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Take a sharp blade to the kneeling pad, carefully, of course. Cut about a 1-inch wide strip along the shorter edge of the pad, then cut that in two to make 2 pieces of approximately 4 x 1 x 1/2 inch. Now simply cut out matching, slightly angled slots on each of the two pieces. Tada! An ugly but very functional tablet stand for, um, dirt cheap.
New Trent’s Airbender Apex Keyboard Case is appealingly inexpensive compared to other models and weighs just 20 ounces despite providing full-body iPad protection. The Apex uses a similar style as Zagg’s Slim Book, but instead of a magnetic hinge, you separate the iPad case from the keyboard base by sliding a tiny release switch on the hinge. It’s easy enough to remove the case, but a bit fiddly to reconnect it, and the switch doesn’t feel like it will hold up well over hundreds of uses. The keyboard has all the expected keys in the right places, as well as a dedicated row of iOS-feature keys. Those keys feel pretty good to type on, but the keyboard as a whole feels a bit flimsy and sounds hollow when you type. The farthest you can tilt the iPad back is just past vertical, which is probably a good thing: If the iPad tilted back much farther, the Apex’s light weight likely wouldn’t keep the setup from tipping over in your lap.
Lap-friendly design: We prefer models that you can on your lap—if you can’t, you’d be better off with a standalone Bluetooth keyboard and iPad stand. Unfortunately, many iPad keyboard cases seem to be designed assuming that you’ll spend all your time at desk or table, as they require a flat surface in order to support the iPad properly.
Embrace the ergonomic convenience that is the MagConnect Desk stand. Get more work done, enjoy more videos, and interact with more apps, all at a posture-friendly angle. Your neck and back will thank you. With the MagConnect Desk Stand you have complete power to adjust the stand to your perfect angle–it even folds up completely for easy transport. And with our proprietary MagConnect connection, attaching and removing your tablet is a snap. Perfect for anyone who uses their tablet for any length of time.
Whenever I want to transform my 12.9-inch iPad Pro into a super handy desktop, I like to use a stand that not just holds the tablet securely but also provides optimal viewing angle. Personally, I prefer the ones that can be seamlessly adjusted for a more comfortable viewing. The other notable quality I make sure to see in a tablet stand is the solid build-up and portable design. Considering all these essential features, I have made a premier list of the best 12.9-inch iPad Pro stands that can immaculately serve all of your specific needs!
Features: 360 degree rotation adjustable and 180 degree front and back  adjustable. Metal bracket design that is more texture and durable. High compatible with 4 inch mobile phones and 12 inch tablet computers. Sleek, elegant curves which is portable to be taken. Maximum opening and closing 190mm. It supports hanging strap that is protable to be taken. High technology  and exquisite workmanship.
What won’t be so familiar perhaps is the neat Apple Pencil ‘pocket’ that sits lengthways at one corner and has two holes, one to stand up the input device when you’re busy typing and another for sliding it in parallel to the case when you’re on the move. Super handy!
The iProp is carefully designed and constructed of high grade materials to uniquely compliment the high-end design of your tablet device. It’s light and portable at only 8 oz, and the unique non-slip, soft-to-the-touch silicone shelf provides the perfect amount of stability, without obstructing the tablet screen.
Inside Gift iPad Pro 12.9 2017 Leather Sleeve. It’s out favorite leather sleeve we’ve found so far. It’s also available for the 10.5-inch iPad Pro. Both sizes are by default designed to fit the iPad and the keyboard case.
The Pivot’s built in swivel means you can achieve the perfect viewing angle every time, and a simple twist and the iPad swings between portrait and landscape orientation effortlessly while mounted.  The ideal compliment to any desktop environment. Handsome in the office, utterly chic at home, the Pivot is the ultimate iPad stand. Formed from precision cut aircraft grade Aluminum, it matches your iPad pound for pound in looks and functionality.
The pliable bendable tablet holder arm is extremely adjustable and may be entirely corrected for 360 degrees rotary motion, and it’s also up to 68cm, which can be effortlessly converted to virtually any mould for comfort.
Product – Tablet Cellphone Stand Holder, Costech Universal Heavy Duty Gooseneck Phone Tablet Holder Stand with Bolt Clamp and Bracket for 4”-12” iPad Air Mini & iPhone 7/6/5/Plus Samsung Galaxy Note and More

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