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Square for Retail (see review) is a point-of-sale system specifically designed for brick-and-mortar retailers. The service is similar to Square Register but includes a revamped checkout process as well as additional features such as enhanced inventory management, employee accounts, cost of goods sold, purchase orders, vendor lists, and more.
Unfortunately, I have been trying to get back thousands of dollars from them since 2013. Nothing! I have been in contact with pretty much everyone, even opened an file with the FTC, but heard nothing. Contacted both the Ohio Attorney General and the California Attorney General, nothing. But Ohio Attorney General did accept complaints against my company at the time. Long story short, I had to close my business of 22 years. I get on here every once in a while to see if anything new has come up about how to get money back, but I see they are still up to the same old tricks. The emails that they send you after they deactive your account is down right crazy. Never let you have a phone number and never give you there last name. They told me at one time, “give us your phone number and an exact time to call and we will.” so I thought ya know, it’s been over 6 months I’m going to have some fun. I emailed them back to call (123) 456-7890 at 5:30pm – about 5:45 I received another email saying they tried to call that number but it wouldn’t work. Right then, I knew I was in trouble…who in the world would think that was an actual telephone number? Good Luck
If the transaction was “swiped” meaning you swiped the customer’s card through your terminal, than a potential fraud or fraud case will be a lot easier for you to prove (since the card issuer will check and verify the customer’s signature obtained through your square terminal) and will likely be dismissed (meaning you’ll get the money back), but if it is a customer dispute case, you’ll have to prove the customer did indeed receive your product or service.
Total scam. They deactivated my account which is a life time ban from what I read on here and are holding $5,800 from me while I’ve not gotten a single chargeback. Apparently it’s because I’m too high risk. It just doesn’t make any sense. Now my business is literally on standstill while I set up a credit card account somewhere else. I would avoid going with square unless going a couple of days without credit card processing is acceptable.
I was using the Square and I was happy but I get charge back dispute and Square didn’t help me and takes so much time over 2 month I gave the Fedex tracking number and CUSTUMER email Messages and phone number invoice shipping billing address I give all the information I lost my items and money ! Disputes services A To Z 1 star !!!
The optimistic view is that Square will pursue money on your behalf no matter what their terms of service say, because a few high-profile cases of fraud would ruin the reputation of this nascent service. But the way Square makes it explicit, at least in its legalese, that it’s not liable for fraud, suggests the company is prepared to defend itself from unforeseen circumstances.
Why then is okay for Square to do it? They apparently are not considered to be a bank from a regulatory POV, so they don’t have to answer to the FDIC (who would be worried about insolvency if a bank stopped answering customers’ calls). And they don’t have to answer to me, the customer. Why? Because they have made it nearly impossible to get through.
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To be honest, this isn’t something we’ve been asked before, so it may be a bit outside of our expertise. I’d rather not give you an answer that I’m not too certain about. If you happen to figure this out on your own, please let us know what solution you find so we can learn how to answer something like this in the future. In the meantime, I’d suggest asking Square directly. Best of luck!
Not currently, but they do offer lower percentages if you process high-volume transactions. PayPal does offer a lower rate for non-profits, so perhaps Square will do so in the future. You can learn more about Square’s nonprofit uses here. Thanks for reading! Cheers, Krista
I am a flooring contractor planning on taking credit cards. My transactions will vary from as low as $1500.00 or as high as $15.000. I am not expecting a lot of transactions, so it will not be used consistently. Do you have any suggestions on any other products or would Square be a good option for me? I got a little concerned about the holds on accounts as I am a small business.
Once the buyer swipes his or her card, Square prepares a receipt, which can include itemized charges, location, or your company’s logo. The customer signs the receipt using a finger on the touch screen (which works great on tablets, and is good enough on smaller phone screens), adds a tip if desired, and chooses to either have the receipt emailed or sent as a text message. Every receipt also has a unique URL.
I have lost all of my patience with Square. My husband and I operate 2 buisnesses 1 Taxi Cab (medallion owned) 1 Catering buisness which go to separate banks and secrete accounts. We unintentionally mixed up our devices which made the customer name different. Simple hahaha NOT!! I emailed my hard copy of the original transaction in March well in July they put a hold on my husbands account holding over $600 without warning. They want access to my account which the accounts are not linked. I have been waiting over 4 months for a resolution. BEWARE OF THE HELP DEPARTMENT BECAUSE THEY DO NOT HELP THE CUSTOMER. I AM FILING A COMPLAINT WITH THE BBB. WATCH OUT!!
It is Square’s PUBLISHED POLICY that your money will be deposited by Square within 36 hours… When they fail to make this deadline (and they VERY often do) they are failing to meet a commitment to their customers, and having no way to contact them to ask questions or initiate complaints is simply them ignoring the voices of their customers.
i can assure you , you willk not be satisfied with square . you will NEVER get a human on the phone EVER and email response is poor at best . You will be sorry you did if you do signup . STAY AWAY AT ALL COSTS .YOUR SANITY IS WORTH MORE .
I too have filed a complaint with the BBB. Being a small business owner this is a perfect solution for me, as I do indoor and outdoor shows where internet connectivity is not always available. However I am now nervous.
Square earned top marks for transparency and consistency in our review. It provided our reviewers with thorough, accurate information, which was consistent with the detailed data posted on its website.
At this point, I’m far from optimistic about any sort of positive resolution. I’m posting this as a cautionary tale for anyone who might consider using Square for any larger-scale transactions, such as e-commerce. They created a cool, innovative product, but it seems that, as they rapidly grew as a company, they failed to build a robust customer service department or even a reliable way to communicate well with their own merchants.
A customer paid an invoice I sent through their service with her credit card. After basically hoodwinking me into involving Squareup in my cash-flow, I was asked (via automated e-mail) to provide personal documentation of my identity, and receipts for my business — so I voluntarily provided these documents, same day. They have used my voluntary disclosure to inform their decision that my business is “high-risk.” They say that I may attempt to refund my customer his money and ask for an alternative form of payment (ie, appear disorganized or unprofessional to customers who have already trusted me with their credit card info), or agree to wait 90 days and pay them a fee for hanging onto my money for me.
I took the plunge and setup my Square Marketplace site, and I’ve learned a few things since. You are completely alone, there is no SEO, or forced domain forwarding possible. It’s simple to setup and the fees are amazing. Yet, I’ve never made an online sale. I use Square to process my card payments for my services, but that’s it. So, I’m thinking unless you do have another website you are embedding your items into, it’s almost impossible to sell something organically. If the fees for Shopify weren’t so high I would likely have already left Square. Amazon, Ebay, their fees get greedier everyday and with the 15% margins I can make it’s not enough…
I hate to see someone jump to calling BBB just for something tiny like this. This in my opinion is a severe overreaction. What would happen if your customers started calling BBB if you shipped something to them on time and because it took time to mail it to them (just like money takes time to get through the system). That’s about what you are dealing with.
I signed up with Square because of their fee structure and speed of payment . My company uses First Data and Sega, but these processing companies hold the transactions for three days before they deposit it to your account, and there is a monthly fee. This is where Square is more affordable.
Worst service I think I’ve ever tried on the internet. I used a gift card to try deposit the cash into my account. Square took the charge (minus their fee, of course), and the deposit has been sitting there for 2 months without being processed. Basically Square stole $100 from me. I’ve sent 4 emails to support, never got a single reply. Of course you can’t speak to anyone via phone. I think I’ll report them to the BBB.
The biggest problem I have with the Square online store is that I have to upload images 1 at a time…I sell one-of- a kind turned wood bowls, and have over 200 listed in my register by ID code, but with no image. This works fine when selling at an art fair where I have the product there – but the online customer wants to see what the bowl looks like.
And if that’s not enough to help you through, try Square’s Seller Community. Square reps and experienced merchants alike weigh in on questions, so it’s a good way to get an answer you can’t find elsewhere on the web.
peter!! well good for you!! but Iam a smalll business..im a Hair stylist and i made up to $400 in deposits and my funds didnt hit my account!! i made sure my account was linked properly with Square..i recieved the “micro deposits so i know that my account is linked properly with Square!! they have my money that i worked hard for and SQUARE deserve to be sued!! people work hard to make money to provide for our families!! they dont even have a legit Customer service to help us out so it a fishy business!! you can continue to use them since it works for you!! but for us that has been frauded!! I NEED ANSWERS in why MY DEPOSITS DIDNT HIT MY ACCOUNT I HAVE A FAMILY TO TAKE CARE OFF!! not TO BE RIPPED OFF BY SOME SMOKEY MIRROR COMPANY THAT IS TAKING MY MONEY!!
A merchant account may also include additional fees. These include statement fees, gateway fees, PCI compliance, and more. They vary from company to company, so be sure to check with each option you’re considering.
WARNING. Don’t use square for any large sums! After I had customers swipe their cc and had several thousands of dollars in square account, they (square) asked for tons of private information. I didn’t feel they needed but I gave it to them anyway. They finally emailed me after my numerous attempts to reach them by email or phone. This email said they(square) have decided to hold my money for 6 months for an undisclosed reason! I just had to disclose my entire life to them and they won’t disclose to me why they are holding my money…hmmm. They gave me the option to refund my customer but by reading thru the above, doesn’t sound like they honor that either. Now what? Isn’t there a law that if you are a company whos business is to hold other peoples funds, collect interest, you must pay out that interest? Holding yours and my money collectively while we go borrow to cover the amount being held… Just does not seem right. And by the way, all their advertising and statements online say they pay out next day or Monday if on a weekend. NOT SO! I sure wish some attorney would get ahold of this! All you tweeters…look at this and know the type company you are supporting. I don’t tweet and if I ever get my money, I will not “square up” either. Anyone in this funds holding scam, I would hope will be reporting this to better business bureau and consumer attorney general.
Square is the death of large ticket transactions. Like paypal they not only take the percentage you agree to but then on the backside use your money for as long as possible. I had a customer pay for a 2500 dollar job and take the vehicle by cdt card threw square, now 4 days later still haven’t seen hide more hair of the elusive funds, you need your money to invest in the next job or you cant buy products to do it. So the fee was 60 dollars the float has cost me 3000 dollars this no way to do buisness in 2011. Loose square, or loose your buisness there is no third choice. I can assure you they will break you to make an extra 10.00 for themselves.
I recently began using Square. I followed the procedure of linking my bank account to receive payments. After finalizing my first transaction and waiting a few business days, more than the required amount, I decided to check for the money owed to my account. The money was not there. Now I can’t even talk to a real person over the phone. This is ridiculous. Square takes their money immediately, but I’m left waiting and researching several days later about how to collect my money owed.
If you process say for a lemonade stand or baked goods sale, by all means, use square. If you’ve got a company, expenses, bills to pay – stay far away from square. I so wish I had done my homework on this company. I hope they go out of business.

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