“Is Square Com Safe 2018”

Please note: You are not legally obligated to accept EMV in any way, shape, or form. But you are liable for any transactions processed using a fraudulent credit card, which could easily be more than the cost of one of Square’s EMV card readers. If you aren’t accepting EMV yet, it’s time to upgrade as soon as you can. Square makes it very, very easy, which is a major mark in its favor.
Note this Square: For loss of Business from funds being held and for possibly taking money that doesn’t belong to you and maybe earning interest on it or making a profit from it. I see a large class action lawsuit coming your way. I’m not the only person with this pain in my side called Square as we can see from this great forum!
i to had problems with them they are holding 975.00 of my money for 90 days and will not answer my e mails or any questions on the phone they suck for custmer service if i ran my business this way i would be out of busniess they are a scam stay way
I’m sorry I didn’t see this earlier. I am not a rep for Square, but I’m quite sure that having two readers won’t allow you two separate transactions if they are linked to the same account. Contact Square for help.
Square is the biggest scam ever. They are calling my $50.00 sale a fraud or high risk transaction. Who the heck calls that at high risk transaction when I provided all the information needed for the account?
4) Go to Square’s website as a consumer and you will be left scratching your head as to how to get your questions asked. Everything on the site is merchant-facing. Sure, you and I are journalists and so tend to bull forward. That’s how I got my questions answered. But if I were to take the website on its face value, the impression is that I, as a consumer, don’t count there. All I’m suggesting is that Square have a link that makes clear it is aimed at consumers. Maybe something like: “Have a question about a receipt you’ve been emailed?”
Dont care what anybody say on here square is a big ass rip off first transaction was on$35.00 account went on hold have been waiting since may 2015 until now its not nothing but still have not right keeping others money i know for sure people on here thats talking that good stuff is working with bull shit square they need class action against them big time now they emailed me back and said wait another 90 days added to all theses month come on now $35.00 smh
This has been one of the worst most hurtful experiences ever. I finally figured a way to make extra money out side of my regular 9-5 and for a brief moment the square really seemed like a blessing . As soon as I got to a good point and had a very successful day my funds were put on hold with no warning . I tried getting the elusive customer code with absolutely no luck. I sent an email to the “customer support ” and in response I got an email back stating my account will be deactivated with no chance of a reverse decision and my funds will be held no less than 150 days possibly 180 . I feel helpless and robbed.
January 24, 2018 – We’ve made light changes to our methodology to clarify how we found our top picks and what we love about them. We continue to recommend Payment Depot, Square, Shopify Lite, PayPal, and Dharma as the best credit card processors.
Second, with all the “personal” smart-phone gadgets, how do i know that my CC info is kept secure? We always hear about busts on gas station attendants & waiters swiping cards into other devices when given a card.
As you can see, it costs your customers nothing to send you a cash transfer, and your Square payment processing fee is 2.75%. That’s it! You also can use Square Cash to send payments to friends and family for free. Click here to learn more about using Square Cash.
I looked at the redirect you mention on Apr. 17, 2015, but all that does is put me on the Square Store…but your statement “but you can embed content from Square on your own website.” sounds like I could grab the store contents from Square and show it on my own website – but would I be able to control the layout and presentation? Would that then act as a link to the Store to process purchases? Square seems to be missing a great opportunity here to allow a website to be setup and communicate as a 3rd party sales portal. I used ZenCart to create my store, and it was easy and fast to link to PayPal. No real reason for Square not to do that – if just to compete.
In a statement, Square says it’s trying to balance the needs of sellers with the necessity of protecting itself against fraud. If the credit card charges turn out to be fraudulent, Square is on the hook. It says the number of dissatisfied customers is small. Because the company just went public their ability to speak further is limited by law.
Square took payment from my client then immediately deactivated my account without paying me the funds. They will not answer customer service phone calls if you don’t have a customer number (which one doesn’t have if their account is deactivated), so they have essentially stolen money from me and my client. They only send form emails in response to online customer support attempts.
Please note that some of these numbers are easier to find than others. A few of these stats come from Square’s own reports, but some are based on news reports and not official company tallies. Basically, this is the best I can find and I don’t guarantee anything to be 100% accurate.
We host a horse show annually. Our show entries are charged through the virtual terminal ahead of the dates and then onsite charges go through the PayPal reader. Square will hold your funds up to 30 days if the actual credit card is not swiped. We quit using Square and started using PayPal Here and PayPal on a virtual terminal. All funds are available and deposited into bank account within 3 days. This included charges of $10,000.00 each. One $10,000.00 charge made on Square was held three weeks before showing up in our bank account. I can process additional charges anytime of the year.
Also after using their system for more than 60 days, their response to my complaints was to send me an email asking me send them my FEIN and State tax certificate, send me my email address or vailidate my business through the yellow pages or other sources, they asked for 3 months of bank statements and asked me to send them all of the invoices and/or statements for all my client billings. Totally unacceptable and to date I have spent more than 12 hours trying to resovlve these issues. I’m no closer to closure than I was 12 hours ago. I’m a small business and having funds on hold is a BIG deal for me. I would not recommend this company to anyone looking for a CC processor. For all the hassles of doing business with them, as they say in the south…it just ain’t worth it ya’ll!!!
This company is a fraud, they will do nothing for you except steal your money. Finding out what thieves square is has cost me $520. I’m filing a complaint with the NM Attorney General. I will also file complaints with any other government regulatory agency. Do yourself a favor and don’t do business with crooked square!
Square put a hold on a large payment from a customer and gave me no reason why. I will do everything in my power to prove that this company is holding money illegally to draw interest. I have contacted my attorney who has contacted the federal Bureau of Consumer Protection | Federal Trade Commission. I would not do business with these scam artist.
I consider this a terrible disservice to us followed by no resolution. In face we lost much more than this $500 due to you pulling the money out of our account with NO warning. You didn’t even hold the money in an escrow account pending resolution.
They have held over $6,000 from our small business for two months even after we have submitted the requested documentation – they just keep asking for more. They are impossible to reach by phone and throw up barrier after barrier to obtaining payment. I wish I had read these comments before using them. A frustrating mess and terrible experience. We will never use them again and I would never recommend them to anyone. Not sure how we are going to get our money out of them. They have managed to make it extremely difficult to resolve issues.
In-person sales where you physically handle the buyer’s card are called card-present transactions. Card-present payments have lower fees than online payments since you can check the customer’s ID against the card, creating a lower fraud risk. These transactions can be made via:
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we are a small business 2 employees I seen a ad in walmart-verizon-target for squareup.com and thought hey this would work easy fast no hassle {read there web page} I provided there required info then confirmed my account with my bank said I was ready to go start swiping i looked on my…
Square could possibly be the worst company I have ever worked with in my history of owning multiple businesses. I had all of the necessary documentation, Government Issued papers, Copy of the invoice and contact information, along with my bank account information. After first couples of transactions Square told me my account was “High-Risk”. and they permanently shut down my account and told me I would have to wait 90 days to receive my money $4300. I still have to wait for 2 month more. If you have Square get out while you can. Go With PayPal. Must avoid!!!

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