“Square Business Reviews 2018”

A month ago I noticed that our daily summary hadn’t included a huge tab from the night before meaning, we looked short. I called Square and they apologized profusely saying the transaction wasn’t “captured” and they “will push it through now.” Had I not called, we would’ve been short thousands of dollars. Fast forward 30 days, and here I am today – this time for over 8K in funds from last night. “I’m so sorry – the transaction wasn’t captured. This NEVER happens.”
That’s not to say there aren’t issues. Square cannot offer flawless account stability as a result of its aggregating. Please remember that Square is not for everyone, despite the company accepting virtually anyone who applies for an account. There’s a long list of prohibited businesses, including “high-risk” products and services. If you fall into this category, you are better off with a merchant account.
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I hate this company and am glad that there are options. My reader has never worked, I ask specific questions to their suport team and get form letters back that do not answer my questions, They withhold my money for 30 days, Now I am having issues with the rolling seven day pierod which is not seven days but 8 days. Every possible way that this company can take extra money from its clients, it does. Also the fact that they do not have a customer suport number and that they do not even give there name when they respond by email is really poor buisness. They were the only company for a while they could make there own rules but they are not now and I am leaving.
Square does business with STARBUCKS. I believed if a company of that size trusted them, as a small entrepreneur, I could too. I wonder if Starbucks can reach them, contact them? I’ve ask the local stores but no one has a number or name either. Wow with a capital WOW!
Most importantly, if low pricing for merchant accounts is important to you, don’t automatically assume that flat rate is it. Simplicity is not the same thing as low cost. You can read our Square vs. PayPal Here comparison, or check out the detailed CardFellow Square Review. 
Many remain skittish about email receipts (possibility they can be easily forged). But the one I got today from a merchant using Squareup is likely to pose a special problem. While it is a visual receipt, not just a text-only email, it merely lists “item” without any details, and it does not detail which credit card was used (only the generic Visa). This can be a special problem for travelers who might have multiple cards for various reasons.
– If you lose your square dongle you will not be able to process credit card transactions through the reader, whereas with a standard merchant account, your stand-alone terminal will always be in the store and bears a significantly lower risk of being lost since it doesn’t travel with you each time you leave the store.
SQUARE now says there is NO recored of this transaction. I have a printout from my customers bank and it clearly shows the transactions. But the continued emails from square claim there was no such transaction. ALSO, I have to figure this out via email alone.
Low prices: The basic Square card reader is free if you order it online. If you buy it at a retail store, it costs $10, but Square reimburses the $10 to your designated account after activation. You can add other devices for separate fees. We discuss them in the pricing section below.
I have no confidence in Square or any financial service that does not provide telephone support when my bank account is involved. I signed up on line and received the square device in the mail a few days later. After I signed up Square was supposed to put a test deposit and withdrawel to my bank account . They keep “emailing me” that they did , but two months has gone by and there has been no test deposit to validate my bank account. Worse, takes them 3 or 4 days to even respond to an email and even though in every email I ask someone to call, I have never received a phone call., . In every email, I asked the question “do you offer phone support?” The question is ignored. I am mailing back the square device today.
A nice thing about Square is that they have an offline mode, so even if you don’t have an internet connection you can still accept card payments. The payments won’t be authorized until you get to an internet connection, so there is a chance that a transaction could fail. But it’s better than nothing.
PayPal is not responsible for the 3-4 days it takes to deposit the funds into your bank. It ALL depend on YOUR bank. My funds are usually there in 2 days and I bank with Regions. PayPal deposits it and you bank does the rest as far as processing it.
They also launched at an opportune moment: 2009, in the real credit crunch trough, with trust in finance brands associated with the status quo incredibly low. So in addition to the very real money benefit to vendors, there may also have been a particular appetite for new and innovative finance brands. Speculative but that’s allowed I understand.
Did you notice above that some payment types charge a higher fee than others? Square’s payment processing fees are based on how the sale is made: in-person, over the phone, online, or via cash transfer. Some have higher fees than others based on the risk involved. Here’s a closer look at what these risks are, and how they apply to your business:
I had the unfortunate problem of being affected by a server bottleneck with Square. During a recent small event where there were a few [8] merchants selling their wares we all started having issues with cards being processed. Transactions were timing out. This was not a WiFi or Internet issue as other apps and web pages worked very well. During one transaction at the point the customer began to sign for their sale the screen went back to the register. Since the transaction was approved and the customer began the signing process it was apparent that everything likely worked out well. While the customer wanted to be sure and checked her bank app, I tried to view the transaction summary on the Square App – it timed out, repeatedly. Seeing that the transaction was pending with the customer we agreed that it did go through. Being in a tricky situation where I could greatly upset a customer and others around me which would be disastrous, we rested upon trusting her bank. As it turns out the transaction was cancelled by Square so I immediately reached out to them to report this issue and attempt to salvage this sale. They took 9 days to respond with a very pedestrian first level tech support answer and did not address any of the information provided. In fact the response was far off topic. I immediately replied and 8 days later I received another tech support response, at least on topic but not directly related to the specifics. I again immediately responded and a day later received an email telling me to contact the customer. Now, I would have done this by now if I was allowed to see the customer’s information. You have to pay for their marketing services to be able to see customer information, I use another service. Responding with that detail I received a response some days later telling me the customer was contacted and I may expect a response. Well, no word from the customer and giving them 30 days to respond I decided to follow up with Square and stress the point that this was a system failure on their part and can be documented by others to validate. All I received was an automated response that the case was closed and I need to open a new case. Square likes to blame the end user for their limitations and failures. They refuse to be cooperative and helpful. I am no trusting their chip readers any longer as the failures seem to be more related that device. To continue to use their services I am at risk of more transactions going unpaid and presenting a very unprofessional image to customers by having to question their cards. Square took too long to respond and did nothing but point fingers at me in place of jumping to action to help. I am out money and time dealing with them and feel that they don’t care. I feel that these situations need to be made public and Square should be required to track and report publicly system integrity issues as they happen. All of this is not small business friendly!
square started out great until they began holding funds , the most annoying part is not being able to get phone help promptly. keep in mind if you process a refund they will freeze your funds for over a week. if you process 1000 manually withing in 7 days they will freeze funds for 30 days. who does that ? need less to say i am quiting square for now it causes more damage than good.
That’s not to say that Square’s system is perfect. The phone support system is still limited only to merchants who can obtain a customer code and then dial in. People whose accounts have been terminated cannot reach Square on the phone, as the company says they will only communicate via email once that happens. (From everything I’ve read, all indications are that you won’t hear much from Square at all once your account is terminated.)
I wish I had read these reviews before attempting to use Square. I am a sole proprietor, and they don’t seem to be accepted at Square. The first transaction I did was flagged and rejected, now a question of what happens to that money. I can’t get my pay and lost good will with a client by convincing them to use this mistake of a company.
Hello Shaun, same situation. Operate a legitimate auto repair shop and second transaction was held. We all need to use the blow em up approach so this doesn’t happen. If they think I/we are high risk, don’t process any more cards, but to without payment isn’t right! Please send me the number and extension so I can get my money deposited. Thanks
They ruin it for other companies that are Internet virtual companies, by violating the trust factor, not making it possible to speak with them on the phone etcc I feel like they ripped is off and there is nothing we can do.
That was SIX MONTHS AGO and I still have not received a resolution to the chargeback. In that whole time I’ve had many dozens, maybe hundreds, of emails and phone calls ignored. Only once have I received an email reply from Square which was over three months ago when an employee named Jessica replied to one of my MANY emails assuring me that the chargeback would be resolved within seven days. Since then, I’ve resorted to calling and emailing DAILY. No one ever answers the phone or responds to messages or emails.
Same thing is happening to me. Jan.2012 a customer did a chargeback after a misunderstanding . The customer contacted the issuer and did a reversal. I recieved the chargeback notice after the reversal date.Sent all documention to Square (signed reciept from customer and reference number for issuer). Still 4 months later still no money. The customer has been charge and my account still show the balance owed. Square will not answer my e-mail and have left many voice mail. Not sure why they would want to treat me this way, just make no sense. You can have the Examiner contact me. If there is a lawyer out there looking to make a few bucks this woukd be a good class action .
Same with me they have aprox 18,000.00 of my money with no way of contacting them. I have tried a few numbers and they all will hang up if you do not have a customer code. I finally was sent a customer code and called them back 1-855-700-6000 Im sure you all are familiar with that number and the number they provided was invalid. I tried this several more times with the same results. If anyone has any better luck please post !!!!! My blood is beyond boiling at this point !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
For instance, if you usually sell vintage items for under $25.00 each and then you decide to sell a vintage car for over $75K, you might present a risk for yourself and for Square with that larger-than-average sale. Square may look at that $75K sale and think “drugs, guns, or pornography” and they may close your account. Plus, you may turn blue holding your breath waiting for Square to release your funds.
As a result, Square Register is not fully compatible with all of Square’s features and add-ons, such as Appointments or kitchen display systems like FreshKDS. Register does work with Square Loyalty, however.
I accept that they have the right to terminate for any or no reason as that is in the user agreement. However, I do NOT accept that they can hold my money for 90 days without prior notice. There is nothing in the user agreement that mentions a holding period of 90 days for ANY reason, I have never had a refund, dispute or chargeback and this was a repeat customer that charged with them many times.
I am planning on filing a class action lawsuit in the next few days. I have no doubt in my mind — since my cards have all been charged, that Square is depositing these funds and making interest in the interim while causing damage to my advertising company, giving me a black eye and causing NSF’s to accumulate. Enough is enough!
So the moral of the story here is: Square *DOES NOT* replace a standard merchant account if you have one, but it does allow you micro-businesses (or sole propietorships, which is the case with most individuals [i.e. barbers, hairstylists, dog trainers, etc]) to get started quickly and easily and with the least amount of overhead possible, which a standard merchant account typically has some kind of overhead fees associated with it, but then before deciding to accept credit cards in the first place, a merchant should probably already have a customer/client base, otherwise accepting credit cards can be a costly expense in the beginning, with PCI compliance, and other things to be concerned about.
I like the flat 2.7% charge, but it’s hard for me to imagine that I shouldn’t switch to a slightly higher rate to ensure that I can actually get to my money! i usually appreciate and go with market innovators like Square, but if they can’t successfully administer their business and everyone else has caught up in terms of technology then they deserve to be passed up by established companies that understand customer service!

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