“Square Inc Reviews 2018”

I have 3 square card readers including 1 chip reader and most of the time they do not work. It takes 7 to 20 tries. I get it to work on 2 out of 10 credit cards. My customers are not happy. The chip reader has never worked at all.
Again, I would have absolutely no recourse under normal conditions to even know where to begin to fight this, were it not for the fact that I had my customers’ name, address, and phone number, which I do not have for the 200+ charges that have been made through my Square account.
“We may require a Reserve for any reason, including if you have a high rate of Chargebacks (described in Section 27), refunds, or other indications of performance problems related to your use of the Service. The Reserve will be in an amount as reasonably determined by us to cover anticipated Chargebacks, returns, unshipped merchandise and/or unfulfilled services or credit risk based on your processing history or such amount designated by our processor.”
Without a change in policy that is both published and made clear to customers, and until this company understands that confidence is best bestowed when “risk management” takes at least an equal place to “customer service and satisfaction” they have lost my, and all my professional contacts business. Too bad too, because they have a really slick service and great potential.
So the short story is that Square continually updates readers and associated software; necessitating unnecessary hardware upgrades to stay in sync, and progressively terminates older versions which result in payments being declined and the merchant stuck with lost revenue and lost merchandise.
Unfortunately Square does not offer recurring payment solutions. What you need is a provider offering a payment gateway that features a web-based virtual terminal and recurring payment/card vault functionality. This will allow your reps to enter the card info directly into the virtual terminal via a smartphone or laptop in the field. Any of our featured providers will be able to accommodate this. Each recurring entry is given a unique ID (not just for the transaction, remains consistent for each recurring cycle).
Wow, I have read some reviews that was just posted within the last 72 hours and to my surprise, I am having the SAME issue. My account was DEACTIVATED yesterday for some unknown “security” reason after having a transaction done under $900.
STAY AWAY FROM SQUARE!!!Just like most people have already said, Square is nothing short of a scam, don’t know some people can use it without any incident. We are an online business for 5.5 yrs and have been using PayPal Express/Standard almost exclusively with no incident. Opened Square to try something different and that was bad news. Opening account and taking credit card was a breeze; Getting the funds you collected to your bank account, well not so much. First they need to verify your bank account, which is fine. After a few days and a couple of transactions later, they send you an email asking about your business documents, invoices, your linkedin profile, how you advertise, external links like yelp, etc, etc. (why don’t you ask all of that before opening the account and let us take credit card payment?) Provided all of that and an hour later got the same automated email saying that they are deactivating my account (which means you will never be able to speak to anyone over the phone) since they found a pattern of high risk transactions (we sell babies’ cloth diapers and have processed TWO transactions using Square), hold my funds for 90 days and that is that. For a small business like us, not having access to our funds for 90 days can literally bankrupt you. I highly doubt that there is a human being actually looking at the individual business to decide whether it is high risk or not (so it does not matter what documents you are submitting). They seem to have a algorithm that does that and it is deeply flawed. My story is very similar, if not identical to lots of the comments here. What Square is doing is, IMO, criminal and they need to be held accountable. At the same time, my advice is to STAY AWAY from them !!!
I booked this based on the claims they made in their ads – including “opening soon”. Just a few days before my stsy, they emailed me with a “your reservation is cancelled, we’re not open” notice. Offered to put me up in another location, no…More
The main takeaway for us was to collect more data when customers place orders (and thereby have additional ways to spot fraud). But when you’re shipping physical goods, you’re probably already collecting way more order data than my company does, so perhaps not the most valuable advice for this blog post.
Thanks SquareUp. You’ve destroyed another small business. If I ever see my money back, I’ll be only too glad to run and not walk away from doing business with you. I can already see several UCC violations as you have accepted payment of the non-swipe fees from me without concurrently fulfilling your obligations. That is called fraud plain and simple. I paid the higher fees, you accepted them, now you are just holding my money so you can earn interest on it from your bank. SquareUp, please square up accounts. Don’t penalize the consumer any longer. You are ruining their finances, too, not just mine.
A follow-up to my earlier experience with Square, in which I noted that police were phoned when I showed up at Square’s offices in person, to get actual customer service. Within a couple of days, Square discontinued my services, siting “High Risk.” I have already discovered that B&B’s are considered low risk by credit card processing companies and I have only had one chargeback. Why do I care that Square disconnected me, when I was going to change companies anyhow? Because it is difficult to get a new service if you have been discontinued from another one for being “high risk.” Will Square get the last laugh? It’s scary playing against the big guys.
I am so disappointed in the square. My husband got one over a year ago and we never tried it. He convinced me to try it recently and I actually ordered my own. I took two fairly small transactions and already had positive feedback. I just did a much larger transaction with a client that needed some discretion. Almost all my clients need discretion. All of a sudden The Square was asking for all this additional information which I gave them, incorporation filings, my social networking etc etc and then my last three bank statements which shocked me. I had real reservations on this but I had no choice as the client was in the middle of something and could not do a prearranged cash transaction through Money gram etc. The also asked me for proof of the client’s transaction. That was another huge alert as I could give them a copy of the contract as that would really have violated their confidentiality as to the contents of the business we had together. I thought to myself ok just get through this and everything will be fine. I have a credit limit at my bank so my account is sometimes in the red for short periods of time. Also I have had one charge back on my pay pal recently in 12 years of doing business with pay pal, pretty good track record. I have charge accounts in good standing and I am sitting here looking at a deactivation notice probably because I questioned but submitted my bank statements. I told the Square they should have afforded me that type of in depth questioning up front. I have been in business 7 years and would never spring that type of curve ball at someone in the middle of an important transaction. So now guess what I don’t know where the darn money is. They took out the fee, deactivated my account, there is no phone number and they don’t have email contact information, they send noreply emails, so how do you contact them. I tried using that passcode at the bottom of the email, expired. I have serious doubts that if this company does not shape up it’s business practices there will be class action law suits for the nightmare they are putting small business in. Small business cannot afford to tie up thousands of dollars. The Square should immediately deposit the money as arranged or credit the consumer back immediately. This is unthinkable to mistreat both the consumer and vendor this way. We will smash our square that we have remaining and smash the other one when it gets here with a hammer and post it smashed on facebook.
Card payment acceptance with the Square app is currently available in the US, Canada, Japan, Australia, and the United Kingdom. We currently don’t support payment card processing outside of these countries or in U.S. territories such as Puerto Rico, Guam, the U.S. Virgin Islands, American Samoa, and Northern Mariana Islands. We’re working to bring payments processing to more markets and will share updates on squareup.com/news.
Paypal has NOT paid for accreditation. That is illegal and NOT how you gain accreditation. You may want to watch what you write.. Remember when you write something it is defamation of character, speaking it is slander.
– Did your customer/client contact their credit card issuer to put a hold on any other transactions that were unrelated to yours (I’ve personally seen this happen before when a card issuer just blocks ALL transactions when a customer indicated they only had an issue with a specific one)
Keyed-in Payments: This is where you type a customer’s card into the virtual terminal on your Square account dashboard. This is handy for taking credit card payments over the phone for orders and invoice payments.
Any company that does not have a person you can talk to should not be used by anyone. This company is crooked the took my money because of a dispute then deactivated my account with out a phone call just an email. DO Not use them and tell all your friends that are to stop before there out $8000 like I am
It’s important to note that Square has replied to many of these complaints and that in many cases the account shutdowns are based on a violation of the company’s terms of service. As always it’s worth doing your research, including reading the terms of service no matter how long it is or consulting a professional to advise you.
I have been using this company for months only to find out within the last few they have withdrawn $4627.93 from my account in a single month. We are a company specializing in customizing car parts for customers all over the country. It seems that these people will not answer the phone at all! Where are the customer service reps? I have called the only two numbers that I could find. One 415-375-3176 just is an automated voice message telling me to email help@squareup.com to get prompt answers. I have emailed them and no response at all. The other number I got from their bank thru mine (JP Morgan Chase) 877-417-4551 and still the same crap as the 415-375-3176. Their company ID is 9424300002 and leads to no where. I am fed up with this company and want my money that I earned legitimately. This company spends all their money in advertising instead of hiring CSR’s to help with issues like this one! DONT USE SQUARE!
I replied to Toby with my documents and this time I included solutions to what I thought may be the problem. This included my explanation of my licensing and copyright along with licensing present and direct references to laws that protect fan artworks and other things being used on my website.
Either way, at the end of the day, you now will have to provide documentation demonstrating your case to the customer’s credit card issuer (meaning proof that you provided said product/service [side note: much harder to do with services, which is why you should get a signed contract from your customer before providing said services], or a signed receipt/contract from the customer).
I have also given Square the web address of this forum to see if they can get a rep to monitor this site and give us help as we need it. They rep that they will get someone to look at the forum and see what they can do.
Square, unlike banks, seem to accept anyone and his second best friend as a client. It seems because of that that they are unusually cautious with their security. Early on we encountered that and they were going to hold some of our larger transactions. After emailing them we got those freed up and we haven’t had any issues in a long time.
Square lacks transparency and has no zero access for customer service. when you sign up for an account, it is near impossible to find information on charges and fees. They advertise 2.75% fee for transactions but actually charge 3.50% plus $.15 for manual entry – something they don’t represent when you sign up. In addition, the only support they have is through twitter, which is a completely inadequate amount of access to handle problems. I don’t have a twitter account so I have zero voice to resolve an issue with them. I would not recommend Square because of their questionable transparency and complete lack of customer service.
Your company is ridiculously horrible. Your complete lack of customer service when handling merchant’s money is laughable & void. Your customer number is also a joke when you still refuse to actually have a live member of your, “staff”, if you indeed even have one, have the common courtesy to respond to emails . I will warn everyone that I know not to use you & recommend one of your competitors that actually know a little something about customer service, ethics, & just plain have respect.
If a payment is “Declined,” that notification would come from the customer’s bank and you would also find record of it in your Transaction Status Report. If the message is more along the lines of “Payment Failed,” it would indicate a technical issue, whether that’s the payment timing out (weak connection) or worn-out credits cards, etc. Let me know!
In a case like this, you would get charged $0.0275 if you were only charging $1.00 transactions. If you ran a $100 trans you would be charged $2.75 if swiped. If the savings is passed on to the merchant which it is not you would get charged less than $0.23 for the same $100 trans. Since you are on a fixed rate with square, the debit interchange fee of .05%+$0.21 applies only to visa not to square. So square does not pass the savings on to the merchant. And if I am wrong I challenge anyone to show me a statement that shows me otherwise.
Square is the worst service ever. They don’t pay you on time except for the first payment. They don’t get back to you or follow up on anything. You have to wait for weeks to get any type of response from them. You won’t even know what’s happening with your account. Please do yourself a favor and DO NOT GO WITH SQUARE!!!
Square fraudulently deducted $2,504.19 from my business account stating a customer’s bank issued a charge-back that was NEVER issued. I use or used Square for my on-line invoicing. Please keep in mind that I have never had an issue with my account; no disputes, no charge-backs, nothing. I rent short-term properties and I had a customer who decided not to stay at my property and wanted a refund. We do not issue refunds unless we can re-book the property and we were unable to do so on such short notice. There for, no refund was issued. Pretty standard in the STR business. The customer decided to call their bank and state that the transaction was unauthorized, $2,504.19. Their bank, Wells Fargo, reached out to myself and Square requesting information about the transaction. Keep in mind that they did not issue a charge-back or dispute; simply reviewing the case. I gave Wells Fargo the transaction receipt and all pertinent dialogue (e-mails) between the client and myself. At this time, Square decided to deduct my account in the amount of the “reviewed” transaction. Again, no formal dispute or charge-back had been filed. The charge Square deducted did not clear my account as we keep little funds in that account. Square attempted 3 times to take the money from my account. Each time racking up hundreds of dollars in banks fees as it was messing with my pending transactions. They were successful in obtaining the money on the 3rd attempt. Again, a dispute or charge-back had not been issued by my customers bank. I reached out to the customers bank and Square. Wells Fargo was extremely helpful and also questioned why Square had deducted the funds from my account without a formal dispute or charge-back being issued. Also, Square had all pertinent information in regards to the case and claims to offer seller protection which in fact they do not. You cannot contact Square directly. You have to call, leave your number, and wait for someone to call you back. At which time they transfer you to the disputes department. My call was dropped 3 times during the “transfer” and I had to start the process over each time; call, leave number, wait for call back, transfer to right department, call drop, etc. When I finally received a call back from a person in the disputes department the way I was treated was absolutely absurd. Wasn’t I the customer? The Square employee was extremely sarcastic with me and mocked my questions like I was an idiot for inquiring about why Square had deducted $2,500 from my account and that I had questions, concerns and needed time frames. I’m running a small business, $2,500 is A LOT of money to my business or any small business. There e-mail response to my questions and repeated email attempts was, “I’ve taken another look at your account and can see that the case below is still being reviewed by your customer’s bank. We don’t have any updates to provide to you at this time. However, as mentioned, we’re expecting to hear back from your customer’s bank by 6/12/2015. Please feel free to write back in at that time for an official update”. They want me to contact them in 90 days to figure out the “official update”? How is this an unacceptable business practice? Again, aren’t I the customer? Again, I’ve never had 1 issue with my account prior; no disputes or charge-backs. Not one. Do not use Square. I’ve filed fraud against them at this time.
They held over 50k of our funds and it was THEM who held it. It had nothing to do with our bank or state banking laws as you suggest. We refunded as much of this to our customers as they would allow us to and recharged using another merchant account. It has been OVER 90 DAYS AND THEY STILL OWE US OVER $10,000.
We own a bail bond business. I signed up with Square as a business. Well, a couple of days ago we process two payments in the amounts of $2400 and $1239. Three days went by and we did not receive a email from Square sayinf anything about funds on the $2400 being transfered to our bank. SO I login in to our Square Account to see what’s going on with that transaction. We had to notify Square by email to see what was going on. So 24 hours later they replied and this what they said the first time:
The most enjoyable part of the job is getting to know the frequent customers that live within the neighborhood. Despite the fact that this location works well with class schedules, management could use a lot of alterations. It is strenuous for workers to stand and complete duties for an eight hour shift and only be allowed two separate fifteen minute breaks. There is very little room for position advancement and raises are seldom given.
Square does business with STARBUCKS. I believed if a company of that size trusted them, as a small entrepreneur, I could too. I wonder if Starbucks can reach them, contact them? I’ve ask the local stores but no one has a number or name either. Wow with a capital WOW!
It’s crazy, I know! But Square is banking on the very small business crowd, and most of these businesses only have one location. Here’s a link to Square’s info about multi-account functions. It’s nothing you haven’t already encountered, but I’ll post it here for anyone else interested.

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