I am unfamiliar with Square and need to find out what administrative support they offer and how that compares with Paypal’s Reports and other payment processing such as invoicing, which I believe was mentioned in the post. I also have worldwide customers and utilize Paypal for all my transactions. Using Square’s reader service would mean going from one solution to shuffling two services.
ENTIRELY my fault for NOT reading the comments and looking for reviews before setting up with the square! They are holding my funds now because they need to verify my business? I’ve sent them everything I have, and they keep asking for the SAME information!! My client’s products have been shipped out, I’ve paid my vendor for the merchandise, but now I have nearly 5,000 that I can’t have access to for no reason. This is BULL.
I am having the same problem with them. They are holding $7800.00 of my business money. After processing 3 credit card payments I received an email from them stating that they have “suspended” deposits going into my account until I provide them with a bunch of documentation. I have provided them with the documents and got the famous message about them replying in 24 hours. I still have not received anything from them and they will not answer any emails. I still do not know why my account was suspended and have no idea when it will be opened back up. In the meantime, I have unhappy customers who want product and money tied up with SquareUp. They either need to release the money or refund the customers cards back so we do something different.
The credit card associations are owned by the issuing banks, and they have set it up to favor their customers (the card users), and to minimize their risk. Thus, to successfully dispute a chargeback, you have to have a lot of evidence–evidence that you almost never can have for an online sale.
I was concerned as the fact that there is no easy way of getting a hold of them till I Found there # on here and that # again is: 415-375-3176 The phone rang 2 times and it was answered! The guy was Nice, and understood what I was asking..
I’m not entirely sure how to do this, but I am 100% sure that everyone working for this company is a complete idiot. Do yourself a favor, pay your bank the annual fee for credit card processing. Maybe this is a great system for someone who sells candles at the farmers market on the weekend, but if trying to operate a real business with actual revenue, this is not for you.
…So our 10-year-old LLC started using Square Up back in April 2013 when we saw their funds delivery turnaround time and easy mobile app access, and everything seemed to be going well at a pace of ~$6,500 per month in transactions, until…
I tried to inquire, first by phone (not one to be found), then through their support. My inquiry is clearly attached to an autoresponder which points you to the direction of their legal agreement. I went through it, and really, just as the article indicates, they can terminate for any reason whatsoever.
We have been using Square for the past two years at our Bed & Breakfast. Setup was straightforward, as was info about what their system does and what we should expect. I was surprised by the number of responses from those expressing unfortunate experience. For our business, it has worked superbly and without error. Our business is primarily weekends, but even with busy weekends there has never been a delay in depositing funds. And, there are no fees to pay when we shut down for the winter and go a period without processing charges. It’s a slick system, but one that needs to be carefully assessed to insure expectations are met. Works great for us.
They held my account for verification and holding $2000 of mine from my online store. The guy from Square called me to verify my company, and said today we will release your funds. Then 3 days later, deactivated my account saying the hold will be for 90 days and then I will get my money. Stay Away from this Company.
If your POS software is not working properly and you have no way of getting this resolved quickly, then your business will quickly grind to a halt. This is why customer service for POS systems is so important. While both Square and ShopKeep have a range of support options, only ShopKeep has a phone support line.
I am nearing the end of my rope with square. I have been with them over 2 years and without direct access to a live human when I have an issue is inexcusable. They are a business and should have 24 hour support for those who need help or a way to have someone call you back immediately. My customer simply put the charge on the wrong card . .busy people do that . .now he might have to wait 7 days to get everything straightened out . . some people cant wait 7 days to have 500 put back in their account . . anyway . . If the do not fix this . .I will be looking for a new provider who is willing to answer customer concerns on a phone rather than trying to save money by doing everything over the internet . . .
I am aware of the stories that surfaced in August about Square’s dongle being used for fraud, but I’m not overly concerned about it. First, I believe much of the concern is over-hyped just because of Square’s huge popularity and buzz right now. Secondly, nearly any device (even the terminals at your grocery store) is hackable if the right people want to hack it. The difference is that when a security hole is found with Square, it turns into a firestorm of press simply because it’s Square – which is a company that also happens to be founded by the same person who founded Twitter. See what I mean?
I own several “classic” firearms like the M-1 Garand and a Martini-Henry, though not an AR-platform, which I shoot enough at work, to be honest (something half-submerged in my mind makes me think that in my house I don’t need a weapon designed exclusively for combat, either for sport or home defense—my German Shepherd is a much better platform for both).
I would not recommend Square. They are holding $13,700 of my money and I can not talk to anyone. Their customer service stinks. When you call the person on the other end of the line sounds like they are about 16 years old and when you ask to speak to a supervisor they reply that “our supervisors do not speak on the phone”.
His usage seems to be pretty standard for individuals. Kais Davis of Eugene said he used Square for “rent, settling debts with roommates, poker tournaments, selling collectables, craigslist.” Basically all the peer-to-peer payments a young man might make.
Been doing business with square for over 2 years. I do about $10000 a month I transactions . Never caused any issues for them . One small refund and that’s it. Sent me email today that they have to close my account immediately and hold my reserve of $4000 for 120 to 180 days. Said I was high risk business. 2 years of multiple transactions and no problems and all the sudden I am high risk. Holding my $4000 for 6 months . Stay away from square. I am not flyby night . Been in business for 10 years. I rent tv s and furniture.
Actually square is stilling money from his customer. Allow me to say it like that , I used square to collect a payment of $4992.60 since May 18 2017 from one of my client for a project , the money was withdraw from my customer account , but square never deposited the money to my account. Square does not have a Customer service , horrible customer service.
So the moral of the story here is: Square *DOES NOT* replace a standard merchant account if you have one, but it does allow you micro-businesses (or sole propietorships, which is the case with most individuals [i.e. barbers, hairstylists, dog trainers, etc]) to get started quickly and easily and with the least amount of overhead possible, which a standard merchant account typically has some kind of overhead fees associated with it, but then before deciding to accept credit cards in the first place, a merchant should probably already have a customer/client base, otherwise accepting credit cards can be a costly expense in the beginning, with PCI compliance, and other things to be concerned about.
You do know that it is the Bank that is taking the 2-3 days not PayPal. PayPal does not make interest on your money during that time when your bank is processing the funds, it is the bank’s hands. PayPal does not make any interest on your funds.
I have a business with a hospital’s buying dept and have made a wholesale for +$1400 Yesterday . This company, I am selling more then 4 years without any problem. The person in charge has paid the $ 375 with the visa gift cards that the management of the company decided to not use and the company credit card for the rest. We checked all the gift cards once more and put them in the garbage after being used. I have the proof of sale and the signature of the authorized buyer. How can they suspend my account ? HOW CAN THEY HOLD MY MONEY FOR 90 DAYS. No logical reason. There is also no phone number to communicate. My check is subject to bouncing and I lost my credit and terms with my supplier and may loose my buyer because of this silly reason. Cannot trust to square anymore. Better to pay a few dollars more but have a MERCHANT COMPANY YOU MAY TRUST.
* All credit sale plans are issued by Square, Inc. Plans are not available to merchants located in AL, DE, MS, MO, NH, and TN. The individual authorized to act on behalf of the business must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident and at least 18 years old. Valid U.S. bank account and Social Security number or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number are required. Plans may be selected from 3, 6, 12, or 24 month terms and are based on the financing amount requested. The finance charge amount and installment payment amounts will depend on the repayment term selected. Sales tax, where applicable, cannot be financed and will be due upon acceptance of contract. The final payment will be equal to or less than the regular monthly payment. All plans are subject to approval based on credit and other factors.
We’ve been with Square for two years, and in trying to find an answer as to why it takes a week for our customers to receive a refund the rep. tried to make up some random answer. When my husband replied, “so apparently you don’t know, please give me a supervisor.” The rep. responded he didn’t have one. So maybe my husband was talking to the founder himself. So when my husband said we would be moving our business elsewhere, and he could pass that on to his non-existent supervisor. He said ok.
I have a small shop at the mall, square has been holding my funds for over 2 weeks now. I’ve been reading so many reviews and I know I’m not alone. I know this man in Texas and it’s been over 1 month and he has not received $14,000 and a lady out of Dallas and she has not received her $12,000. She has contacted the local news.
My paypal here reader no longer works with credit cards that have a chip, it used to when I first got it a few years ago. Now I have to type in the credit card information for cards that have a chip and I believe that costs a little more. I think it stopped working around the same time all the credit cards began getting chips. I can only swipe cards with no chip and just about all cards have chips now. I need to get a chip card reader now but I’m not sure which one I should buy.
Accept offline payments: If you get knocked offline, you can still accept payments, but only swiped payments. Chip cards and contactless payments require the internet. The system will store the information for 72 hours. If you don’t have internet within that time, the transaction expires. However, you do take full responsibility for expired or declined cards.