“Square For Credit Cards Reviews Comparison”

Payment Depot has a number of big-name, national clients under its belt, like Subway and Arco. It backs up its range of pricing plans with solid customer support and transparent pricing, making it a great choice — especially for companies dealing with larger transactions.
I opened an account with square and had nothing but problems getting my account verified. finally after 5 weeks of fighting. a gentleman named Barrett sends me an email, stating that my 606.00 would be transferred to my account…..5 hours later I received an email from someone else saying that my account is being deactivated for suspicious activity….so now I stuck with no way to talk to anyone about my problem……why is this allowed to happen….. I also feel like square is stealing my money……I don’t want an email notification all you do is lead me to a help desk that does nothing with out you 12 digit code to get online….without one you cant talk to nobody…..
I recently made payment through this money request from a dealer using it for the first time…they told me the company wanted to hold her money for 6 months , so we are trying to refund me …it is not going very well so far with little to no customer support…if these crooks think there going to hold and steal my money they have another thing coming
You should show the landlord that the transaction has posted as complete and the money has been taken from your account. You may need to call your bank to see what they can do to prove that the transaction has occurred. Then you should encourage the landlord to contact Square to see if something went wrong on their end, and to check their transaction history. And then, if you want to be nice, you should suggest that they begin to process rent either as direct bank account transfers (which are often free, you just need to provide your acct and routing numbers), or via a service like Dwolla that only charges $0.25 per transaction and will NEVER hold a transaction. Otherwise you should insist on writing a check.
I’m so sorry I signed up for this service! A recent chargeback was resolved quickly on the part of myself and my client as it was a simple case of the client’s accounting dept not recognizing the charge. Square withdrew over $9000 from my account without so much as asking for proof of service and then re-deposited the funds 24 hours later only to withdraw them AGAIN the next day!! So far I’ve written two emails and left one message and they still have MY money!
I have used Square for two years now and had no issues. Square is not suitable for any business who processes large amounts at one time. Square doesn’t protect us against unethical customers who may dispute a legitimate charge just to get their money back so I wouldn’t suggest it for anyone who process any payments over 100.00. I have a very small shop and deal mostly in cash but I love having Square for my customers who do want to use charge. Most of the charges are under 20.00 so it is perfect for me. The fees I was payment with another company was outrageous so this company helped my business. Again, this is not a company for processing large payments.
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square started out great until they began holding funds , the most annoying part is not being able to get phone help promptly. keep in mind if you process a refund they will freeze your funds for over a week. if you process 1000 manually withing in 7 days they will freeze funds for 30 days. who does that ? need less to say i am quiting square for now it causes more damage than good.
People that love Square really love Square. Reviews say that it’s easy to use, that equipment looks great, and that flat rate pricing offers simplicity not found with other processors. (Just remember that convenience comes at a price.)
Loyalty program that was promised as part of sales pitch ended up being dismal, restrictive and unuseable; after working with them over a year on it they finally added originally promised functionality and offered for an ADDED COST. Bait and switch.
Customer support, for all practical purposes, is non-existent. I have had trouble running a card because Square decided to break old versions of apps the second a new version is released. But they did not provide any warnings of this and no error messages identifying the problem.
Square has a lot of great benefits, but when i have no number to contact them when i have questions then i may need to look elsewere. We own a furniture store and have some large tickets and when i run a card i cant get number to find out why the money has not been deposited.
Square.com is a real pain in the rear for the vendor, I am a contractor and when I receive progress payments from customers they are usually at least $4k. I will process a payment on Thursday at 2pm for example and I should expect my money to hit the account by the next business day right? Well no guess again, you see they have tied up my funds multiple times for one reason or another, making me jump through hoops and whatnot, in the mean time they comfortably sit on the interest earned by my funds releasing them from Thursday till Tuesday
This is the SAME exact thing that PayPal did to me a few years ago. It seems that they question a transaction and PERMANENTLY put your money on hold. PayPal still has over $6000 of my money — since 2004. Never released to me.
I my customers if they would like a receipt. Most say no, so I skip the receipt. But when someone wants a receipt. I just email it to myself. As soon as I switch to from square to Safari ( with my email already open) it is there. I open it and print from my iPad. This takes less than 10 seconds to do. 🙂 All this is done with wifi ( I use the airport extreme from Apple for my router and I also have an Hp pro 8500a which supports AirPrint.
this is the shittiest company I have ever seen I am turning them into the bbb and also all of the ceos to the business you all are selling out of office depot being one as I already got transfirst pulled from there shelfs last week whose next oh right square up is next! good luck you have been turned in bbb and the ceos dip shits stop ripping people off and stop being fucking idiots trying to hide information and I don’t trust you with my info either!
I purchased this square device and linked my bank account as required, I even did a test transaction for a nominal amount just to confirm this was a legit operation. Everything went well even the $10’s they issue for signing up went through. I went out of town to condct business and on 2/8/2012 had eight purchases that totaled around $1,800 and it was prior to 12pm PST. The following day I had one transaction for $800 and was made prior to 12 pm PST. again. Mind you EVERY transaction was made with a physical card swipe (I see it notes transactions without a card swipe than run over 1,000/ per week or during the intial 30 days will be subject to a thrity day hold. My transactions did not fall under this catagory) So day three (rather 36 hrs. plus) still no funds deposited. I went to the website…..then realized theres no phone number for the company…..so sent an email as they requested, no response as expected. I then searched for message boards and found tons of consumer complaints about how horrible the company is and how they hold your money to throw in short term investment accounts to profit off of the interest. I also found a phone number which I called from 9-6 EVERY HOUR to get a hold of the same woman DEBBIE every time I call. Only to be told they only allow you to speak with “technical support” and that account services only responds to emails and voice mails (which will still be responded via email) I spoke with DEBBIE over 4x’s which she continued to transfer me to voicemail even when I asked to speak with her manager. So in short they have my money and I have nothing! They try to make it seem as if its a major company yet their all sitting there in the same suite 104…..901 Mission Street San Francisco, CA. Morese when do you ever call a customer service or tech support line and get the same person every time. Most important since when can a “bank” or processing agency hold your money, not give any reason as to why, and then not allow you to contact them…..”dont call us, we’ll call you” So in short I got robbed via SQUARE DOWN!
You can add buttons so that you don’t have to search for the product that you are selling. You can just push on the created buttons of the products and it will add to customers carts. Also it is very small and easy to carry. The cost is very reasonable as well.
you rated this company, if we could even call them that, poor, you are to kind, why can’t you just say it like it is. they suck, they are scum bags, we will be reading about them soon on how they scammed a million people then claimed bankruptcy . I deposited 700.00 dollars three weeks ago. haven’t seen it since. there e-mail said it might take as much as 80 days to get my money. People beware, If you want to throw away money, send it to me, after doing bussiness with qurare inn i need it. P.S. start telling it like it is. tom paulos [screwed bussiness man] Though Square is not ideal for doing bulk transactions, there are clear advantages for many small businesses. We spoke with two small business owners who pointed out some advantages of Square for them.
I want to thank all those who’ve posted here and described the problems they’re suffering. It seems clear that I should avoid Square, if only because I can then provide better customer service to my customers than Square does for its’ customers.
Square INITIATES the transfer in 12-36 hours from sales – sometimes it takes 48 hours – never in my experience longer than that once your account is set up properly – and as far as I know they don’t initiate transfers on Sunday and I don’t remember seeing one go on a Sat either.
Under normal circumstances, Square will deposit funds from completed card payments into your bank account within 1-2 days of the transaction taking place. If you want to receive funds from certain transactions in your bank account immediately, you can choose to instantly transfer them into your bank account for a fee of 1% of the transaction total.

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