“Square One Credit Card Processing Reviews for Restaurants”

Creepy stalking company! Stay away. They will not take you off their database without making YOU jump through a million hoops. I am so angry with the vendor I used who did not tell me that I was signing up to be purchase followed! I am going to request a new credit card and then block their emails. READ THEIR JOKE OF A “PRIVACY’ POLICY.
Did they fix the problem ? I am dealing with a similar issue, They have yet to deposit a single dime however from a 3650 charge. They claim they are going to deposit 2002.00 and the rest will be deposited on June 25th. I run a leasing business that charges peoples leases much like that of a Hotel stay for a weekend of week. In my case the renter will have stayed, rented, left. I refund 500.00 of their money as deposit as long as they dont mess up the beach house. I am now forced to pay the 500.00 out of my own pocket. Since I own this house and run this business to support my retirement I felt using Square was a secure method making my clients think they had security in using their credit card for a nice weekend or week stay on my beach house. I have tried to look thru all that I agreed to as I printed it down,, and you cant find this so called HOLD. Holding your money for 30 is fraud as far as I am concerned, the person whom you charged has been billed and WE have not been paid. I dont know what to do at this point. NO customer service I found the number called it but is merely voice activated BS no one ever answeres its a joke. I could never run a business like that and not be in jail.
Square Inc. withdrew funds from my account for a legitimate, authorized purchase that a customer made at an Art Fair in Texas. They provided my with only the last 4 digits of the AE card, the date of the purchase, and an image of the key pad signature. We’re it not for the fact that I delivered the item to my customer, I would not even known who, what, or why the monies were withdrawn. I have accepted countless credit cards from customers that I would have no idea how to contact in a situation such as this.
Of the complaint total, 835 are regarding problems with service, 432 with billing and collection disputes, 54 with delivery problems, 284 with advertising and sales issues, and 27 due to a guarantee or warranty issue. The BBB has also added a note stating that it has received many complaints regarding Square’s fund withholding procedure. Square has responded by quoting its Terms of Use policies and referring to the help section of its website. The company has successfully resolved 214 complaints, while the remaining 1,418 either were resolved to the dissatisfaction of the merchant or did not receive a final assessment from the merchant.
Any company that does not have a person you can talk to should not be used by anyone. This company is crooked the took my money because of a dispute then deactivated my account with out a phone call just an email. DO Not use them and tell all your friends that are to stop before there out $8000 like I am
Venmo, a Square Cash competitor owned by PayPal, has become wildly popular on college campuses and among 20-something professionals; but anyone who wants to pay someone through Venmo has to download the app. Venmo is much larger than Square Cash, however. Its payment volume came in a tad above $900 million in the fourth quarter, or $3.6 billion on an annualized basis. Square said on Monday that Square Cash’s annualized volume run rate is $1 billion. Facebook, too, will soon introduce its own payments service, through the Facebook Messenger app. The company hasn’t said when or if entrepreneurs, business owners or nonprofits will be able to accept payments through the service.
I am surprised that the Federal government has not looked into this company. I also had them as well as my wife. I have a legitimate company, licensed in Florida. I had them ONE month and they abruptly shut me down. I called and they asked for all kinds of paperwork which we sent. They shut us off at 4pm Friday., They held $6000 from January 15 to April 15. Two days later after 2 weeks with them my wife received same for her business. She waited 90 days also for her money ($3300). Class action should be in the works. God knows there are many of us. I lost customers, lost profit, and had to scramble for new processor as well as short term loan.
So far, we are very happy with the Square platform. The app keeps getting better, even though I wish they kept the Android app on par with the iOS version. The Android app always lags. It sounds like that is the case with PayPals version as well.
We will see if that happens….. Mean while my business is suffering and my account became over drawn thinking I had threatened to sue and ask for court costs and punitive damages. I also reported to BBB and attorney general in my state and California. I believe if we can join together get a facebook going against them we will find so many people with same stories
I am a sporadic user of Square since I conduct my business part-time. I took a customer’s credit card for the amount of $600.00 on Mon Feb 6, 2017. I’d always received a deposit into my checking account within a few days. It is now Feb 15, 2017 and no deposit. I have sent them numerous e-mails with no response other than the automated response. I tried to call them and the recording said I needed a customer number. I read the instructions on how to find a customer number but could not find one no matter how hard I’d searched. Can anyone offer some practical advice?
I have bad experiences with square. Last week I got chargebacks from goods I sold. I provide them all the documents to fight for chargebacks even with photos from security camera proof customers did purchase and left the store with the items. Yesterday morning they send me a notice telling me to update information about my account for verifications. Business name, business address, EIP, government documents and 3 bank statements. In the same day, 5 P.M they send me another notification and telling me they deactivated my account a put a hold on my money in the account for 90 days. The reason they provided was a pattern of high risk activity and tell me to look at section 42 on their sellers agreement. I tried to call them this morning, but they delete the customer code they provided to me and I have no other way to speaks to them from phone. The only way to reach to them is from their question and feedback section via email, but they did not respond back to me. Now, not only I didn’t make any profits, I lost $2000 on the goods I purchase to resell to customers.
With a lot of attractive features, there are still some less than glamorous sides of using Square. As a new business owner, having a real customer service representative assigned to your business can be extremely helpful. Square does not offer extensive customer service and merchants can be left to problem solve issues on their own. Plus, if you are a high volume business, for example, a coffee shop, the rates offered by Square lose their appeal compared to a more traditional merchant service provider.
It doesn’t look like much from the outside, but this family owned place across from Big Rock takes pride in their food and customer service and the quality certainly shows in the deliciousness-your mouth will thank you.
I was trying to switch to Square. I processed a few cards but had some questions about the verification process. I sent a request to have someone call numerous times. I got an email with a phone number and a code to use that was invalid. We are not a virtual company. I process over $1M per year in Credit cards and insist on customer service.
I personally have a seasonal small business (just celebrated 19 years) with no storefront (I sell a craft shows and website sales). I have my own merchant account, which consists a wireless credit card machine that gets immediate authorizations, provides physical paper receipts (signed by customer), flawless 48 hour deposits and several 1-800 CS numbers (with live people 7 days a week). For the few months that I dont conduct much business, the cost runs me roughly $50/month (and that ALSO INCLUDES an Authorized.net account for my website). I can absolutely say that in over 10 yrs, i have NEVER had an issue. LOL
Our company deposited $14,000.00 in Credit Cards in Feb. and they have taken there fees and still not released our funds. Buyer be ware.. They will hold your money and there is nobody to call. You can only E-mail them. We are having our Attorney General look into this practice.. they say that if the think there is a risk,? they can hold your money up to 6 months. This has to be a theft issue. The credit cards are at risk for any charge backs ETC.. I feel defrauded.. Is there nobody that can help us solve this problem.. Do not use this service…
I feel that square is very unprofessional. There is no customer service to explain their actions. For instance, they asked me to verify myself using my license, invoices, and other items. I answered all the questions truthfully and they don’t explain why they terminated the account. I just started the job and they require you to get paid through square. As a result, I am without pay and there is no one available for me to speak to. I went to the onsite help center and filed a complaint. Instead of a detailed response, I received a similar automated email of the email they previous sent. The number to call just tells you to use the help center, and the circus continues. I think that for this to be a business their should be professionalism and customer service involved, especially when it comes to the finances of people and their families.
I have my site on GoDaddy – Not sure what it was, but I was told I needed some secure stuff with PayPal…That just expired, haven’t renewed yet. Sounds like I need to look into that when I get the chance.
I am a small vendor who does about six antique and garden show a year. Square has been a Godsend to taking cards in the field. I was very satisfied until two transactions from my last show have yet to be credited to my bank account.. It has been 9 days and I am out over 800.00. Customer help from Square has been very slow and finding a phone number is next to impossible. I am waiting for another email back from them. They say they are investigating. I have verified email from them saying charge was accepted and authorized-but still no payment.
I used Square for personal and business reasons. I had been using Square faithfully for about 2 years. I recently did a transaction for a $1500 payment. I had all of the necessary documentation, Government Issued papers, Copy of the invoice and contact information from the insurance company issuing the payment, along with 3 different copies of my PRIVATE bank account statements. Square then told me my account was “High-Risk”. and they permanently shut down my account and told me I would have to wait 90 days to receive my $1500, after they used it and did whatever with it and gave me no Interest for holdig and using my funds. If you have Square get out while you can. Intuit too. Go With paypal. These Companies are crooks.
That’s pretty horrific. You are describing common credit card fraud, and it is more than against Square’s terms and conditions – it’s against the law. Processing your own card for cash would be enough for account termination. Processing someone else’s card without their knowledge, and it’s a matter for the police without a doubt. With any credit card machine or software, not just Square, the user can simply type in the card number to process the transaction. It sounds like someone stole your credit card and contact information to commit credit card fraud. If someone committed credit card fraud using your card information, you should contact your card company immediately.
I am a small business owner and have been a Square client since April 2012. Until this week I havent had any issues with Square, Now I have BIG issues with them. Something is going on within their company, perhaps they are getting ready to go under and are trying to siphon as much cash as they can lay their hands on. There are an awful lot of recent complaints identical to mine. I have been making charges all week, small ones all under $200 each. I have not received ONE deposit! I emailed them and have received NO response. I tried this number 415-946-4087 and it actually was answered but the rep was very rude. Talked over me, kept repeating she couldnt help me. says she is for ” verification only ” Then started screaming at me when I told her i was recording my calls. Tried to tell me what i was doing was illegal. (In my state you CAN record any conversation in which YOU are participating.) Illegal? What Square is doing is illegal, they are collecting merchants funds and KEEPING them. Didnt banks get in trouble for that? I think it was called “Floating” Square is also putting my business in a bad position becuase they arent allowing me to do any refunds. I lose credibility with my customers when I cant give a refund. They also are putting me in a position to receive chargebacks! My next call is to the state attorney generals office. Square is destroying small businesses with this practice. Any one know of any class action suits against them? If you have the same problems, call their only number that a live person answers. 415-946-4087, perhaps they will start to help their merchants, the ones they actually make money from and keep them in business!
Generally speaking, we’ve found that the BBB barely scrapes the surface in their “reviews” of companies and we often disagree with its ratings. For this reason, we use an “adjusted rating” based on our own assessment of complaint volume, type of complaints, resolution ratio, estimated market share, company age, and BBB profile age.
I never received my Square despite ordering it well in advance of my event. I live in a small town in Alaska where people do not have mailboxes but PO Boxes. I tried to adapt my order, but apparently it was for naught. Fortunately I was able to borrow a Square for my event.
OMG! SquareUp is terrible!! I read the reviews about them before I signed up and made the decision to go ahead and sign up anyway. Before I made my first transaction, I emailed them (They will not talk to you and do not post a phone number) to make sure that my account was active and that my transaction amount was within their limits. I received 3 emails back from them stating that everything was “good to go”. Once I made the transaction it showed that my deposit was pending. Then, later that night, I received an email stating that they were cancelling my account and that they were going to hold my money for 90 days. Unbelievable! I quickly emailed them back asking “Why?” I waited until the next day and did not receive any answers from them. I emailed again requesting information and that someone contact me to explain why I was told that I was “good to go”…still, no answers to any of my questions. I am trying to run a business and they have ruined a relationship with one of my customers. DO NOT USE THESE JOKERS. Unprofessional and they hide behind email providing absolutely no customer service.
Fast Company: “The result was the Square reader, which launched a year ago and which allows just about anyone to set themselves up to take credit card payments. Even you. Planning a garage sale and want to enable people to pay for your gerbil cages and Shawn Cassidy LPs by credit card? No problem. Square’s for you.”
People, beware. This company collects A LOT of your personal information, cc#’s, bank account #’s..look at their privacy policy for yourself. Their service is free and they systematically collect your private info and your customers’ info on a daily basis.

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