Local Reader is compatible with iPhones and iPads, Samsung Galaxy Phones, and the Kindle Fire tablets. There is, however, one glaring omission from the devices listed: Amazon’s ambitious new Fire Phone. (For what it’s worth, the company says compatibility with the Fire Phone is “coming soon.” But it still strikes me as odd that Amazon would launch a new product without interoperability from the get-go.)
Square provides a very powerful, visual analytics reporting package to help you access and use this information to improve the performance of your business. You can also customize the information you see in your dashboard by dragging and dropping the visual widgets.
Squareup.com allowed a chargeback be done by a customer for 865.00, they disputed 560.00 of the money and awarded it back to the customer and I am still waiting on the remaining amount that is owed back to me. I worked very hard for that money and I sent numerous emails explaining the situation and I think it is absolutely ridiculous that you can not speak with a live person regarding matters with your money. That should be illegal how they run their website. I am about to send them another email regarding this matter since they have not bothered to respond back to a few others I sent. I am ready to get away from them and go with my bank to process credit card transactions for the business. It has been a nightmare with them and I wish I never went with them in the first place.
It is almost impossible to contact Square. There is no telephone number on their site. There is no company information and address. If they fail to deposit your money in the account how can you reach or sue them. Is it a scam?
Can’t receive money been waiting for 2 DAYS!!! Someone sent me $200 dollars through this freaking App and I’m still waiting!!! Thought it would save us time by transferring it with this app but Now I wish we would have went to bank or used another app!!! I glad I didn’t have an emergency! But I still want my Freaking money!!! I totally REGRET USING THIS APP!!! I WANT MY FREAKING MONEY LIKE NOW!!! NOW!! 😠😠😠😠
Hi James, I agree it’s difficult to know how well Square is actually doing. For a private company, the best proxy of success may be the amount of venture capital that is pouring in. Fortunately for Square we also have rumored valuations north of $3 billion. The goal of this article was to determine how they’ve been growing, rather than validate the exact economics of the business.
I work with Heartland and they are amazing. There cost and customer service is way better than Square or PayPal. They answer the CS line in 10 secs or less. Plus they dropped my AMEX pricing way lower.
The company I work for is looking into cheaper options for processing. We travel throughout the midwest and sell clothing at multiple events per weekend. Up to four separate locations, however we would be based all from one main location. Could we have multiple squares running at once? Is the tax withholding service adjustable so we can tune it to separate states tax laws for selling. I’ve noticed you said a few things about security. Some of our events sell about $2,000 total for three days. However, other events will sell up to $25,000 in three days. I was hoping maybe you could suggest a cheap option for us if square can’t fill our needs. Since our sales occur at odd location we really need the offline option. The system we have now is large and outdated so we are in desperate need of a new system that can keep our inventory updated regularly and handle our sales capacity. Sales are seasonal as well so we don’t need a year round service but could do leasing based monthly.
I don’t presently accept credit cards, but am interested in doing so. Someone close to me is convinced I’d see an increase in sales. While that’s probably true, I provide a niche service to a niche clientele and am not about to risk my relationship with my customers to a start-up that seems more interested in fulfilling their needs than that of their customers. There are far too many complaints here for me to feel comfortable using this service.
After what I just went through in the last couple of days with Pay Pal I will forever discourage people to get PayPal and go with Square. I run my own PC repair/support business…I was approved, having already been with PayPal almost ten years I thought it the best way to go…well listen up…. My first three transactions were with typing in the credit card, since I usually work from home, and of course, their cc reader hadn’t arrived… What was that for???!! After your first $500 PayPal actually holds the amount for 30 days or more. I called the representative and I was like “well I’ve had PayPal for years so what’s the problem” they proceeded to tell me “that’s how it works until you develop better selling habits??” I run a computer help and repair, where I remote into my clients servers, or PCs and fix the problem, so accepting a credit card payment over the phone shouldn’t be a biggy?? Right?? Wrong! So basically I did two days or about $1,500 worth of of work, they gave me the first $500 and the other $1,000 is in there or in my pending balance for the next 30 days, just because I typed in the credit card. Mind you I sent them the receipts for the transactions. This is incredible, and a joke. I think it’s horrible, 30 days?? This day and age maybe 2 or 3 days for it to clear, I can even do seven for it to clear with the bank but really 30 days??? Square took me through a two day process and after sending them my ID and a copy of my receipts everything went smoothly. It goes into my bank account after a day or so, or I can choose to have it immediately sent to my account for a 1% fee. The choice is clear. Hope you don’t make the same mistake.
They been forcing me to provide extremely personal business information and personal information in order to get paid. I say extremely personal because they want multiple government issued IDs, copies of past invoices, my bank statements going back several months, and a lot more non-sense. I feel forced to give them whatever information they are asking for since they are holding up my funds ! I will obviously terminate any relationships with this nightmare company. Just going to use paypal from now on, like I have always done.