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The iOrange-E Apple iPad Pro 9.7 Case with Bluetooth Keyboard costs only around $30 on Amazon, and I like that you can remove the keyboard from the folio-style case to place the iPad and keyboard at different heights. (In fact, you can’t keep the iPad in its stored position when typing—you must slide the keyboard toward your body to make room for the iPad-case section of the folio to sit on the base at an angle. This means the setup requires more lap space than other models.) However, while the keyboard case is fairly light, it’s still bulky, and though the keys are fine, iOrange-E has moved a number of standard keys into nonstandard locations, making the keyboard frustrating to type on.
#2 I’m not sure if the Kanex is somehow a lot less stable than the somewhat similar Anker stand that I am using, but I find Anker’s “small, rigid square” stand to be a lot more stable than the TwelveSouth tripod. I love the tripod, don’t get me wrong, and it’s very stable if you are pressing the iPad in the middle of the screen. But try tapping in the upper left or right corners of the screen (in either orientation) and you should notice there’s a significant risk of knocking the iPad out of the stand. Given the large number of controls in the upper rights and lefts (numerous back arrows and menu options) this is not a rare risk. The Anker stand, on the other hand, provides a more stable experience…even in portrait.
Created with the finest aluminum material, these stands feature adorable design. They provide optimum viewing angles; allowing you to adjust your tablet without any hassle. Even better, these suave tablet stands allow you to manage cables neatly. Enough praise, let’s dive right in to explore 12.9-inch iPad Pro stands!
Embrace the ergonomic convenience that is the MagConnect Desk stand. Get more work done, enjoy more videos, and interact with more apps, all at a posture-friendly angle. Your neck and back will thank you. With the MagConnect Desk Stand you have complete power to adjust the stand to your perfect angle–it even folds up completely for easy transport. And with our proprietary MagConnect connection, attaching and removing your tablet is a snap. Perfect for anyone who uses their tablet for any length of time.
Logitech’s Create for 12.9-inch iPad Pro is for the most part a larger version of our runner-up pick for the 9.7-inch iPad Pro, which means that it offers an even better typing experience—its keyboard is the size of a standard laptop keyboard. However, it also has the same flaws as the 9.7-inch version, and those flaws are exacerbated by the 12.9-inch size: The iPad’s viewing angle feels even steeper on this version, and with an iPad inside, the package weighs well over 3 pounds and is about three-quarters of an inch thick—that’s heavier and larger than many laptops. Oddly, the 12.9-inch version of the Create also lacks the 9.7-inch model’s Pencil holder. If, however, you plan to use your iPad Pro as a laptop substitute, and you care more about the typing experience than you do about bulk, weight, or the ability to use the iPad on its own—it’s a hassle to remove the Create—this one is worth considering. (Some customer reviews claim that the 12.9-inch Create’s palm rest can rub against the iPad’s screen when the case is closed, leaving permanent markings. We didn’t experience this issue in our testing.)
Once you get the right viewing angle, the tightening knob will prevent slipping or loss of tilt even with larger tablets. While other headrest tablet mounts limit the range of sizes they support, the iSKYS Headrest Tablet Car Mount’s adjustable bracket arms can accommodate Tablet devices from 7″ to 10.2″ including iPad, iPad Mini, iPad Air, Samsung Galaxy & many other Tablets and eReaders.
Universal Fitment – the handsfree floor stand with 1.7″-9.2″ adjustable clamp is available for 3.5-12.6″ phone and tablet, better than the single function one that suits phone/tablet only, perfect for…
Two different widths of the wooden device support tray insert are optionally available (@ $8.00), and easily switched, allowing accommodation of almost any tablet or e-reader device in landscape or portrait orientation. The standard (narrower) device tray insert works works with devices up to 1/2-inch thick, which accounts for roughly 90% of the market, and very nicely accommodates my iPad 2. The optional wider insert handles devices up to 1-inch thick, such as laptop/tablet convertible hybrid machines in detached tablet mode or a thinner device in a thickish case. The standard insert handles the iPad 2 in the cases I customarily use with it.
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“When I designed RIMFORSA series I wanted to inspire people to cook – and help make the kitchen a practical place for preparing food together with family and friends. With RIMFORSA organizers I wanted to make it easier to store and display fruits and spices in a beautiful way. The stainless steel, together with bamboo, brings a modern style with high quality, and is a step towards a more sustainable use of materials.”
We recommend combining the Joby GorillaPod 1K Kit with the Square Jellyfish Metal Spring Tripod Mount for a legs-mount combination that’s compact, strong, supportive, and useful in just about any situation. The Joby is small enough to throw into a backpack but strong enough to hold any smartphone (and even lighter cameras) steady. And the Square Jellyfish collapses down to the size of a set of keys but can grip even a Plus-size iPhone tightly—and if you don’t have the Joby with you, the Square Jellyfish can even prop up the camera on its own. If you already own a tripod, the Square Jellyfish is a handy addition to your camera bag in case you want to attach your phone.
Compatible Devices — Apple iPad Air/Apple iPhone 5S/Apple iPhone 6/Google Nexus 5/Samsung Galaxy S3/Samsung Galaxy S4/Samsung Galaxy S6/Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Apple iPad 1/Apple iPad 3/Apple iPad Air/Apple iPad Mini/Apple iPhone 4/Apple iPhone 5S/Samsung Galaxy S3/Samsung Galaxy S4/Samsung Galaxy S5/Samsung Galaxy Tab 2/Sony Xperia Z Tablet Artisul D13, Ipad Pro
It can be mounted onto any desk, bed, chair and more. 1 x Tablet Holder. Keeps the users hands free, much more comfortable viewing angles, effectively reduce neck pains or hand pains cause by inapprop…
(Before you consider buying a new speaker system for wireless audio at home, take a look around: If you already own a set of powered speakers or a good stereo system, and if you want to use it with your iPhone or iPad, you can simply connect it with a basic audio cable, or you can use an AirPlay or Bluetooth adapter to add wireless-stream capabilities to your existing speakers. If your existing system separate left and right speakers, you’ll likely get much better sound quality than with a one-piece Bluetooth or AirPlay speaker system.)
The 10.5-inch iPad Pro stands from Pasonomi are made up of spaceflight Al-Ti alloy and alloy steel material to deliver strength for long-term use. It is rotatable up to 210 degrees. You can adjust two sections manually – the arbitrary angle and the alleviation.
Like your iMac stand? Then you would probably like Stabile 2.0, a rock solid artistic yet stable stand for your iPad. Made of solid steel, Stabile 2.0 comes in silver and black and offers many great features.
Made from the highest quality, premium aluminum, BASE complements your iPad Pro and looks great with your Mac®. Recognized for its outstanding design, BASE has received four design awards and international acclaim.
ESR Smart Folio Stand Case for 2017 9.7-inch iPad. What immediately catches the attention is how smooth and stylish this design is. The outside is made of knitted Oxford textile, while the interior is lined with a premium quality soft microfiber. Two anti-slip grooves on the inside of the front cover and the flexible back make it possible to transform the case into a solid stand.
Here at duet, we need high quality iPad stands. In case you haven’t heard about us, we allow you to use your iPad as a second display for your Mac or PC (Learn more here. It is a great solution for anybody who wants more real estate when working.
The Manatee is one of the coolest iPad bed stands you could ever find. At this point being only a start up, they are in need of money to fully develop their design, but when the development stage is complete, it will be one of the best on the market. It features a great design and top of the line build materials. Also, it can accommodate all versions of iPad regardless of what type of external cover they have. The Manatee gives you a steady platform that can be adjusted to any angle.
The Anker 40-watt four-port charger is narrower than Apple’s iPad charger but larger in its other dimensions because of its extra ports. It plugs directly into an outlet instead of using a detachable power cable, and it sports fold-up prongs that make it a bit more compact for packing and prevent the prongs from bending during travel.
The Aluminum alloy pole can be adjusted to any position and with its 1 meter (3.3feet) length the holder can easily be positioned to wherever you need it. The holder’s 360 degrees of rotation and gooseneck can be adjusted to whatever position is needed.
Also like its larger sibling, PadPillow Lite may be used in two different configurations, depending on application, body position and preference. Folded together, the stand provides a steeper viewing angle for the device, but the stand can also be laid flat out for a lower viewing angle. In the folded together position, and with the smaller model, two embedded magnets sewn into the cover fabric to secure the unit in the closed (upright) configuration, which is a major feature improvement over the full size PadPillow I have. The magnets are visible in the open mode photo below.
Another excellent iPad stand option from CTA is the Bamboo Cutting Board and Knife Storage Stand. Yes, that is a lot to have packed all in one, but this one is geared to cooking aficionados who use their iPad Mini 4 to glance through recipes and prepare delicious meals. The stand keeps the iPad in place while you slice and dice and comes complete with splash guard to keep your iPad free of mess. Oh and you can store you knives in the side of the cutting board. Yay for multi-function! Grab your Bamboo Cutting Board Stand for only $9.60!
Poetic Lumos is ultra light but is capable of protecting not only from dust but also impact. Available in two transparent colors – Crystal Clear, and Gray – that let enjoy the view of the iPad all the time. ⇢ Amazon – $9.95.
If you also bike, a better option might be Annex’s Quad Lock Run Kit. Though the Quad Lock kit is more expensive than most armbands, there’s a good reason: The kit’s excellent case works with a wide range of mounts and accessories, including Annex’s Bike Kit, which we recommend in the next section.
And, full height. If you don’t like the range of angles in the design, it’s pretty straightforward to build another, with a different value (instead of 5 inches) for the back panel, to give different heights.

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