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For the iPhone 6 Plus and 6s Plus, we like Seidio’s Obex. Similar to the Frē for the iPhone 6 and almost all of the other cases we tried, it has a built-in plastic screen protector and offers a high level of protection, but it doesn’t degrade any of the 6 Plus’s functionality. We picked the Obex over the Nüüd for the iPhone 6 Plus because one of our review units of the latter leaked in testing. -NG
The iPad Pro makes the best argument yet for an iPad as a laptop substitute and power-user productivity tool. You’ll get a lot more out of it with a real keyboard to type on. After testing every keyboard case we could get our hands on over the past year—for all three iPad Pro sizes—we haven’t yet found the perfect one. (You might be better off with a separate Bluetooth keyboard.) But we think Apple’s own Smart Keyboard for 10.5-inch iPad Pro, Smart Keyboard for 12.9-inch iPad Pro, and Smart Keyboard for 9.7-inch iPad Pro are the best currently available, because each version offers a pretty good typing experience in a slim and relatively light package that’s easy to put on and take off.
I can use it for other (less lazy) apartment activities, too: in the kitchen to show me food recipes hands-free; in my living room mounted to my coffee table when I follow yoga routines. I’ve even thought about attaching the stand to my kitchen table for when I start doing home crafting, like embroidery or at-home shibori. It’ll be absolutely clutch when I decide to emulate one of the million beauty tutorials I’ve watched.
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MagicHold dedicated stand for hang up your Big screen iPad Pro 12.9 inch. And use it for Lecture, Musician, and Entertainment. That can hold up to 13-inch screen, big leg and set it on a higher position.
Home Furniture & Hammock. 360º Rotating Desktop Stand Tablet Holder Mount For iPad. TV BRACKET. It can be mounted onto any desk, bed, chair and more. Keeps the users hands free, much more comfortable …
I’ve tested both apps for reviews, of course, and use Astropad now and again to draw, but I usually turn on Wi-Fi tethering and draw from my office couch. Having an iPad as a Mac aide could be nice, but I had no good desk setup for it — and didn’t want to just set up my 10.5-inch iPad Pro in a case.
I purchased Zagg’s Slim Book Ultra-Slim Tablet Keyboard and Detachable and have now returned my second one requesting a full refund. Both case broke in the same place…on the PLASTIC hinge. I had each case for about 3 months before each broke…in the same place. Apparently the design is not as effective as it seems to be with daily use. I would NOT recommend any of this design of cases to any iPad user (though I would recommend ZAGG’s customer service; they have been helpful).
First on our list is the Logi Create by Logitech, which has been jointly developed with Apple and is the best keyboard case alternative to Apple’s own $170 Smart Keyboard case for the iPad Pro. The Create features an integrated full-size keyboard with tactile and adjustable backlit keys that is fully powered by the iPad Pro’s special magnetic Smart Connector so there’s no need for charging or pairing the actual keyboard case. Unlike Apple’s Smart Keyboard, the Logi Create does offer complete protection for the iPad Pro using its exterior woven fabric material that resists bumps and liquid spills, while the rigid anodized aluminum interior construction provides a premium quality that has never been used on any other Logitech keyboard case.
The front of the iProp features semirigid silicon “rubber” faceplate stiffener panel with the aforementioned molded-in support shelf for the tablet, which is fastened to the enclosure bag’s front surface by four snaps so it can easily be removed when the machine-washable enclosure bag is laundered. The soft-textured silicon is easy on the iPad’s finish, and has lots of traction to hold the tablet in place.
Hello, great question!  The LEVO G2 Deluxe iPad Floor Stand works great for tablets as small as most cell phones and as large as the iPad Pro which is 12.9 inches. The largest Samsung tablet that is compatible with the LEVO G2 Stand is the Galaxy TabPro S at 12 inches.  It’s not quite large enough to accommodate the Galaxy View, but we are working on that. 
On this list of top 10 iPad Pro stands we have a wall stand for your iPad Pro from iKross. This stand provides 360-degree rotation capability. Hence, it is an ideal one that offers multiple viewing angles.
The best aux-in kit is Anker’s SoundSync Drive. It offers great sound quality while playing music, and it sounds more intelligible during phone calls than any other model we tested, thanks to Anker’s aggressive noise and echo cancellation. Its microphone produces a clearer-sounding voice on the other end, and unlike some competitors that have a permanently attached power adapter that monopolizes your car’s accessory-power jack, the SoundSync Drive works with any USB power source, such as a USB-charging port in your car or a standard USB car charger. Although we’d prefer to see this device turn on and connect automatically, the Anker’s superior voice quality and lower cost ultimately won us over. If you share a car and need to be able to pair multiple devices—say, two phones—with your Bluetooth car kit, our previous top pick, iClever’s Himbox HB01, is the best option. Its voice quality isn’t as good as that of the SoundSync Drive, but it comes with a charger, and thanks to its magnetic connection, you can remove it when you aren’t using it.
Available in a plenty of colors that will satisfy all tastes, from Rose Gold (above) to Emerald Illusions, to Love Tree, to Rough Sea. The case is Prime-eligible, and it means you can get it shipped for free in the US. ⇢ Amazon – $13.99.
In most respects, I would prefer to use a full-featured laptop with a real PC operating system than a tablet, except for the comfort and portability factor. I’m not a big fan of iPad keyboard cases or external keyboards. The physical keys may be excellent, but you’re still stuck with having to reach awkwardly (and painfully) over it to manipulate the touchscreen, since Apple refuses to provide a Bluetooth mouse driver for those of us who prefer ergonomic and comfortable pointing device function. Steve Jobs was right about the body-English with using touchscreens in vertical orientation being abominable. Better to use a laptop if you’re sitting at a table or desk.
*In most situations. I will say that in its furthest upright position, larger cases can occasionally slip over the DraftTable’s one-inch lip; this isn’t a problem with the other two kickstand positions.

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