“Square Credit Card Reader Reviews for Small Businesses”

Monthly statement / support / service fee Some payment processors charge a flat monthly fee for support-related services, including the preparation and mailing of your monthly statement, as well as general customer support Free
While many credit card processors have complex pricing structures with different rates for different types of cards, Square offers a simple, flat-rate pricing plan, with a 2.75 percent processing cost for every swiped card. This processor doesn’t distinguish between different card types, so whether it’s a debit, credit, rewards or corporate card, your rate is 2.75 percent. If you have to enter a card’s number manually, however, you’re charged 3.50 percent plus a $0.15 per-transaction fee.
Apparently even though Laurel has a website, she must not use Square to procuess sales that are made outside of her physical location, as she is advising you not to run any credit cards that you do not swipe, as am I.
I am currently using Square to receive payments from students at a small school. I take about 30 payments per night, and have had trouble with Square. If my staff forgets to write down the name and amount the student paid, I haven’t found a way to go back into my square account, and see the name of the person that made the payment. I called Square, and they said its for privacy reasons, but if the student is paying me, then I should be able to know their name….right? Does anyone know if PayPal would allow me to go back and check the names of the credit card holders if I needed to?
WORST COMPANY EVER! They took $31K from my customers, then suddenly, mysteriously, are holding it while they “verify” my business, after doing business with me for one month, and having two people come out and visit me (at my request). NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH SQUARE – I can’t WAIT to talk to Jack Dorsey!! I’ve been in the financial services business for 35+ years – i have NEVER seen such a terrible experience for the client – I will make sure EVERYONE knows what I think – i can’t even get anyone from Square to talk to me.
Square is definitely the worst company of all mobile processors. I had an account with them, and one day they just decided to hold all my funds and deactivate my account!!! Even after giving them SOLID PROOF of identification and invoices and signatures of customers, they said that I “violated the rules” of Square.
After many years 100% problem free, out of the blue Square falsely accused our business of running personal cash advances and summarily deactivated our account. We attempted to resolve the issue numerous times. Their responses were boiler plate if they responded at all. They lock you out of customer service and their forum too. Enough to make your blood boil!
I’m a health care provider. I try to use visa cards that are from health savings accounts. These cards have never been accepted by square and I can never get answers, or a live person for any help at all. I miss out on a lot of collections. This seems to be a serious fault in Squares services and i’m looking to jump ship to another company that can at least provide help via phone. I hate being left in the dark…
We operate a retail bakery and cafe and although we’ve only been using Square for about a month, we have no complaints. The POS (register app) is not perfect, but the price (no additional charge) makes up for a lot.
They also launched at an opportune moment: 2009, in the real credit crunch trough, with trust in finance brands associated with the status quo incredibly low. So in addition to the very real money benefit to vendors, there may also have been a particular appetite for new and innovative finance brands. Speculative but that’s allowed I understand.
We should note that we are web developers with experience building online stores for a variety of businesses. Typically we use WordPress, which is exceptionally flexible, robust, and powerful. This our first Square Marketplace store.
That money earned back is exactly why I use PPH. It offsets some of the fees, which is nice! As a weekend art show participant, I also like that my funds are immediately available. I usually do not transfer them to my bank account since I utilize the PayPal debit MasterCard.
To begin, we have been using Square for almost 4 years. Over that time we have integrated square more and more into our business. We are happy to report that this has been a great decision. The app is always being updated and keeps getting the features that we ask for. All you have to do is email or call and tell their customer service department what features you really want to see in the future. Then sure enough in a month or two the very thing you asked for is added in or has some beginning resemblance of what you had asked for. Do not be deterred by the negative reviews. Most of them are people who have decided that the review section for the app is the best wY to ask a question to the support staff. Or they may be engaged in some kind of shady business that is prohibited by square.
Square is bad for even small businesses. I learned this week that a transaction that had been handled, just like all of my other transactions, had been voided. I guess there is a void transaction X in corner of the screen, that the customer can hit at the point of signing for their purchase, either on purpose or by accident, that voids the transaction. And since I did not know about it, I was not checking me email immediately after each transaction to make sure it went thru. I am not out a lot of money, but for a small business, every dollar counts. Who would create a mobile credit card processing system that allows customers to void the transaction (after it have been “approved” or “authorized”)??? I have to hand them my phone to sign for the purchase. They can void the transaction instead of sign for it? Hand me back my phone, smile and walk away. Are you kidding me?
Thanks for filing with the BBB. The more of us that flood them with our complaints the greater chance there is of them lowering their “A” rating, or setting up a customer support line. It would have been a red flag for me to have them with a low BBB rating.
So what program do you guys suggest? What is the next apps for small businesses that accepts all forms of payment with no hassle? If your paying with a credit card, any program, any swipe, any computer transaction, HAS YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION WITH YOUR PERMISSION GRANTED AT PAYMENT and does not need permission to send a emailed receipt or survey. Your lucky that is all the information, which is sent to only you from square or ANY FORM OF ELECTRONIC PAYMENT.
While it is clear I have no rights and while I think I understand why they debited the funds what really makes me mad is the fact that I have been with them for more than a year consistently running credit cards with no claims, and I don’t have a voice, and further, there is no way to talk to anyone. I have sent three emails with 0 responses. I followed their process to include sending the requested documentation as quickly as anyone could, provided detail and did follow up, but nothing. It will be interesting to so just how quickly this mistake is corrected and they refund “my money” back. I’m not going to hold my breath.
I have sent for one by mail, never got it, I bought one can get it to down load because my e-mail has been used before by me trying to get the first devise, because my email and passwords have never worked together. I can’t talk to you, this is the first time I a have even found anyway in which to make some sort of contact. It seemed like a great idea, my friends device work, but no matter what I do, just can’t seem to get anywhere. So what’s a person to do?????? Got any ideas??? Or would it be better that I just return the device to the store??? Francis Howell
When Square Up First came out they were good in my honest opinion. However I found out later when they changed some polices and I needed to contact customer support what kind of company they were. Also they did respond to my emails. Finally what I did was gave refunds to my customers and the refunds to my customers were instant. Then I recharged my customers with http://www.emscorporate.com/ and its been very easy. The ems+ reader is much more easier to swipe and they dont keep mailing you new ones as square up did each few months.  EMS+ is perfect, You get a payment and its in your bank in 48 hours. Now the fee is a tad more however at least you get your $.
Square wouldn’t line up with my bank tried to get customer service, the response was don’t expect a response, they were right I got no response. I spoke with my bank manager to see if it was something on my end, the banks end. Bank said Do Not Use Square. People lost money or held for super long time. And worst of ZERO CUSTOMER SUPPORT. I’m in a service type business, YOU NEED GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE, IF NOT CUSTOMERS GO ELSEWHERE.
If you process a Square Gift Card payment and the balance doesn’t cover the full amount of the sale, you’ll need to click Done from the signature screen to continue on to process the entire sale amount. If you don’t process the entire sale amount, the sale will be voided.
Frank, do you mean to accept credit card payments with a mobile device? CardFellow itself isn’t a processor, but yes, there are processors in our marketplace that support mobile processing. Are you looking for a processor?

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