“Reviews For Square Credit Card Reader Summary”

A month ago I went to the bank for a Eftpos machine. It used to cost $40 a month now they wanted $80 a month. ++ if you go over 6 k trans a month. Rip off, Square sounded great compared to that. Just sorry never read the reviews. (slow learner) they also never say in the beginning how much info they need for you to verify yourself either after you sign up.
I have also had issues with customers who go into the square market from their mobile device and can’t get their shopping cart to go through. All of my customers have had to use a PC to process their orders. I don’t know why mobile devices have trouble placing orders.
This company do not know the business. They just know the software and use Chase for their processing. I just closed all my accounts with Chase, this shows how much i hate this company.. There should be civil case for this company.. But i forgot when you open an account you were agree that you will not be able part of that kind of action.. They are really smart!! Their holding cost me over $50K.
After waiting a few days, someone finally responded to my message and stated that my account was high risk and due to security reasons, but they couldn’t tell me any more information. The person went on to say that Square was exercising its discretion under Paragraph 42 of the Seller Agreement and that the decision was final.
I had the very same problems 2 years ago and I have been trying to warn people ever since. I tracked down the founder through Twitter and believe me he is a jackass! He doesn’t like negative publicity on his Twitter feed. Richard Branson is also a large investor n Square. I’m sure he might take notice if everybody bombards his Twitter feed as well. Absent of all that, there has to be some way to start a class action suit against Square. Are there any lawyers out there? And at the very least, copy the URL of this forum and post in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and everywhere else you can. It’s the only way to stop this rip off company!!!!
Hi, nice conversation and comments. I’ve amde a weebly site but don’t want to pay cc charges plus weebly fee for e-commerce so investigating square online. Shipping calculation at weebly also only available at highest monthly subscription. I was told must be shipping into advertised price tag (ouch for optics!). Was thinking about either the embed per item/product concept or just one button directing buyers to the entire square e-store of our products. But I can’t figure out how my customers get BACK to my site. Does the square store open up in a second window? Even so, what would really be nice is a button on the square site to send my customers back to the products page (or any other page). Can code be embedded in the square site (not that I know what that code would be. . . ). Thanks!
Absolutely the worst company in the world to do business with if you have an issue that is outside your control. Meaning, Square discontinued my service without any explanation. I have no idea why my account was permanently discontinued. I am a legal entity and have been in business for over 20 years. I switched to Square because of the mobility capabilities. All Square provided me was a copy of their terms sheet….I think they do this in case you decide to try and file a class action suit. Per the term sheet, you cannot be a part of this type of suit. Basically, per their terms sheet, you can’t take any action against them.
Alternatively, if you do not wish to wait 90 days for your funds to be deposited, you may consider refunding the payments back to the original cards and seeking an alternate form of payment. Please note, all refunds must be issued within 60 days of the date of the transaction.
I did have one other issue with the company, which is that they will not process credit cards from holders outside of the U.S., including Canada. I had to find a third party to process it for me. They said at the time they were thinking of adding Canada, but so far, as far as I know, it’s only a thought.
As far as deposited funds, like clock-work I receive my money without issue. For the 16 yrs that i’ve been accepting CCs, i know that the sales from the weekend are in my account on Tuesday morning (most times, even with a Monday holiday).
To some extent reserves, frozen accounts, and terminations are just risks that come with the territory of accepting card payments. They can happen no matter what company you process with, whether you’re using a traditional merchant account or a third-party mobile processor like Square.
Whatever your answer is I would like to take a moment to educate you by providing you an example you can relate to. So Olivia, you owe your friend Griffin money, your too busy so you ask your other friend Dawn to help you return the money. Along the way, Dawn decides she has more important things to do and runs her own errands and forgets about returning your money to Griffin for you. Griffin finally calls you and asks when you will paying him back, You tell him not to worry and that Dawn should be arriving shortly to pay him back on your behalf. The next day you meetup with Dawn and she totally forgot to complete your errand. You ask her if she has returned the money to Griffin for you and she replies oh noooo I was unable to because you didn’t give me enough money to pay him back completely so I didn’t meet him up. Then Dawn tops that off with a, you should probably pay him back yourself with your money and walks off minding her own business without returning the money to you. So Olivia, what would you do in this situation? Obviously you can’t pay Griffin back the money that’s in Dawn’s possession can you?
Please…. this article ends by saying Square is best for babysitters or flea market vendors? I’ve owned a café for 2 years now and started with Square. It has been great and I haven’t had any issues really. And I have owned a place prior using a traditional merchant services provider….which I hated. This article read great but ended like its sponsored by the other guys….biased in some way.
I would not recommend this service for new small businesses. There is no phone support and you must contact them email. Their email response is vague and answers absolutely no questions on the issues at hand. I regret signing up with them.
I would suggest changing. We switched to Pay Anywhere. The only difference is we pay $5/mo, we have a customer service line, tech support line, and a specific account agent. There is also no hold or limits for our transactions. We receive all of our money usually in one business day, two at the most regardless of the payment amount. The extra $5/month is worth the peace of mind of having our $$ available when we need it and having someone to call up if there is a problem.
It doesn’t look like much from the outside, but this family owned place across from Big Rock takes pride in their food and customer service and the quality certainly shows in the deliciousness-your mouth will thank you.
Square has repeatedly demonstrated a severe lack of customer service paired with very questionable money transactions that should be deemed unethical and downright shady. Regardless of their fees, they must provide customer service and accessibility to their customer as any company that HANDLES PEOPLES MONEY would do!
“They refused to tell you why they closed the account,” says Gaskill. “It was like, why would you do this and not be able to tell somebody? It’s my account. Why can’t you tell me why you closed my account? And you’re holding my money!”
I’ve contacted the Attorney Generals Office in Ohio, Mike DeWine. They gave me a telephone number that redirected me to go to the website to submit my inquiry. As you all may know from your own experience, you’ll receive the same email over and over and over.
The BBB follows up to gauge the customer’s satisfaction on a company’s response; in this case, more than 190 are satisfied, while the rest are either dissatisfied or did not respond. The BBB logs complaints from the last three years and its most recent review of complaints occurred in April 2016.
Awful. We had a similar awful experience thankfully my client got her money back in 48 hours and repaid me another way. I was going along and all of a sudden they cancelled my card. No reason was given. I find them ruthless in their dealings and they also were not communicating, do not take calls and I hope they get investigated and get put out of business.
So regardless of dipped or swiped, we’d be receiving the decline notice from the customers bank for the first attempts in these examples. I won’t be able to look at specific transactions here in the Community, but definitely feel free to contact our Support team if you’d like us to do so!
I was so Angry and Pissed Off over this Type Of Abuse Coming From Square, Inc. that I tried to call their Customer Service Department back again and Dispute The Money and Have It Go Back To My American Express Credit Card and this is What Their Customer Service Screwed Up Department Told Me!
Your comment will yield a lot of angry responses but I also have wondered about this. I have been using Square for 2 1/2 years after being gouged by another company who took at least 25% of my charges. I had no issues at all, after I process the payments, the money is in the account the next day. I’m a small business and set it up so my customers have to sign when they charge 25.00 or more. For me, my single charges are never over 200.00 which I think that it is the niche that this company works best for. The only issue I have is that credit card reader will stop working after a couple of months but I just go to Walgreens or Rite Aid and buy another one. For the savings I’m getting, the 10.00 I have to pay doesn’t bother me. When I contacted Square about the reader issue, they told me to just email them the receipt and they would pay me for the new readers, I just never bothered to do it.
On March 18th we ran a payment through the square card website. The payment was for 12, 734.10. We had expected the full payment to be in our bank account the next morning. Well only 2002 got deposited. We were very upset. It turned out that if you do not swipe the card they hold your…
Five days later and still no reply from Square. This includes submitting a “Support Case” per their website’s instructions and calling them directly after finding a phone number (415-375-3176) on a complaint board. Buyer Beware: – Not for anyone with transactions over $1000. – Not for anyone manually entering credit card info (terrible rate). – And, apparently, the worst: NO CONTACT
Square Goes Public And Fields A Flood Of Customer Complaints : All Tech Considered The mobile payment startup Square has grown rapidly and went public this week. But it is dogged by complaints from small businesses that use it.
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DISPUTES: Immediately after a dispute is filed on a credit card transaction by a customer, Square will automatically (with little notice) debit the dispute amount from your account, or your Square balance even if the dispute is unresolved. They claim it takes anywhere from 60-90 days to resolve a dispute, and when a dispute is in your favor, it takes Square another 30 days to credit the funds back to your account. Unless most well established merchant accounts, there is a process to be followed, paperwork to be filled out, and only when the dispute is resolved is the appropriate action taken. In other word, if the dispute is in your favor, then no money is taken from your account. I could only imagine the amount of money Square is making on disputes when they hold on to your money for as long as they do before finally returning to you. I currently have a dispute right now with them, and it’s been over 4 months. Which leads me to . . . .
I’m beginning to feel like my husband & I have been scammed. We are a small intervention company and we recently purchased SquareUp at Target to use to accept payments from our clients. We work with people all over the country and it sounded like a great alternative to the high fees we paid through other services. We only work with 1 family per week & the deposits are all made over the phone or through another service. After waiting for 4 days for our 2nd payment to go through I decided to research and now I’m floored that all this information about “card-not-present” transactions was not available to me…as well as the toll free number. So now we are going to have a negative bank account because of Square. BUT more frustrating than anything is the lack of communication or even care & concern. Our client even offered to email them to let them know that they okayed the transaction…I understand holding off a few days if the card isn’t able to be scanned BUT 30 days is completely unacceptable. Shame on Jack Dorsey & Square for making tough times even tougher on small business owners! I can’t afford to wait on $1000. Has anyone had a good experience with customer service…like received an answer to a question or anything other than a “standard response” email? It is also confusing that our 1st “card-not-present” transaction went directly through…why would we feel there would be an issue with the 2nd payment. Is this misleading for a reason?

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