“Reviews On Square Credit Card Reader for Restaurants”

In my experience with most of the companies I’ve had interactions with, I think ultimately it depends on your attitude, and the person who you actually speak to (via e-mail or phone) when discussing your issue/concern/problem.
Hello before you get involved with square try to educate yourself about them as much as possible they let you charge all your clients and then never make the into your bank account!! Then after you have that problem you literally can NOT get ahold of them by phone because the number never works!! you even try emailing them and they dont respond!! So before they steal your hard earned money in front of your eyes read up on them as much as possible!!
The card reader does not seem to be reading during the swipes, I must have tried 30 times with one of my cards to test it, then tried another card and after the 14th swipe it read the strip. I tried the second reader that I had ordered to give to my daughter for her little business, to see if a different reader would work better. Nope, not really.
I like how Square gets an authorization BEFORE you hand the device over to the customer for signature. As opposed to PPH, you swipe the card then it goes to the signature screen. So with PPH its in the hands of the customer when the authorization goes through. I like to see the approval or disapproval first. Even though signatures are not required on amounts under $25, I like to always get one.
Contracted a property inspection, and a kitchen remodel. Square is holding 3500.00 dollars after deactivating my new account for risky banking practices. Client is angry that I cannot complete contract without payment. Square is the risky banking practice
Initially, we strived to only recommend credit card processors that took less than 3 percent of each transaction across low-, mid-, and high-price items, but we learned that how the bottom line plays out varies too greatly from business to business.
I signed up for the card reader on June 19th. I was able to track the package to the post office the next day through UPS. Once it was delivered to the post office there is no way to track my device. I still have not received it and it is the 28th. Being Naive, I went to the square website to try to complain or at least contact someone to help with the problem. There is no telephone number or e-mail address anywhere that I could find. I need this device for a July 4th event so I am very frustrated to say the least. I’m not sure I should use the device if the other problems stated above are prevalent.
Check out our new video to learn why Goldenvoice and Best Beverage Catering (BBC) both use Square for their events and festivals. Goldenvoice produces festivals including Coachella, Stagecoach, and Panorama. BBC has a 25-year history of running the highest-grossing and most comprehensive festival concessions programs in the U.S.
I do not have a Square Account, but a couple of months ago I began receiving emails from Square with captions like “Account Canceled.” I ignored them (did not open them) and marked them as spam. Since I don’t have a Square account, I could care less if it has been canceled. Yet the emails have continued to come, not in my spam folder, and the captions continue to warn about account deactivation, but some of them (e.g., today’s) concern “Payment Receipt.” I have no idea how Square, or an imposter, got my email address since it is a dedicated address. An internet search has not turned up any similar complaints about Square, so I am beginning to think someone may have set up an account under my address. Any suggestions how to get this to stop?
It offers inventory management capabilities with the option to create and submit purchase orders to vendors, as well as track or transfer items between multiple locations.  You can create customer profiles to keep track of purchase history, add notes about customer preferences, group customers into categories, and create targeted marketing for different customers.
The combination NFC/EMV reader is approximately 2.5″ x 2.5″ square, and can be charged and then connected wirelessly, or plugged in to the Square Stand using a USB hub. The NFC/EMV combo reader also comes with a traditional magnetic stripe reader to allow you to accept older magnetic stripe credit cards.
I’m having problems also but found a way to get the code. From the squareup.com home page in the dark left side of the page scroll down & click on “support center”, At the top right of that page click on the blue “contact us”, On the next page “select a product” (basically select whatever applies best to you) & then your code will appear. Be sure to write it down or keep the web page up while you call. A little complicated but hope that helps!
I am brand new to Square, so excuse my freshman question. If a customer wants a receipt e-mailed to them, can I get a copy of their e-mail address for my customer service records/follow up thank you note/etc.? Thanks
Same situación, it just happen to me and it was only 5k transaction, they asked for all the documents and them only 2k on the account, it’s been more than 10 days and NO RESPONSE. Does anyone has a phone number where they can be reach? Definitely I won’t be using their services any longer.
Hello Shaun, same situation. Operate a legitimate auto repair shop and second transaction was held. We all need to use the blow em up approach so this doesn’t happen. If they think I/we are high risk, don’t process any more cards, but to without payment isn’t right! Please send me the number and extension so I can get my money deposited. Thanks
Two days later I received an email from the Square risk department asking for details of the transaction since I was a first time user. I appreciated that they were doing their due diligence to protect the company and other users, so I explained the situation again and referred back to my previous inquiry which resulted in my payout status being accelerated. Our full cooperation was offered along with my personal number for contact if needed.
I don’t know how it is don’t there, but here we split the meter and gas. I take there money out of my half and give it to them, square puts the money from the charge in my account. the cab company has nothing to do with my card charge, that is on me. I just make sure all the money they are due, gets to them when the money is turned in. Here we are all independent cab drivers. I hope this answer your question.
My take is that Apple stuff and apps for Apple are fine for consumers but aren’t up to real-world use. So if you want to play “shop” in your bedroom this is fine; otherwise look for a grown-up POS and related hardware.
Hi, I’m looking for a good POS system to use for a small cafe. I’ve talked to a few merchants who said they use Square Register as their point-of-sale, yet process transactions through Moneris. Is this possible? I had downloaded Square to try it out, but it doesn’t let me finish the transaction without going through payment processing. Anyone can shed light on this? Thanks!
To make a transaction, enter the price of the item you’re selling. Then, swipe the credit card through the reader smoothly and quickly, keeping the card parallel to the reader and the magnetic strip against the reader’s thickest part. If swiping fails or the card is too worn you can type in the card information.
Assessment fees are different from interchange fees in that they’re charged based on total monthly sales and not individual transactions. They’re typically lower than interchange fees. But the how much you pay in assessment fees varies by network and depends on things like whether the cards used were credit or debit, transaction volume, and whether foreign transactions were processed.
With a lot of attractive features, there are still some less than glamorous sides of using Square. As a new business owner, having a real customer service representative assigned to your business can be extremely helpful. Square does not offer extensive customer service and merchants can be left to problem solve issues on their own. Plus, if you are a high volume business, for example, a coffee shop, the rates offered by Square lose their appeal compared to a more traditional merchant service provider.
I love using square to process our credit cards , as long as you know there terms it works great ! I usually have my funds the next day! I used a major credit card company before for processing and was always charged a crazy rate and then a monthly rate as well, with square I know what I am looking at! Just wish they had a call center for customer service but I have only needed to call them once for a question I was able to find in the support page!!!

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