The easiest way to start using Square is to go to Square’s website, or to download the Square app from the Apple App Store or Google Play store. Signing up for an account is as simple as entering your tax information. For an individual, it’s a social security number and some other personal information. Square is very clear about protecting your data, but it’s always good to be wary of anything asking for this information. Other card readers, like PayAnywhere and QuickBooks GoPayment, make users go through a lengthy vetting process if they aren’t an established business. Square is much more convenient.
Square’s is making unauthorized use of my email address. Unknowingly I recently made a purchase at a “square” customer’s retail business. I was asked if I want a receipt, I said, “Yes” and was handed a paper receipt. Much to my surprise, within a couple of hours I received an email receipt for the same transaction. I did not ask for an email receipt. I did not authorize anyone to use my email address to send me a receipt. My credit card company tells me that they do not release this information to Square. Where do they get it? More importantly, How do I stop this unauthorized use of my email address? Square appears to have no customer service for the customers of their retail clients. This is an unauthorized use of my private information.
You should as well. Square has NO control over how long the money takes to transit through the system to your bank. This is not something to blame Square about. Also the first transaction usually takes longer to go through. The time frame you are dealing with is well within the norm.
I’m really anxious to hear if anyone’s gotten a resolution from Square regarding an issue like this. Will they release the funds if there was a mechanical problem, or am I potentially screwed out of thousands here? Does anyone know how they’re handling faulty swipers?
I am in the middle of the same complaint everyone on this page is having with Square and that is you can’t get to customer service. I was for no reason “deactivated” after just having signed up. Of course they waited until I had a transaction occur for $3953 that they said they would put into my linked bank account even though I had be deactivated and it would take 1-3 business days. Shortly after I was told that they would be paying I received this letter:
We got the square reader for our business and it was problematic from the word go. The chip/swipe card reader is flimsy and difficult to use when inserting/swiping cards. It’s fiddly to get the card just right and the slots get dirty and can’t read the cards. It needs constant charging to get any functionality out of it but ridiculously has to be unplugged from the device to charge. Meaning you have to plug it back in each time a customer needs to use eftpos which creates delays and frustration. All in all a pretty useless. DON’T use this product.
I sell vaping devices, which is actually sort of controversial. I do not sell online, I ONLY sell face to face, due to age verification. I do not swipe cards very often at all…only if I cannot get a card to read from a swipe. I do over the phone sales but they come in and pick up in store and then pay with a swipe of a card or cash. My transactions are average 60 dollars so not large transactions. I would think if you do large single transactions and/or key all or a lot then square is probably not the company for you. I have had a lot of great experience but I think most that are having all the bad experiences do not swipe and key in most of their transactions. I can tell you no other company was willing to loan me money for my business and square did after 1 year in business. It has truly helped me grow. I hope this helps you. you can email me direct with any questions or help I can try to give you. [REDACTED – personal contact info not allowed]
10 stars for this amazing product. I have a small quilt shop and occasionally participate in quilt shows and sell fabric. I ordered the Square chip reader just prior to a show. The instructions are simple and I used it immediately after taking it out of the box. It was already charged. I had no problems and couldn’t have been happier. I highly recommend this product.
I’ve had the same problem after making $2,097.53 dollars in transactions money has not been deposited, customer service does not respond or say they can do nothing. Lying saying my account has been deactivated but I have logged on and downloaded reports since then. I’m switching to BankCard because Swipe seems to be another scam. All my transactions were accepted without dispute yet no money can be found and the software says no deposits for this time period. Then after signing up for instant deposit it’s not available although they approve your card. Been holding my money for more than a month. Yet, they tell you to continue using swipe. Are they crazy?
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I opened my account in June of 1016 and was quite excited.We are an excavation contractor and this account would allow me to tap in to a customer base I had yet to tap. I have one builder that we work for who only wants to pay with a credit card plus any private home owner wanting to do some work around there property who didn’t have the money in the bank up front. Sounded great. However, it did not go smoothly. Out of the 6 transactions that we made using Square the deposits were usually held up because they needed more info on the the customer and more info on the our company. it’s always the same builder that paid with the card. We had 6 transactions all from the same guy. The last transaction went smoothly and I was thinking finally, but a few day later our account was permanently disabled. I contact customer service by email because that is the way they do it and I was told by email that my account was disabled because I broke a rule in the user agreement. They apparently decided I was the customer charging to my self as a cash advance. This is despite that fact there are bank records and I even gave them the phone and address of the customer but I was told sorry for the inconvenience but our account is permanently disabled. I would not recommend the service as it was completely a waist of time and effort.
This is a huge benefit with PayPal versus Square’s support, which is like pulling teeth trying to get help with anything. With Square, you have to email them or leave a voicemail message and prey while you wait for them to respond.
While your transactions usually take place electronically, the actual device that you use to swipe a customer’s card is referred to as “the equipment.” This equipment includes hardware and, often, software or apps for that hardware to function properly.
Square seems to be unreliable in processing cards and a person could potentially loose sales by using square. I am thinking of going back to the wireless remote terminal (Hpercom) that Ihad used previously to Square.
I just called square via the number on this post. I got through immediately to someone. He seemed very laid back and not very professional. Although he did help me with a payment that wasn’t be deposited. Before getting this phone number, I sent a few emails via the site with no answer and was getting very upset!! But the phone number does work….call away. I don’t know the hours of operation….FYI
Worst customer service of any company I have dealt with, big or small. They make it as difficult as possible to get through to a real person in hopes that you will just give up and stop trying to contact them. My account was mysteriously deactivated after a customer charge back. Funny thing is, it was decided in my favor in civil court.
I have filed a lawsuit. In their terms, however, it says you can only do arbitration or small claims, which are so easy to do and you can do it on line in two seconds. File the case in your zip code so they have to come to you. I would also contact the Federal Trade Commission and let them know the pervasive nature of these holds, and the fact that Square does not let you know, by any form of communication, that you can actually return these funds to your clients and ask for another form of payment. I found this out last night after telling Square that I had filed suit, contacted the FTC and that I have an interview with a reporter on Monday regarding this issue. If they are reporting earnings with the funds held or even just the interest on it, it could be a staggering sum, changing their year end earning number and altering their stock price. This would be of interest to the FTC. Since the terms disallow class action, we must all file small claims and kill them will a million little arrows. Please file, write them and let them know you have done so. Also, let your web design company know so they are aware of the problem.
Just wanted to leave a positive review amidst all the negative ones. For a small online business Square has been a good choice (although I have only recently worked with them). Their e-mail responses to my questions have been timely (within 2 days). I do not see a telephone option, however, as mentioned above when you contact their support people. Perhaps that has recently changed. Although Tom had his site up and running within an hour or so, it took me (not tech savvy) and my son many hours to figure out how to create an online site. My one complaint is that when a customer orders more than one of the same item, the shipping price does not increase. For example, if I charge $3 for shipping one item and someone orders 10, the shipping stays at $3. Although I inquired if there was a fix for this, the support people mentioned adding modifiers or price points, but not being tech savvy I could not figure out how to apply this to my situation. Do I make a long list for every single item [ i.e. 1 book, 2 books, etc and each with a different price?] That seems tedious and there is still that little box that allows the customer to increase the quantity without the shipping price increasing proportionately. Any suggestions?
For example, if the amount of the original transaction was $25, then $24.31 is withdrawn from your bank account and the full $25.00 is refunded to your customer’s card. The fees ($0.69 in this case) are covered by Square, and the full purchase amount is always returned to your customer.
Also driving their growth is money, lots of it. Square charges a significant premium over other CC processing options available to SMBs. 3.5% + $0.15 on manually entered transactions is madness if you’re doing any sort of meaningful volume of business. You will end up paying Square $1,000’s a year in transaction fees. Though, the ease of use and simplicity of their solution often justifies the premium.
Even larger processors with more resources have trouble executing customer support well. But we know it can be done. And, we have to give credit where credit is due: Square is actually putting in the effort to make consistent improvement. I have heard first-hand from merchants who use Square that they have had positive experiences, so I know it’s not all doom and gloom, and there are plenty of other testimonials around the web to the same effect.
Tom,I am having a terrible experience with square. They closed my account and told me I have to wait 90 days to see my money.Due to some high risk actions.I don’t know what they are talking about it… I run a small snow plow business and I offer this method of payment for my customers this year.I keep getting emails but not a straight answer .I am sending emails asking to please call me and provide with a better explanation of why?How can I filled a complaint ?Or speak with a real person . They won’t provide me with a code