“Square Inc Reviews for Farmers Markets”

In regards to support, just because Paypal offers it, does not imply it has any value. I have worked with multiple organizations trying to use Paypal and find it annoying. They have over “simplified” to the point where it is extremely difficult to navigate. Also, gave up on calling support long ago. Provided negative value.
Their system went down late one night, (I am a cab driver) and did not capture a charge even though my phone processed the charge normally. They just ignored my request for reimbursement and refused any communication. Judging from all the comments it can only assume that class actions suits and in process.
The advised me via a canned email form letter and when I attempted to discuss it with them I was met with similar canned responses. Their final canned reply after requesting help from a live human being was:
My wife has a cleaning business and also sells jewelry at craft shows. We started using Square and found our sales went up. When we first set up the account everything went smoothly. After using the Square, we finally noticed no money was going into our account. We sent an email to Square and learned that we had not finished verifying our account. Once we completed that process all the funds were transferred the next day. It would be nice to be able to talk to customer service but so far everything has worked well for us. We recently had our garage floors redone and the business owner did not tell us until after the work was completed that he did not take credit cards, but we should have asked first so our bad. I then told my wife that the interest on the card is much cheaper with a purchase then a cash advance. We ran our card through the Square and the funds were there the next day. It isn’t perfect and our biggest complaint is that we have to swipe a card several times before it works but other than that we have had no problems. We have signed up with another device that we want to try to see if it is better as far as reading the card after one swipe. I also just finished building a photography studio and will use which ever reader works best for that business. So, no real complaints on this end. Just make sure you do your part to get the account set up right.
I have recently used the square card reader for conducting business with venders that aren’t close to where we are located, fyi they pay over the phone. It seemed to me very difficult to understand their website, it felt I was going in circles not really gaining new information anytime I clicked the help button. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to key in a card or swipe a card, yet to my surprise square withheld my funds from my company for 4 weeks and counting. Claiming I must sign up for an extended yadda yadda to receive more money. When it clearly states on the sign up or sign in page to their website, “money in account next day”. I am still lacking two thousand dollars plus change owed and its been 2 weeks since I got half of my deposit I was suppose to. With no way to have contact besides emailing which takes longer then converting a nun into a housewife. I cant wait to be paid in full to wipe my hands clean of using the square ever again for my business.
On September 3, 2017 I used my bank issued debit card at a store and got distracted and accidentally left my card in the card reader. When I realized it, the store was closed. The next day I checked my account and there was a Square One transaction for $300. I called the store to ask if my card was there and was told that it had been turned in to the office by the cashier who checked me out at the register the day before. An employee there who has a business on the side and is a Square One merchant swiped my card and transferred $300 from my account to hers. I filed a police report and the employee was fired from the store. I printed copy of the receipt that has her name, address and phone number. It also shows where she forged my name. I have spent hours searching Square One’s website to get information on how to report her. Since she committed fraud using her Square One account, she should be deactivated. I just want to make a report but it is impossible to get any information on their website as to how to report a merchant for fraud. It seems that you can only speak to a customer service representative if you are a merchant.
This company (Square) should be avoided by merchants who wish to actually receive an income via credit card processing. Square has organized itself in such a way as to hold onto the merchant’s income for periods of time far surpassing that of other companies we’ve experienced. Additionally, their system of communication is atrocious and nerve-racking. They offer no phone contact information, they use only e-mail, they make it difficult to even send them an e-mail, and even when e-mails are submitted they are answered on Square’s schedule, not the merchant’s. In particular, when customer disputes are made over a transaction, Square provides little information to the merchant about the details of the dispute and virtually no communication in regard to the settling of the dispute. Meanwhile, they lock up the amount of the dispute in their system, so that until the dispute is settled (the possibility of which is unlikely through Square), the merchant has no access to the money, even when that money was earned for goods and services actually rendered. Square is terrible. They are a business venture formed for the purpose of making as much money as possible while offering as little service as possible in return, in an age when the internet makes the potential for such ventures more expedient. They are an opportunistic company in the darkest sense of the term.
To make a transaction, enter the price of the item you’re selling. Then, swipe the credit card through the reader smoothly and quickly, keeping the card parallel to the reader and the magnetic strip against the reader’s thickest part. If swiping fails or the card is too worn you can type in the card information.
I recently set up a square market place for our art gallery. Do you know of it possible to set up an option to ZOOM in on the picture of a product? Also have you heard of they are updating a ‘search’ function?
Thank you for this info! As a web designer and developer, I was looking for this exact info (and could not find much on the SquareUp site) after a client contacted me about a custom e-commerce WordPress site and then was told by SquareUp she could build a site with them free. I expressed possible concerns and now I see there are others. I bet you cannot use your own domain, right?
I’ll hand over all my fully compliant licenses, general liability, insurance umbrella, Colorado state certificate of good standing with the Colorado secretary of states office including no complaints ever filed against myself or my company that began in California in 8/2005.
Start off the work day with walking the aisles and seeing what needs to be stocked. then going to the warehouse and see if we had the products. Tuesdays and Thursdays were the days we got our deliveries. We would have to unload the delivery truck and consolidate it into the cooler. Management wasn’t very good. hardest part about the job was that we were understaffed.
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I am starting an immigration consultancy, it is a corporation. I have been reading your review of Square and seems like Flint may be better for me. I will be accepting mostly in person transactions but possibly some remote ones, the value will be between $150 and $3000, depending on the services I am providing, there is no way of knowing how often as of yet, what would you recommend?
I just met with the Better Business Bureau this past Wednesday and was informed that businesses who use Square can not become accredited because Square sells private information, whereas PayPal does not, and is okay to use and become accredited with the BBB.
Square said it processed $10.2 billion in payments in its busiest quarter — up 47 percent from a year earlier — on behalf of more than 2 million merchants. More importantly, larger merchants — those processing at least $125,000 annually — represented 39 percent of all transactions in the quarter, an increase from 33 percent of volume a year earlier.
My account was deactivated after I took several payments. Now they’re saying my money will be in reserve. No way to contact them without a code and they requested me to use email. No way to get a live person!
Same thing happened to me. Cancelled my account without notice. No way to reach anyone on the phone as they wont accept any calls without a code from a WORKING account. You have to be crazy to use this company.
I am writing to advise people to beware of Square. A client of mine was hacked and thru them my Square account has been attacked via the Square invoice dispute process. I received notification of a 4-month old invoice being disputed and within an hour of receiving this notification I responded with documentation and emails from my client stating this was not disputed. Square did not bother opening my email or reviewing my response before initiating a withdrawal directly from my bank account to “hold” funds until the dispute was settled. That was Three weeks ago. We resolved the issue with the client last week, only to have my client’s hackers dispute the invoices again yesterday. And Square? They again attempted to withdraw funds from my account for a known fraudulent dispute. My Square account has been frozen for three weeks. My advice? There are other safer and more responsive service providers out there. Stay away from Square.
Is there anyway we can all come together and lawyer up against this company . They are also holding my money . I did everything I was supposed to and still I’m denied access to recover my money, they got there’s so they could care less to give me what is mine:(
The problem I had with Square was that I do a lot of extended warranty work in the RV Industry and the warranty companies pay by faxing us the credit card information to process. No card present charges results in Square holding funds. Found out by reading complaints after I got so pissed off. My Square account showed that they processed the total amount, however my bank deposits were not the same. With NO One to talk to about this, you and I are left to sift through Square’s help files until you come across the explanation. I guarantee that if you come up several hundred dollars or more short on a deposit, and NO explaination, you would be upset too. I was sent a questionaire with NO explanation of why. After searching several google responses, I think it was some kind of survey to determine if Square will up my “no card present” charges. Still don’t know if they have yet…
I started an online school and had just received my second course payment. Square held my money claiming that my account had a ‘pattern’ of risky payments and that they therefore had to hold my funds for 90 days and deactivate my account. There was no pattern (2nd payment ?) and they refused to explain the reason. after deactivation they no longer felt obliged to answer my requests and only replied with canned emails asking me if the support i received was satisfactory. Well, now over 105 days have passed since they held back that $1000.00 from me for no just cause. They have not credited my bank account and have not emailed me. Square has a license to steal money it seems. This company is fraudulent. there is no other way about it. And I will be contacting the police. What a pain in the ass to have to track down these slime bags.
Look at their website. A look at their website reveals how immature the team behind square. Credit card processing is not fun it is a serious business. A business relies on credit card processing company to make a living.
I’ve only been using Square for a month. I’m not a large company with a hella lot of sales at this time. However, I do hope I can build this relationship over time because you couldn’t pay me enough money to use the real scammers and corporate scumbags when transacting credit card sales: Corporate Banks.
Square’s credit card processing fees are simple and transparent. There’s just one low rate for every type of card and dollar amount. We never charge any monthly fees, PCI-compliance fees, cancellation fees, or POS software fees. It’s all included in our rate.

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