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iOS has become a serious gaming platform, but some game genres—such as platformers and first-person shooters—don’t lend themselves to a touchscreen’s relative inaccuracy and lack of tactile feedback. If you’re a fan of those genres, a game controller that looks much like the kind of controller you’d use for an Xbox or PlayStation is an appealing option. Playing iOS games using an Apple-certified MFi (for “Made for iPhone/iPad/iPod”) controller can make titles with frustrating controls fun, or elevate games you’re already enjoying to console-like heights, particularly when you hook your iOS device up to a TV via an HDMI adapter. MFi controllers also work with the current (2015, 4th-generation) Apple TV, turning the Apple TV into a legitimate gaming option.
If you are sitting on a sofa, the tablift also provides a nice stand for the iPad.  And the four legs keep your iPad steady even on an uneven, cushy surface like a sofa.  It does make the iPad sit close to your lap, which can be useful depending upon your position on the sofa, and works well for typing. 
Businesses looking to add a touch-screen device to their point of purchase displays will be happy they did. Check out this article for creative ideas on how to implement tablets in your business.. Many systems include locking devices for theft prevention and tampering. Some POS kiosks include hidden screws that secure the tablet in place. Other models feature keyed and Kensington-style locks. These are ideal for use in retail locations where the device will be accessible to customers. Certain touch screen mounts can also be bolted to the floor or counter for additional security. Although iPad devices are very popular, we also carry a variety of Samsung Galaxy fixtures as well.
You’ll be happy to hear that the LEVO G2 Deluxe Tablet Stand works great with the iPad Pro!  We created a tutorial on our site demonstrating how to safely secure an iPad Pro to the tablet platform.  Please follow this link to see: http://levostore.com/pages/ipad-prog-bungee-setup
Cocones iPad Air Sleeve, Deep Caramel. Fits iPad Air 1 and 2. This sleeve features a combination of minimalist design and natural materials. It’s made in Ireland from 100% natural wool felt, and sports a smooth, natural leather patch embossed with a logo.
We tested each of those 25 battery cases by fully charging them and then installing a completely drained iPhone set to Airplane mode. When the iPhone reached a 100 percent charge—or when it stopped charging—we removed it from the case. Assuming the battery case had remaining charge, we drained the phone’s battery and then installed the phone in the case a second time, noting the phone’s battery percentage when the case stopped charging it. We repeated the test a total of three times per case over the course of more than 170 hours.
Twelve South sells a lot of other MacBook stands, and I’ve had mixed feelings about them — some are much, much better than others. The company’s alternative to Kickflip is called Baselift ($40), a plastic and microfiber pad that attaches to the bottoms of Macs to elevate them as needed. Reviews have been mixed overall, but most positive when used with the 11″ MacBook Air, doesn’t have a version of Kickflip to call its own.
While Apple’s official keyboard case is impressive, it’s not perfect. Not only will its price tag give your already depleted wallet another sizeable kick in the bits, but there’s nowhere to store your Apple Pencil when not in use. Don’t worry though, that’s where Logitech’s effort comes in.
PASONOMI is one of the most famous names in the digital market when it comes to smart gadgets’ accessories. PASONOMI has got a great stand for your 12.9-inch iPad Pro as well, so let us take a look at few excellent features about this iPad Pro stand.
I’ve tested well over 100 keyboard cases over the past few years, and the best one for people committed to iPad productivity is Belkin’s Qode Ultimate Pro Keyboard Case for iPad Air 2. It isn’t cheap, but it is the most versatile and complete keyboard case available. For starters, it has a good keyboard with all the keys in the right places, which can’t be said for most models. The keys are backlit, which is useful in a dimly lit lecture hall, and the keyboard pairs with two devices, so you can use it with your smartphone, too.
If you are tired of placing your iPad against stacks of books, piles of pillow or coffee cups to get a good view angle Prop ‘d Go Slim iPad is the best pillow stand that you can opt for. You can relax with this iPod lap stand which has the ability to adjust your device to fourteen angles to get a secure position to use your device.
Although the case is lightweight, its shell is made from a durable and shock-proof material what makes it more protective than other folio cases. It’s available in six colors, including Coffee shown above. ⇢ Amazon – $14.99.
Want to watch some Netflix and chill in bed? Then you’ll want to use this brilliant contraption. It might not be as impressive and environmentally friendly as the Lap Log, but the iProp is another inexpensive bean bag stand that will prop up your iPad Pro on your lap or in bed in either landscape or portrait orientation.
The other problem is that, at least with mine, connecting the clamp at any position isn’t feasible because, if you hang the gooseneck “upside down” or “sideways”, the physics of either the material of the gooseneck or some other physics issue keeps the gooseneck with the IPad attached from remaining in position, as if the IPad is too heavy. Only in the “standing up” position does the gooseneck seem to be able to hold up the IPad. This is an unfortunate limitation as being able to place the clamped poles in alternative positions would be exceptionally useful.
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If you don’t want a bulky battery case, or if you want the flexibility to charge multiple devices, a USB battery pack (also known as a power bank) is a better option. These packs come in many different sizes.

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