“Square Payment Processing for Restaurants”

I too have recevied the reader. I have only used it once (myself to test) and it worked perfectly. Your review helped because I am a small organization (football team) and my transactions are normally cash, but always in small denomination.
Rude, rude, rude, not to mention extremely unprofessional! I waited on hold for 21 minutes only to be hung up on by the customer service rep. Called back to complain about being hung up on to be put on hold for another 30 minutes. The rep refused to put a supervisor on the phone and hung up again. I will never do business with them again. I’m canceling my account with them and will be telling everyone I can about this horrid experience!
I had the same problem. I tried a few adapters but they weren’t reliable enough. I the otter box armor case and now it’s simple. Open two latches on the side of the case and your phone is out in two seconds to use.
This is the worst company out there, I don’t know how they are still operating. I will do everything in my power to share how a horrible company they are. I have been waiting for weeks to get W2 for employees and Taxes are due in just two weeks! I have been e-mailing them everyday hoping to get a response from them and nothing so far.
Would you be willing to share with me the name and contact information of the CC vendor you are using? We, too, are crafters–doing this as a “2nd job” so do not have huge volumes or sales. We still are using a “knuckle-buster” and want to update. We were led to the Square, but after reading the comments, I don’t think this is what we want. We have done some research, but the price quotes and equipment costs have prohibited us from making a change. There are often some months where we do not attend any shows, so hate to make a big leap.
With the payment add-on you have the ability to charge for additional line items at checkout, such as packages, products, or additional services.  You can also discount the client, charge a sales tax, and accept gratuity via custom or pre-determined percentages.
SQUARE has NO customer service what-so-ever. So, things may happen, and if for example your money get lost, good luck. Square support is nowhere to be found and neither is your money. Their customer support is literally non existent / zero / none.
Hi I’m just trying to figure out if Square will work for my full-service restaurant. My servers need to be able to sign in to the ticket-separately of course-and I need to be able to track their sales so I can cash them out at the end of the shift. We are small-3 servers at a time.
I’ve had an account for almost 3 years with Square and never really needed to speak to customer support so this was a complete surprise when I noticed my deposits were no longer being made but my customers were being charged. The funds are just sitting with Square in pending deposit status. The only option I had was to submit a service ticket through the online form which generated a case number but that is not accepted by the phone filter system.
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My square reader was unusable on 9-5-12. I wonder if that was the same issue that other people were mentioning, it did not update so wouldn’t work. Seems to be working now, but it was difficult for client’s who normally pay this way.
Square is a joke. no customer service and when i called it told me to use the online customer service which doesnt answer my question at all. Read a report just now that they have had over 120 complaints filed in 36 months. I will be deleting my account and bashing them on my website. Im a clothing designer and thought it would be easy to do transactions when im on the road. Another Scam here folks. dont get it
To clarify, we do use a traditional credit card processor for in-store transactions, and we’re happy with their service. We used Square specifically for e-commerce, because they created an easy-to-use software to list and sell items online without setting up a complicated shopping cart, any programming knowledge, or any monthly fees, just a reasonable percentage of each transaction.
AudioBuy LLC use Paypal to process all card payments , we are looking for a secondary method so we have TRIED to reach out to Square. Their admin console asks for bank account verification which we completed , they then proceed to deposit a small amount of money into our account – days later they then says verification failed and Square cannot be used. Everytime we email Square we receive no human response but about 15 automated responses every time.Is this the norm with Square? With Paypal , you visit their site – create an account and can begin trading. The process with Square so far is concerning to say the least.
Square offices have not contacted me about two fraudulent transactions and the fact that they are holding $200 without cause. I have attempted to reach them once a day since July 31. Have contacted NH attorney general, better business bureau, Goffstown, NH police and Manchester, NH police. It is clear to me that regardless of the ownership of Square that they have set out to defraud customers. I will read above comments with the hope that someone has been able to contact Squareup. Lesson learned….I thought that crooks carried guns and mugged people in alleys. I will now heed the advice I have been given for years…deal with a local bank!!!!!!!
This company is unbelievable. They promise to process deposits within 36 hours. So, I verified my account as requested. I processed two deposits equaling a little over $600. I waited 24 hours, 36 hours even 48 hours for the funds. Nothing. So I emailed their customer service. After two additional days, the company responded that I needed to send in an invoice and tracking numbers. I did so, but I was upset as this is WAY past the 36 hours they promised. It has now been TWO weeks since I have received a reply and the funds have yet to be deposited. This company is unbelievable AND since the transactions were considered processed on their end, there is no way to refund my customers until they decide to release the funds. I would warn against using them in the future.
I am wondering if there is anyway to have PayPal credit card funds deposited to my bank account, instead of my PayPal account? That is the reason I run both PayPal and Square. Plus, I had Square over a year and a half. For Some of my sale items I need funds in my bank account quickly and don’t like going through the deposit/transfer options. I realize maybe Paypal doesn’t offer this because they wouldn’t make interest off the money for those 3-5 days. Anyone know? Thank you.
Square is great for my business. When I’ve contacted customer support, I’ve been happy with the result. The first point of contact with support is through the website. If the problem cannot be resolved though email I get a call. Everyone I’ve talked to has been very helpful and professional. Our charges are typically low volume and low value so I can not speak to some of the complaints of those with large value transactions. I’ve been using it for more than a year. I’ll also add that we sell antiques so the ability to take cc transactions on phones at our shop, at shows or upon deliver at a customer’s house is very helpful.
Loyalty/rewards program: Square allows you to give your customers digital punch cards. You set how much must be spent in order to earn a punch, and how many punches to earn a reward. You set the reward in the form of either a dollars off coupon or a percentage off coupon. A nice thing about this is that it allows both cash and card transactions to count toward rewards, as long as customers use the same email or phone number for each transaction.
Another comment To add to the pile of negative comments about square. I had the register and used it on my iPad. Worked OK for 2 years.then my square account was hacked. Only that account, nothing else on my computer. The customer service was just awful. Ridiculous answers to e-mails, like they were not even read, many, many phone calls, no one able to help, waited on hold for hours, dropped calls and rude people. This company is not worth the trouble and wasted time.
BUT, last week one of my customers cancelled an order which was paid in full with AMEX ($2,200). I proceeded to refund his money reversing the transaction thru Square, and the nightmare just started. They took immediately the $2,139.50 fom my bank account, plus they reversed the $59.50 in charges (awesome!!) and then after that they holded two payments, one for $500 and another for $2300. A total of $4,939.50.
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—I just want to accept payments from anyone, anywhere, using any kind of device. Note that I didn’t say that I would be using those devices. What’s important to me is that the customer be able to send payment (via credit card, ACH or bank account) via their own computers or devices. That’s it. It’s convenient for them, and it’s convenient for me. Please make this happen.

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