In an industry as complex as credit card processing — and with as much money riding on the decisions you make — getting your questions answered is key. We contacted each of our remaining contenders and scored them on their customer service, including a readable website with clear terms of service, FAQs and quality educational materials, and 24/7 support.
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Just please note that it is against our Terms of Service to process prepaid cards, gift cards or your own credit card using your own Square account. Additionally, you may not use Square as a money transfer system. For every payment processed through Square, you must provide a legitimate good or service.
Excellent review. We’re looking closely at square as our POS system for a bike rental business. We’re trying to figure out if a customer rents a bike with a required deposit of say 200 can we swipe the card without charging the customer at that time and then “refund” their deposit when they come back and charge them only for time used for the rental? Does square have a facility where there is a time out and time in? We know it’s not a reservation system but we can’t seem to get an answer to this question.
Finally, we learned that Square has beefed up its support staff. Although this staff may not have authority to handle disputes, you can remind them that Square’s agreement #50 is that Square is dedicated to resolving any disputes quickly, and if they cannot be resolved, that they “agree to an informal and inexpensive dispute resolution process requiring individual arbitration.” You might think about obtaining an attorney before you use this product.
Here’s the thing everybody. The article fails to recognize one very simple and standard thing: REAL merchant accounts (unlike PayPal) REQUIRE signature proof of delivery to dispute chargebacks. Delivery confirmation is NOT and will NEVER be accepted by a merchant bank. Merchant banks are NOT PayPal and should not be compared. PayPal is for the little guys, a merchant account is serious business. It is the merchant’s responsibility to prevent fraud and provide signature proof on chargebacks. So what do you do? Make signature requirement standard and allow customers to waive it during checkout by agreeing to terms. This works EVERY time. My business does $100K+ per MONTH and we get about 4 chargebacks per year which we always win. Listen, if you are getting defrauded that means your company is growing – which is a good thing. Wise up and change your practices, move on and make it a lesson learned. I have been in ecommerce 10 years and it is totally possible to do big money and have little to no chargebacks just learn to protect yourself, follow a strict procedure and don’t be GREEDY! Just because someone placed a $1000 order at your site doesn’t mean it is legit, especially if your typical order is $30! You need to learn about the AVS system and how to qualify orders and resolve issues before it EVER gets to the merchant bank.
If you are considering accepting credit and debit card payments your dilemma may be to pick between a merchant account or Square. Upon first glance, Square is the more simple of the two but comes with its own risks and costs. Merchant accounts are slightly more complicated but come with strong customer support and security. Traditional merchant service accounts provide more flexibility and customization to fit the individual needs of a business.
That’s not to say that Square’s system is perfect. The phone support system is still limited only to merchants who can obtain a customer code and then dial in. People whose accounts have been terminated cannot reach Square on the phone, as the company says they will only communicate via email once that happens. (From everything I’ve read, all indications are that you won’t hear much from Square at all once your account is terminated.)
Just so you know, Square has some stringent rules with regard to who they will do business with. They do not allow telemarketing, MLM’s and a number of other businesses that are hard to verify become merchants. That is why they limit the number of “card not present” tranactions with the new merchants as well. They simply can not verify each and every charge, so there is a blanket rule that all must follow. Once you establish yourself you can appeal to raise the limit of your card no present charges, but only after months of verified and secure charges. About your transactions, I have had my credit card skimmed at gas stations three times now, each time the thief charges $1.00 to test the credit card to see if it works. My personal credit card company (Citibank) said that the $1.00 charges have become suspect with all services, so each time I had a $1.00 charge on my credit card they CANCELLED it and gave me a new card! I think that without knowing it, you made yourself a suspect! You can probably appeal it with them by letting them know the $1.00 charges were made with your own credit card.
3. Spark Pay: This is Capital One’s mobile processing service. They have affordable options and support receipt printing. But you would have to buy the printer, and it could end up costing almost as much as the machine through Helcim. They have two monthly fee options, one of which is free.
SO! What you should do in their case is call your bank right away and explain your fears about their shady ways etc and what’s been going on and then request to close the accounts completely and re-open brand new ones.  It may cost you a small fee and it will definitely be a pain in the butt b/c you will have to give any other cedit or pay out accounts you have all your new info but at least you will be able to sleep soundly knowing that Square no longer has valid bank info on you.   —-This is what my bank had me do because of them.
I would highly suggest you use someone else. These guys will hold on to everything past $1000.00 for what could turn out to be months. They have had my 3,000 stuck for the last 45 days, and now they said they will take an additional 90 days to put the funds in my account.
Withheld funds and account cancellations occur: Square offers a streamlined application process. No human looks at the application initially. However, once you have the account, an underwriter will review your account. If they determine you are “high-risk,” they may hold onto your funds until they complete the review process. They may even cancel your account.
One time someone at Square accidentally answered the phone and had to deal with my complaint directly. Guess what they did…put me on hold for 15 minutes then came back to say that someone would call me back shortly. What is shortly to Square? It’s been weeks.