“Is Square.Com Safe Online”

SQ is the worst company for customer service I have ever seen!!!! We made a mistake in setting up our account I admit! But they collected money for our Charity; then deactivated our account! Now they want answer the phone to help. We collected money for the University of Missouri Athletic Department last week & thought this process would be easier! Boy was I mistaken they don’t pick up the phone & if they deactivate your account they for sure want talk to you!!! I went to their office yesterday in St Louis to speak with someone & they wouldn’t talk to me!!! I did get mad & frustrated but they said if I didn’t leave they would call the police! We are going to do a tweeter champagne against them starting today!!!
I even went to their main office in San Francisco downtown to speak to someone about my account, I got turned down by security downstairs (they also have security upstairs) and threatened with trespassing charges.
Stay away from this company. Read how square destroys small business accounts with no recourse. They did this to a company of disabled military veterans. We needed online invoicing for our small shop. Square let us set up, took money from a client on one transaction using American Express card then square demanded we provide supporting documentation for our business existence. We provided Federal EIN, copies of the invoice for the transaction and informed square we were small… And only had a web contact page as we were still building site. Square demanded the same documents TWICE from us. When we complained about that and refused to be extorted into taking out a company advertisement we do not need or want, the Square rep seized our money, closed our account and denied us the ability to even talk with anyone. We were toled the reason was “a pattern of risky transactions” how is ONE TRANSACTION … A PATTERN??? I used my personal account to get a phone code and was threatened by Square rep and led to believe that if I made another issue out of business account being closed, my personal one could be affected as well. SHAME, SHAME SHAME! If you have any connection to the military, close your accounts and take your business elsewhere. These people are the worst kind of crooks. Do a google search of this wretched company to learn for yourself the small businesses that have been destroyed without recourse or review by these people. Ask yourself if your business could survive having all your money stollen right now, your entire POS taken and you left with nothing and no appeal. That is Square folks… The cold hard truth. Check out their BBB NEGATIVE reviews and ripoff report. Eye opening. Glad we did not go all in with them.
Having an ongoing nightmare with Square! I own a small plumbing company and have been using Square for about 5 to 6 years. December of last year my husband did a plumbing bi pass for a property owner whoLives out of town but has a rental property that is local. We e mailed him a quote of 1800.00 and he agreed via phone to start work on Dec 19th. We finished work the following day and the tenant signed off on the work being completed as agreed in the written estimate. The customer paid with a Visa card over the phone using square. Four months later on April 13th I received a chargeback notice from square stating that the customer had reported the charge as fraudulent. I was asked to provide documentation proving that the charge was legitimate. I provided the invoice signed and dated by the tenant showing that we did in fact do the documented work at the customers property. Square said they would submit the documents to the customers bank and the dispute process would take up to 90 days. The next day they charged my bank account for the chargeback amount, overdrawing my checking account. I called in and they would be holding the funds until the disputed was resolved. 90 days later I contact squares customer support and they tell me they have yet to hear from the customers bank and that I will have to wait an additional 90 days for any further information. I contact square a few weeks later to see if any information had been updated. I became upset and told them that I was extremely displeased with their lack of support during this process. They refused to provide me with any information as far as the customers bank or info about the dispute. After several hours arguing square asked me to call back in 3 weeks and they would release the money to me until the dispute was resolved. They told me that the decision was not final and they could charge theory back from my account anytime, in the event that the customers bank decided against me in the dispute. On July 6th square contacted me through e mail and informed me that the customers bank decided to take the money from us and give it back to the customer. I explained to them that this decision was not correct and that we had provided proof that the charge was authorized and it made no difference. They told me I should contact an attorney if I needed further help. IManaged to close my linked bank account before they could charge back the money from my account. I’m wondering if they will attempt to file a collection for the amount through a creditor once they figure out the account is closed. Do you have any advice on what my next steps should be.
WOW! What a terrible experience for anybody to go through. It is hard enough to make a living in small business. We were approved for taking credit cards from Square, and I thought it would be great and simple. We did our first swipe for a $1000 deposit, and it took 12 times to get the transaction to enter. The customer signed for the purchase with her finger, and all seemed good until I received the following email from square a few hours later:
I totally agree. Not only can you not navigate their site to get that mysterious code to be able to get through on their customer service line, once they deactivate your account for no reason, you can’t even log in and ask ‘the community’ a question. I would love to warn every small business owner I know to avoid Square completely. Now what to do with all the components of the lovely Square Register. Cha ching.
Square is the worst experience I have ever had since starting up my business 6 years ago. With absolutely no warning or no reason, Square decided to hold all my money from credit card sales. Credit card sales are at least 65% of my business. I tried calling them but their number does not get you a live person, nor can you leave any message. I tried e-mailing them at least 20 times, they never responded. They are withholding almost $9000 of my money. Finally after filing a complaint with the BBB, they responded to me with a computer generated letter that said they needed copies of my business licenses, after licenses, an explanation of my transactions, etc. I process approximately 35-40 credit cards a day and they are telling me they need detailed explanation on my credit cards processed? I wrote them & asked which ones, they answered me after 2 more weeks. They gave me no fax number, no address to send them this information. I scanned the information but they said they didn’t get it. I finally got a fax number and I could not fax the documentation the transmission report said their fax was not turned on.. After notifying them of this I guess they turned it on and I sent them all requested documentation plus some extra proof that I’m running very legitimate business, if they were in doubt. I asked them to acknowledge receiving all my documentation. They never did, I have written them at least 30 times since sending them all information they requested and I HAVE NEVER HEARD BACK FROM THEM TO DATE. They still have all my money, which I desperately need to continue running my business to help pay for cancer treatments for my son. They have totally ignored me and after reading their USER AGREEMENT I can clearly see they have absolutely no reason at all to keep any of my money. I swipe all my transactions and always have. All purchases are made in person by the credit card holder and all transactions are signed. I have had to drain my savings and spend countless hours trying to figure out how to get my money back. I believe they are committing fraud because they have simply taken my hard earned money without any explanation or reason and they are sitting on it, while I desperately need the money to continue running my business. I have contacted the BBB and the FBI. I don’t know what else I can do, but I’m looking into it. I strongly urge everyone to stay away from Square. They have no customer service and in my opinion are unethical and are conducting business illegally by withholding my $8769.76.
To some extent it will depend on your volume and your needs (whether you plan to use a shopping cart, payment buttons, payment pages, etc., and how your website will be set up). CDGcommerce is a good place to start. Also check out Payment Depot.
San Pedro Square market is a great spot to be. Day or night the area is a hotspot of activity for foodies and people who want to watch the big game with a bunch of friends. Parking is easy too — the garage across the street can be validated here.
This product has awful customer service. They say they offer 24 hours service yet there is absolutely no way to contact them. My bank showed verification of my accounts, but Square is not showing it and will not let me proceed. I have searched the site and topics and there is no answer even close to my issue and no way to contact Square. Please someone develop a product to compete with this company so I have an option!!!
I would not recommend Square. They are holding $13,700 of my money and I can not talk to anyone. Their customer service stinks. When you call the person on the other end of the line sounds like they are about 16 years old and when you ask to speak to a supervisor they reply that “our supervisors do not speak on the phone”.
Customer support, for all practical purposes, is non-existent. I have had trouble running a card because Square decided to break old versions of apps the second a new version is released. But they did not provide any warnings of this and no error messages identifying the problem.
The company’s GoPayment system offers two payment schemes. Under one, there is no up-front fee. Charges are 2.75 percent per swiped transaction. If you enter the card manually, the charge is 3.75 percent with no 15 cent charge. That means on manual transactions up to $60, Intuit is less expensive than Square or PayPal. Over $60 and it’s more expensive.
I have a couple different businesses that do about 3 million a year in sales each. In both cases, most of the funds come in by wire or check so we never had a need for credit card processing. When we found out how easy Square seemed to be, I got a reader for both. On one account which is still ok, we have charged over 130k from different cards without a hitch. Yes they do hold it for 30 days if the card is not present but that was not an issue for us as we have enough cashflow to cover it.
Square has also recently launched an NFC-enabled EMV chip card reader, an order-ahead app called Square Order, an online invoicing feature called Square Invoices, an online scheduler called Square Appointments, and an offline processing mode that enables merchants to capture payments even when their internet is down.
Most online transaction processors do not deposit funds immediately. The holding period can be anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of weeks. The Square Support Center has a section about Bank Account and Deposits and an article about what to do if you can’t find deposits.
Square’s goal is to acquire as many new users as quickly as possible, so signing up is quick and easy. Square does not require a credit check on individual user accounts, but does require a credit check for commercial entity accounts. For typical user accounts, Square’s underwriting process is limited to a quick electronic verification of identity. However, the company does reserve the right to investigate a user more closely, and also to share user information with Paymentech (its processor).
They did this to me nearly 1 year after a friend and associate reimbursed me on Square. Turns out, he doesn’t have a SquAre account anymore and neither do I. Banks allow about 60 days for chargebacks, some processors up to 120. Square went ahead and extracted over $500 363 days later after funds cleared.
Those products also rely on data that Square has collected. They will be available only to small businesses that have a solid financial track record, based on a history of accepting payments with Square.
Other fees: None. This includes chargeback fees. Square even offers a chargeback protection program, which will cover the costs of eligible chargebacks, up to $250 per month, even if you don’t win the claim.
Most merchant accounts today have their own monthly pay as you go plans. However, they usually require you to sign a legally binding contract as well. This might extend for up to 3 years based on the plan you get. While this isn’t true for all providers, enough of them do it that you have to be very wary about the merchant account provider you pick. Read any contract carefully and look for additional fees.
Similar to all the messages below, we were just screwed over by Square. I wish I would have ready these reviews before setting up with these idiots. We have been using PayPal and Amazon for most of our customer payments, however, I wanted to add a mobile option, plus cheaper processing fees, so I signed up for Square after seeing their commercial on TV. The account was immediately approved, and everything was setup as promised. However, a day after I ran the first credit card charge, I received an email stating the account was under review. Not thinking anything of it, since the account was new, and noticing very little due diligence could’ve been done by Square during the initial setup, I immediately provided all the documents requested. I sent them 3 month’s bank statements, the original online customer order, our invoice with tracking and serial numbers, and the delivery receipt, showing the order had been shipped AND received already. This was a very good customer, so I did not want to hold their order, while Square was getting setup.
QuickBooks GoPayment is QuickBooks’ mobile credit card processing service that syncs your sales directly to both QuickBooks Online and desktop versions. If you use QuickBooks to operate your business, then using GoPayment for your mobile credit card processing keeps everything in one tidy package.
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Webstore hosting: You can bring your own domain or purchase one through Square, and get free hosting plus your choice of Square Store templates. It’s mostly a plug-and-play site with no customization outside of the items and item groupings, but it has all of the core features you need and it integrates with Square Point of Sale seamlessly.

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