“Reviews On Square Reader for Small Businesses”

I use the square reader all the time for making eating and drinking out easier among friends. Everyone has plastic these days and it is much easier to get paid back or allocate funds to one check. My friends pay me what they owe, I give the restaurant or bar my card. Done. It is also helpful if you are selling something on craigslist or on the spot. The fees are often negated by things like cashback in a restaurant scenario.
At least I am not alone in my complaints against Square, Inc. Like many others here, I have had my own run-in with Square, Inc. using their Square credit card processing device. I signed up for Square and received the card reader in the mail within a few days. After installing the app on my phone, I tested the system by processing a few transactions over a couple of weeks time frame. These low dollar amount transactions went through without a hitch. Thus, I cancelled my Authorize.net account which we were paying on average, around $500 a month in fees and charges. And for the next few months had no issues using SquareUp.
This is the first email I have had from them in three weeks and it does not even pertain to me. If you have a defense for that, go for it Laurel. I am not irrational Laurel, and I think that the shoe may be on the other foot if you can provide a defense for Square doing this.
I called all the places mentioned in this blog but i couldnt get anywhere. I will call my local News channel to tell my story. Please you all do the same. If they do not how to do business they shouldnt. They should pay for my loss..
Also, none of your customers are only paying “0.26% on 30%” of their transactions. They are paying the Interchange cost, plus Visa’s or MasterCard’s Dues & Assessment fee (0.0925% & 0.0950% respectively), plus your markup fee. Since Visa and MasterCard just raised all Interchange debit processing fees to the maximum 21 cent limit, your merchants are paying $0.21+$0.01+0.05%+0.0925%+0.10% on there Visa debit card sales. On a $10 sale that would be roughly a $0.46 fee, or 4.6% of the transaction. Obviously the higher the sale amount, the more merchants benefit from the new debit rates – if they are on Interchange-plus pricing. However, Square actually costs merchants less in small dollar debit card sales now that this legislation has been enacted.
Update: I called Square at 11am (my time) and got through to a live person – THANK YOU, by the way, for posting the phone number! The man told me that he could see that I was approved for a $2000 limit/release, but that since today is a bank holiday, it will probably be released tomorrow.
I have used square for 4 years and love it, haven’t had one issue. My transactions are usually less than 50.00 so I have on issues. The company I used charged me so much. This company works for me, May not be a good fit for small business who handle large ttransactions.
I have been using the cash app for two years free of charge, them all of a sudden in July of 2016 it began charging me 2.75% for every transaction sent or received. Because there is no direct customer service number I emailed customer support about the issue, however it took days before heading back. And when I finally did hear back it was generic response. Because the issue has not been resolved, I had to send ANOTHER complaint email and wait for who knows how long for a response.
Square gives a lot considering there is no monthly fee for either the POS or the processing service (unless you purchase add-ons or integrations). The processing rate of 2.75% is high, especially for debit transactions, but small transactions are actually very inexpensive to process with Square since no per-transaction fee (authorization fee) is charged (often $0.20 per transaction with other processors, which is an added 1% on a $20 transaction).
The dashboard has been changed multiple times. Oh forgot to mention that often when I go to accept a card on my telephone I have to sign in. The customer waiting while I enter my info. Just keep me signed in and leave it unless I say otherwise.
As with many on-line companies, they have poor customer service. It’s difficult to reach anyone. Having a few FAQ’s on your website is not customer service. I’m trying to give you my business, and you’re making it as painful as possible. I may have to go back to Pay Pal. They charge more, but no problems and good customer service. Jack Dorsey is ruining this company through poor execution and management.
I hate to see someone jump to calling BBB just for something tiny like this. This in my opinion is a severe overreaction. What would happen if your customers started calling BBB if you shipped something to them on time and because it took time to mail it to them (just like money takes time to get through the system). That’s about what you are dealing with.
DO NOT USE SQUARE!!!! I don’t care if it does save you money in the long run its not worth it!! i have been with them since January and they were fine no complaints, up until i had an issue with an un authorized charge back from a delusional customer who felt as though the price was too high for a job i completed and charged him for a month before he disputed it, but any-who the customer DROPPED THE DISPUTE and i actually spoke with the customers credit card company personally (via 3-way call with the credit card company, the crazy customer and my self) and they confirmed that the dispute was reversed/dropped as of 10-6 and further more square “has gotten the funds initially disputed credited back to them”. SO with all that said square is and has been holding my money and telling me (via email of course) that they have not received any documentation that the dispute was dropped!!!!!!!!! are you kidding i spoke with the company myself that dropped the dispute I got the conformation why cant they?????? long story short do not use them you may not have an issue for years but when you have one your on your own!!! we are not talking small things people we are talking these people have your money and you cant get ahold of them or even get a straight answer as to what the f*$ck is going on it sounds like a ponzi scheme to me………….seriously
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Do not use square!!!! You will be sorry if you do. I had my account verified and everythjng before i started to take payments, because i was afraid of issues. After it was verified everything went along well for a few days. I had a good day where i did around 3k, all swiped. They let me go for one more day before I got some big problems. I will say that they sent me an email…but it came thru around 12 am…and it stated they were withdrawing ALL the funds they had deposited so far and holding the rest. Soooo i rushed to the bank and put a hold on that account, and proceeded the lengthy process with square. They wanted more and more info, till i found myself showing them my marrige licence and mortgage statement! Each time i sent more info they said they would get back to me in 1-2 days. They took at leasr a week each time, with this last timevtaking acweek and a half. Now, i was smart and 1. I used my businesses “internet” account. Its a regular account, but we onky use it for internet transactions. 2. I emptied that account everyday. 3. As soon as i got the email from square i put a hold on the account so square couldnt put me in negitive.
Square: Square lets you track basic customer information, like their contact details and birthdates. You can also sort customers based on their behavior, like how frequently they visit, or how much they spend.While the above mentioned tools are free, Square also offers email marketing for $15/month, and loyalty rewards for $25/month. The former involves smart email campaigns that sends automatic messages based on a customer’s number of visits, birthday coming up, etc. The latter is a customizable digital rewards system customers can follow using their cell phone.
To save battery, remove the reader from your device when you’re not accepting payments. The reader will not charge when it’s plugged into your device, even if your device is connected to a power source.

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