“Square Merchant Processing 2018”

I am a small start up LLC. It’s just me. I don’t have enough cash on hand to keep running my business or even pay my rent. In 10 days when rent is due I will without a doubt be evicted thanks to Square.
It took over two weeks to get paid for my first transaction. I answered every question and submitted every document imaginable and now in trying to get paid for a second transaction they’re holding my money again and asking all the same questions.. I was on hold for 40 minutes before a recording came on and said they’d call me back. That was 30 minutes ago. They are incompetent, inconsiderate and probably purposely holding people’s money for their benefit. I will never use them again and if they ever call back I’ll let them know it
You can find in-depth information about Square’s services on its website, and you can email the company with your questions. Square earned a lower customer service score because we couldn’t reach a representative by phone. However, when we contacted Square via email, company agents were helpful and quick to follow up with us.
As a former owner of an online TCG selling company, do yourself a favor and get an actual merchant processor and gateway. Your business’s bank most likely offers one. There are methods using them off site via smartphone and tablet that while not as sleek as paypal’s reader, are most definitely worth the hassle.
They recently acquired Caviar (“Seamless for high end restaurants”) and has toyed around with a lot of different businesses, but they’ve not figured it out. They grew fast but seemingly in the wrong direction and space.
It seems to be that when it comes to Opinion Square, it will all depend on your luck. However, do we recommend joining the portal? Only if you are willing to spend some time there and find out whether you match the in-demand demographics and are aware of the fact that not all surveys pay out in cash. If you have the time, go ahead and try; if you don’t, get a membership where you know for sure you will make some money.
I am a mobile nail technician and signed up for the Square to provide my clients with the convenience and ease of accepting credit card payments anytime and anywhere. I currently sell gift certificates for services but wanted to switch to selling gift cards to clients that can be purchased in any amount. I would like to know if I can use the Square to pre-load the gift cards when purchased with whatever amount the client chooses? I would also like to know if I would be charged a fee when the client redeems their gift card?
If you’re an entrepreneur, Square will capture your interest with its card reader. As you build up your business, you’ll remember that experience to tap into other Square products, like its Register offering, Square Analytics, Square Invoices, Square Appointments, Square Payroll, and even its customer relationship management tool. Because you’re so pleased with the service you’ve received with these value-add products, you’ll remain a loyal customer of Square, not just accepting, but embracing the closed system.
I’m sorry I didn’t see this earlier. I am not a rep for Square, but I’m quite sure that having two readers won’t allow you two separate transactions if they are linked to the same account. Contact Square for help.
And if that’s not enough, Miller believes that a significant challenge to Square will be its ability to take on all merchant verticals, as it may not be possible to create something that will appeal to everyone. Right now its biggest industries are retail, service, and food. Other important industries in the space include repair and leisure contractors, health and beauty services, charities and education, and transportation. As Square goes public, will it continue to innovate in order to reach newer audiences? Would a more open ecosystem fare better than a closed one?
Surely, just as Stripe did, I expected Toby to be on my side. Here I am with 0 disputes and no issues on my account other than 1 simple misunderstanding. It was my assumption that Toby would get my information to the right person and have my information re-submitted to their financial partners.
Now, she has a brick and mortar store to manage as well, and she feels that Square just gets it: “I did a lot of research in terms of different point of sale systems and what they had to offer,” Madden explained in a phone interview. “Because Square is so meticulous about releasing software only when it’s absolutely ready and has mobility, it’s the most amenable to two business models. That’s something that, to this day, is hard to find.”
I verified my bank account on 4-26-2016 and made several $1.00 test charges to check my business’s invoice and receipt content was correct. I then sent an invoice to client which they subsequently paid via CC to my square account for $2,871.45. Square asked for additional verification which I supplied. I was then sent an email with a customer code which I tried to get support with to no avail it said my account was deactivated? I had the account for 5 DAYS and they deactivated it and now I have to wait 90 DAYS to get paid and I already paid my vendors…I’M Screwed…!
This company is a joke. They do not have any staff to handle verbal communication. They have stolen money from me. They have received money from my customer’s credit services and have refised to dispurse the funds. The individuals that correspond via email do not know how to spell nor do they use proper grammar.
Squareup was great, and we decided to use the free version for our deli, only does about $3000 a month in cc. Which is great because at that amount the 2.75% flat rate is awesome. However neither the paid version nor the free version works well with barcode scanners (you have to approve each item you scan which is annoying when ringing up 30 items. So the free version is working great for our deli side of the store.
Square offers many benefits, operating as a full point-of-sale. They have the richest history in mobile payment processing and offer many additional features via third parties. Square is simple, straightforward, and affordable. But, if you have heavy volume, could be considered “risky,” or need phone support, you may want to look elsewhere.
When Square came out with their portable credit card reader, I was very excited to adopt this technology. In exchange for a little under 3% of each transaction, they provided a way to turn my cell phone and my iPad into credit card machines. Portable, convenient, reliable. What’s not to like?
If each stylist’s sales need to go to individual accounts, it can all be handled on one machine but each stylist will need to log in to their own account before the sale (and log out afterward, to avoid errors). No aggregate information will be collected; the separate accounts (including things like inventory and reports) will exist completely independently.
These people are crooks! They ar not a banking institution. They are money aggregators and do not have to follow the same laws that legitimate financial institutions do. I had the very same problems everyone else had with them holding $7000. It was a nightmare but fortunately my bank helped me out. I had a regular merchant account for many years and had a great rate. I thought I was avoiding th monthly fees by using square. I was wrong. If you are a legitimate business and you are processing larger transactions use a bank the fees are lower and there is recourse should something go wrong. Richard Branson (Virgin) is a major investor in Square. If people start boycotting all Virging projects in protest, I bet something will be done. In the meantime social media can be the great equalizer. Go to the founders Twitter account and start tweeting away. We need this to go viral!!!
If you want to take advantage of the popularity of gift cards, Square has several choices. You can try starter packs and choose from templates, or design your own card. Different package options have different minimum quantity requirements. All gift card choices come with full reporting so you can see how effective gift cards are for your business. Cards will run you between $1.50 and $2 per card depending on your customization and other design choices.
I have been ripped off enough. I am tired of the games. You will find me on all the complaint sites. All of you who take little transactions think your safe. In a few months you will know better. We who take single payments over a thousand know the truth. They are destroying people’s lives and businesses everyday and they don’t care one bit. The NO-CARD-PRESENT game is their money game. have the money to use for investment in interest bearing vehicles. Without your knowledge. Making this securities fraud I believe. I have began a complaint and report with the U.S. Attorney General and will be talking with the California States Attorney General in person to explain the facts so as to overcome the clever deceptive wording used by Square. As long as we sit here and complain they couldn’t care less. Try to call them and see. If you take large payments, you can just F-off. Go to other sites and see. This site may be supported by square and filled with plants who post love letters. I know many companies do this. Only 44 complaints at the BBB? There have been thousands on the internet in the last six months. Why the difference? Try to get the required field information for the BBB complaint form. Square is good at hiding that information. Have an address or even zip code? Then you worked at it. The DOJ fraud web address is ffetf@usdoj.gov Let’s get to reporting the facts to those who can get to the bottom of it and quit the whining here.
Did you see the post with Sqaure’s attorney information? I would also go to their page on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/square and let them know what you think. They rarely check it (SURPRISE) and I have posts warning people still up there!
I liked using Square at first, but it turned out to be a disaster. I was happy with the way they deducted their portion from each day’s deposit, instead of being hit with a huge withdrawal for fees on the first of the month, as with our other processor. Square had cool features I was considering trying, like employee timekeeping and payroll. Then I had a couple of chargebacks and Square immediately closed my account, would not let me log onto the dashboard to dispute the chargebacks (which were bogus) and would not go to bat for me about the chargebacks. There is no way to contact them by phone if you are not a customer with an open account. I had some funds due from credit cards run the day they closed the account, and they never deposited that money in my account. A month after they closed my account, they sent me an email saying I had won a chargeback dispute, but they are holding the money in my account, and it will never be accessible to me. If I win on the other chargeback dispute, the same thing is going to happen, and they will be holding about $3,000 of my money. They claimed that they would hold any money for 120 days, but it has been longer than that already. I would strongly recommend any business from using Square. There are other convenient apps available. Also, I did not realize that the high cost of our bank-based card processing company provided a much-needed level of fund security that apps like Square don’t provide.
I did a test charge of $11.00. No problem. I SWIPED two charge on April 20. One for $4000.00 and one for $25,000. On Friday night I was asked (via email) for a number of supporting documents for the $25,000. Scanned and sent them Monday AM. Today is Wednesday and I got another email asking for one of the ones I sent Monday. Cannot talk to any one. Neither payment is deposited. My reply today to look again at mondays documents received another “you are important and we will get back in 24 hours” They did not get back in 24 hours on Monday and I can’t find why they have not deposited my funds. The cards were swiped. nothing in their promos or agreements indicate that they will ask for copies of contracts, tax forms or business licenses, copies of my print ads and my website address. That could have been set up ahead of time to avoid these delays that are going to last who knows how long.
I see I found this page a bit too late, like most of you. I’m waiting on 2 customer refunds I processed on September 19th. Over 1 month, multiple email and being hung up on by there voicemail system, I still have no refund. Do not use these guys if you are here considering them. Without a customer service to talk to how can they truly be taken seriously. Looks appealing but you will certainly pay for it in the end.
Sales just started to ramp up and square has advised me that they are going to hold all of my funds for 90 days for no reason or justification. There is no way to call them and no way to contest. I paid the 2.75% for convenience and look but now i see there are much better solutions out there.
Square Stand integrates with supported receipt and kitchen printers, cash drawers, and bar code scanners to create a complete point of sale. If you experience issues connecting any of your USB hardware accessories to the Square Stand, try the following tips:
Options 1 & 2 both operate under GoPayment’s flat-fee structure with no surprise or add-on fees. Since we’re focusing on mobile credit card processing services in this guide, those are the plans we’ll use for our price comparisons below.
Square allowed my first transaction of 17,000 in October , then accepted one for 4000 in November. I received a confirmation email. Then noticed the money was never forwarded to my account. Numerous requests lead only to a return email stating they need more information . Even after sending it, I still get the same email response. There is no phone number. A normal company would have fixed this in 10 minutes. Never again will I use Square. I’m still out my money a month now.
This morning I received an email telling me $21.58 was charged to my credit card via Square. It was obviously fraud from an air conditioner maintenance company with a disconnected number and a web site that listed offices in multiple states with only partial phone numbers. I called the credit card company and they cancelled the card. I have a message sent to Square and I’m curious to see if I even get a response, there wasn’t a fraud reporting option on their support questions.
The Buyer pays for the transaction by swiping or dipping their payment card, or by tapping their NFC-enabled mobile device on the Square Reader or Square Stand, which captures the Buyer’s account information.
These stories are horrible. Several of them refer to funds that the company holds and then deactivates the account. I’m curious to know, do these “held funds” include any deposits made on that account (I.e. Removing deposits on previously authorized transactions)? Or, are “these funds” specific to the transaction(s) that “flagged” the account? Either situation can cause inconvenience, but removal of all funds ever processed would be a nightmare.

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