“Is Square Really Free for Restaurants”

OMG!!WOW!!! I wish I had seen this site earlier!! My wife and I own a sale business, we do estate, moving, down-sizing, liquidation and demolition sales. We had several customers who wanted to use credit or debit cards, so in an effort to appease our customers, we signed up for Square. We used the service in December for a few transactions at one sale with no hitch. Our business has grown dramatically this year. We had a sale for a very important client a few weeks ago and advertised that we would take credit and debit. We used Square for over 50 transactions. We were swiping the cards as we need to then our reader broke. I had to manually key in the cards. Square has only paid us for a portion of the cards. I have sold a dining room set that is in Chicago now, and have not been paid for it. I have e-mailed Square DAILY and was asked for more information. I called my accountant and my attorney. I answered their questions as they pertain to my business per my attorney. The funny thing is that I was in banking for many years and dealt with credit and debit cards both on the merchant and the cardholder side. Also I worked for 6 years for the largest aviation credit card in the world who also does processisng for other card labels both on the merchant and consumer sides. Also, I was a VP of Client Services in the banking industry. These people think we are all either stupid or blind. I used the swiper they provided and it broke. I had no option but to key the cards in. In all my years in this industry if a merchant had to key cards due to faultly equipment we supplied we paid them as normal and apologized for the inconvenience. I had to cash in a CD and take a HUGE HIT, just to pay my client, also I have accounting and attorney fees associtated with this matter. I called tonight after getting their number and left a messsage that I am sure will go unanswered. I have contacted the Attorney Generals office for the State of Missouri and they informed me that a reputable company would have a number to call especially when dealing with credit cards. They are sending me the paperwork to complete a formal complaint and ask for an investigation. I am also filing a complaint with the State of MO division of finance, and have contacted the Missouri Bankers Association for help and guidance in this matter. There are so many of us who have been victims of this company that I think we should open a forum and form a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT maybe that would get their attention. We all know what they are doing… using the float on our money to line their pockets. I am closing my account and closing the associated bank account per my attorneys advice once this matter is finally resolved. The truth is that untill these guys have to pay for thier crimes it will continue to happen. IS THERE AN ATTORNEY WHO WANTS TO TAKE ON THE CASE? CONTACT ME PLEASE!!! I will be filing a suit against them.
I have been using square for 9 months. Never once has there been an issue. One night recently I saw there commercial on TV and googled it. I was shocked at the amount of complaints I found. Well here I am saying I’ve never had an issue…Till 5 days ago. They did not deposit a 1k charge as they normally do.
Ive needed the credit card ability, and decided to use Intuit’s Go Payment. It has an A- rating here (Square has C-), and its only an A- because some peoples reviews are negative because they dont know how to use the APP or dont like the reader…. (the APP is easier than Square).
I also sell Scentsy and had done a vendor show in November. I created a new square account with a different email address so that I could differentiate. Plus, my Scentsy money goes into my personal account vs my business account. I only had 1 person pay with a card. Went through, fine, no big deal. It was roughly $11. I never got the deposit. Then earlier this month I had a customer make a purchase and I tried to use my Scentsy square account to charge her card. No go. I log into my account and it said my account needs to be activated before I can accept payments. Weird. Finally yesterday I get around to contacting them, and this is the response I got today:
The main problem as we see it is the inability to deal with open tickets, which renders Square useless in a sit down restaurant, casual or not. It works for our over the counter Juice sales, we would love to use the online order feature; but the missing open ticket is an absolute show stopper. Unfortunately. So now we are looking at Touch Bistro, while hoping daily to see a feature upgrade from Square.
I own a credit card processing company in Pasadena, Maryland. I’ve brought on clients who were in the home improvement space that claimed Square held their funds for 6 months, until the chargeback window had closed. Imagine being a roofer and charging a third deposit for $3000, but not having access to those funds despite the fact that they’ve been taken from the customer already. It’s a cash flow nightmare.
At a recent large trade show event, Oct 25-26 2015, Square “lost” over 70 transactions totaling over $5000.00 from my merchant sales account. They have been extremely poor to respond or rectify my missing funds! The service I’ve received has been horrendous to say the least!
You have been lucky. I tried to contact Square because they kept my funds for 30 days and their web site says to contact them so they can review the hold. But that does not work if they never answer the phone or return messages. It has been two moths and still no response to multiple emails asking for assistance. Square’s customer service cannot be that good if there are so many complaints.
Square is great in theory, and works well for the small business owner as long as you have no need to for customer support. If you are looking for a way to take credit card payments, be sure to look into all of your options. The customer support with Square is non-existent, and if there is any question over a transaction they will hold the money; not return it to your customer, not try to contact you, just hold it. You can work with your own bank to accept credit cards for lower fees, with more immediate turn-around and much better customer support.
I would just like to warn others, because when you are standing at your ‘Square Register’ with your customer’s card in hand waiting to check it’s a really bad feeling to see that your account has been ‘permanently closed’ without any details. What a MESS.
I dont have a debit card but I was finally able to put in my bank info but still can’t send money unless they’re a contact. If you have patience then this will be a breeze. I don’t. Too complicated. 30 mins wasted. I will stick to PayPal.
And if you process a lot of debit cards rather than credit cards, a merchant account will be much less expensive. Square doesn’t distinguish between debit and credit — which means you don’t benefit from the low interchange fees on debit cards. On the other hand, Square doesn’t charge a per-transaction fee, either. If you have a lot of small tickets, this actually works out in your favor.
The BBB should be ashamed giving this company an a rating. Zero customer service. This is one of the most fraudulent companies I have ever come across. They can just take your money and never talk to you. It tells me a lot about the laws in the cc industry and about how little a BBB rating means.
Most of the transactions are in $75-300 range on average 2 -3 times a day. Can anyone recomment a particular company for that? Since I’m new to this it surprises me a bit that my SSN#, Tax id etc need to be disclosed … is it a standard procedure
I have been a Square user for several years now, and up until a week ago, if asked about my experience with them, I — like Bruce — would have said Square is ‘a dream to work with.’ But as I have recently learned the hard way, Square is a dream to work with . . . until there is problem. Square may have no early termination fees and no monthly minimums, but it also has no customer service . . . as in zip, zero, zilch, nada, none.
I keep receiving emails from Square stating that my vendor payment has been denied or something like that. I don’t have or have ever useda square account. Either they are or fishing for information or somebody sends me a hell of a lot of emails with their letterhead
I’ve been using, and happy with square for quite some time now. However, they’ve been withholding a payment of mine for 7 days. They claim they need me to provide information and documentation about my business before they transfer future payments. They want a detailed description of the services I provide and how I advertise. (I’m a building contractor). Really? How I advertise? How does not knowing how I advertise (among other things they’re requesting) give them grounds to withhold funds? They may as well be asking for the color of my underwear. None of their business and my advertising has nothing to do with services they provide. In their text boxes I copied and pasted the same thing in each one “I’m going to talk to a lawyer about your company withholding payments for services I’ve rendered.”. Hope they get with the program.
You can cell their number which I found online. It is (415) 375-3176. The automated computer basically hung up on me after providing me with an email address which is [email protected] I had a transaction that was supposed to be deposited into my account and never was. It says it was on the site and when I checked my bank statement, nothing. I’m waiting to hear back from them.
I work for a company with a mobile workforce. We are looking for a mobile POS solution. The one thing i have noticed with square is that anyone can pair with the device as long as they have a square account… this leaves it open for the possibility of an employee to filter some of the transactions to their personal account as opposed to the company account. Is there any way around this? Are there any providers that allow for BYOD but also have the option of locking the device to the CC reader?
In the past eight months Square has managed to hold $2700.00 from us. On both occasions the customer disputed the charge. After we resolved the issue with the customer, Square still would not turn over the monies due to us. I advice anyone looking to use Square for your credit card processing, read the reviews. Here we, still waiting for our money.
Square has held and is still holding my $236.00 for almost five months now. They won’t respond to me other than originally telling me that it could be 20-60 days that they hold my money. They are a bunch of crooks!!! Do not use Square unless you just like wasting time trying to get paid for jobs completed months ago instead of being out working and making money as a company should.
Square is a JOKE. It sounds innovative and clever. And it may work for teenagers with after school jobs earning pocket change. BUT THE $1000 hold that is not in plain sight is RIDICULOUS for small business owners. I would rather pay the fees with my bank’s merchant account than to have my money be held HOSTAGE.
I went through hell with square, Their e-mail customer service sucks a ton!!!!…. I lost money and customers thanks to this “Square” bunch of misleading dirty tactics filled company. I think a class action is on order. shall we?
As for accepting U.S. dollars, the payments must be processed in your country’s official currency, which in your case is the U.S. dollar, so you don’t need to worry about receiving other currency. Square’s site says that cardholders may be charged for the currency conversion by the card issuer, so keep this in mind when setting your prices. If the conversion fees will be high for a particular country, you may want to offset that in your pricing, so your prices remain competitive. 
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