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I will tell EVERYONE I KNOW how horrible Square is! I had a customer request what Square calls a “chargeback” in the amount of $602.97. The company didn’t even ask me about it. They chose to deduct the amount from my checking account! Does this mean that if a customer gets a burr up their butt that they can just lie to Square and automatically get a refund? I have tried calling them, filling out Cancel Account requests, e-mail…..you name it! Square is a crooked company and should be removed from all types of business!
I just spent two days writing back forth with someone called “Terence” that has cut off my account because I asked how I could stop my SquareUp account. Talk about passive aggressive. “Terence” has done more damage to his company than any little square white cube could do to itself.
Thought this product would be a very convenient way to process transactions wirelessly as well as a great back up payment method should there be an issue with our main merchant account.On August 29th in the greater Vancouver area we had major windstorms knocking out the power in our area. I thought it was great that I could still process transactions for my business although the power was out and our interact machine was not working and had clients in the business that received services and were required to pay prior to leaving.I processed about $3000 in transactions which is not a lot for our store but enough to be an issue if we do not receive those funds.I received an email from square saying they were not going to send me the funds and I would have to send them a photo ID (which I did), 3 bank statements (which I did), website, Linkedin profile etc etcDid everything they asked for and then just received a letter saying they are deactivating my account as they suspect that the transactions or activity is fraudulent? Which is weird as no transactions were manually keyed in, all were with a card. Some of the people we processed are square users as well and square had their previous info on file. I also supplied a detailed letter as to why I had to use my square reader in the first place. They are holding all funds hostage for 90 days without interest and deactivated my account?I would definitely try another payment reader before using square. The cherry on top is I got a letter with a note on the bottom saying. “Oh and all decisions are finale!” lol
Square hasn’t invented anything new; for better or worse, it has simply made credit card processing more accessible to the masses, largely through oversimplified pricing. Square pays interchange fees to issuing banks and assessments to card brands just like any other processor. If you don’t know what these fees are, you should really take a moment to learn. Interchange is credit card processing’s version of wholesale, and the vast majority of interchange rates are significantly less than the 2.75% and 3.50% rates that Square charges.
On the other end Amazon register and Paypal here never give me any problem of sort, they forwarded to me transaction higher than the one Square is holding and they are way more transparent on their policies.
The question is whether encryption would have made any difference. From a security point of view, probably not. But it would have made a major difference by not allowing competitors to abuse it as an alleged security problem.
A main competitive advantage that has allowed Square to hold the top spot in the mobile processing market has been the company’s ability to offer a flat processing rate with no credit card transaction fee. Until PayPal Here, competing mobile solutions relied on traditional merchant accounts often paired with a third-party mobile application like ROAMpay where transaction fees can range upwards of $0.25.
Intuit answered the phone after the second ring and after pushing a button or two, I was talking to a real person. They verified they had phone support and after I explained what was going on with square, they seemed surprised something so simple wasn’t possible to resolve.
We have been using square since it’s inception – first on a trial basis now as our primary CC acceptance units (I own 2 computer/cell phone stores, and have techs who travel the midwest with onsite work) We were using Chase bank, but they (like most CC companies) hold high dollar transactions as well, and we had to run a min. of $3,000/month through to meet the min fees, plus a monthly service and gateway fee, with square it is cheaper since half our transactions are in the field, and half are at the stores – We initially did have to wait a couple of weeks for some $$$ when we took over $1000 in within 7days, but that was clearly state in the ToS from DAY 1! so no surprise (READ, READ, READ), no issues yet, we can get new card readers whenever we need them (right on their site in your account), we run about 10,000 through a month regularly, most transactions are about $400. All money is in the next day – we do run refunds as well – most are done within 3 days, out of over 50 refunds in the last 6months only 2 took more than 4days to go back to the customers account.
Honestly, the stress is not worth it. There are plenty of other payment systems out there that stay there for their customers. If you are thinking about trusting your money to Square, think again. You will save yourself many, many hours of stress and anguish. After they get your money you are totally left alone. Not worth it AT ALL. Technology is great, but still humans are better..
Had no problems… over the last 4 months Square has allowed $6500.00 of charge backs for services preformed 3 months before. Send everything to challenge the dispute! No customer service whatsoever and then force me to re verify my account then close ot with no explanation holding $2500.00 of my customers money and refuse to release it.
Square Appointments allows your customers to self-schedule appointments. It also allows you to send them notifications and reminders via text and email to reduce no shows. What’s more, it integrates seamlessly with Square Appointment’s payment processing, so that your customers can prepay when they schedule their appointment.
I don’t believe I misrepresented anything at the time of the original post. There were problems. Some merchants claimd, at least, that they were unable to give printed receipts, and Square’s email receipts at the time were inadequate.
this is the worst company I have ever had to deal with. set up account ran the card now cant get funds for 90 days and no one to answer a ? you can bet on one thing I will never give this company a good review
Free cost break down with side by side analysis of your last months processing statement & fee’s that you payed using Square. The other side of the cost analysis will show what you would pay processing with Swipe Bancard. If you have any questions please dont hesitate to contact me. Thanks
DO NOT USE SQUARE. They have absolutely, without a doubt the worst customer service i have ever experienced. It is literally IMPOSSIBLE to get someone on the phone (they have an email only policy), and a response to even a simple question can take days, sometimes weeks. Great marketing, nice ease of use, but HORRIBLE once you scratch the surface. Avoid at all costs.
Over charging. They constantly exceed the 2.75 percent. I do not do instant deposit now as the charge an additional 1 percent. New rule without notice. I have requested an audit if my account to no avail. If you want customer service or set fees I recommend using another company. If the BBB gives this company an A + after over 1600 complaints all that means us they paid their dues with the BBB. Business owners beware you have no recourse without a lawyet
When someone purchases something from you any other company that takes mobile swipes has a computerized system that applies an ISBB electronic code to your company name and you have to be approved to seek with any other company. When an item is purchased you companies name appears on the sale !! NOT WITH SQUARE.
If they are telling you that you are high risk I am guessing that you may be on the TMF list or the do not process list. held by MasterCard that every merchant processor looks at to see if you are “high risk”. I went through something when a business partner got his name on the TMF list and I tried to process for multiple merchants and kept getting my account shut down even through Square. I removed his name from the business legally and that corrected the issue I was having. If you are on the TMF list it will be there for 5 years and then it drops off.
After many years 100% problem free, out of the blue Square falsely accused our business of running personal cash advances and summarily deactivated our account. We attempted to resolve the issue numerous times. Their responses were boiler plate if they responded all. They lock you out of customer service and their forum too. Enough to make your blood boil!
Here’s how it’ll work. Starting Monday, any individual, business or nonprofit can create a Square Cash username — or $cashtag, in Square parlance — that consists of a dollar sign followed by a name, such as $DelRey. With that username, a person or business can automatically set up a simple payment page at https://cash.me. Mine, for example, is cash.me/$DelRey.

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