“Square Credit Card Problems for Restaurants”

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Square Feedback: Merchants can interact with customers who leave feedback through this software. Managers receive alerts when customers leave feedback, and the merchant can respond through the Square Dashboard online at the Squareup.com website.
While Dharma Merchant Services does the bulk of its work in the retail and commercial sector, it has a strong niche in nonprofit transactions — which are booming especially via online donations. Dharma, a B Corporation with subscriptions for $15 a month, offers reduced nonprofit rates. Like Payment Depot, Dharma doesn’t offer one lump rate for all transactions, so your ultimate costs would depend on each credit card’s interchange rate, which can vary upward of 2 percentage points depending on the card. For nonprofits, Dharma charges 0.20 percent + 10 cents + interchange for storefront operations; online it’s 0.30 percent + 15 cents + interchange. PayPal, by contrast, has a flat nonprofit fee of 2.2 percent + 30 cents that’s constant despite interchange fees.
To clarify, we do use a traditional credit card processor for in-store transactions, and we’re happy with their service. We used Square specifically for e-commerce, because they created an easy-to-use software to list and sell items online without setting up a complicated shopping cart, any programming knowledge, or any monthly fees, just a reasonable percentage of each transaction.
Thanks for all this great info. I am wondering if I set up a small online store with Square (since it’s so inexpensive and simple to get started), will it be difficult to later transition to a more flexible online store choice (WP, Shopify etc) when my business begins to grow?
I loved square for 6 months. Then out of the blue they want me to verify my account so they can release my money. They have held it hostage for over a week because as much as you verify and even try to call you don’t get answers. When calling they want you to type in a customer code that doesn’t exist. Very frustrating, I hope I can find a more reliable company.
Customer support is extremely bad. In the past I have received payments the next day. This time they arbitrary decided to held the funds. They are not a reliable company and they have lost my trust as a company that delivers. In the business community I need to rely on a company that delivers what they say they will do and have some kind of live customer service. Going to look for another source for CC merchants
I loved the product. I carried the Square reader with me any time I traveled to events, and used it to complete hundreds of transactions. I told everyone who would listen how it was the best thing since sliced bread.  When the regular credit card terminal at my store broke down, I used Square while waiting for a replacement terminal to arrive.
F- Joined Square in Decembar 2017 company bank account was verified by Square in December, received my Square strip reader in early January. Processed my first transaction on January 24th by entering the card info into the computer payment accepted, everything seemed fine but amount never transferred into company bank account. Waited a week as clients money needed to pay for products they ordered. Payment never received contacted Square and they replied account deactivated. As such could not call(deactivated) to find out why as this was my first transaction. Square Email response was after through review deactivation stands(still no reason why?). Was able to get refund back to very unhappy client who wanted to know why and I still don’t know why. Dealing with Square is very Kafkaesque when most you need to talk to them there is no response only you are deactivated.. Funny thing my other store uses Square and have had no problems, but I would stay away. Something is wrong with their business model.
BBB Business Profiles generally cover a three-year reporting period. BBB Business Profiles are subject to change at any time. If you choose to do business with this business, please let the business know that you contacted BBB for a BBB Business Profile.
C- is too good for Square. Here is the scoop …. A card was presented and swiped, it was a much larger than our usual dollar amount and the Square software asked for the # to be keyed-in, the clerk didn’t think anything about it and keyed it in with the expire date, etc, the customer signed it and drove away in their new used car. That should not be the case and I believe it was done on purpose by Square to attain the larger fee. Square did release 2k but I have to wait another month to receive the balance on the transaction. Can you say fraud? I’ll be looking for a new processor. I’m on the fence as to reporting to the FBI.
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As you read the negative reviews, please keep in mind what they are not telling you. New Businesses, unrealistic expectations of a company, that will always favor the customer and remember you are not the customer, you are a conduit or portal for the transaction, inconsistent transactions, high volume of not swiped transactions, and My favorites, COMPLETELY Incorrect type of business for the service. 4 years and never one questioned transaction, with transactions from $1 to $100 processing 100’s of thousand of dollars. I thinks is more of the 20/80 rule, 80% of the negative reviews coming for the 20% that didn’t have a clue or read carefully. Just my opinion. Sorry!
How many people do they do this to and get away with it? For me, three thousand dollars is a lot of money. I want my money and I am not going to let up or go away. But at what amount do you write off a disputed transaction that Square has frozen, and not bother to jump through the hurdles they create, in order to get paid?
I’ve been waiting 96 days for $8,871 to be deposited, they asked me documents which where provided and legal. I provided proof I was at dragoncon and spent $1,600 to be a vendor there. I’m now out of business and still waiting on these funds emails are always the same saying we’ve made our ruling and it will be 90 days we are way past that. I’ve since lost my house and now living with friends and they do not care enough to respond. Beware these crooks!!!!!!
I asked Square to make me a map of their transactions to see where they had users. The map you see at the top of the page shows one hour of transaction volume on a Friday afternoon. The size of the bubble represents the volume of the transactions while the different colors indicate the types of users that Square has.
If the transaction was “swiped” meaning you swiped the customer’s card through your terminal, than a potential fraud or fraud case will be a lot easier for you to prove (since the card issuer will check and verify the customer’s signature obtained through your square terminal) and will likely be dismissed (meaning you’ll get the money back), but if it is a customer dispute case, you’ll have to prove the customer did indeed receive your product or service.
Square is definitely on the right track with providing an easy credit card processing solution with no long-term commitments and no monthly fees. The service is proving to have some major drawbacks for higher volume merchants, though, because of murky fund holding and poor customer support. It appears that Square is best suited for individuals who have an occasional need to accept a credit card payment, such as babysitters and flea market vendors. The service does not appear to be a good fit for merchants that either have a high volume of credit card sales or that sell high-ticket items.
Emma – I think most people on here had an excellent report with Square and like yourself with no problems. But the biggest problem is, one day square just up and deactivates the account, no notice, funds held, etc, etc –
…So our 10-year-old LLC started using Square Up back in April 2013 when we saw their funds delivery turnaround time and easy mobile app access, and everything seemed to be going well at a pace of ~$6,500 per month in transactions, until…
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Drawbacks: this may have changed, and is probably only applicable to the restaurant/hospitality industry, but there was no way to allow a customer to add on a gratuity and then finalize the total amount of the sale.

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