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How about using a 3-ring binder with a 3-inch spine? Then you could adjust the angle by inserting different thicknesses of stuff into the open end. That’s actually what I thought you’d done when I saw the first photo. Your solution is classier, but 19 steps worth of diagrams and photos to make an angled stand does seem a little like overkill.
Hi Judith, I chatted with Apple support and they confirmed that the 12.9″ smart keyboard is exclusively compatible with the 12.9″ iPad Pro due to how the smart connectors on the Smart Keyboard and the iPad Pro must align in order to work. I’d recommend bringing it back to the store and having them order you the proper size.
FUTESJ Cell Phone Stand Holder, Gooseneck Flexible Clip Lazy Arm Bracket for Tablet ipad/ iPhone 7/6/6s Plus Samsung Note Galaxy S6/S7 Mount for Desktop Bedroom, Office, Bathroom, Kitchen (White&Gold)
If you don’t mind having about 7 ounces of additional weight in your bag, and absorbing a higher price, Twelve South’s Compass 2 Mobile Stand is a nice upgrade. Machined from heavy-gauge steel with rubber bumpers to protect your tablet, the Compass 2 is the size of a few pens when you collapse it for travel; when you expand this model, easel-style, it offers more stability than the Kanex stand, especially with an iPad in portrait orientation. The Compass 2 is also a lot more attractive and available in multiple colors (red, black, or silver), and it offers a nifty low-angle position for on-screen typing and easier flat-on-the-desk viewing. —DF
1. Would you use the Smart Keyboard to report from / take notes at a conference/WWDC? Or is the keyboard too sluggish for it? That kind of use would be non-standard for me, and I would value clipping it on and off – but, when it happens, it would have to be decent.
Then finally, you put the masonite bones back in and use them as a guide for the hinges. There isn’t much slop in the design, so when you put in a row if stitches between the panels, it turns into a reasonably sturdy hinge.
The Manatee is one of the coolest iPad bed stands you could ever find. At this point being only a start up, they are in need of money to fully develop their design, but when the development stage is complete, it will be one of the best on the market. It features a great design and top of the line build materials. Also, it can accommodate all versions of iPad regardless of what type of external cover they have. The Manatee gives you a steady platform that can be adjusted to any angle.
Acclaimed designer Anna Griffin offers a collection of high-quality crafting products, accessories and home lifestyle pieces, all in her sophisticated signature style. Inspired by antique textiles, prints and vintage botanicals, Anna’s intricate patterns grace everything from papercrafting supplies to bed linens and wallpaper. Elegant finishes and fashionable color palettes combine for an effortlessly coordinated look in the “go-big” patterns for which Anna is known.
Unfortunately, it took one too many purchases to get to this particular iPad stand. Was trying to avoid the whole Floor stand footprint. In the long run, I purchased this and love it. Yes, it is a pain to move it around, but it is only once in a while that I have actually move it. It usually sits in the same place since it is so versatile in position, etc. I own two of these. One in the bedroom and one in the living room. If you just want to kick back to use your iPad and not have to hold it or prop it up and either lay down with your head on a pillow or on the couch this is the way to go. Plus you can keep it at a safe distance for your eyes as well. This stand is sturdy and is not lightweight but can be lifted by a women, etc. Before this I purchase ones that clamped and portable ones and lap versions as well and well threw out all of those so I do kinda know what I am talking about as like I said I spent the money on wasted items and should have just bought this in the first place. It really is the best one in my opinion.
Feruto iPad Mini Sleeve. Designed with a focus on high comfort and functionality that makes your iPad feel comfortable and beautiful at the same time. It’s made of graphite-colored high-quality German wool felt. Its stylish yellow elastic band offers a quick and easy way to keep your iPad Mini safe and in place.
Reading books (not iPad): GOOD. Lighter books worked very well. Small books were a little difficult to attach with bands, but that improved with some practice. Large, heavy textbooks seemed too much for it (and for me).
This tablet floor stand is ideal for any shop or tradeshow. The white kiosk holds a variety of iPads and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1” & Tab 4 10.1″. Adjust the enclosure of the floor stand for landscape or portrait orientation. A hands free display is user friendly for shoppers or tradeshow guests that may be carrying other items. To charge the iPad in the floor stand simply feed the cable through the kiosk tube and out the base. The enclosure holds the iPad with foam supports for device placement and security. Adjust the hands free display to convert to a tabletop presentation by screwing the small curved pole to the base and removing the straight one.
Bean Bag Tablet Holder helps you to use your iPad without having to support it with your hands. It lets you and your entire family members use your iPad comfortably from anywhere comfortable, anytime without having to support it with your hands. This pillow stand is filled with beans something that makes it resemble a bean bag.
Inside Gift iPad Pro 10.5 Genuine Leather Zipper Case. We love the sleeves from Inside Gift. This shop, located in Arkhangelsk, Russia, offers the designs that are both very well crafted and functional.
For corporate professionals, it is really difficult to type and hold the device at the same time; the best iPad Pro writing stand would it easy for them to work with an iPad. Since it is difficult to find the right stand from too many choices, here we have a few suggestions for you to find some cool 10.5 iPad Pro mount.
Great question. Yes! Both stands are identical with the exception of the PLATFORM.  If you’d like to hold books and tablets, you can order the two items in the links below. This way, you can swap out the Dual Clamp (tablet cradle) and the Book Platform (book cradle).
Retailers often use these docks as cash registers. Convert an iPad Air, iPad Pro or iPad Mini into a register stand by mounting it at checkout stations. Take advantage of the portability of the non-locking iPad holders and have employees able to cash out customers anywhere in the store. With an iPad POS kiosk, all the purchase data is collected in one place and easy to manage. Worried about theft with these non-locking cases? Use a Kensington lock to secure the iPad kiosk on any stand and alleviate your concerns.
Proporta Deluxe Folio Stand Case for iPad Mini 4. The case is lightweight, contoured and ultra-portable in design. It’s made from an eco-friendly polyurethane material and features a cute all-over elephant graphic. A front-facing kick-stand allows multi-angle viewing in landscape orientation.
What better could be there than a classic pillow with a bit of a slope for the perfect viewing angle on iPad. The WedgePad stand for the iPad is sloped at a 30° degree angle to minimize wrist discomfort while enhancing your viewing angle.
Anyway, this stand has a lot of the same positives as the Anker from a design perspective, but since it has a cutout that the Anker lacks it is actually easier to do good cable management when charging your tablet.
If simplicity is your thing, Sojitek has an iPad stand for you. This extremely portable folding stand offers little more than a “V” shaped set of legs with a slit for your iPad. No adjustments or different viewing angles here, just a lightweight iPad stand made to take on the go.
Ipevo PadPillow Stand has an innovative design that makes it possible to use with virtually all other smart devices. It holds your iPad or any other device you are using at the natural reading angle from anywhere you want to use it from. It can also hold a tablet or your iPad in both horizontal and vertical positions.
A reputable brand: Keyboards have lots of moving parts, and cheaply made ones tend to have reliability problems, so we favored models from known brands that have a reputation for good customer support.
BluCase Chevron Pattern iPad Mini 4 Sleeve. Etsy is our favorite destinations for tablet and e-reader sleeves, and BluCase shop in particular. The sleeves just look gorgeous, with an external pocket, a wooden button, and an enormous number of designs to choose from.
The biggest downside to the Smart Keyboard is that it doesn’t protect the back of the iPad Pro, and Apple no longer sells versions of its Silicon Case (back cover) for the iPad Pro models. For all-over protection, you must separately purchase a back cover that’s compatible with the Smart Keyboard; we recommend Khomo’s Companion Cover or Urban Armor Gear’s Metropolis, each of which fits seamlessly together with the Smart Keyboard. But this means that you’re paying roughly $165 to $230 (at MSRP) for the combination of keyboard and case. That’s a lot of money, and we wish Apple would include a Silicone Case-style back cover with the Smart Keyboard.
TFY New Universal Car Headrest Mount Holder for Portable DVD Players. TFY Car Headrest Mount Holder for SYLVANIA SDVD9805 Portable DVD Player. SIMPLE, EASY AND UNIVERSAL – Mounts your Tablet to the back of a car headrest.
It has a wallet-size pocket on the outside and a classy case for your Apple Pencil, while the soft sleeve has all the right cut-outs, the sleep/wake smart function works as advertised, and the case folds over for ideal typing and viewing angles.
The CT100 provides extremely tough protection and is very simple to install and use. When docked the CT100 automatically locks and immediately begins charging so that the tablet is secure, completely powered and ready for use.
The Pro is another $30 for an additional 4200mAh. It works well (we’ve tested it), but that’s about enough to charge an iPhone 6s or 6s Plus once with a bit left over. If you really like the Pod, you might consider instead spending the additional $30 on our favorite portable travel battery, which will give you four times as much juice. It’s a bit more to pack, but that combination will let you charge your phone and watch for several days: https://thewirecutter.com/reviews/best-usb-battery-packs/#bagpick
OK, I know what you’re thinking, that’s not an iPad stand, it’s a charging station. I will admit I am reaching a bit here, but I hope you’ll consider that this MobileVision bamboo organizer also makes for a great iPad stand, if only on your desk. At least it supports your charging cables and multiple devices with ease.
When it comes to iPad protection, Apple, having designed the slate itself, has a solid starting point for keeping it safe. While its Smart Cover is a classic and the rear-protecting Silicone Case the best for protecting against bumps, it’s the official Smart Keyboard case that’s arguably Apple’s best iPad Pro accessory.
The HiRise, as its name implies, raises your phone—about 2 inches off the base—and angles it back slightly, allowing you to view the phone’s screen easily while it’s docked, and even to use the iPhone for FaceTime calls. Nothing sits behind your phone while it’s perched in the HiRise, so you can easily wrap your hand around the phone and use your thumb to interact with its screen. And because the HiRise doesn’t use a traditional cradle designed specifically for one phone model, you won’t have to buy a new HiRise if you upgrade to a new phone.
The 64-bit A9 chip delivers performance that makes every app feel fast and fluid. Explore rich learning apps, play graphics-intensive games, or even use two apps at once. All while enjoying up to 10 hours of battery life.

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