it. This stand can hold your iPad in landscape, as well as portrait mode. It is made from solid aluminum bricks, CNC’ed just like the Apple does to the unibody iPad and MacBooks.
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I was hesitant to purchase this thinking it may be another thing I would end up not using but, I am finding it very useful. I mostly use it for placing all of my USB charged devises in a neat and orderly fashion on my desk. My husband and I charge our phones each night and they both fit on it. It is also a fabulous stand for my tablet, especially when in the kitchen using recipes. When devices aren’t charging, the ledge is a great place to lay the wires so they are up and off of my desk. It is very sturdy and it can even swivel. I just love this gizmo!
Beginning with the PadPillow more than two years ago, these stands have revolutionized my iPad use. I’ve been doing more and more composition on the iPad, to a considerable degree thanks to their literally making the difference between comfort and discomfort for lap typing. One of the iPad’s marquee advantages is its unencumbered portability, and one of the reasons I bought one was in order to use it for more relaxed composition and editing activity than is possible when sitting at my office workstation. The PadPillow, iProp, Lap Log, and PadPillow Lite have helped me realize that objective, substantially enhancing the tablet’s practical usability, while adding very little extra complexity.
The $39 Lap Log Classic is the best, soft universal bed stand for tablets we’ve tested that fully works with the iPad Pro. Featuring a warm contemporary design, the Lap Log Classic is made in the USA out of all-natural materials like smooth wood, soft organic cotton fabric and natural stuffing made out of buckwheat hulls, which perfectly simulates a bean bag. With its high quality usage of materials and craftsmanship, the Lap Log Classic works and is incredibly steady when used on your lap, in bed on a mattress, on your stomach, or sitting on your desk. The Lap Log’s bean bag cushion provides a comfortable hands-free experience using the iPad Pro that can be adjusted and manipulated to fit a wide range of stable viewing angles between 0 to 89 degrees –whether using it on your lap, table or anywhere in bed. Typing, reading and watching videos can easily be done even if you’re using a bulky case thanks to the included interchangeable insert. And best of all, the Lap Log can support the iPad Pro or any other iPad in both landscape and vertical portrait orientations making it the perfect companion for reading long articles and watching movies. 
Fintie Keyboard Case for the 2017 iPad 9.7. Out of a few solid keyboard cases for the new iPad, we’ve picked this minimalist design from Fintie. The lightweight keyboard is ultra-slim (only 8 mm) and features real laptop-style keys made of premium ABS material. A precise mechanism under each key ensures a tactile response with every stroke, helping you type faster.
Omoton iPad Pro stand ticks off all the boxes required to live up to the task. The first quality that makes it so adorable is the user-friendly design that offers multi-angles to rev up viewing. It can be rotated up to 225-degree, which is pretty decent.
You’ll need them when shopping on Etsy, the largest online marketplace for handmade goods. Almost all cases offered on Etsy are made to order, so just in case give a shop owner the name of your device, together with the dimensions.
MoKo Smart-shell Case for iPad 9.7 2017 release. If you are looking for a slim and lightweight case, you should check out the Smart-shell range from the trusted case producer MoKo. The case has everything you need: auto wake/sleep support, tri-fold front cover to transform the case into the stand (horizontal or vertical), full access to all ports and buttons, and transparent back shell.
Unfortunately, it took one too many purchases to get to this particular iPad stand. Was trying to avoid the whole Floor stand footprint. In the long run, I purchased this and love it. Yes, it is a pain to move it around, but it is only once in a while that I have actually move it. It usually sits in the same place since it is so versatile in position, etc. I own two of these. One in the bedroom and one in the living room. If you just want to kick back to use your iPad and not have to hold it or prop it up and either lay down with your head on a pillow or on the couch this is the way to go. Plus you can keep it at a safe distance for your eyes as well. This stand is sturdy and is not lightweight but can be lifted by a women, etc. Before this I purchase ones that clamped and portable ones and lap versions as well and well threw out all of those so I do kinda know what I am talking about as like I said I spent the money on wasted items and should have just bought this in the first place. It really is the best one in my opinion.
The bedside tablet holder that offers you with a secure and protected mount for your tablet, smartphone or even GPS device. Design renders it accessible in bed, on the beach or perhaps ‘anyplace’ you desire. Immediately you will be able to read and watch virtually any where. Folding and effortless to set-up.
2nd stand I didnt even put the stand together, just used the cable as it was, plugged into the same Anker USB wall charger (WC recommend) that had a Monoprice cable in for months. Before ever getting to the stand, the HiRise cable failed. i thought Id just use one of my existing cables but the case around the lighting connecton is too large to fit through the opening in the dock, so back went the 2n HiRise.
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