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MagicHold dedicated stand for hang up your Big screen iPad Pro 12.9 inch. And use it for Lecture, Musician, and Entertainment. That can hold up to 13-inch screen, big leg and set it on a higher position.
Hi Tim, thanks for your interest in the LEVO G2 Deluxe Tablet Floor Stand!  The reach of the horizontal arm is 18 inches.  This is from the center of the base to the center of the tablet platform.  If the furniture is higher than 2.5 inches from the ground you can roll the base under thereby increasing the reach to 24 inches.  We have a great resource on our site which shows all our tablet stands’ specs. side by side.  You can find it here: http://levostore.com/pages/help-me-choose-a-tablet-floor-stand
The sleek look of this stand from BUYINSOON for iPad Pro is enough to convince about the ultimate viewing comfort and even security against scratches and any drop. Being professional if you want to purchase the best 12.9-inch iPad Pro stand that equipped with an adjustable holder then this stand can be another excellent choice for your Apple tablet. You will even find two different color options in this stand.
If you want your iPad to be as slender as possible and don’t mind carrying a stand separately for times when it’s needed, there are lots of generic “tablet stands” out there to choose from. My personal favorite is Belkin’s FlipBlade Adjust ($33), a really well-made and nicely adjustable aluminum stand with rubber lining in all the right places. But Anker makes a less expensive (and very popular) alternative called the Multi-Angle Portable Stand ($10) which is Amazon’s #1 best-selling tablet stand due largely to its pricing.
If you are sitting on sofa, the tablift also provides a nice stand for the iPad.  And the four legs keep your iPad steady even on an uneven, cushy surface like a sofa.  It does make the iPad sit close to your lap, which can be useful depending upon your position on the sofa, and works well for typing. 
Though you can pack the DraftTable flat and carry it on the go with you, it’s not a stand you buy for its portability — at 2 pounds, it’s nearly as heavy as a MacBook Pro and not necessarily something you want to lug everywhere. That said, I do appreciate that you can move it easily if necessary or if you want to do some drafting work at your local coffee shop.
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there are abut 50 keyboards for the 10.5″ pro on Amazon, but you only mention two which are pretty well known (and neither is ideal). there are a few design options (detachable kb, full size, smaller, magnetic, full body coverage vs none, etc). This article would be far more useful if you bought ALL of them and tested them. Also it seems that Kensington has discontinued its X3 for the iPad Air 2, and therefore it wont be making one for the pro 10.5. Sad.
As for keyboard cases for the iPad mini, we’re testing models so we can make a recommendation, but even the best ones aren’t great: The iPad mini is so small that any keyboard that matches the tablet’s footprint simply makes too many compromises in terms of a cramped layout and tiny, missing, and relocated keys. Instead, we recommend buying a stand-alone keyboard and either an iPad mini case with a stand or a dedicated iPad stand. —DF
Easy on/off design: Many people won’t need a physical keyboard all the time, so we appreciate keyboard cases that make it easy to separate or remove your iPad for using the tablet on its own. This lets you leave the keyboard behind when you don’t need it, so you aren’t forced to carry extra bulk and weight.
Fintie Kickstand iPad 9.7 Case. From Fintie, our favorite case producer, comes the slim case with a kickstand mechanism to let you position the tablet in five different angles. Simply open the stand in the back of the cover and place it in one of the magnetic rows in the front.

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