“Square For Iphone Reviews 2018”

DO NOT use square. They are a horrible company and customer service sucks. They withdrew money from my account for a dispute without even listening to my side of the story. Who does that when you are their customer. Awful!!!!
The reader is easy to use and seems ultra convenient…until you have a problem. Then you are screwed because you are on your own. There is no listed phone number for customer service and email response takes forever. I had a card repeatedly decline, but charged my customer’s account every time. To resolve it, we had to have the customer’s bank refuse the charges. Completely horrible.
PayPal Here has a lower rate than Square, and it uses a traditional underwriting process that helps to avoid the holds and reserves that are common with Square. PayPal also provides customer service that is far superior to Square’s non-existent customer service.
This company is nothing but a sham. Any positive comments are “REPUTATION MANAGEMENT” people paid by Square. I suppose many people will be fooled by these posts because it is so hard to believe that a company of this magnitude could operate this way. They held our funds for 1 full year. Been in business for 30 years and had never had this happen before or since. Jack Dempsey is in over his head. TWITTER IS TANKING. He is trying to take square public to save and it should be interesting when they have to be accountable to shareholders. Wish someone would expose this SCAM COMPANY.
We’re in the same boat…can’t get our money. My wife has a one man business that relies on cash flow to keep it going. Square is holding several thousand dollars of our money and ruining our business. Square won’t call us back, they only respond by form letter three days later. We’ve been fighting with them for over two months trying to get our money back. Square offers no explanation why they continue holding our money, even our bank can’t get through to them. What a mistake my wife made getting involved with Square.
I did not know you could take pre-paid cards, what about those visa, MasterCard, etc gift cards that people purchase? Tried to take one and it wouldn’t go through so entered the card numbers and it still would not work.
THIEFS, THIEFS, THIEFS. What a RIP OFF service. I started using them to receive payments in a faster manner and when I manually entered a $5,000 transaction I was informed that they were going to hold $3,000 of my money for 30 FRIGGIN DAYS. I would be better off dealing with the MAFIA. Who are they to use MY MONEY for a month for FREE. Try going to a bank and take out a $3,000 loan for 30 days and see what they say. I am contacting my attorney to see if I can have CHARGES AGAINST YOUR COMPANY FOR THEFT of my money. Thanks for helping me out with cash flow
4. Processing volume: Just like transaction size, more is riskier in terms of processing volume. And of course this risk is compounded when you have a high volume of large tickets. Again, no processing limits are disclosed for your individual Square account, but you can be sure Square’s software is keeping a close eye on you to make sure no unusual spikes indicative of fraud pop up. As long as you accurately describe your processing needs on your application and do not deviate from the norm, you should be fine. . 
The volume of transactions the company processes is also up to about $6 billion per year, as the company announced earlier this week when it hired former Salesforce senior vice president Sarah Friar as a new chief financial officer. These announcements might help the company keep up visible momentum as it continues a fundraising process.
Users who left positive reviews were happy with Square’s card reader and payment processing system. The easy-to-use mobile payment system allowed many small businesses to be more flexible and accessible in terms of receiving payments on the go.
I went back-and-forth and back-and-forth with square for five months over this issue – and in the end they said the credit cards company’s decision stood and they could not do anything about it….and since the credit card company was doing something they weren’t supposed to be doing – square should’ve told them where to go stick it
We are a small business and we have financial obligations to meet. We called a telephone number listed to square at 888-642-0662, but were not able to reach anyone because the voice prompt requests you to enter an account,number which was never provided when signing up with them. We decided to request this information via email, but to no avail. Therefore, if we do not receive any assistance in coming to a resolution, we will be forced to file a compliant with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) .
The 4 positive reviews express appreciation for assistance with chargebacks, no extra fees, no issues with equipment or customer service, quick availability of funds, and positive experiences with customer service.
I just started using Square and I HATE IT! I accepted some credit card payments last weekend and the money never came to my account. Finally I figured out that they are saying it’s not a valid bank account which is hogwash! My account accepts debits AND credits so there’s no reason it’s not a valid account. But fine..I’ll play along and put in a different account. Only the problem is it won’t let me edit my account!! It just keeps rerouting me to the same “verification unsuccessful” message but will never take me to add another account. No one responds to the “online support” and there’s no contact numbers listed online. I had to google Square phone numbers just to get some kind of number. However, those numbers just take you to a freakin messsage that says to go back to the online support (newsflash I’ve already tried that!) and then it hangs up on you! So my money is hanging in limbo somewhere and I can’t access it! That’s MY money. My business..My customers and My customer’s payments to ME! I will NEVER use Square to collect payments again..not a single more swipe! I advise anyone who’s even considering it to use another company!
Worst payment app ever!! Possible scam? DO NOT USE. Wish I had read reviews 1st. After collecting unnecessary ID info like SSN (identity theft/security risk), it without reason fails to complete valid bank transactions. Initially, both sender & receiver get a “payment sent” notification; then 6 hours later both receive a notification that payment has been refunded without explanation. Error-handling is awful & Support is useless. Transactions & proper notification should be instant because the bank instantly approves or denies. Indicating a payment was sent but then cancelling it hours later is unacceptable for both consumers & merchants (who often send goods as soon as they are notified of payment).
Square excels at some things, but customer service is not one of them. The company goes out of its way to avoid verbal contact with prospective customers, and contacting Square customer service is not an easy task. Customer service is expensive, and Square is putting its investors’ dollars toward growing its user base, not toward servicing existing users. Please tell us about your experience with Square’s customer service using the comment form at the end of this article.
There are better alternatives out there…most any of them are better..  They all cost about the same if you choose this type of account.  I chose to represent the Phone Swipe.  They have nice features not offered by most swipes, have great customers service, and most of all, have a robust, reliable reader that is encrypted.
Ben, I tend to avoid coinbase for numerous reasons. Wallet-to-wallet transfers is really what bitcoin needs to begin to stabilize. Consumer BTC price points need to be established. Until then, bitcoins are a commodity in themselves.
i am a DJ and i have been using square for about year since my wife put me on to it. i have processed about 100 transactions between $5 and $1000 and have not had an issue. i use it for DJ service deposits/balances, equipment rental and merchandising.
I replied to Toby with my documents and this time I included solutions to what I thought may be the problem. This included my explanation of my licensing and copyright along with licensing present and direct references to laws that protect fan artworks and other things being used on my website.
I think the reduction of complaints in this area might be because Square has beefed up its support team. Still, we don’t know how far we can take an issue such as a dispute. This ability to dispute a transaction is a consideration for any business owner.
Would you be willing to share with me the name and contact information of the CC vendor you are using? We, too, are crafters–doing this as a “2nd job” so do not have huge volumes or sales. We still are using a “knuckle-buster” and want to update. We were led to the Square, but after reading the comments, I don’t think this is what we want. We have done some research, but the price quotes and equipment costs have prohibited us from making a change. There are often some months where we do not attend any shows, so hate to make a big leap.
I agree with Lisa. We’re a new business and although I’ve only been using square for a month or so I’ve had no issues at all. They also communicated with me for at least a month before I even bought the stand as I was trying to work through how their product would work in my business. So I’m a new user but so far everything about square has been perfect for us-
I contacted a friend at the Department of Justice who advised me that this is a policy issue that they have heard of before. I was advised to file a complaint with the San Francisco Police, Financial Crimes Division as well as contacting an attorney to discuss potential damages.
To my surprise they wanted me to send them so much documentation including my CHECKING ACCOUNT statements!!! unbelievable! I am not applying for a mortgage here, and I already did the $1 process that should have proven to them that the checking account is legit and exists. I sent SQUARE my IRS filing / EIN for the Business and the renters lease to prove to them that the transaction is payment from one of my renters and I get back a rejection and they are going to hold my $1900 for 90 days! really! they must be desperate to make extra interest income by holding my renter’s money for 90 days! NICE!!! This is crooked dealing.
Yeah, I’m in the same place as you. I just signed up and was hoping to get a lot more info in the mail, like pricing info and a copy of the terms, and contact info for customer service, maybe some set up instructions would have been nice. I navigated it all on my own. Now I’m trying to set up my account so people can find me (and so a certain customer can pay me from Canada using Pay with Square so I don’t have to pay the higher fees). I can’t upload a photo as a logo and my business is mobile so I check that box. It keeps saying I need to update my logo and provide an address. Neither 415 number will get me to a person or let me leave a voice mail.
This customer stole the services from me and you provided no support whatsoever. We provided you with paperwork, contracts, emails and various other means of proof that the customer had used the services we offer and you did nothing. The Better Business took my side on the matter.
You have to change your ENTIRE bank account info because they will continue to have that info and there is apparently no limit on a CC dispute by anyone who claims a chargeback- it could happen at any time!!!
Like all traditional merchant services providers, Cayan offers many processing rate plans, such as Tiered and Interchange-plus plans, even on mobile accounts. If you’re considering this option, you really need to understand how these plans work so you don’t end up with surprise fees. You can learn all about them in our guide to credit card processing fees.
I love Square!!! I process 30-40 credit cards per day in a coffee shop. I always have my money by the next day when the bank opens. I give this review a C- for one big reason. It doesn’t explain how the great POS app for iPad is free and extensive even rivaling those you would pay $1500 for. (to be fair, even Square doesn’t promote this great feature)

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