“Square Card Processing for Farmers Markets”

I have been in the retail automobile business for 35 years and never encountered the utter nonsense that those clowns perpetrated upon my company. it almost cost me my job. The held up 69k for three vehicles for 30 days. I was under intense pressure to get the money. They deactivated my account refused to speak to me, said my only way to communicate with them is by email but never responded. We finally received our money but Square is anathema to me now. The biggest joke of all was after we received our money yesterday I received an email from a woman telling me my account has been permanently deactivated which is hysterical if they ever thought I would do business with such an unscrupulous company again. I closed my reply to that womans email with ” I feel sorry for you to be working for such a bunch of thieves go be a stripper it has more dignity.” With my apologies to strippers.
I left a comment 3 months ago. I’ve been trying to get money from square last 8-9 months. They were holdin more than 12K of my money. They told me i am high-risk customer. Because i dont sell cofee or donuts, they put me in high risk. I process yearly over 500k credit card payment and they think i am high risk?? After sending 30 emails to their customer service, they finally said they will release the money but it will take 20 weeks. They are going to deposit 500 every week !!!! Yeahhh!!
I have also given Square the web address of this forum to see if they can get a rep to monitor this site and give us help as we need it. They rep that they will get someone to look at the forum and see what they can do.
Square INITIATES the transfer in 12-36 hours from sales – sometimes it takes 48 hours – never in my experience longer than that once your account is set up properly – and as far as I know they don’t initiate transfers on Sunday and I don’t remember seeing one go on a Sat either.
If there is no activity in your Square Account (including access or payment transactions) for at least two years, consecutively, and you have a we will notify you by sending an email to the email address associated with your Square Account and give you the option of keeping your Square Account open and maintaining the Balance, withdrawing the Balance, or requesting a check. If you do not respond to our notice within thirty days, we will automatically close your Square Account and escheat your funds in accordance with applicable law, and if permitted, to Square.
I am extremely dissatisfied with Square. I have been using this service for about a year now and even though their rates are extremely high, the service allows me to take payments on the move. However, I put a payment of almost $3,000 through yesterday, and they are holding my funds for 1 – 2 business days to verify the security of my account. On top of the hefty fee, they reserve the right to hold any amount of funds at any time and do. When calling I spoke with a rep by the name of Todd and he refused to transfer me to his supervisor, tell me his last name, offer a phone number of someone that could help. So, my funds are held and there are zero representatives that I can reach to release my funds. I will be switching service providers.
You can choose to send invoices to your clients right from the Square app. It’s free to send invoices, and you’ll pay 2.9% + 30 cents when your client pays the bill. (There’s no charge to your clients to pay.) If you need a physical copy of the invoice, you can print them, too. Best of all, invoices sync with your Square Dashboard so you can tell at a glance which invoices have been paid and which are outstanding.
We live in a world of “zero fraud liability” (“I don’t recognize that charge”, “I didn’t do that transaction, I lost my card.”), and “customer is always right” (“I’m unhappy with the product or service”, “I didn’t receive the product or service”).
While many credit card processors have complex pricing structures with different rates for different types of cards, Square offers a simple, flat-rate pricing plan, with a 2.75 percent processing cost for every swiped card. This processor doesn’t distinguish between different card types, so whether it’s a debit, credit, rewards or corporate card, your rate is 2.75 percent. If you have to enter a card’s number manually, however, you’re charged 3.50 percent plus a $0.15 per-transaction fee.
In terms of credit card processing, if your business does a lot of key entered transactions PayAnywhere will be more expensive, but if you do almost all of your transaction via swipe then the 2.69% rate at PayAnywhere (as opposed to 2.75% for Square) will save you a bit of money in the long run.
Update on this review: I found an e-mail address online to contact Square ( I could not find one on their website) and this issue has been resolved. Resolution took about 4 days. Square approved my applicatipn to upgrade my deposit limit for manually entered sales and released the funds being held. I do wish they provided more immediate customer service and access to an actual person. I hope they will work to achieve that but I am happy with the outcome of this issue and am comfortable in saying I will continue to use Square as my credit card service.
I need to know if there are adjustments I need to make to my image to make it work. Do I need to embed a specific ICC profile in my image? Is it because I’m working on a Mac? A Square representative referred me to Canva to edit my image, but I have edited my images in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, two world class graphics programs. I need to have my previously well manipulated and edited images upload the way I have professionally edited them. I need to know how to prevent the online store from distorting my image. It will distort a Canva image just as much as it distorts a PhotoShop image, one thinks.
Square inc. is a PUBLIC company and it is traded at NYSE under the stock symbol SQ with a recent valuation of 5.4 Billion Dollars. A Company at that size should be held liable for making the life of small business owner a living nightmare, deactivation of account and holding funds with no reason could be devastating to some business owners, specially when the payment was for service, not a tangible product. With so many complaints, it is time to file a class action lawsuit against Square inc.
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**I can give you an example from my PAYPAL Review. which these companies are one in the same, just a different name and different feel/look. PayPal has such as terrible reputation that they often outsource as completely new Businesses; they are all one in the same tentacle! They all will treat you with the same amount of DISRESPECT, there should be an uproar, people really should be taking all their money out of these companies and just pulling back and closing their account; but they have such big companies making millions per day, they get cocky and have power control issues. So, they will meet their ultimate destruction soon and I don’t think you will want to be apart of this.
Account Service: Perhaps the inordinate amount of complaints against Square’s services prompted Square to beef up both their in-house service and their online help center. Try the online center first for issues, because we found hundreds of well-written and easy-to-follow instructions there. If you can’t find information at the Help Center, you can contact Square through a contact form, Twitter, Facebook, or by phone. In all cases, you may stand in line or get a ticket number for your phone request. Phone requests are Monday through Friday, 6am to 6pm PST.
Square held my funds the first time I used the service and that was enough for me. I dumped Square over a year ago and my bank had me complete some paperwork actually blocking Square from accessing my account. I switched to Intuit GoPayment and they are great. They have real life customer service that actually knows what they are doing. I have since added PayPal Here as well. I already had a regular merchant account so I can use the Authorize.net virtual terminal but they are a little high with all their fees. In fact, yesterday I signed up with PNC to switch the processing to them and lowered my fees significantly.
Out of so many hold funds they are keeping, I believe they are plundering using their policies to appear it is legitimate for them to hold our money. I think there should be a recourse we can take to hold them criminal liable for using our sales proceed as their own funds. I think they should have civil liability to us for disrupting our business flow, they should not only return of our sales proceed but also for pay damages for cost our money there are using.
I have never had such difficulty trying to find a phone number for any company I have ever worked with…at the end of the day, we are all judged on how we treat our customers and is obvious to me Square is NOT about customer service…whatever you do, do not make it convenient for a client to talk to anyone live…that would be well, too much like customer service. I think the C- is a very genorous grade. I am taking my business elsewhere.
At least I am not alone in my complaints against Square, Inc. Like many others here, I have had my own run-in with Square, Inc. using their Square credit card processing device. I signed up for Square and received the card reader in the mail within a few days. After installing the app on my phone, I tested the system by processing a few transactions over a couple of weeks time frame. These low dollar amount transactions went through without a hitch. Thus, I cancelled my Authorize.net account which we were paying on average, around $500 a month in fees and charges. And for the next few months had no issues using SquareUp.
Square lacks some of the customer service features we look for in mobile processors. It doesn’t offer live chat, a dedicated rep or 24/7 phone support. In order to use Square’s phone support, you must be a Square user. This prevents you from calling and asking questions if you’re shopping around for a processor. However, on Square’s website, you can find a rich knowledgebase that provides detailed information, FAQs and a community forum.
When visitors land on that page, they are greeted with a big box to enter a dollar amount for a payment. Next, they enter a debit card number, expiration date, the CVV code on the back of the card, and ZIP code. If they haven’t previously signed up for Square Cash, they’ll also enter their name and phone number or email address to activate a new account and receive an email receipt of their transaction. Payment complete. (If you really want to try it out, my cash.me page above is indeed live. The good folks at Re/code do pay me, but there’s nothing like a little monetary tip from loyal readers to boost your self esteem on a Monday morning. Plus — and this may be TMI — I really could use a new suit for the Code conference since the only one I own has recently become a little snug in all the wrong places.)
Now since you had refused payments and REFUNDED THE WRONG PERSON, I told the customer to cancel it. Now you are threatening to steal $1695 out of my bank account!! AND THERE IS NO WAY OF CONTACTING YOU!!!! You send me a threatening email with NO REPLY. What kind of shady operation are you running that you can wreak such havoc over one’s finances and be completely unavailable???
My funds usually deposit Monday morning when a transaction is made on the weekends. This time no funds, I sent an email to the customer service support and received a reference number this morning and no reply. I think that was the last time I will ever use the square. Searching online now for another reader that has a live customer service contact number
Smartphone payment systems are the next step in the evolution of credit card processing. Business Insider estimates that by 2020, sales made via smartphone apps like Apple Pay and Android Pay will account for over $500 billion in revenue (versus 2016’s $75 billion). Brian Chen of the New York Times suggests that the adoption of chip-enabled cards may serve to speed up the digital wallet trend, since apps like Apple Pay offer near-instantaneous order processing.
You’re lucky, don’t use them. They took $900 out of my acct. and said..they gave it back to the customer who disputed the (provable) transaction..But there is no verification that this chargeback ever occured!
The company says it always had a focus on data. But for a time, Square was far more concentrated on consumer-facing products like Square Wallet, which simply required customers to give a merchant their name to pay for items. Square Market, too, made it easy for businesses to create an online storefront.
If you accepted this transaction as “card-not-present” meaning you typed in the customer’s information into your square terminal, your case will be that much harder to prove, and odds are unless you have definitive proof the customer received a product from you (i.e. like a UPS tracking number, etc) — odds are you will lose the case (and the money), as well as be subject to chargeback fees and so forth from Square.
1. Eliminating the middle man. “Before, we had to go through a gateway person, a terminal person, and then a lender,” says Tony Adams, who owns Big Wheel Provisions, a catering company with food truck services located throughout Orlando, Fla. “With Square, you go from signing up to having an account in about 15 minutes, and it’s all very secure.”
I had a very bad experience with them, I set up my account and I had a customer pay me, then they came back saying that my account was deactivated after my customer had made a purchase. They held my money, and they’re saying that they won’t deposit it until 90 days later. That is riduculous, I reported them to the bbb.
She spends most of her time hopping in and out of each Square-built app – in many ways not any real difference from Tim’s problem above. The Square apps are not integrated, they don’t sync, and they each cost their own ongoing monthly fees or transactions fees.
To offset processing fees, many businesses (especially those that tend to handle smaller transactions) choose to require a certain dollar threshold before they accept credit cards. If you decide to set a minimum for card purchases, be sure to check local law and ensure it is legal in your state.
Thank you for your clear, concise and unbias evaluation.I am a new start up business owner and I was reading thru and trying to evaluate squareup services and I think you helped me a lot.I now know which way to go.Thank you Laurel.

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