“Square Card Processing for Small Businesses”

HORRIBLE customer service and merchant protection. I have been happy with their service for 3 yrs. We have a 5-star rating from our customers using Square. ONE customer complains about wanting his money back for a transaction he knew was a used part (it is in working condition, etc, etc…) he probably decided to just not buy it anymore….and Square decides, without listening to us, to his money and take it all out of our account. I have contacted our bank and we will get the money back. Absolute disregard of anything we had to say about the transaction. Now we dont have the money or the merchandise because the client has disappeared and not answering our request to return the merchandise. Goodbye $2700. THANK YOU SQUARE. You just lost a client.
i used square for about six months & everything was going well. on two occasions i made deposits from my account to another account & although they withdrew the money form my account, it never deposited the money in the other account. for 2 weeks ive been trying to find out whats the problem & even by leaving email ive yet to talk to anyone. i ended up having to pay this person with my own money. they have no way of contact. once i find a way to get the withdrawn money back, i will throw the square card reader in the trash where it belongs. would not recommend this company to my worst enemy.
Square, Inc. Customer Service’s Response: They told me that they can NOT Dispute The $20,000.00 for ME On My Behalf (Even Though I Am The Payer) and said that I need to contact American Express To Dispute It!
I have lost a lot of money because of Square. Their contactless/chip card reader is a piece of junk that will not connect to the app when you need it. I have had customers standing there when the reader would not connect and I lost the sale. It’s junk. Never use Square under any circumstances.
I would like to help with this lawsuit. $700+ dollars they have held for over 1.5 years without giving it to me. They have 100% stolen my money. I want paid plus interest. Call me at 979 248 7916 (ANYONE WHO WANTS TO START THIS LAWSUIT WITH ME) Thank you in advance for your support. Looking forward to your soon reply and call. My name is Wesley. Again my number is 979 248 7916.
As stated in the email you received regarding the deactivation of your account, the funds will be held 90 days from the date of the deactivation. Since your account was disabled on November 25th, these funds are due to be released February 23, 2014. Typically funds will be shown in your account the following business day after they have been deposited, but keep in mind that each bank’s policies are different so it may take a little longer. You’ll receive an email as soon these funds have been sent to your bank.
I am extremely disappointed in Square’s service. I used them for a government contract I did. They wanted to pay with credit card so I tried out Square. What a mistake. They are holding over $15000 of my money now for over 2 weeks. I have a business to run and have changed the amount to release on teir website and have had token responses from their support people. Still no money.
Delis, coffeeshops, and other small food services: These operations can find a home at Square. Square has taken on Whole Foods’ delis and also is working with Starbucks to take debit cards. Square likes the food industry.
The same app for locations allows my customers to pay through the app, see our menu (not order from the app just view the menu), but my customers can start a tab from there app and on my iPad register I can see who has tabs open and close there tab when they are finished.
Square closed our account without any notice. Completely non-existent phone support to find out what happened. Now they owe us thousands and are ignoring our requests to find out when we can get our money. Completely unprofessional and borderline criminal behavior.
Square does have an online selling option, but for your purposes I would actually recommend Flint. You can add customized payment buttons, and users will not even have to leave your site to pay. You can also use payment pages hosted by Flint if you prefer. I think that you’ll find their online tools better suited to your needs than Square’s, plus you’ll likely end up saving money overall. Check them out.
Privacy and security: Keeping your personal information secure is one of our most important responsibilities. For an explanation of how Square protects your personal information, please visit the Square website to read our Privacy Policy.
so i loaded money to send to my mom then the money went missing also i got 8$ worth of gas but 100.00 was removed from my account they said it was a pre-authorization hold it would fall off but it never did so around the same time that day i used the card at Walmart…
Square is hold on to my funds. My first two transaction was fine. Now after my third sale, my funds is pending. I received a email stating my account is under review. And my funds will be on hold or suspended until my account is verified.

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