“Reviews For Square Credit Card Reader Comparison”

Under normal circumstances, Square will deposit funds from completed card payments into your bank account within 1-2 days of the transaction taking place. If you want to receive funds from certain transactions in your bank account immediately, you can choose to instantly transfer them into your bank account for a fee of 1% of the transaction total.
I had used them several times as a customer and originally had no problems, but suddenly they started sending receipts to my husband. HIs email was not hooked up to the bank accounts and he had not used square as far as we could remember, so I was alarmed. All they did was send us emails with links to articles. She wrote me numerous times, instead of just getting on the phone and fixing the problem. I’m very concerned as to why I would swipe a card and my husband would get an email. What other info do they have that they are mismanaging?
So, I have an update from original post. The money did finally get into my account after 2 business days. I finally got an email response after 8pm that evening form and email I sent at 7:30 am in the morning. I had sent two emails that day. The first reply was still no phone number to contact anybody and the second reply I received the next day did give me a number with some kind of code I would have to enter. So, with all that, I am going to go with my actual bank and get a mobile reader through them. Yes, I will have to pay a monthly fee, but small price to pay for a piece of mind that that money will go in my account the next business day and if there are any issues, There are pros and cons and that would be the con, but the pro is they taking less on the swipe as compared to what square is taking. I can pick up a phone and deal with directly with my bank. Heck, I can even go to my local branch and they can figure it out and take the proper channels. I guess in the end you get what you pay for. I hope this helps somebody dealing with the same thing. I am my business and credit cards is a serious issue. I don’t have time to wait on somebody to email back when there is an emergency. If there is no phone number posted on a company website…………..that is a huge red flag and you might want to rethink doing business with that said company.
Nineteen reviews? That is a mere drop in t;he bucket compared to the number of clients they have. If they only have 19 bad reviews then I don’t think anything of it. First the squeaky wheel gets the grease and there are always complainers and rarely do the happier people go to BBB to post! Just some food for thought.
Square Reader: This free white square swiper was Square’s first product, geared to accept credit card payments via a mobile device’s audio jack. The Reader uses strong encryption, including SSL and PGP, and card numbers, stripe data, and security codes are not stored on Square merchant devices. The Reader’s technology also is PCI compliant and Verisgn certified. Merchant must download Square Register software for the swiper to work.
Upon returning home I was checking the device again, still no luck, but maual entry worked. I then tried to order a replacement device, I thought I could not, but found that an upgrade to the software was available, and to my dismay THE DEVICE WILL NOT FUNCTION IF AN UPGRADE IS AVAILABLE. REPEAT, THE DEVICE WILL NOT FUNCTION IF AN UPGRADE IS AVAILABLE. What kind of business stops the equipment from even functioning if an upgrade to the software is available. They receive an F- for this action, plus there is no way to contact them if there are questions, again an F- for this. After upgrading the software everything seems to be fine, but this can be a problem for users because they did not even notify us of the upgrade, they need to work on their customer service.
I am excited to start my new business and decided to use Square. I have a iPhone 3G phone and was able to download the Square application and apply for the card reader. I notice that the reader is compatable with 1Phone 4S, 4G. Do you think I will still be able to use the reader on my iPhone 3G??
Think of Squared as the corner liquor store of credit card transactions. You get little things there and if you start doing big business, you go to a big grocery store and if you even need bigger than that, you goto Costco, Sam’s Club or a Whole Saler. Would you buy $25,000 in product from a corner liquor store? No! So why would you run $25,000 in credit card transactions in Squared?
These people are absolutely criminals. They withhold your money whenever they feel like it trying to contact anyone to resolve anything is not going to happen.I would never recommend anyone using them and I don’t even know how they’re still in business.
We have used PayPal for selling things on E bay and for our small business websites, but have been leery of the company since we had our $11,000 account limited (frozen) years ago. It was very hard to get hold of anyone at PayPal, and we never did find out why they froze the account.
Bottom line: I like the idea of Square and its counterparts. Anything that makes it easier and adds utility should be considered. The possibility of having electronic access to a sufficiently detailed version of my receipts instead of having to stuff things in the wallet, etc., is utility. But Square isn’t sufficiently there yet and, as you suggest, it’s caveat emptor. That was the point of my post. Thanks for reinforcing it.
Have been on hold up to a half an hour to get a recording for call back, which has never come. They have held my funds for going on 2 weeks after I have submitted the information they have been asking for, only to find out that ,oops ? They need more information by emails , that they said were sent….. I haven’t received!
Negative review after negative review… What? You think it’s just a few rotten apples? Well then feel free to read yet one more negative review on Square. Is it easy and a convenient way for a small business to charge their customers? Yes. Would you think that in a service provider business where the sale is your services not an item that Square would perhaps be more protective that once services are rendered the Buyer should be disallowed from claiming they didn’t get the service? Well it seems not to matter. Seven months after providing services it appears a customer can dispute a payment and Square will, just like everyone states, immediately take the money right from your account with no forewarning or allowance for the business owner to provide proof of the services or contract for same. No warning. Zero, zip, nada. You provide the service. The customer receives it. You think you got paid but noooooo, think again….months later they snatch it right back when you least expect it or are prepared for it. But hey, the customer got the service and Square got paid. That’s all that matters it appears. Like others I disputed the charge back of thousands of dollars, provided contract documents to Square (after the charge back hit), followed their procedures and even provided written documents from the customer showing they did in fact approve of and receive the services. You would think that would be sufficient evidence right? Months later after disputing the charge back, here I still sit. Still waiting to see the return of the money earned at the first of the year. Oh did I mention I am also out the commissions paid to the sales agent on this? That is of course in addition to the money lost to Square. Will I recommend Square to anyone? NOPE. Have I used Square since? NOPE. Will I use it again? NOPE. If you can use another processor do it! Or better yet just take a check and cash it. My new method of providing services. You want services? Great. Cash or good check only please. At least with a bad check I have the local law enforcement to help out. Apparently business owners are the low people on the totem pole these days. No wonder there’s fewer and fewer jobs and our economy is a mess. Between the politicians and various financial muggers not much positive left.
Square pays its clients with the fees already taken out. However, since the fees are flat, it’s easier for a bookkeeper to reconcile at the end of each day. Clients can choose their own “close of business day time.”
A sizable percentage of Square complaints definitely come from new businesses who have no processing history, especially those with large transaction sizes. These merchants pose the highest risk, so they are more likely to have issues.
I received an email from square saying they were not going to send me the funds and I would have to send them a photo ID (which I did), 3 bank statements (which I did), website, linked in profile etc etc
It’s not to say that nothing can be learned from their growth tactics but having boat loads of VC money and a former Twitter founder makes this types of growth possible so not sure if the lessons are all that transferable.
My take is that Apple stuff and apps for Apple are fine for consumers but aren’t up to real-world use. So if you want to play “shop” in your bedroom this is fine; otherwise look for a grown-up POS and related hardware.
I was with Square for a little over a month when out of the blue my account was terminated. I called and emailed without any success then finally received a form email stating I was in some kind of violation of their legal terms of use. After reading over those again I was still confused as to why they had disconnected from the Square service. Should they have felt something was awry with my use of their service I would have appreciated a head up, an email, anything. Very dissatisfied with Square!
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I am debating on whether to go with Square. I am starting a small business where most ticket items are anywhere from $25-200. What is a “rolling seven day $1,000 limit”? Does that mean if within a seven day period my store sells more than $1,000, I won’t get that money for 30 days? Or is it per transaction, meaning a single transaction has to be over $1,000 and that money will be held?
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And if you process a lot of debit cards rather than credit cards, a merchant account will be much less expensive. Square doesn’t distinguish between debit and credit — which means you don’t benefit from the low interchange fees on debit cards. On the other hand, Square doesn’t charge a per-transaction fee, either. If you have a lot of small tickets, this actually works out in your favor.

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