“Square Credit Card Processing Review Comparison”

I t just joined square , after I signed on one time put all my banking information, I have been unable to logg back on. They made the 49 cent transaction to show it so call works . But their is no one to speak to about this probllem. Here is a great idea for all. since this company has numerious individuals banking information and we have no human to speak to it is starting to look like this is a scam, report them to the better business bureau, Attorney general in your state.
Shopify’s monthly fee makes Shopify POS pricier than both Square and PayPal, but for multichannel sellers, the cost is worth the convenience. If you plan to sell both in-person and online, Shopify Lite is an ideal risk-free launchpad with competitive mobile credit card processing rates and a low monthly cost.
Square is a total ripoff and a joke. You swipe the card and then it does not go through so you have to manually put the card information in the reader. Once you manually enter the card information these jackasses say that they will allow me up to $5000.00 per week. After the $5000.00 finally goes into my account the last $4000.00 is held for 30 days. If they allowed $5000.00 last week the difference should be put in the following week, but guess what you are screwed for 30 days. I am filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau which already has over 70 complaints on file.
I was concerned as the fact that there is no easy way of getting a hold of them till I Found there # on here and that # again is: 415-375-3176 The phone rang 2 times and it was answered! The guy was Nice, and understood what I was asking..
First off, the security factor for both merchant and consumer. I know as a middle-aged consumer, i want a physical trace of my transaction such as a paper receipt. Plus as a merchant, i want physical proof of the swipe and the customer’s signature as well.
QuickBooks GoPayments mobile app has good reviews in the app stores, and its seamless sales integration with QuickBooks makes it a natural choice if you use QuickBooks to manage your business. But GoPayments is missing a few key features, including:
This is the Fastest Point Of Sale (POS) to set up. You can have it up and running in one day. It’s super easy to set up you can do everything from your phone, never having to use a computer. Processing fees are fair, you can shop around but the processing fees with Square are hard to beat. Mobile this will work anywhere you have power. You can accept cash, check, and credit cards, tracking all sales in the POS. Credit cards can be accepted offline and processed later ( you must accept some risk that if the transaction is declined you have lost revenue).
The trickiest part of the situation you’re describing is the need for offline processing. Browser-based virtual terminals will required wifi or data, as will most mobile processing apps. Aside from Square, the only app I know of that can do this is the M+ Terminal from goEmerchant. (Maybe worth checking out.)
My mother has a bail bond service. She used square until square found out she was a bonding agent.Square told her that was not the type of business they wanted to be connected to. I thought money was money.
I had the same issue when I first started with square. I called them and let them know that I was going to be running much larger amounts through my account and the 1000 a month was not going to work . . .if I remember if you swipe the card instead of keying it in you get paid the following day. My understanding is that they do this to allow a relationship to develop otherwise any scammer could run false cc for 30 days and take the money and stick square with the bill. So you need to let them know you need to increase your limit and I think they pay out 30 days from initial charge . . .gve it another week .. .at this point you are still within their rules and regulations so a lawsuit will do nothing but make you feel better…
Terrible the worst. Do not use they will keep every dollar you charge to them. I cannot believe this is legal for them to do this. No phone number and High fees They will change rate and not tell you. Then hold all your funds for 30 days or more. With out a reason..DO NOT USE!!!!!!! I HAVE FILED A COMPLAINT WITH THE MANY OTHERS WITH THE BBB.
-If the charges were fraudulent than honestly the person’s credit card who the charges were made on should not have to pay (put yourself in that person’s shoes; the one whose card or identity was stolen and you will find that you agree).
Read the fine print. Any credit card processor worth working with will tell you its rates clearly, simply, and up front. There’s no reason to pay hidden fees, so don’t do it. Watch out for leased equipment (it’s usually not worth it) and multiyear contracts too. Many processors have no monthly fees and no commitments, so there’s no reason to sign up for something you’re not sure you really want or need.
After a payment dispute by a disgruntled customer, square debited my bank account for the entire amount disputed. Because I didn’t not have the opportunity to gather necessary paperwork in time (Less than a week) square didn’t stand by me. I’ll be looking for another processor ASAP.
Contract clearly states there are no monthly fees yet I was charged $18.99 for several months. Its partially my fault that I didn’t look for these charges. But from the prior post I read it wouldn’t have matters because like everyone else there is no actual contact number to talk to an actual human being. I spoke with the “dispute center” who told me to dispute through my merchant then get back with them. I sold Pure Romance products and they did not have anything to do with my problem. They asked for the last four of my card, the transaction dates, and the description transaction name. I gave it all to them and they still did nothing. I deactivated my account because they date they previously charged me was coming up. I hadn’t heard from them til after I deactivated my account. After I did so they stated they couldn’t do anything further washing their hands of their responsibilities. I do not understand how this so called company is still running eith all the above problems.
Customizable dashboard: Square lets users customize the information they see in their dashboard by dragging and dropping different widgets. This is always a nice thing to see because not everyone will use every single feature Square offers — and if you aren’t using it, you might not want to see it front and center on your dashboard.  
frost those square fools… i love them but i hate them more… i even returned to them but left wanting to stab ’em in the face… they froze over $10k of my money, sent me the bs email that they will hold my money for 180 days and if I didnt want to do thay i should refund my customers and have them pay another way. So i was like hail yeah I’mma refund all my payments then, and I requested the refunds for like 6 transactions at first. checked the next day… the status says refund rejected… Wth?!? after rubbing my eyes I read it again and yes that’s what it did say.. refund rejected. I asked customer support wtf is that and what do you mean rejected?! they said they don’t support refunds to prepaid cards when a tip has been added. I don’t understand wth that means because i accepted visa or mastercard cards, and i hear from their lousy explanation is… hello we’ve decided to freeze your money and hold it for you for 6 months and if you don’t like it you can try to return the money but we can’t really support that. a simpler translation would be we is stealin yo money for 6 months because we can sucka. yeah i’m not so sure about that, either way… after this happened i was scared, angry and was looking for some reassurance… my investigation found that i’m not the only that they did this to, and apparently if you looked at their bbb site they have a ton of complaints all of which they resolved by flashing their user agreement even though it satisfies nothing but themselves and bbb. the common issue i also found amongst complainers is that they all claim to want to file suit against square, but those baseless threats aren’t any good and as you can notice there hasn’t been any reports of square being sued… and thats because no lawyer in his right mind would take a case like ours because the user agreement pretty clear and protects the from you filing suit against them… however, here’s the special bonus for all users of square that has been duped by their services and misleading advertising, you can’t do anything to square because your blocked by their agreement simply due to signing up… do you know who can give them trouble ? your customers, your customer may file suit directly to square for theft. yeah thats right, you just simply have your customers file a police report against them because you pointed your customers to the perps that are in possession of their money. you understand what i’m saying ? don’t even tell square whats up because they wont take you seriously as they think they are protected behind their user agreement. have your customers file the report… and list you as someone who aided them is resolving this criminal act of stealing… yeah im not a lawyer, but i’m not a moron either jack. you will never be next steve jobbs… your ignorance is damning, i mean i still respect you for your innovative thinking, but if thats all you got, and you dont give a damn about your own clients that you are hurting with your double edged sword then screw you. this is exactly what you deserve, finally some litigation and negative limelight on your shady services company. have great day pursuing your enemy everyone !! don’t forget possession is 9/10ths of the law… they stole who’s money ?! yes that’s right your customers.
There’s no lack of complaints against Square across the web, which is pretty easy to confirm with a Google search. While there’s no shortage of complaints, remember that there’s a lot of good press out there too — we’ll get to that next.
I own a small retail store that does a high volume of credit card purchases. I recently signed up wIth Square. The first week of doing business with square they deposit all credit card funds the next day in my bank account. To date, August 23rd, they have not made any deposits into my account for over 1 week & are holding over $8300 of money. I need this money to pay rent, payroll, sales tax, etc. I gave tried to call Square over a dozen times & have never been able to reach anyone & all calls are cut off without taking any msgs. I have written at least 5 e-mails & none have been answered. I have received no letters, e-mail or notifications as to why they are withholding my funds. I will go out if business if they continue to hold my funds. A small business that does over 65 % in credit cards must be able to access their money to continue. They have no customer service at all & the guidelines they have on their website gives one a false representation of their true business practices. I cannot imagine anyone ever using Square that runs a busy retail business.
The easiest way to start using Square is to go to Square’s website, or to download the Square app from the Apple App Store or Google Play store. Signing up for an account is as simple as entering your tax information. For an individual, it’s a social security number and some other personal information. Square is very clear about protecting your data, but it’s always good to be wary of anything asking for this information. Other card readers, like PayAnywhere and QuickBooks GoPayment, make users go through a lengthy vetting process if they aren’t an established business. Square is much more convenient.
This is the worst company do not use this if you want to keep your hard. Earned money they owe me 9600 dollars will not reply to emails no number to call someone email me a good number to talk to a person [email protected] Business owners beware, I was unaware of the $2002.00 weekly limit for manual entering of credit card data. Since none of the three square readers I have were working I paid the additional transaction fees and entered a purchase manually with the client standing there, she even signed. Needless to say I was shocked to learn Square would be holding 1/3 or the total sale for 1 month from purchase date. This seems to me as a very suspect way to float funds for an unreasonable amount of time, what guarantee do I have that I will actually get these funds deposited in my account after the month is up. What if Square becomes insolvent during that time. Huge risk for a small business owner. Read the minute print, wish I had, I would have never agreed to these terms. If they do not resolve this situation ,I will not only be reporting them to the Better Business Bureau but also to the State Attorney General’s office and the Federal Trade Commission. Would certainly suggest finding an alternative credit card processor.
This article is potentially misleading… There are many variables to consider when comparing a flat percentage rate like Square against an interchange plus pricing model for merchant services. Square does not charge a transaction fee, so merchants with a smaller average ticket (i.e coffee shops, smoothie bars, etc) may see a LOWER effective rate even with high total volume.
After 5 year with no issues, they started asking for all kinds of documents, and i actually sent them everything. Had $1500 in the account and they shut my account down thinking they can keep my money. Filed a case with the BBB, and they quickly responded and said they will release the funds
So Laurel and everyone out there. After three weeks without word one from square, I got this. Checks bounced, no chargebacks had been made, NOTHING. I was able to refund all the money to my clients and checks are on their way to me now.
Square automatically deposits funds to your linked bank account within 1-2 business days. Instant Deposit is available for a 1% fee of the deposit amount. Learn about your deposit options with Square.

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