“Square Marketplace Reviews Summary”

I have been with Square for a few years now and have not had any issues. I am a one man automotive repair shop and use Square once or twice a month. On March 2nd I used Square for a credit card transaction with the customer present for approx. $1600. I was notified by e-mail that the transaction was successful and the money would be in my account. Later in the evening I received an email from Square saying they needed 3 months worth of bank statements, a government document showing my business is legit, copy of an invoice and a copy of a purchase order in order to receive my funds. So by Friday, March 4, all the documentation was sent and was told it would be sent to their review committee. I received an email Friday at 7 pm (the time they close) saying ” We’re sorry to inform you that we are deactivating your account. Our Account Services team reviewed your account and found a pattern of transactions associated with high-risk activity. For further information about our policies, you can review section 42 of the Square Seller Agreement. We regret that, starting today, you will no longer be able to process transactions using Square. Any funds currently in your account will be held for 90 days before being released to your linked bank account. ” Not sure what the high-risk activity is since we only use them once or twice a month and the charges are usually $200-$300.
Merchants looking to explore this market are most frequently interested in Apple Pay, according to the consulting firm Piper Jaffray, which found that of the 44 percent of merchants who are using or want to use mobile wallet solutions, 67 percent lean toward Apple Pay readers, with only 18 percent preferring Android Pay/Google Wallet, and a mere 8 percent preferring PayPal.
Thanks for the comment. The Durbin Amendment (part of the Dodd-Frank bill) put a flat fee cap of 21 cents on debit card transactions plus a one (1) cent “fraud prevention” fee. The 0.05% figure you mentioned is actually an “ad valorem” tax that is also collected at the time of sale. I’m not sure how Square is affected by this, but since it’s not a bank it doesn’t have to pass the savings onto the app users.
I keep receiving emails from Square stating that my vendor payment has been denied or something like that. I don’t have or have ever useda square account. Either they are or fishing for information or somebody sends me a hell of a lot of emails with their letterhead
Same thing here, I have been selling my Programming and Linux Admin services since 1999 and 2 years ago changed from paypal to square, never had one problem and I do $75K a year volume. I’ve even gotten 2 loans of $4000 through them, no problems at all.
Per-transaction fees add up fast if you sell high volumes of low-priced goods. Here a flat-fee provider like Square can still be a better choice even at $10k per month. However, Cayan customizes rate plans so you might still get a lower rate or lower transaction fees. It never hurts to shop and compare all of your options if you sell in volume.
I signed up for Square in October of 2013. After receiving the card reader, getting the app installed on my smartphone and tablet, I got my inventory set-up the way I wanted it and then got started accepting orders.
When I whip out my iphone with the little swipe reader, my customers are amazed at the new technology. When I ask them if they’d like a reciept mailed ot them, it is a new feature they’ve never encountered before.
I liked how easy it was to use. I also like the functions on the backend. It made figuring out numbers and sales easy. I liked the graphs and the way you were able to back on weeks, months and even years.
Not clear whether you are a legitimate merchant with a real brick-and-morter location (funeral home) or an individual who wanted to process cards for some other reason. The card agreement prohibits you from processing your own cards. Also, your card processing history means a lot. If this is your first experience and you processed your first card at a $5000 total, you may well wait a while for your funds. Ask yourself, under the same circumstances would you fund such a transaction with your own money?
Square.com…warranty? customer service? merchant business? Nothing! they didn’t give you any of these services that compromise to supposed to have as a client…I had the most awful experience of customer service with Square Co. They sent me an email at the beginning of 2016 saying that one of my clients had a dispute about a fraud charge with my square…they never sent me any information about it…i replied with another email asking for more information to know where to start to solve my problem…they didn’t give me any comments I sent them several emails asking for more information and gave them my phone number because I wanted to talk with a representative via phone, but nothing, called them but the voicemail asked me for a code to access, dialed the code several times and won’t work, then I sent them another email telling them that I wanted to talk with somebody personally and NOTHING! so thru and email they told me that the charge was 4 mos. ago, so I wrote them telling them that I want more information but that was the last time I heard from them….they finally withdraw $800 dlls from my checking account…and now I’m dealing with this stupid company that had nothing to help customers or clients other than give them hard times…..Be very CAREFUL at the time to get their services…..
Quit simply this company sucks. They screwed up My VERY FIRST TRANSACTION! Because it was $3200 they sent a message saying that because of suspicious activity my account was on hold till they obtained verification from me. I sent them numerous items and none were good enough. They finally sent a reply saying that after review they decided that I was a high risk! AND you cannot contact them! They cost me the account and I am in the process of suing them.
I am writing, I need help with a transaction I did on Oct. 3, 2013 $5,389.00 with Square Reader. I processed my Aunt’s Funeral Payment for her burial, as of this day, Oct. 14, 2013 I haven’t received the money for her funeral. I need HELP our family needs closure.
This means that Square, legally, does not owe you anything. It can shut you down without giving any reason whatsoever. But, despite what some complainants might assert, Square does not choose to shut down accounts by throwing darts at a wall covered in user’s names. It does so, according to its Seller Agreement, for one of three reasons:
Square has been a Great asset to my business I have no problems my money is deposit same day with instant deposits and next day for all other customer service is fast and friendly online and over the phone easy to use and it feel safe I give square A+ rating

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