“Reviews On Square Up Summary”

Square deactivated my account recently without giving a reason other than claiming that I violated a section of the Seller’s Agreement. However, while Section 17 of said agreement allows Square to hold funds, it does not give a time period for such holds. Square is holding over $2500 usd from April to July. There is no way to contact them by phone and when I was able to contact them they were not willing to discuss the reason(s) for the deactivation of my account. Is this something that the Federal Trade Commission can handle?
Ripped me off $462 of my disability money. I sent two transaction which they told me went through successfully. Days went by neither account received their money. So I signed onto my Square account and they had deactivated my account for no reason. This money is my social security income!
YAY! Okay, now I can officially say that my experience, while a little uncertain for a small window there, was overall good. Square contacted me just now through email, approved my limit increase and is releasing my funds. Thank goodness…
I own a furniture store and Square deactivated my merchant account in October 2015 because a customer’s card failed to process a few times. They sent me an abrupt email saying that the decision to deactivate the account was final and that they are holding my funds (from the same customer that actually successfully processed the payment finally) for 90 days until releasing it to my bank account. In addition, I was left with no way to process credit card payments from my retail customers for a week until I got a replacement solution (Shopify). Today, I found that that not only are they still holding on to my money, they continued to charge for the Customer Engagement Pro tool on my DEACTIVATED account for the past two months. This was the last draw and I had to write this review to warn others of this inconsiderate company.
I am wondering how long it will take for the funds to be processed to my account, I never received the 10.00 that was redeemed for buying the square. Lets not start off on the wrong foot I am all for supporting but I dont need to be beat in the process
Yes, I just went through this yesterday. It is so rude of them to let you accept payment from a client and then want to verify you. I even sent my client the invoice and she paid herself, which clearly tells she was willing to pay since I am a reputable supplier for over 5 years. I am going back to square has a lot of drama with them. I immediately issued my client a refund through their site. I hope she receives it on time because they may make an excuse to hold that too. And now when I call to check on the status I can’t get through to square. Please stay away from this company because they will make you look bad in your customers eyes when you are honest. Luckily my clients are sweet but other clients are not. Bottom line STAY AWAY FROM SQUARE!
This is my fifth year using square, not one problem. However, I follow the rules, and I read the disclosures. In fact they have called me. I can’t believe all the people who use the system incorrectly and have a problem with the company when it goes wrong. Truly they should be on a cash transaction system only. Please people remember, it’s protecting your customers against fraud, not you! The iPad POS system is Equal to systems you could pay thousands to set-up and a monthly fee after that, and you can get it for free. For the businesses that have not fully investigated Square, and read all disclosures first, it’s a lesson learned. I have recommended Square to customers an local businesses and no complaints.
After one year of being the sole communication point with Square from signing the papers to implementation (and after 30 minutes on hold yet again), I was just told that , the owner of the business, am not an authorized user on my account! Laughable and pathetic. Surprise! Square did not set us up correctly in the first place!
Just yesterday (April 5, 2010), a customer tried to make a $1,000 purchase with a MasterCard. The card was declined by Square. I then took him to the physical location of the business, and the sale went through with no problem using the wired terminal in the shop with the same credit card that Square declined.
Second, with all the “personal” smart-phone gadgets, how do i know that my CC info is kept secure? We always hear about busts on gas station attendants & waiters swiping cards into other devices when given a card.
2.75% is the general flat rate taken out of every transaction. If you must key-in the credit card info—if you’re taking the order over the phone, or for whatever reason—the rate is increased to 3.5%, plus 15¢ per transaction. Theses rates are pretty darn low, and there are no other activation fees or anything—if you don’t use it, you don’t pay anything. If you’re really using it a lot though and those percentages start to become significant, you can opt to pay a flat $275 per month and pay 0% for each swipe. However, this option does have its fine print: for ‘keyed-in’ transactions, the same 3.5% +15¢ applies, and for sales over $400, the 2.75% applies. The one other unexpected catch is that you can only manually key in $2,002 worth for a seven day period, though through actual card swiping there is apparently no limit.
You raise the possibility of building a site using WordPress with embedded content from Square Marketplace. While that can be done, it seems like a strange approach to me. I say this because the ecommerce tools available to a WordPress site offer so much more power and flexibility than anything you could do by embedding content from Square Marketplace. To put this in perspective, the most popular ecommerce plugin for WordPress, which is WooCommerce, is the most popular ecommerce solution across all websites, according to a 2015 survey.
They are holding over 50K of our Companies funds and some payments have been held for over two months. Can not speak to a human and the only e-mail response I got was that they were investigating Suspicious activity. We rent vacation homes and do transactions of $5000 ~ 10,000 each. All of my customers say their credit card was charged long ago and some have even paid their bills. Why is my money being held?
Square today rolled out a potentially game-changing new service in the form of Square Cash, which allows anyone with a Visa or MasterCard debit card to send money to anyone else with a Visa or MasterCard debit card, via email. Square, Jack Dorsey’s San Francisco payments startup, charges no fee and the money will arrive sometime between instantaneously and one day later. Reviews of the service are very positive. You can transfer up to $2,500 a month via Square Cash, which means it could be useful for everything from settling up with friends to paying rent.
In reviewing the reviews for Square, it seems as though many others are having the same issues that I have encountered. At first, I thought Square was great…my business is small and I liked the quick swipe of the customers credit cards and then deposit to my business checking account.
Customizable dashboard: Square lets users customize the information they see in their dashboard by dragging and dropping different widgets. This is always a nice thing to see because not everyone will use every single feature Square offers — and if you aren’t using it, you might not want to see it front and center on your dashboard.  
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