“Square Business Reviews for Farmers Markets”

Square has the absolute worst customer service of any company I’ve ever dealt with in my entire life. Avoid them at all costs since there are now viable alternatives. I couldn’t possible be more pissed and if anything remotely unusual happen with your money and Square, you will be pissed too.
I’ve reached out to Square for clarification on its security procedures and fraud protections, and will update this article once it responds. But right now it looks like using Square Cash at least opens people up to the possibility that a hacker could empty their checking account.
If anyone is considering this company, save yourself the money and the inevitable heartache by using truly reputable companies. there are so many options out there that are less expensive and really user friendly. t will be the best thing you can do for yourself and your business.
I’m a fairly new user of square and the Marketplace. Offering this site actually helped get me off my butt and into throwing product out to see how it does without a lot of hassle and cost. For that I thank you!
You’re lucky, don’t use them. They took $900 out of my acct. and said..they gave it back to the customer who disputed the (provable) transaction..But there is no verification that this chargeback ever occured!
Square Point of Sale (formerly Register) is the free Android point-of-sale app that gives you everything you need to take payments and run your business. Accept card payments with a Square Reader or Square Stand. Funds are deposited fast—see money in your bank account in one to two business days. Use Square’s Android POS app to keep track of sales and inventory in real time, manage items and employees, and view analytics about your business. There are no long-term contracts, no commitments, and no surprise fees.
Also just as a comment I am not affiliated with Square, cardpaymentoptions.com or any other business other than my own which is http://www.OpinicusSoaps.com. I simply want to help those who are having issues or need clarification on Square because I sincerely believe and support them as a great credit card payment option.
I signed up for Square Up a week ago and just starting using. there are so many bugs in the application. I have sent 14 emails today alone to support and NOT one has been answered. how does this company ever expect to stay in business without any customer support. I will be looking to…
I could not be more UNSATISFIED. This is FRAUD. These morons have NO CUSTOMER SERVICE NUMBER! How the hell is that possible? When you call customer service you cannt get through to anyone and they just hangup on you. So its a FAKE number. No one to talk to. Square has been holding on to our money since Oct of 2012! When I inquired about why there has been No deposit, i get an email back in 4 days stating, oh…there has been an inquiry on your account so we are holding on to the payments!!!! what? why was I not informed? Why did i not get an email stating whats goin on so we can resolve this asap. Instead, they just kept collecting my $ and now they keeping it! This is FRAUD. I will contact BB, this is terrible customer service. I would sign up with another company. I am done with square!
Square is not delivering as advertised. Sales made on Saturday are not processed according to the schedule they say in their FAQs. The wait for the deposit takes far too long. I am talking about a small amount under $25
They hold our money for over 30 days, I could not find a way to email them every time I tried I always got the same response. Mail not process yet, we had to borrow money to pay our suppliers and our employees due to Square holding our money for 30 day. What a horrible company the Feds should get involve with a company like this and put them out of business. They are scumming people with their money.
I am considering accepting credit cards via Square for used electronics/camera sales advertised on Craigslist. Usually I would only accept cash payments via an in-person transaction, but I think that I would sell items quicker if I accepted credit cards. Money is tight in the current economy…
I have had square since June 2011.it has worked great for me. I haven’t had more than 1000.00 a week though. I was paying so many extra fees with my last credit card company is why I changed to square. They work really great for me. Only problem Is I am trying to get some kind of statement from they on my fee’s I have paid to them for my tax records. Can’t get it on my account page for all of last year. Called there customer service number and waiting for them to call.
Square users beware! The Square contract allows Square to access your bank account even after you stop using Square because of the terrible service. I had to go to my bank and sign a document barring Square from accessing my bank account. Laurel Redd has long been a proponent of Square and I am happy that she has had good luck but there are far too many complaints about Square’s customer service (or lack there of) to dismiss. Square notified me that I would have to wait 90 days for funds and I was unable to reach anyone at Square for an explanation. Inexplicably, the funds were released prior to the 90 day limit but I never heard from Square even though I called 23 times, left a message each time and sent numerous of emails. Needless to say, I dropped Square like a bad habit and switched to GoPayment by Intuit, which is a real company with real customer service. Since then PayPal has also introduced a service similar to Square except that they actually have customer service, too. There is no reason to settle for a questionable service like Square when there are other reputable options with superior company values.
If you process say for a lemonade stand or baked goods sale, by all means, use square. If you’ve got a company, expenses, bills to pay – stay far away from square. I so wish I had done my homework on this company. I hope they go out of business.
PayPal: Square and PayPal offer similar services, but Square offers more features for vendors operating mostly on a mobile device. PayPal takes the cake on ecommerce, but limits functionality for vendors needing the full gamut of services on-the-go. Most notably, their inventory capabilities are very limited, making it more of a payment processor rather than a full POS.
By the way, thanks for your service. At first I was leery of your site; it appeared potentially slanted toward firms that may have been advertisers or sponsors. As I continue to follow the conversations, I can understand some of your rankings. I do question whether Square is actually holding funds from some accounts for 180 days, though. 
I agree with the easy of use for aa occasional merchant such as myself but the very first transaction I ever accepted with square got a charge back 4 months after the transaction and none of the documentation got me my money back. I had the persons card in front of me but no card reader so I input it manually. If it was a fake transaction how did I get their CCV code from the back of the card? I also think its crap that square hides the email address where I sent the reciept for the transaction, so I will now have to copy all email addresses in case someone tries a chargeback 4 months after the fact next time. What really pisses me off about square is that in the past couple of weeks I have seen them on tv advertising their “service” ( more like lack of service ). If they can pay for national tv commercials why can’t they pay for real people to man their help line? Or outsource it to India? They have to be making millions but they are still cheaping out on customer service. Total corporate greed in my opinion.
as a seasonal small business owner, I have to say, over the past two months of using square card reader and square register, I’v been very shocked. No problems, almost all of my payments the CC is present. the next day the funds are transferred to my account. It doesn’t matter is if its $45 or $1500, If the cards present it’s transferred. I feel bad for people who didn’t read the information or are trying to use it for active internet businesses for which it wasn’t designed. All I can say is smarten up. It’s designed for small store front or walk-up businesses. I absolutely love square register is made it easier to train employees and reporting is a breeze. if any has questions please feel free to call and ask, i’m not an expert, but it works for me with less hassle.
More of a theoretical point but if the charge being disputed you shouldn’t have access to the funds.. Nor should the person disputing the charge. If you were a fraudulent business the customer would be “FOL”(Fresh Outta Luck) and vice versa.
I have been using Square now for a few months, have not had any trouble; however, I will comment on their customer service because they really don’t have anything that could be called “service” with regard to their customer base. I have not had a need to contact them regarding any critical funding situation so my issues were resolved over email but still NOT promptly and NOT without hassle. I did notice a difference between choosing the option of not requiring a signature and requiring it. Funds were held more often when a signature was NOT required but since going back to requiring the signature I’ve not had a single fund held. Sadly, I didn’t get this information from using Square FAQ or customer service, as I got it from reading blogs related to mobile processing in general.
Square has no idea about customer service! My account was labeled as a high risk account because I did large transactions but never had a refund, did anything fraudulate, or misrepresented my company. I did over $700k in 8 months and they never had a problem with me plus i was getting valued customer emails all the time! Then they dropped my account because I questioned why they need documentation after every transaction from the same individual I had a transaction last month? I gave them the documentation and They cancelled my account per paragraph 42. Which say the can cancel you for any reason! Then when I tried to get someone to call me to explain why the just dropped me, they gave me the run around. BE CAREFUL! It can happen to you!
Merchant accounts vary much more in their contracts. It’s still (unfortunately) common to encounter 1- to 3-year contracts, some of which auto-renew unless you provide proper notification, typically at least 3 months in advance and in writing. Some have early termination fees, or ETFs, (usually in the $300-400 range) if you cancel your contract before that. Even if you don’t have a long-term contract or ETF, you might still have to provide formal notice if you plan to switch.
They recently acquired Caviar (“Seamless for high end restaurants”) and has toyed around with a lot of different businesses, but they’ve not figured it out. They grew fast but seemingly in the wrong direction and space.
Square has a long list of add-ons and integrations in its app marketplace. They include accounting tools, ecommerce, invoicing, POS systems, inventory, and a lot more. This is great because it means if you don’t want to use Square’s tools, you don’t have to.
I read about all the problems on the Iphone app when I got this thing and I decided to try it anyway as a secondary solution to my online cc sales account that I use pro pay for. Pro pay limited my per sale to $500 and so square looked appealing to me because of the no limit part. I did read the $1000 rule on their site and I use it mostly at my auto detail shop for small “upsales” for $10 to about $100.
Square is good for on-the-go transactions we do. We are a mobile food truck/pre-packaged meal service and this has worked well for us. Had a few times where customer support was needed and couldn’t reach a live person…that was frustrating. Overall, good product, reliable.

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