“Square Credit Card Limits 2018”

I process over $40,000 a year of transactions using merchant services. I thought switching to square would save me some money. But it looks like the money I would save will be spent on medications for headache caused by Square’s complications. I think I will stay with Bank of America merchant services. Business owners beware
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This company has a really bad way of handling a buyer’s information. I made the mistake of filling out the profile with a merchant when I purchased an item. Much later when I made a purchase with another merchant who used a Square device, it had my basic information and my email address for an electronic receipt. That’s all fine. BUT recently I paid for a service which the merchant used a Square reader and my electronic receipt went to someone else! This happened the same day, twice, with two different merchants! I don’t want my purchases flying out to anyone. Square has a responsibility and duty to protect a buyer’s privacy when it comes to purchases. What if they had been purchases that were of an very sensitive nature (they weren’t).
Unlike other people, I’ve never had a client dispute a charge. I think when people run a business that is prone to disputes – customers not recognizing charges, then it may not be the best avenue to use. I work with my customers anywhere from 6-9-12 months… They recognize my charge and it usually the same amount each month.
Charging a customer to use a credit card, also known as a convenience fee, is illegal in some states. Currently eleven states have a law that prohibits merchants from charging a convenience fee to customers.
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about a Black Friday sale. They could only have gotten this email address from my 10/2016 Square purchase. Perhaps there was fine print somewhere that said my charge allowed Square to sell my contact information to Amorino Theater District for commercial gain, but I’d never have allowed it if I’d known.
Apple launched what seems like a competing product this week at its Worldwide Developer Conference called Passbook. But as Sarah Perez explored it, it actually may be an opportunity in certain ways for Square and other players in the ecosystem. Square has a hands-free payment feature in its iOS app which lets users to opt-in to a geofencing feature. It gets triggered when you and your phone are within 100 meters of a Square merchant.
I have used square for two years without any issues. This week I can’t log in and no funds have been transferred to my bank. I can’t get a customer code so unable to speak to customer service. It appears to me there is “no” customer service. I signed up for Amazon Register today as I’m sure I’ll never hear from Square again or get my money. Very disappointing.
I was with Square for a little over a month when out of the blue my account was terminated. I called and emailed without any success then finally received a form email stating I was in some kind of violation of their legal terms of use. After reading over those again I was still confused as to why they had disconnected from the Square service. Should they have felt something was awry with my use of their service I would have appreciated a head up, an email, anything. Very dissatisfied with Square!
I’m a consumer, and just got my first Square “receipt” through the email from a merchant, and want other merchants to know I will never use that merchant again. I didn’t give the merchant my email address for a receipt, didn’t ask for a receipt because it was a small purchase, the merchant didn’t ask me if I wanted a receipt, printed or otherwise, and I have no idea how Square got my email address. I will try to track that down and put a stop to it if I can, but getting an unauthorized email regarding my credit card is unacceptable to me.
I have my site on GoDaddy – Not sure what it was, but I was told I needed some secure stuff with PayPal…That just expired, haven’t renewed yet. Sounds like I need to look into that when I get the chance.
I sign up with square in May I got the first payment that came into this company. Then a payment of over a thousand dollars went in to my account with Square, that was on May 31. I can not get that money because their want post it to my account. In June Square deactivate my account. We all need to call in a lawyer. This company sound like a scam. The Phone # don’t work, don’t answer E-mail.
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Interchange Rates are what credit card companies charge processors (like Cayan, Square, PayPal) each time they run a credit card or debit card for you. Unlike flat-rate credit card pricing which applies the same percentage to all charges, with Interchange-plus rates, you pay a lower rate when your shopper uses a debit card.
I am extremely disappointed in Square’s service also. A customer wanted to pay a big ticket item by credit card so we thought we would try square. What a mistake. We were approved and told to begin using the reader. They are holding several thousand dollars of my money now. They have ask for way more personal information than needed and drug it out over several days saying “they need more information”. They are slow or unresponsive to any email support. I finally received an email in which they have decided to hold my money for another 180 days. They offered the option that I could refund the amount if I didn’t want to wait the 180 days BUT they will take the funds from my account in addition to the funds they are holding. Then I would be out double the thousands of dollars and that will still take several days/weeks. Is this even legal?
Square boasts some of the best setup and service terms of any of the mobile processors we reviewed. It received 100 percent on our ease of application score for allowing you to sign up online with minimal requirements, which makes it easy and fast for small businesses, including sole proprietors, to sign up.
Visit “squareup.com”:https://squareup.com/ for an itemized list of your transactions, broken down by date, tips, tax, and payment method. Click on any transaction to see associated metadata, including where and when it occurred and its processing fees.
Sounds like the same problem as I am having. Use my phone for my transactions, had to do a reset on the phone. Now it won’t let me log into my account and they will not respond to any emails. I am waiting, but have limited faith in their customer support.
I put in the deposit amount they sent to my bank to verify my acount and it said my account i activated and I’m ready to accept payments.. So I did and now have no access to my money and nobody to contact.. It says my account is not linked.. This in my mind is in acceptable.. No live customer service just an automated response to emails.. Once payment is received I have no interest in doing further business wit square.. I would re consider of there was live support..
I know that with that kind of business volume I should be processing it with a proper company and in fact we have since established a relationship with a major bank to do that. Regardless, this is no way to treat a customer. If you accept customers that do large transactions you are responsible for accommodating them!
The biggest change, though, is its pricing plan: Square is offering 2.5% + $0.10 per card-present transaction. This basically means merchants with an average ticket size less than $40 will pay more with Register than they would with an iPad and card reader. (Sorry, cafes and micro-merchants.) Whether the costs justify what you get depends on perspective, though.
With Square’s setup process, you can usually process cards the same day you sign up. It can take up to 10 days for your swiper to arrive, so if you need to accept credit cards before you receive the equipment, you can manually enter card data, but you’re charged the higher, keyed-in rate. Alternatively, you can purchase a Square magstripe reader at a local electronics store and receive a refund on the purchase price.
If you’re having trouble processing a payment, be sure you’ve updated the app and you’ve tried these app troubleshooting tips. If you’re still having trouble, contact us for help with a specific transaction. 
Have you re-reviewed Square since the recent article showing that the dongle when connected via the headphone jack is hackable and thus compromises the security of the processed payment? I am follow your reviews and am interested in your view on this recent discovery.
Awful. We had a similar awful experience thankfully my client got her money back in 48 hours and repaid me another way. I was going along and all of a sudden they cancelled my card. No reason was given. I find them ruthless in their dealings and they also were not communicating, do not take calls and I hope they get investigated and get put out of business.
Thank you for writing in. Please know that when you received a chargeback on 9/2/12, we attempted to hold funds associated with that chargeback. These debit attempts failed 3 times, which is a violation of our Merchant User Agreement Section 28: https://squareup.com/legal/merchant-ua.
This 5-step guide can help you take payments faster, significantly reduce employee training time, generate robust sales and inventory reports, and cut your administrative time in half. Watch the video below for an overview of how to get started with Square:
I am unfamiliar with Square and need to find out what administrative support they offer and how that compares with Paypal’s Reports and other payment processing such as invoicing, which I believe was mentioned in the post. I also have worldwide customers and utilize Paypal for all my transactions. Using Square’s reader service would mean going from one solution to shuffling two services.
Limited In-Store Selling Features – If you want to expand into in-store selling, you really need a full POS system. For this, you’ll have to add a paid POS system that works with PayPal like Vend, TouchBistro, or other POS partners.
I have only made 3 transactions with Square before the trouble started. A friend paid her contribution to my rent because she stayed in my apartment for over a month. And I swiped my own credit card to transfer money from my European bank account to my US one. This was actually one of the reasons why I got Square at the Apple store. I am always interested in new gadgets, and this one seemed handy and useful. When they sold the device to me, and when Square took my money, noone told me that I have to be a business, that all transactions have to have goods and bills – at the Apple store Square card readers are sold to naive customers like me without any explanation.
I use Square very seldom so it is easy to track deposits from Square to my account. We own a one room vacation rental and rent to fishermen etc. Anyway…I recently had two charges using Square for the rental. I received an email saying the first charge was accepted and a “Daily Summary Report” saying how much I charged. I never received a “Square has sent you” report for this particular stay. AND…the money is not deposited into my account. The customer was charged. CAN’T get a hold of Square via phone to ask for help. Sent and email, but still no reply. Hope I hear from them soon. Otherwise I will call the customer and ask them to cancel the charge amount on their card.

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