“Square Credit Cards for Small Businesses”

e-Commerce/Online ordering: To better understand Square’s ecommerce options, check out our in-depth exploration of Square’s online store and its ecommerce integrations. In the meantime, here’s a quick run-down: 
You might also want to know that Square is NOT a credit card processor but a money aggregator! They are only a middleman between you and the bank. They are not governed by the same laws as a bank. You can get a merchant account with your bank that offers virtual processing. It’s cheaper and you will have access to a banker or customer service 24 hours a day. They will not suspiciously hold your money or drop your account for no reason leaving you holding the bag.
Purchased the Square device last week. Set up account. Took first payment from a customer on Saturday. Checked account Monday morning March 21, 2016 only to see no deposit. Checked Square account. Had a notification that they needed more information (government ID, receipts, invoice etc). Sent what I had. Called them at 12:00PM my time which is 9AM their time. Said they received the information. Got an email a few hours later that they needed bank statements. Sent them VIA fax. Called them back 45 minutes later. The guy (very rude) said once I hung up with him he would process the information. Here is the swift kick to the butt, they sent me an email saying they had cancelled my account due to suspicious activity. How the heck is their suspicious activity if I only made one transaction? I had done one Saturday but cancelled it because the device wasn’t working. Got it to finally work so their was only one transaction showing. Contacted the customer and let them know that I was issuing a refund. Then find out it takes 2-5 days to do that. So all in all, I have to wait over a week to get paid for work that has been done which was a residential repaint. So as far as I am concerned, if you want to waste your money on a Square device and only be able to contact someone IF you have a customer code, go for it. THIS WAS A BIG WASTE OF TIME AND $10 +TAX FOR A PIECE OF PLASTIC TO PLUG INTO MY PHONE. “SQUARE” CAN SHOVE IT AS FAR UP ITS BUTT AS IT WILL GO. WILL NEVER WASTE MY TIME OR MONEY ON THEIR CRAP AGAIN!!
I imagine that they must have sort of a PCM encoder on a chip in the reader and then use the audio-capture API of iPhone to get these numbers. If I had to do this then I would have needed substantially more than one hour to work out the encoding. Probably VeriFone has been working on reverse-engineering this for quite some time now. Judging from the effort they are putting into the anti-Square website they probably have a couple of fulltime hackers on staff now doing nothing but dissecting Square elements.
I suggest a real merchant account with a rep who is your first point of contact. As long as the average ticket is more than $20 there are much lower fees available. Paypal rates are also higher, that is why there are no monthly fees.
This is a situation or case where your customer contacts their credit card issuer, and says: “I don’t recognize that charge” (potential fraud) or “I didn’t make that purchase” (fraud) or “I’m unhappy with my product/service” (customer dispute).
In recent months, this review has received a number of comments from non-Square users who claim to receive emails from Square regarding non-existent accounts. These emails typically state that Square is having trouble depositing some amount into the user’s account, and that the user will need to supply account details to receive their payment. These emails are very likely to be Square phishing scams. They are designed to trick you into providing personal information, and they do not have any connection to the actual company Square. If you receive an email regarding your Square account, and you are sure that you do not have a Square account, forward that email to [email protected] so that the company can investigate the source of the scam.
2. Age of business: If you have a longstanding, well-established business with loyal customers and a lengthy processing history, you pose less risk to Square than a business that is brand new with no processing history or business records. The likelihood of a business with a decade of processing history and general good standing suddenly becoming involved in serious financial fraud is much less than that of a business that just materialized when filling out the Square application. Of course, having a seasoned business doesn’t make you immune to these issues, and being a startup doesn’t automatically curse you, but if you can produce at least a few months to a year of financial documents to placate Square if trouble arises, you will significantly increase your chances of a good outcome. Again, although the signup process is more in-depth, those of you who have a new business and value uninterrupted cash flow might want to consider just applying for a traditional merchant account.
1) PayPal Virtual Terminal is *NOT* the same as a bonafide merchant account or Square account — they are simply a “middle-man” processor, and you lose most of the benefits you have with a true merchant account (such as being able to dispute a chargeback directly) or Square account (card-present transactions).
Both the Square and the app on the phone are easy to use. I just used the Square at an event, and it allowed me to take credit cards, making sales I otherwise would have missed. I love that it fits in my purse. Since I always carry a couple copies of my book around, I might use it sometime. They make pouches for it, but I’m using the plastic container that Extra gum comes in (It’s perfect: slim and durable).
SQUARE UP NIGHTMARE! We signed up for Square a couple of weeks ago. I must say the process was easy and straightforward and we received the Square card reader a few days afterward. Our purpose was to process a large number of prepaid Visa giftcards that we have acquired over the past year and a half totaling $2150. Our first transaction was a week ago on a Friday and worked well, simple to enter and the card reader worked fine. Two or three hours later, we decided to complete all of our transactions. Again, the system worked fine.
Unfortunately I don’t know of any way to zoom in on an image in Square Marketplace. I also don’t know if there are any plans for a search function. However, these are both functions that other eCommerce solutions provide.
Hi, Tom … our family has a seasonal income tax service. This year we have had several requests from our clients to pay with debit or credit cards. Since we don’t expect a large number or cards to be accepted, we are considering using Square for the simplicity. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank You
It has been over a week and square still has my $$. I tried calling!! You need a customer code. Filled out form for code! NO code my account is under review 2-4 days and they’ll get back to me. We had to stop work. My bank account is overdrawn and I can’t pay my employees or my bills either.
So the moral of the story here is: Square *DOES NOT* replace a standard merchant account if you have one, but it does allow you micro-businesses (or sole propietorships, which is the case with most individuals [i.e. barbers, hairstylists, dog trainers, etc]) to get started quickly and easily and with the least amount of overhead possible, which a standard merchant account typically has some kind of overhead fees associated with it, but then before deciding to accept credit cards in the first place, a merchant should probably already have a customer/client base, otherwise accepting credit cards can be a costly expense in the beginning, with PCI compliance, and other things to be concerned about.
I used to think Square was the best. After processing over $500,000.00 over a three year period with no charge backs, I had grown accustomed to them. They offered me Capital Advances form time to time and I was really excited about the next day deposits. All this changed last Monday (8-15-2016). For no reason I got an email from Square stating they needed to verify my business. Moreover, they would suspend all deposits until this business was verified. Thats funny I thought, we have done business ofr three years and have spoken many times on the phone. Be it as it may, I sent in what they asked, fully expecting a thank you and your all set. No response. Two day later, they re-requested the information, I tried to call them, no response. No way to contact them by phone, no response to my emails. Immediately changed processors because I can not and will not do business with a company that can not take a call. Beware of them! This is not the first time this happened to good merchants like myself. They ended up deactivating my account, which was fine by me because I already moved on. Square = F- to me. Really disappointed.
If you are just getting started and need an account quickly, Square is for you. If you have a bit more time to shop around, or you are really concerned about account stability, you’re better off going with a merchant account.
ABSOLUTELY NOT! Customer service is a BIG DEAL to me and Square has NONE. I spent three days emailing back and forth with Square over an issue that probably could have been resolved in a few seconds over the phone. After an EXHAUSTIVE search, I found 2 phone numbers for Square. Both numbers were just a recording, directing you to email them. Even when I REQUESTED a phone call, I was denied. Myself and the merchant in question sent a final entail plee to Square. A response didn’t come until EIGHT HOURS LATER! To add insult to injury, the email STILL didn’t address the issue. Good concept, but NO THANK YOU TO SQUARE!
As far as I am aware, Square does not support a feature. You will likely need to go with a traditional merchant account provider that supports the ability to “authorize” a sale amount instead of charging it.
“Having a bar and having experienced bartenders, they’re used to point of sale systems like Aloha, Micros, etc., but they’re expensive and in-depth systems for restaurants and bars,” she continued. “We’ve grown with Square to offer more features like those large systems, but at the end of the day, for me to have access to systems that work for both my retail and my bar, you can’t put a price on that. There really is nothing like it in the market that can handle it.”
I’ve been reading all the reviews that have been posted about lost of funds, time waiting for funds and chargebacks, and I can’t say it’s square all by itself. I have personally ran in just the last year alone over $130k in sales and haven’t had but only one small issue. Which was I went over my limit. I sent them a nice email and in less than 2 days my limit was raised and I was back to business. They deposit my funds into my bank of america account the following business day minus their fee and all is well. If your getting chargebacks that means YOUR customer has fought the charge. So why not ask yourself what did you do wrong? Did you trust someone very shady or maybe didn’t explain all the items you were selling properly? I’ve done over a quarter million dollars in sales and almost a half of it was through square without ridiculous incident like everyone here.on top of it all not one of my customers has had a problem or an issue paying the 2.75% fee for me to process their credit card! From what I’m reading and all the complaints it sounds like your all looking for a perfect transaction in a non perfect world. Get over blaming everybody and fix what’s going wrong with yourself and your business actions.
First, the bad news: Between the pages and pages of fine print and the distracing promos that promise the “best” rate (until you read said fine print), the credit card processing industry is complicated enough to make seasoned merchants break out in a cold sweat. And, unfortunately, there is truly no single best credit card processor. Every business has unique needs.
Square Feedback: Merchants can interact with customers who leave feedback through this software. Managers receive alerts when customers leave feedback, and the merchant can respond through the Square Dashboard online at the Squareup.com website.
I am not happy with not being able to speak with a customer service. Also you send me an application after you have taken my money and now I can’t get my money because you want me to verify more information. This company should have asked me for all that information at first before you start accepting my payment, I just want my money deposited so I can move on.
Below is a snapshot from an actual merchant who was using Square before switching to Payment Depot.  He processed $26,823 and paid a total of $398.34 in fees (1.48%) with Payment Depot.  This same bill would have been $737.63 (2.75%).  This is the type of merchant that Square is referring to in their earnings report.  He will save over $4,000 this year by switching to Payment Depot to process credit cards.
In a statement, Square says it’s trying to balance the needs of sellers with the necessity of protecting itself against fraud. If the credit card charges turn out to be fraudulent, Square is on the hook. It says the number of dissatisfied customers is small. Because the company just went public their ability to speak further is limited by law.
on 2/15/2016 I had to have my dog put down. I paid my vet with my bank card. He uses Square. Square declined several times. As of this morning 2/17 Square is still telling him I was declined. But my bank shows they took The $495 out not once but twice! So neither of us have the money in our accounts! My bank checked into it and said the two payments were accepted then immediately reversed by square with no reason given as to why and that it will be two weeks before the money goes into my account and back on my card. So evidently they told him they declined but actually approved it then reversed so they could make interest during the hold? All I know is since they did it twice I am broke. I’ve been through a VERY hard year and just getting on my feet financially. I’m in the middle of a move so on top of losing my much loved friend,I now have no funds to turn utilities on or pay other fees to move.I could actually end up homeless and lose everything I have left because of this company and I don’t even use them. Not the vets fault at all. In fact after reading these comments I wouldn’t be surprised if he has further issues beyond my payment with them.

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