“Square One Credit Card Processing Reviews Comparison”

Square works with any US-issued and most internationally-issued magstripe or chip cards bearing a Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, or UnionPay logo. The following card types are accepted:
If a payment is “Declined,” that notification would come from the customer’s bank and you would also find record of it in your Transaction Status Report. If the message is more along the lines of “Payment Failed,” it would indicate a technical issue, whether that’s the payment timing out (weak connection) or worn-out credits cards, etc. Let me know!
I read about all the problems on the Iphone app when I got this thing and I decided to try it anyway as a secondary solution to my online cc sales account that I use pro pay for. Pro pay limited my per sale to $500 and so square looked appealing to me because of the no limit part. I did read the $1000 rule on their site and I use it mostly at my auto detail shop for small “upsales” for $10 to about $100.
I have used Square maybe two dozen times. Yes I got my $$ fairly quickly. Nothing over $68 bucks though. Without it I would not have made those sales. I do not advertise it for them. Only when a customer asks if I can take a debit or credit card.
Square Cash can work for peer-to-peer payments, such as paying back your friend for the ski tickets he got for you, or it can be used for business transactions. Personal transactions made using your debit card are free. Personal transactions made using a credit card and business transactions come with a fee, but it’s a convenient way to send and accept payments using your phone.
I had no idea they were going to hold my money. I am a business and have vendors to pay. Let’s just say it’s not just a couple hundred bucks. And they don’t get back to you with in 24 hours. They said they are holding it for a month! Are you kidding a fricken month?!! Lame, can’t conduct business this way, a big mistake on my part using Square.
—In the above example, I also found on a couple of occasions that if I hit the “back” button on my browser, in order to get out of the page, it would sign me out of the system and take me right back to the sign-in screen. Then I had to sign in all over again, and encountered the sign-in problems again (see above).
We regret that, starting today, you will no longer be able to process transactions using Square. Any funds currently in your account will be held for 90 days before being released to your linked bank account.
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I had the same problem. I tried a few adapters but they weren’t reliable enough. I bought the otter box armor case and now it’s simple. Open two latches on the side of the case and your phone is out in two seconds to use.
We are a small art gallery with original items to sell and it is important to note that the Square does not support making your own barcodes or having a company make your bar codes. The barcodes have to be the international ones that already come on products.
Square labeled me a fraud with NO way to defend myself, and is holding $900 of my money hostage. Don’t use them if you are smart. I had $900 in sales, in person swipe, the other half as emailed invoice, all within a week. They flagged me, called me a fraud, kicked me off the system and said they are holding my money for 90 days because security and f*** you, that’s why. The rep when he called me before this all happened (I had no idea he was probing me) asked me to describe my business and when I did he said “oh, I don’t think we can service that type of business” and BOOM, I was cut off from any communication, phone, email, or otherwise. Contacting them via Twitter got me a “too bad, so sad” message and that’s it.
It reminds me of the old adage, “if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen” Square offers them selves as a great innovator in our quest for a paperless e-commerce world. In reality, they are nothing more than a middle man making up their own rules. Who wouldn’t like to be in the business of getting paid to hold someone’s money for 30 days or more. Pay the extra 0.5% to a traditional card processor and at the least, you’ll get your money instantly. Good riddance Square
Square Register: Square Register is the company’s newest hardware solution, and definitely the slickest. But at $999, that’s not surprising. Square Register is a customized piece of hardware designed to run Square Point of Sale, with some of the advanced back-end features of the Retail app thrown in. For example, you get employee timecards, multi-location inventory and purchase order management, plus advanced reports.
A main competitive advantage that has allowed Square to hold the top spot in the mobile processing market has been the company’s ability to offer a flat processing rate with no credit card transaction fee. Until PayPal Here, competing mobile solutions relied on traditional merchant accounts often paired with a third-party mobile application like ROAMpay where transaction fees can range upwards of $0.25.
So what program do you guys suggest? What is the next apps for small businesses that accepts all forms of payment with no hassle? If your paying with a credit card, any program, any swipe, any computer transaction, HAS YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION WITH YOUR PERMISSION GRANTED AT PAYMENT and does not need permission to send a emailed receipt or survey. Your lucky that is all the information, which is sent to only you from square or ANY FORM OF ELECTRONIC PAYMENT.
After the long waited 30 days passed, i still had not received my funds. After numerous emails, i was contacted by someone requesting a government issued ID and invoices for my sales. FINE, i was pissed off that they didn’t request this information earlier but WHATEVER.
That is exceptionally strange. Square is a credit card processor used by many different businesses. When a customer checks out at a business using Square for credit card processing (this may be in-person or online), they are prompted to supply an email address to receive a digital receipt. This receipt should indicate the business name and the purchase information. Is it possible that some family member or friend is giving out your email address when they shop? That would be the most logical explanation to my mind. Are the orders coming from businesses close to you? If so, it could be evidence that this is the case.
I wish I had researched square before I signed up for it. Probably the absolute worse experience of customer service and decision making I have ever seen in my life and I’ve been around for a few years . As a business operator who deals with customers every day, I have now seen the bottom of the barrel by seeing how square handles customers and complaints and makes decisions. All I can say is WHAT A JOKE. Luckily my relationship with square only lasted a month at best, however they’re holding 800.00 of my money until THANKSGIVING !!!!! Now correct me if I’m wrong but don’t merchants accept credit cards because they’re supposed to be safe and fast? Yet square deems it necessary to put a 90 day hold and tell me that I’m a high risk and refuses to tell me how they came about their decision. Just a matter of time before I’m part od a class action suit with them or better yet…..I’ll probably see them on the I team being taken out of their office by the Feds in cuffs. BAD JOB SQUARE.
Email marketing: I’ve said this before: Square really is an entire ecosystem for businesses. Send newsletters and special offers to your email subscriber using Square’s service, and take advantage of the data from your customer database to do so.
Licensing information is provided in the BBB Business Profiles to inform the public about industries that may require professional licensing, bonding, or registration. Better Business Bureau encourages you to check with the appropriate agency to be certain any requirements are currently being met.
We are currently filling out the paperwork to raise the transaction and transfer limits. I have talked with the customer service reps at Square twice. Once before signing up, and once to get the aforementioned paperwork started. Their reps have been very courteous and helpful.
I am not sure why you are having issues, I have used Square since it came out and have had zero issues, the one refund I have done was completed on time with no issues. I keep posting my experience on here hoping people will see it and give Square a chance. Also all the vendors that I know personally have not had any issues and absolutely love their Square!
I’ve been using Square for almost a year now. I am the owner of a small airport Transportation Company. Square has worked perfectly for my business. My customers all love it Very easy to use and the app is straight forward. Square is always giving me ideas to grow my business. On a scale 1 to 10 I give Square a 10
When the company first began, standard merchant accounts were a chore to open and maintain. Contracts would last for years, come with early cancellation fees, and would not be nearly as transparent as necessary to instill trust in account holders. Today, however, the game has changed, yet again. Merchant account providers have now stepped up and are in strong competition with service providers like Square.
“You’re buying apps right from your phone. That’s coming out of your bank account. A lot of things are being done on a more frequent basis with your smart phone. You can go to Starbucks and get your latte and use your iphone to buy a latte,” Osmonson said.
Have been on hold up to a half an hour to get a recording for call back, which has never come. They have held my funds for going on 2 weeks after I have submitted the information they have been asking for, only to find out that ,oops ? They need more information by emails , that they said were sent….. I haven’t received!
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Again, someone made a purchase 5 months ago. Customer today, files dispute, “item not as described”. Square sends me an email stating they will deduct the funds to refund the customer in 2 business days. 5 months later? Really? So how did i protect myself? Since square gave me a heads up, i called my bank and closed down my entire account that is attached to square…LOL. KARMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We will see if that happens….. Mean while my business is suffering and my account became over drawn thinking I had threatened to sue and ask for court costs and punitive damages. I also reported to BBB and attorney general in my state and California. I believe if we can join together get a facebook going against them we will find so many people with same stories
The advantage of this is its simplicity. You don’t have to worry about figuring out how much you are paying in credit card processing fees, because you know in advance exactly how much you’re going to pay. It’s the same flat rate no matter what type of card your customer uses.

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